The Best Drop Away Rest in 2022

Rangermade’s Best Drop Away Rest Reviews

We’ll be reviewing the highest performing drop away rests that are now out on the market.  A Drop Away Rest is a rest that drops away as the arrow is fired.  There are three types of rests we will be talking about in this article.  The three rests are the standard rest, the fall away rest, and the drop away rest.  The methodology that I used in testing these rests was shooting at a target at different ranges.  I also used it to shoot at 3D’s and hunting wood chucks. I stuck to and used one model for real hunting.

Comparison table of the best drop away rests of the moment


Schaffer Opposition Arrow Rest - Universal RH Black

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Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away (Left Hand)

[usr 4.2 size=16]Click for Price

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, Left and Right Hand

[usr 4.8 size=16]Click for Price

Trophy Ridge Micro Revolution Full-Capture Fall Away Arrow Rest, Left Hand

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New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Black, Lefthand)

[usr 4.2 size=16]Click for Price

New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Righthand)

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Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest (Realtree APG Camo, Right Hand)

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QAD Ultra-Rest Pro HDX Drop Away Left Hand Rest, Red/White/Blue

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Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest Pro Series Black Right Hand Arrow Rest

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Truglo Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest RT Xtra

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Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH

[usr 4.6 size=16]Click for Price

Ripcord "Code Red" Fall Away Arrow Rest, Right (Black)

[usr 4.8 size=16]Click for Price

G5 Outdoors CMAX Full Containment Drop-Away Left Hand Rest, Black

[usr 3.5 size=16]Click for Price

Trophy Ridge Drop Zone Hunter Verical Drop Away Right Hand Rest

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Archer Xtreme Titanium Recon Arrow Rest AXR10

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Vapor Trail Limb Driver Rest, RIGHT

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Limbdriver Micro elite Arrow Rests, Black, Right

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I should point out the difference between a drop away rest and the other rests.  A standard rest will hold the arrow as the bow is fired.  When the bow is fired the fletching will fly through the rest. The rest holds the arrow the whole time it is flying out of the bow.  What a drop away rest does is hold the arrow before the shot.  When the bow is fired the rest moves out of the way of the arrow.   The idea behind this is that the arrow will fly out of the bow without the rest hindering the flight of the arrow.  This is a good rest for all hunting situations.  This is a rest that you can use from the tree stand or on the ground.

The big advantage of a drop away rest is that it will help overcome shooting problems.  Hunters are shooting from less than perfect positions as we shoot at game.  A fall away rest moves away from the arrow as the bow is fired, helping us with torque problems.  This rest will not overcome someone’s bad shooting form.  Hunters really need to try to use good shooting form as we hunt.

Not all rests that move out of the way are the same.  There are two kinds of rests, a fall away rest and a drop away rest.  The difference is that the fall away rest simply falls away when you shoot and the drop away rest is moved out of the way. The problem with a fall away rest is that the rest may not move out of the way when shooting from different positions.  An example of this would be shooting down hill or out of a tree. That is the reason drop away rests came to be.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX Review

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX Review

QAD Ultra-Rest HDX Review – click on image for current pricing and more reviews

What I really like about the Ultra Rest HDX Drop Away Rest (and the entire HDX line) is that it holds the arrow.  A lot of drop and fall away rests don’t hold the arrow as you wait to fire the bow.   With other rests the arrow lies on the bow shelf as you wait to fire. The problem with this is that the arrow is not being held by anything and it can be bumped to the side of the bow or moved into a position where the arrow will not be picked up by the rest when it is time to fire.  The Ultra rest comes with mole skin to cover the parts of the rest that the arrow comes in contact with.  This will limit the chance that the arrow could make a noise if the arrow should get bumped.

The rest came with a DVD that shows how to install it.  The webpage also has all the videos on it.  This video should be watched even if you are going to have the pro shop setup your rest.  The video gives you an understanding of how the rest works.  The DVD also has some hunting videos on it which are OK. The video on the rest is filled with information.

There are a few things you should know.  When setting up this rest I had to put my knock point much higher than I had to with other rests I have used in the past.  It is 7/16 of an inch high.  This is a lot higher than the 1 to 3/8th of an inch used for a standard rest.  The rest needs to be released when the bow is fired.  This is done by a lead that is attached to the down pulling cable.  If this is not setup right the rest will not fall away when fired.   The arrow fletching will hit the rest when it is fired.

I was able to set up the rest and center shot the rest in about 30 minutes. If you have never set up a rest I would have the people at your local pro shop help you install this rest.  Setting up the rest is not that hard. You just need a little background to do it.  One trick that I learned is to put lipstick on the fletching to see if they are hitting the fingers of the rest.

The Ultra-Rest HDX is a great hunting rest.  You will have great accuracy for hunting.  I was easily able to put five arrows in a five inch circle at 50 yards.  This rest is not a target rest.  It’s a great rest for moving though the woods and shooting from a tree stand.  I would not use it if I was a target shooter or a competitive 3D shooter.

I have been shooting mine for about a month and have never had a time when the rest didn’t move out of the way.  It is well built with spare fingers that come with the kit.  All the parts that are needed to put the rest on the bow are included in the kit.  This is the rest I will be using this season for small game in the summer and deer in the fall.

This is a rest any bow hunter can use.

Good hunting!