Common Airsoft Rules For Beginners

Now, if you are getting into airsoft, you are assumed to abide by a couple of rules. That’s why you should be accustomed to these rules before starting. Generally, the basic airsoft rules remain the same. In this article, we’ll list and briefly talk about a couple of these rules.

The Protection Rules

Eye Protection

You shouldn’t play airsoft without eye protection. Airsoft shots to the eye can blind you, or it can seriously injure your eyes. Sure, you don’t like wearing glasses like the next person, but you might want to wear eye protection like goggles.

Goggles aren’t easily shattered when a BB bullet impacts them. You should also keep the eye protection on at all times unless the game has ended and you’ve returned to the staging areas. Even visitors are expected to wear goggles or some other form of adequate eye protection.

Face Protection

The face is a soft spot. When you get hit by BB bullets in the face, it can hurt pretty bad. That’s why you’ll want to wear a face mask when playing. Ideally, the face mask should also have ear protection.

The Game Moderator

All Airsoft games have a game moderator, regardless of venue or the type of game. Now there will always be conflicts in a game like this, especially when it comes to determining hits and misses. Many times players can solve the situation themselves. However, we know there are times when things can go out of hand, and that’s where having a moderator can be indispensable. The game moderator has the authority to pause the game. Also, he can make a final decision based on the situation.

As a player, the moderator’s decision is final, and you need to abide by it. If you don’t, they will eject you from the game. If you have an objection, discuss it with the moderator politely.

Safe Zone Rules

Any and all venues have a Safe Zone. The special or safe zone, as it is called, is an area where you can’t fire a gun. If someone fires a weapon in the safe zone, they will be ejected immediately for the entire day or the whole event. But you should be able to come back and join the next day.

The Bang Rule

If you can sneak close by to someone and yell “Bang” or even “Safety Kill,” they are dead. Sure, you can shoot your weapon at them too, but you can save a pellet with this rule.

Generally, you can yell from around 3 meters away, or even 10 meters from the target. However, use common sense with it. You can’t shout “Bang” at 5 people and expect them to be dead or respawn. If someone shots “Bang” at you, don’t shoot them! Respect the rules and go back to the respawn spot.

Getting Hit

When you get hit by an opponent (their bullet), you need to shout “Hit” and then raise your arms and walk back to the respawn point. Even if it is just your clothing that was hit, you are considered hit.

If you choose to ignore the rules of getting hit and continue playing, that’s a violation. Violations like these are often dealt with severely and often immediately. In many cases, you will be pulled out for the entire day.

The Blind Man Rule

Now this refers to a real injury that a player may encounter when playing. If you hear anyone shout “Blind Man,” they need to be moved over to a safe place and await instructions from the moderator. However, if you are injured, then shout “Blind Man” to get help.

Head Shot Rules

You will want to avoid headshots most of the time. Aim straight for the body parts like the whole body, hands, or legs. Hitting any other place on the body counts, so you don’t need to aim for the head necessarily. Headshots can lead to some severe injuries, and so they should be avoided.

Medic Rules

As mentioned earlier, when a player is hit, they will shout “hit” and then sit down with a rag on their head. However, another player must come to them to provide first aid support, which will help in healing the wound. It is only after there is a medic that comes to their aid can they can continue playing.

But here are the rules:

  •         An already wounded player can’t aid another wounded player
  •         If a player is hit after they got a medic, they are considered KIA
  •         A player can only get a medic once

Border Rules

All airsoft games have a specific border around the venue. You aren’t allowed to cross it while still carrying an airsoft gun. Crossing it with an airsoft weapon can lead to a serious misunderstanding and even panic amongst people.  It has happened many times before, and the police have been called in because they suspected a mass shooting.

Checking Weapons

You need to check all weapons before a game. The moderator will also check the weapons. You can’t and shouldn’t bring a real gun to an airsoft game. The moderators are checking to make sure that your airsoft gun is just that an airsoft gun!

Weapons Ought To Be Cased

You need to make sure that all the weapons are properly cased before they are brought to the venue. You can have them in a gun case or their original packaging. Not covering your airsoft gun can lead people to believe that you are carrying a real weapon.

Physical Contact

You are not allowed to physically attack other players or the game moderator. You shouldn’t attack anyone physically. Airsoft is a shooting game and not jujitsu, so make sure to abide by the rules, or you’ll be banned.

Weapons Ought To Be Cased

Sniper Safety Rules

A player carrying an airsoft sniper rifle with a 400fps+ power also needs to have a sidearm. The sidearm is used to shoot people at ranges closer than 50 feet or even less. You shouldn’t use a sniper rifle at close range. Plus, snipers shouldn’t take headshots regardless of their distance.

Now, if you are a sniper but don’t have a sidearm, you can either:

  •         Wait for the opponent to move at a fair long distance
  •         The sniper can also relocate themselves to a safe range

Note: Automatic sniper rifles aren’t allowed.

What equipment do you need for airsoft?

To become an excellent airsoft player, you need to start by having the essential gear to protect almost the whole body. Since every game is unique, so is every player, which means you will need your equipment. Your body weight, age, skill level, position on the team, and frequency of your playing are all factors when selecting your gear. As with anything else in life, you should start with the essential equipment. Details come next.

The essential protective gear

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that airsoft cannot cause severe injuries. You should never play without protective gear. The force of the airsoft BB is strong and can penetrate your skin, eyes, etc. Full-face masks and half-face masks are the main options for protecting your face.

Full face mask

This mask can include one or two pieces, with one section to cover your eye and the other the rest of your face down to your neck. It’s made of neoprene or breathable materials.

Half face mask

It refers to goggles to protect your eyes and it’s typically made of wire mesh or hard plastic.

New players will feel more comfortable wearing more protective gear:


The risk of cuts and scrapes is high with airsoft and gloves for airsoft are both comfortable and protective. You can find fingerless or full-finger gloves.

Hats and helmets

Since airsoft is a physical game, you can protect your head with a tactical helmet. Most models allow you to attach other gear such as patches, flashlights, and cameras.

Barrel blockers

This is protective gear for your gun to stop accident shots from firing.

Safety pads

You can also protect your elbows, knees, and chest with padding.


You need at least one primary firearm to play airsoft. Most players use a rifle as their primary weapon and add a sidearm (typically a pistol) to develop their skills.

Your position in the field, the versatility you want with your shots, and your previous gun experience are factors that weigh in when selecting your weapons. We recommend you consider the following aspects when choosing your gun for airsoft:


There are two main categories of weapons to choose from: semi-automatic and automatic. As for styles, you can select pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Grenades, claymores, etc., are also available for some types of matches.


According to their abilities and upgrades, most airsoft guns can shoot from 200FPS to 550FPS.


Gas, electric, and spring-powered airsoft guns are the main categories to select from.


It’s measured in feet and refers to how far you can accurately fire your airsoft gun.


Cheap weapons are made of plastic, whereas the top-rated models are made of metal.

We care to remind you that airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms, the main difference being that the airsoft models shoot plastic BBs and have an orange tip.

Accessories for the airsoft weapons

You can always upgrade your airsoft weapon to carry it quickly or to improve the gun’s performance. Here are some examples:


When you use a holster for your airsoft weapon, you can safely and comfortably carry the gun. If you wear more than one weapon at a time, you should buy holsters.


The sling is made to carry a rifle and it’s an inspired buy since there’s a lot of running with airsoft.

Internal upgrades

You should be able to do repairs, upgrade your weapon, make it stronger, or tinker with its abilities. Upgrades for barrels, gearboxes, and pistons are possible.

External upgrades

External upgrades to the airsoft weapon include conversion kits, pistol grips, adaptors, stocks, rail systems, and attachments.

Sights, lights, and lasers

Most of these accessories are easy to attach to the weapon. Some of them allow wiring to the gun and be turned on/off through there.

HPA systems

The HPA system (high-pressure air) is relatively new and allows you to shoot in an electric pneumatic mode with pressurized air.

Gas and CO2

You will need to refill on gas if you use gas-powered airsoft guns.


Airsoft guns use plastic BBs and every weapon will take a certain weight and size of the pellet. Weight, diameter, and materials impact the speed and performance of a firing gun.

Standard airsoft BBs are 6mm in diameter, but 8mm models are also available. This size with compatible with most gas, spring, and AEG-powered guns. When you buy an airsoft gun, you will notice the recommended weight you need to use to ensure the best speed possible.

The clothing& footwear

Most players buy clothing that covers their skin, allows free movement, and helps them blend in a while on the playing field. As a beginner, you can wear your regular jeans and a t-shirt. The more you play and become aware of what works for you, you can upgrade your clothing. Many people like using military/tactical clothing for comfort, protection, and the authentic feel of the game.

When it comes to footwear, you need something (sneakers or boots) that is comfortable and gives you stability while running.

Keep in mind that some airsoft facilities have specific requirements about the player’s apparel—get informed before you go playing. Most of the time, a face mask and protective eyewear are mandatory. However, you might not have to wear bright colors or obscene costumes.

Here’s other gear that you can use in airsoft

Once you buy your essential gear, you can invest in various equipment and accessories to improve your skills and comfort.

Here’s other gear that you can use in airsoft

Packs and hydration

You can use a backpack when playing airsoft. Look for one that will fit your necessary gear. Hydration packs, ammunition, food rations, gas cylinders, etc., are some of the items to carry so that you don’t return to the base all the time.

Bags and cases

Since there is a lot to carry (ammunition and guns), you will need backpacks, cases, or bags. As a matter of fact, many facilities require players to have airsoft guns in safe cases. Consider buying gun bags to protect your airsoft weapons from damage.

Ghillie suits

The ghillie suit is perfect when you need complete stealth. They’re the recommended choice for competitions and serious matches. Various colors and styles to choose from are available. Snipers use ghillie suits to blend into their surroundings.

Kill rags

The dead/kill rag is a brightly colored/red piece of cloth that shows that you’ve been hit. Many airsoft arenas ask players to use kill rags for efficient communication. Some will provide with the rags.


You can add patches to your accessories and clothing for the identification or aesthetical reasons. Teammates typically use the same patches to make the difference between them and the enemies.


You are expected to follow the rules at all times. Most venues have a list of rules posted on the walls to remind all players of them. If you have a question, the game moderator should be able to help you get an answer.

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