The Best Archery Targets To Get

Truth be told, there’s no way to perfectly recreate the moment when your hunt steps is right underneath your eyes. No matter how composed you think you are, any bow hunter could tell you that the stress of crunch time may play with your hunting skills, to say the least…

Why get an archery target?

Continuous practice and improvement of technique have taught the bow hunters that this is the only way to get to execute exactly at the right time. The more you are dedicated to practice your hunting, the more you get closer to capitalize the big moment. And, the closer to reality your training is, the higher the chances to get where you want.

This is why you need to spend some money on a good quality target that replicates what you see in the field.

A circular target or plate helps you develop the basics on hunting, whereas a 3-D target makes you adjust for real world elements- the angle of your shot or size of your target.

Many of the archery targets are easy to carry around, giving you the chance to try as many environments as you want. The diversity of the archery targets is amazing and you might find one for any situation you need.

Which type of archery target do you want?

When you go “hunting” for an archery target, it’s easier to know that there are three main types of archery targets to choose from.

The most basic style of archery target is the bag target and any bow hunter has owned, at a certain time (probably in the beginning) this kind of archery target. Bag target contain a synthetic fiber fill so that the arrow is stopped and may be removed easily at the same time. The bag target is great for the repetitive practice in the early summer.

A bag target is pretty durable and gives you a lot of surface for your mishaps when sighting in the spring or summer.

Keep in mind to protect the bag target from the elements as it soaks up water and can’t take the rain. Many bag targets are weather-resistant nowadays, but protect them anyway.

You should only use bag targets for field points. It’s very possible that broad heads stay buried in the target, shredding the outer covering of the bag.

The best use for the bag targets is an indoor range where you can also leave them hung in-place. Always use field points and get creative on the compound bow setup J

Lightweight and easy to carry around, the foam layer block targets give easy arrow removal for light bow and are pretty low priced also. The arrow is pinched between foam layers and the friction stops its momentum instead of force. For a longer life span of your foam layer block targets, you should use field points. You may also use broad heads, but the targets lose their durability.

The main downside for the foam layer targets is that friction is not always stopping them, but a heavy draw weight, which gives a more difficult removal of the arrow. The angle is very important when using this type of targets and you don’t want to shoot through or across layers. You may turn the block so that the layers aren’t disposes horizontally anymore, but vertically. The arrow should slide between layers like this, no matter the vertical shot angle.

The foam layer targets are useful when practicing outside and always take in consideration the heavy bow and the possible difficulty on arrow removal.

One of the best archery targets for real life hunting is the 3D foam target. You may find almost any animal species and many come with overlay options, showing the vitals on the outside to help you see better your shoot. The 3D targets wear out with repetition, but come with removable mid-sections in order to make them last longer. You should use mostly field points and chances are you may lose a broad head inside the 3D target.

Life-like hunting simulations are way easier thanks to the 3D targets and you only need a realistic setting and start practicing. The 3D target helps you get used to shoot at the silhouette of your actual target game animal. As a plus, the 3 D target is lightweight enough to carry it around.

Ready, steady, here we go!

Now it’s easier to “hunt” your archery target as you know better which type fits your skills and likings. Every type of archery targets is made with a specific purposed and you know best if that purpose is yours too.


Top 5 Archery Target Reviews

A great 3-D archery target for practicing deer hunting is the Field Logic Glendel Pre Rut Buck 3D Archery Target. Here are our pros on it:

  • The size of the 3-D target is great as it’s 36” at the shoulders
  • The core size is 12x12x12”
  • The core surface is 7 times more than in other 3-D cores
  • The 3-D target is the body size of a 250ls. live weight deer
  • The target comes with pegs to better standing on the ground
  • You only need 5 minutes to install the target
  • The antlers and the legs are made of hard, long lasting plastic
  • The target is able to take so many practicing sessions
  • The target is long lasting
  • There is great realism to the 3-D target
  • The shooting area is large
  • The target gives you several rotates for the vitals
  • You may replace the vitals when in need
  • The stakes are made of hollow tubing

There are some things that need improvement on the 3-D Field Logic target and here are the cons:

  • The target needs to be more sturdy
  • Some think that plastic is not the best option, but as it’s easy to remove the arrows, no matter how much you practice. This says something about the durability of the target.

Even though you pay some extra cash for the 3-D target, it’s a good buy as you won’t have to buy another one any time soon.


If you want to practice your hunting with a good, versatile and long lasting broad head target, the Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead Target is one great option. Giving you no less than 18 sizes to practice on, the Rinehart 18-1 comes with many other qualities so here are our pros:

  • The broad head target gives 18 sides so it’s 18 targets in one
  • The target is made of self-healing foam
  • You can take the target in the back of your yard or outside in the field for practicing
  • The Rinehart 18-1 is able to take multiple arrows, over and over again
  • The target doesn’t lose its shape even after some while
  • The easy to carry handle makes it easy to move around with the target
  • The target is also lightweight
  • The Rinehart 18-1 is durable and very well made
  • It’s able to take field points, broad heads and even expendables
  • The target is weatherproof and resistant to sun, moisture and extreme temperatures
  • The Rinehart 18-1 is also very quiet, which is highly important for concentration
  • You get a 1 year guarantee for the target

Some things need to be improved so our cons are:

  • Some find the target to be a bit pricey
  • The foam wears out, but no broad head target lasts forever
  • Some find it difficult to pull the arrows out

Even so, for a little over $100, you get a heavy duty broad head target able to give you 18 sides to practice.


In case you’re looking for a heavy duty target that may be used not only for your hunting practice, but also by your kids, the Morrell 119 Supreme Range is a great piece to get. Here are the pros that got us:

  • The Morrell 119 Supreme range addresses to all ages
  • The target is heavy duty and tough
  • There is a nucleus center for maximum stopping power
  • The multi-layered density design makes this incredibly tough
  • The Internal Frame System (IFS) give the target stability and durability
  • The Morrell 119 is long lasting
  • The target is 100% waterproof
  • You may use the target when practicing at home or out in the field
  • The target holds up very well to compound bow and cross bow
  • It comes with 4 grommets for easier hanging
  • The arrows and the bolts are easy to pull out

Some things are worth mentioning when it comes to cons:

  • The target is a bit heavy weight so it’s difficult to move it around
  • You can’t shoot broad heads in this

Well-made and long lasting, the Morrell 119 is a great target for the entire family, not only for the hunter of the house!

You may need a cover for when it’s not in use, so here’s one.


When you don’t want to spend too much on a bag target, but still want efficiency and durability, the Morrell Elite Series Super Duper Field Point Target is a target you can’t go wrong with. Here are the pros:

  • The internal frame system gives the target stability
  • The multi-layered density design makes the target durable and able to take continuous use
  • The Morrell Super Duper is weatherproof
  • The color is gold, whereas the secondary color is white
  • The target stops crossbows and compounds bows up to 350F FPS (frames per second)
  • The arrow removal is easy
  • This is a full target
  • The Morrell Super Duper is solid and well made
  • The target is very big
  • The target is around 32 lbs.
  • The handle is great for carrying it around
  • You may buy a replacement cover
  • The target comes with a 2-year warranty

As for the parts we like less, we need to mention our cons:

  • The target is not for the mini-crossbow arrows. It’s practically impossible to find them inside
  • Some parts of the target are simply impossible to penetrate

All in all, for the money you pay, you get great support for your hunting practice with the Morrell Elite Super Duper target.


For the practical hunter that wants to practice his/her hunting skills without spending a full month’s rent money, the Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P Bag Target is not only low priced, but also for high performance. Here are the pros that got us:

  • The Morrell Yellow Bag target is a field-point target
  • The bag target comes with a multi-layered design
  • The internal Frame System technology keeps the integrity and shape pf the target
  • The E-Z tote carry handle makes it easy to carry around the bag target
  • Even though it’s quite big, the target is easy to move around
  • The target sits upright on the ground
  • The Morrell Yellow bag target works great and has no over penetration
  • The bag target takes well carbon and aluminum arrows
  • You may use mini crossbow also on the target
  • The target is made so that the stuffing doesn’t tunnel easily
  • The target is lightweight, yet very tough
  • It comes with a replaceable cover
  • The bag target comes with hanging tabs so practice is easier
  • The Morrell Yellow bag target is 100% waterproof
  • You may use the bag target at home or at camp

Some consider this to be pricey (which is not true) and, despite of its waterproofness, avoid to leave the bag outside in the rain. This is just playing safe, on our part.

All in all, for a few bucks, you get a tough, durable and versatile bag target.


Best 3D Turkey Archery Target

Even though this is not a life sized 3D archery target, the Rinehart Tom Turkey Target is still a very efficient 3D turkey target. There are many qualities that make this a safe choice for your hunt practicing, so here are the pros:

  • The 3D Rinehart Tom Turkey is made of high quality solid self-healing foam
  • The 3D target is 19” tall
  • The Rinehart Tom Turkey comes with scoring rings and vital areas
  • The material is all-weather proof
  • The 3D target has a realistic appearance
  • The shape, body position, color and feather pattern are very close to reality
  • The target stops arrows and bolts from a crossbow
  • It’s easy to pull out the arrows also
  • There is rugged “uni-body” assembly to the target
  • You may use the target all year long
  • The 3D target may be used also as a decoy when in the field
  • The 3 D target is able to take broad heads, field points, expendables
  • The self-healing foam stops even incoming carbon, aluminum or wood arrows
  • You don’t need any lubricants to pull off the arrows
  • The holes need 10 seconds to close back

There are some things that count as cons on the 3D target so here they are:

  • The target is a bit smaller than expected
  • It should come in more positions for more versatility

All in all, this is a good buy and a great 3D archery target when you practice for your turkey hunting.

Best 3D Racoon Archery Target

Another great realistic looking 3D archery target is the CW-X Delta McKenzie 3D Raccoon Backyard Target.

Here are our pros:

  • The archery target is made of flex foam
  • The target has a realistic look
  • The 3D takes well many uses
  • The foam closes back right after shooting
  • The arrow removal is pretty easy to do
  • The target comes with scoring rings
  • The 3D archery target is larger than anticipated
  • The target has a good built and is long lasting

As for the cons, sometimes it may be difficult to pull out the arrows out of the target.

But for backyard use, this is quite a realistic 3D target that holds up to many practicing sessions.


Best 3D Bear Archery Target

When you want to practice for your bear hunting, a good 3 D archery target is the Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Bear Target. Here are our pros:

  • The target is realistic
  • The solid body comes with scoring rings in the vital areas
  • The target has a good built and its very sturdy
  • The ground stakes give stability to the target
  • The target takes field points, broad heads and expendables
  • The arrows are easy to remove
  • The target is weather resistant
  • The 3D bear is made of high-impact foam
  • The target is a 1-piece target
  • There is a true-to-life angle and look for the target

As for the parts we like less, we only need to mention the size of the target, as it’s smaller than a real life bear. If you’re looking for a larger beast, then the McKenzie XT Series Medium Bear 3-D Target could be your thing.

Best 3d Deer Target

For the fully real practicing experience, you need to try a realistic 3-D archery target. The GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Target w/ 4-sided rotating has many qualities and here are our pros:

  • The 3-D target simulates a 300 lb. live weight deer
  • The GlenDel is very realistic
  • The 4 sided core gives 10 times more shooting surface
  • The target stops all field tips and broad heads
  • The arrow removal is easy
  • The Poly Fusion technology used on the target helps you remove easier the arrow and gives a longer life span to the core
  • There are offset shooting zones for more longevity on the target
  • The 3-D target comes with metal posts to stand it up
  • It’s easy to setup the target
  • The target is sturdy once you stand it up
  • The target is easy to carry around
  • The 3-D target comes with super-sized inserts
  • The insert is changeable
  • There are different target positions on the insert
  • The insert stops arrows and heals quick back
  • the 3-D target is long lasting and able to take many uses

As for the parts we like less, here are our cons:

  • The paint is not very durable and it fades after a while
  • The quality could be better

All in all, for the size and realistic look, the 3-D target is a pretty good asset for your hunting practicing.


Best 3D Broadhead Target

Featuring a replaceable insert, the Rinehart Rhino Block XL Target is a long lasting broadhead target that comes with many good features. Here are the pros on the target:

  • The Rinehart Rhino measures 18x18x13”
  • It’s is a complete target system
  • The target comes with self-healing foam which means never-ending use, without ruining the target
  • The target features two broad head sides and four field-point sides, each with easy arrow pull
  • The Rhine heart Rhino features a rope handle for easy carrying
  • There are mounting holes on the target so that you may hoist the target up in the air
  • The target is versatile and may be used in so many practicing situations
  • The Rhine heart Rhino is long lasting and lasts for many years of practice
  • The target has a weatherproof foam construction
  • The target seals arrow holes in seconds
  • The holes close back right after pulling out the arrows
  • It’s easier to pull out the arrow if you soap them before with soap or a target arrow release fluid
  • The target stops field points, broad heads, expendables
  • There are no layers or filler to stop your arrows
  • The target features 3-D deer vitals on two sides
  • One side of the target outlines the organs over the vital area
  • The other side of the target gives an anatomically correct view of the organs inside the vital area
  • There are 40 high-visibility target zones on the surroundings 4 sides
  • Two of the sides feature large targets for holding aim
  • The other two sides present small targets for an improvement of your hunting
  • The target is easy to maintain and doesn’t require special care
  • Even after some time of use, the target doesn’t show dry rotting

Along with these good things, come some not so great things that we count as cons:

  • The target is a bit pricey
  • Keep in mind that the target is not very lightweight

All in all, keep in mind that you get this for quite years of use, so it’s a good and wise investment of your money.

Best Crossbow Target

The main thing you’d want for a crossbow target is versatility. When it combines with durability, you get a good crossbow target that is able to support your hunting practice for quite some time. One of the archery targets that fits the description is the Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Target. There are many qualities to it so here are our pros:

  • The Morrell Double Duty is designed to stop speed up to 400FPS
  • The target has a patented nucleus center for longer lifespan
  • The E-Z tote carrying handle makes it easy to carry it around
  • The target is 100% weatherproof
  • The IFS (Internal Frame System) Technology used for the target makes it durable
  • The arrow removal is easy
  • The target is free standing and you don’t need a stand
  • You may shoot all 4 sides
  • The target consists of: dartboard game, Bull’s Eye, 9 Ball game and realistic vitals
  • There are multiple targets on the sides so you have so many various options for practice
  • The Morrell Double Duty has a great ability for stopping
  • The target is made of durable materials
  • The target comes with 2-year warranty

Some things need to be better, so here are our cons:

  • The target is on the heavy weight side
  • The handles are not very comfortable
  • The target leaves a white substance on arrows

Other than this, the Morrell Double-Duty is a reliable, long lasting target, great for crossbow archery.


Best Self-Healing Archery Target

If you want to practice your archery hunting with a 3D target, the realistic look of the target is important, but not enough. Being long lasting is also very important and no 3D archery target is durable if it’s not made of high quality self-healing foam. A great product in this category is the Rinehart Targets 409 Gobbling Turkey Self-Healing Archery Hunting Target. Here are our pros:

  • The 3D archery target is made of self-healing foam
  • The self-healing foam is able to take great numbers of practice sessions
  • The foam is weatherproof, not only durable
  • The target stops arrows, broad heads, field points and expendables from a bow or a crossbow
  • The arrows are easy to remove
  • The target is for all year long use in your backyard or out in the fields
  • The target looks real
  • The 3 D archery target has a simulated weight of 25 pounds

When it comes to the parts we don’t like about the Rinehart Target Gobbling, we can only think of one; the steep price, that is. But, the long life time of this target is a reasonable trade-off for your buck.