Best AR Bipod

AR bipod reviewsIf you are a precision shooter you already know by now some things about rifle bipods. They are also known as shooting sticks and give stability, increasing precision when shooting at long distances.

The bipod for AR function as tactical accessory and used to be found only in the military and law enforcement area, as it kept away fatigue and gave accurate shooting at the same time.

The AR bipod allows the shooter to rest the firearm on uneven surfaces, preventing tiredness of the shooter and giving more chances to success of success. Most shooters use the AR bipods for stability when sitting as long as the range is set up with proper benches.

When to use a bipod

Apart from the military and tactical uses of the AR bipod, there are also some other situations where you may use it.

It’s a good thing to use the AR bipod when sighting in your rifle as this gives the best stability, minimizing the human errors when zeroing the scope. You may fine tune the windage and elevation on your scope so that you be more précised when shooting at a distance.

You need precision also when hunting as you do the same shot over and over again. Either you shoot from a prone position or you need to rest your rifle on some branches, a bipod might be the solution you need for your successful hunting.

Take a thought at the additional weight the standard bipod brings when you do your rifle setup. Some rifles have already scopes mounted and a shooting stick would only add more weight to overall weight. And this weight counts a lot especially when you go hiking or hunting for several hours/days.

Let’s not forget the fun part about using a bipod. You don’t get that tired when using one and you also get to group your rifle a lot tighter.

It’s not very important which kind of rifle you have (centerfire or rimfire), as a bipod may be mounted to your firearm.

How to install your AR bipod

It’s very easy to mount your bipod to your AR. The process shouldn’t take very long, no matter which type of AR or bipod you have.

Some bipods simply mount to the sling stud that most AR already have. If you don’t have a stud, you can get to a gunsmith so that you don’t take any chances when installing it. You don’t need to worry that you’re not going to use the existing sling stud because of the bipod. Most bipods let you attach the sling directly to the shooting stick.

You may also find bipods that need a small piece of rail to be attached to your stock for mounting. You may easily attach and detach the bipod from the stock thanks to the rail mounting. If it is mounted with only a stud, you need to manually unscrew it before you may detach it.

More tips on AR bipods

There are heavy duty and standard duty bipods. These types vary also by their specific features, like quick detach or thumbnut attachment methods.

A heavy duty AR bipod is 30% larger in size and may sustain a heavy weapon and hard recoiling calibers.

When you chose your AR bipod is important to take good consideration of the caliber/recoil of the weapon and the weight of the weapon.

Keep in mind that a lightweight rifle, shooting a large caliber recoils more than a heavy rifle shooting a lighter recoiling caliber.

A QD (quick detach) bipod is more expensive than a standard thumbnut bipod so you need to give a good thought before spending your money. The QD lets you reduce the weight of the firearm quickly when in need.

You also need to consider your shooting position before getting the AR bipod. When you shoot primarily off a bench or prone, using a large capacity detachable box magazine on your firearm, you need a taller bipod. If the magazine clearance is not essential, you still need to consider your own height when you get a tall or a short bipod.

As in all cases, your needs and likings have the final word and these are only some issues to consider when shopping.


Top 5 AR bipod reviews

For the entry-level shooter that hasn’t used an AR bipod before, the TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD 7″ – 10.5″ is a good option to consider. The bipod gives you a hint about how to use an AR bipod and what a reliable, sturdy bipod might do. There are good quality materials used on the bipod and here’s our list of pros:

  • The bipod gives pivoting to 38 degrees and panning to 74 degrees
  • The bipod takes pivot and pan using one tension lever
  • The bipod is long lasting so it takes the recoil of an AR
  • The TipTop bipod is stable, lightweight and has a sling-attached design
  • You may use the bipod no matter the weather condition
  • There is a no-rust black anodized finish to the bipod
  • The bipod lets you perform Pivoting for uneven terrain& horizontal scanning (pan) at the same time
  • There is one-step attachment and detachment for Picatinny
  • You don’t need to use a bipod adaptor
  • The bipod has two sections telescope legs for easy adjustment between 7” to 10.5”
  • The foldable legs can be parallel to the barrel of the rifle for easier carrying and storage
  • The legs have rubberized base caps in order to prevent slippage
  • The legs have large diameter for better stability
  • There is fast retraction
  • The bipod is quiet
  • The screws have knurled knob for easier operation
  • The bipod supports 30 mags

As much as we like the bipod for its qualities, there are still some minor issues that we need to mention:

  • The legs are either fully retracted or fully extended
  • The bipod doesn’t look very professional
  • There is a slight feeling of not durable on the bipod

But, for the money you pay, as you are still new at the shooting, the TipTop might to you good for a while.


One of the lowest AR bipod out there, efficient and reliable is the Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch Bipod. The bipod is not only adjustable from 6’ to 9” but it also has other good things related to it. Here’s our list of pros:

  • The bipod is useful for shooting off the bench
  • The Harris S-BRM is most useful for shooting off the bench
  • “S” is for swivel and “BRM” stands for Bench Rest Model
  • The bore gets high 6” to 9”
  • The base is hinged
  • The bipod has sling swivel mount
  • The swivel action lets you tilt the rifle 45 degrees each side to compensate for uneven ground
  • The bipod is easy to use
  • The Harris S-BRM is quickly detachable
  • The bipod is versatile and may work in various shooting conditions
  • The Harris S-BRM is very solid
  • The look of the bipod is amazing
  • The bipod has built-in 3-axis pivoting
  • There’s goo range of motion
  • You may extend the spring loaded legs with a single touch
  • There are rubber pads that protect your stock
  • The bipod is efficient and gives less tremor
  • The bipod is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • There is good and strong built to the bipod
  • The flip up legs are easy to use

Despite the pros, some problems need to be fixed and here are the cons:

  • You can’t tighten the knob enough with bare hands
  • The bipod is noisy when deploying
  • Some consider the bipod to be a bit too big

All in all, the AR bipod is worth every single penny and it’s a great asset for your shooting gear.
The GG&G Quick Detach Standard XDS Swivel Bipod has the ability to cant and gives also a greater range than previous models. The pivot mechanism is very strong and here are our pros:

  • The system has a strong pivot mechanism
  • There is 25 degrees of cant in any direction of center
  • There is great rough terrain adjustability for the bipod
  • The deployed bipod led may be used as a vertical fore grip when in need for fast transition
  • The bipod adjusts from 8” to 10.5” height
  • The deployment is quiet
  • The legs are fully adjustable with thumb nut adjustments
  • There are grip tight foot pads
  • The bipod has tool-less swivel tension adjustment
  • The connection points are made for the heavy duty use
  • The bipod is altogether for the heavy use
  • The GG& bipod is able to take extreme weather conditions and drop tests
  • The parts are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • The Accu-Force QD system gives ergonomic QD lever system for quick and sturdy on-off transitions
  • The Accu-Force QD Mechanism is fully adjustable to fit worn of spec dovetails
  • The steel parts are made of 4130 steel
  • The steel parts are manganese phosphate matter black per mil-spec
  • The aluminum elements are Type III anodized matte black per mil-spec
  • There is lifetime warranty for the bipod
  • The bipod is made in our USA

As for the parts we consider cons, here they are:

  • The detachment could be faster than it is at the moment
  • The height adjustment is not very useful for some

But, many consider the bipod to be a good addition to your AR anytime.


Another sturdy, reliable, long lasting AR bipod is the Atlas Bipod w/ADM 170-S Lever BT10LW17. Besides the already mentioned good things, there are other nice features to consider on the bipod so here are our pros:

  • The bipod mounts directly
  • There is 15 degrees +/- pf Preloaded Pan
  • The bipod gives 15 degrees +/- pf Preloaded Cant
  • There are several leg positions: stowed back, 45 degrees angled back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward
  • You only need 2 screws to clamp when assembling the bipod
  • The bipod is made of hard anodized T6061 Aluminum
  • The legs are made of stainless steel
  • The legs are notched for positive lock on desired length
  • There is a knurled grip area on the legs also
  • The legs are removable
  • The legs move independently, giving you 5 positions to use
  • The bipod is strong, rugged, reliable and gives you great stability
  • There is no plastic in the bipod
  • The bipod is very strong build
  • The adjustable disconnect is very quick
  • The bipod has a release for tilt and travers
  • There are a solid 1-inch adjustments for leg lengths
  • The legs fold and lock to the front and rear
  • The bipod has an aggressive look
  • The bipod is lightweight and doesn’t add much frontal weight to your AR

As for the cons, there aren’t many but we still need to mention them:

  • The legs are nor spring-loaded and they do not auto-retract or snap up
  • The price might be an issue for some

All in all, even though you chip in with some extra money, the Atlas bipod is a good investment of your money.


When it comes to high end materials used for an AR bipod, there is no better example than the Genuine Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod BT46-LW17 PSR 4.75″ – 9″. The bipod doesn’t only give you great height adjustments, but there are also other good things about it. Here are the pros:

  • The height range is from 4.75” to 9.0”
  • The bipod has 15 degrees +/- of Preloaded Pan
  • There is also 15 degrees +/- preloaded Cant
  • The bipod gives several leg positions to use: stowed back, 45 degrees angled back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward
  • There are fore and aft pivot limiting Bosses
  • The legs are not-rotated
  • The leg boss is strengthened
  • The inner leg is made of T7075 aluminum alloy
  • The detach lever is quick
  • There is one-time adjustment and it’s easily made
  • The leg notches give you more length or leveling
  • There are no dead spots between notches given the cant amount
  • The legs rotate 190 degrees to face fore or aft parallel to barrel when in stowed position
  • Legs lock at 45-degree angle fore and aft but at 90 degrees also
  • The bipod is solid
  • The connections are very sturdy
  • The bipod is really easy to use

Even though the cons are not deal breakers, we still need to mention them:

  • The bipod could be more lightweight
  • You need to move each leg
  • The price is something to consider

All in all, even though this bipod is a high end one, it’s secure, reliable, and worthy to buy anytime.