Best EDC Pen

best edc penYou can’t put together your EDC bag without having the right tools for each kind of situation you may encounter. No matter what, it’s sure you’re going to need an EDC pen.

A good EDC pen brings many good things to the table, but it has to bring toughness and durability more than anything.

The ABC on EDC pens

An EDC pen may be made of aluminum, titanium or stainless steel. Each of these materials means durability and you only need to concern about the weight they bring to the pen.

When it comes to construction of the pen, some give better grips than others. So knurled sections and deep grooves ensure good, sturdy grip when you have your hand gloves on or no gloves on in wet weather.

Some EDC pens give more than writing and are tough, becoming self-defense tools. They may break glass in emergency situations or win you some time as they are sharp and can give a sure cute. They do write, using some special ink that writes anywhere, in the most challenging conditions.

As for the EDC pen types, there are three main categories to choose from.

Tactical pens are used in the tactical and survival missions as they go beyond writing. They break glass and are self-defense tools if the situation calls for it. The tactical pens have aggressive knurled sections and ridges for grip, at least one pointed end and refills that can write in the most difficult conditions.

An EDC pen doesn’t need to be tactical in order to be tough. Many pens today have metal bodies that give them strength and durability. These machined pens may accept tons of different refills and have more heft and a great feel in hand.

The ideal EDC pen has though a small footprint, is built for bigger life span and may be easily carried. The EDC pens let the cap to fit onto the back of the pen to extend as they are typically quite short to write with. They may feature keychain loops so that they may be easily carried around or attached to your EDC gear.

Which type of EDC pen suits you?

You may want to give it a go with a retractable ballpoint pen. This type of EDC pen is affordable, rugged and versatile. It writes smoothly, dries quickly and it’s pretty long lasting and have no cap to lose.

A retractable ballpoint pens may come in a chunky plastic construction with non-slip material grip and is compatible with a wide range of Parker-style ballpoint refills.

You might want to try a multi pen as this type pf pen combines a variety of useful writing tools into a single convenient pen body. There is great variety to choose from and even customizable multi pens that you build from the ground up.

If you think you’re going to write upside down at some point in your EDC adventures, then a pressurized space pen is your EDC pen. It writes upside-down, underwater, over grease and in freezing or boiling temperatures. The pressurized space pens are the no.1 choice for astronauts, explorers, chefs and any other person working in a wet or greasy environment. They have compact shapes for an easier sliding into your pocket and come with caps for more protection.

In case you are a minimalist fan, a mini pen is your perfect EDC pen. This type of pen fits practically any small pocket and clips unobtrusively onto a pocket or notebook, extending for comfortable length when in use.

If you like traditions more than anything, you may still use a fountain pen as your EDC pen. Keep in mind that you always need the right paper for best performance and you also need to give them time to dry. The fountain pens need occasional maintenance, but they offer smooth, one-of-a-kind writing experience.

Mechanical pencils may be used on your EDC experiences and they are versatile as they can write on and be erased from paper and many other materials. The mechanical pencils are waterproof and archival just as well.

When you want to make bold, permanent markings on any hard surface, permanent markers are the EDC writing tool to get. They may come with a stainless steel body and may also be easily wiped off, if you want it. Various types or markers fit various types of surfaces so chose one that fits your needs.

All in all

Get the EDC pen that fits your likings, your needs as you are the only one who knows the best where, when and for how long you’re going to be on an EDC mission.

Top 5 EDC Pen Reviews

If you are short on a budget and still want a pretty good EDC pen, the Cevinee™ Mini Solid Brass EDC Pocket Pen might surprise you with its good performance. Here are the pros:

  • The pen is very well made
  • The Cevinee Mini has a stylish machine-gun shape
  • The Cevinee Mini is pocket-sized, easy to take along
  • You can use the pen for writing from any angle
  • The pen comes with 5 refills
  • All the refills are black
  • The pen gives a good, sturdy grip
  • The pen feels very comfortable in the hand
  • It’s very easy to carry the pen around
  • The pen features a utility key ring
  • This is top hanging and carrying pouch
  • The pen has a stylish and classic look
  • You may use the pen in various situations
  • You may oxygenate the pen after long-time use with some Serval toothpaste sanding
  • The pen uses good quality ink
  • The pen writes smoothly
  • The package contains 1 Mini Brass Pen and 5 black refills

When it comes to the cons, there are a few to mention:

  • The track for the knob is sharp and very pointy. It may get uncomfortable clicking it open and close
  • The knob unscrews with the movement of your thumb after few times
  • The pen is a bit too large when it’s open

All in all, though, for the money you pay you get a reliable EDC pen with some minor issues to it.


For all weather conditions, a good EDC pen is the All Weather Trekker Pen. Along the fact it writes in the rain, the All Weather Trekker Pen has many other good things related to. Here’s our list of pros:

  • The All Weather Trekker pen writes in the rain
  • The pen also writes upside down
  • The All Weather also writes on wet paper
  • You may use the All Weather Trekker Pen in temperatures from -30F to 250F
  • The pen uses black ink
  • The All Weather Trekker Pen has a lanyard ring
  • You may easily attach the pen to your key ring
  • The pen is long lasting
  • You may easily use it by pressing it on
  • The pen is tough and slick
  • The pen slides perfectly along your notebook
  • The body is metal which means durability for the pen
  • The pen has a lightly-textured black coating with rubber grip and plastic end
  • The pen gives a good, comfortable and sturdy grip
  • The package contains the Trekker pen, a carbineer and a neck lanyard
  • The carabineer is black and brushed aluminum
  • The neck lanyard is 24” long black nylon, strong and tough
  • The refills are long lasting

As for the cons, here’s our list:

  • The pen looks a bit bulky
  • The lackluster neck lanyard and carabineer aren’t high quality

But, in case you need an EDC pen that writes in a rainy day just as well, the Rite in the Rain Weather Trekker is sure a good buy.


As you want a great, modern design for your EDC but you want also efficiency from it, the Zebra Sharbo X Premium TS10 Pen Body Component – Prussian Blue Body is a great option. Here are the pros:

  • The Zebra Sharbo X Premium Ts10 has rotary system
  • The Prussian Blue body is made of brass
  • The pen has deep blue color with shiny rhodium-plates accents
  • The Prussian Blue has a polished, refined look
  • There is a sophisticated feel to the pen
  • This is a multi-pen that accommodates three ball point pens and a mechanical pencil
  • You may purchase separately pen, stylus and pencil components
  • You may accommodate your favorite pen body color, pencil lead size, ink color, ball point or gel ink types and colors
  • The pen body has a capped gray eraser
  • The binder clip makes it easy to carry it around
  • There is a comfortable, sturdy grip for the pen
  • The cartridge selection mechanism is smooth and reliable
  • There is no rattle or slippage on the mechanism
  • The pen body comes with a sleek black gift box
  • One of the four selections has to be a mechanical pencil
  • You may choose three different sizes for the pencil (0.7mm/0.5mm/0.3mm)
  • The lead advance mechanism is precise
  • The pen has a great built

As for the parts we like less, here are the cons:

  • The selection mechanism doesn’t have a retracted position
  • The lead tube is not for storing extra leads

These cons aren’t deal breakers and the Zebra Sharbo is still a good EDC pen.


The more you are willing to pay for your EDC pen, the more you should expect from it. The Kaweco Sport Gel Rollerball Pocket Pen may make you sit on the fence because of its special looks, but there’s nothing doubtful about its performance.

Here are the pros:

  • The Kaweco Sport Gel is made of solid brass CNC turned parts
  • The pen is made of raw solid brass
  • The brass is not treated so it develops a one-of-a-kind patina over time
  • You may also polish the pen once you buy it for a custom look
  • The Kaweco Sport Gel has the Kaweco logo displayed on the end of the cap in a silver colored metal
  • The pen uses Kaweco refills
  • This is a pocket pen, efficient and reliable
  • There is high quality large capacity for the rollerball refill
  • The shape and size of the pen are very practical
  • The pen is well balanced
  • The pen leaves a comfortable feel in the hand
  • There is good grip for the pen
  • The craftsmanship for the pen is amazing
  • The pen is solid
  • For the chrome or gold colored finish there is also an option pocket clip

As for the parts we like less, we only need the mention the shape of the pen. It looks great for some, but may be a bit weird to take for others. It’s also a downside that the pen has no clop for hanging it to a key ring and you may only store it in your pocket or its box.


In case you want to try a tougher EDC pen and get the feel of a tactical pen, you may try the Tuff-Writer Precision Press Series Tactical Pen. There are many good things on the Tuff-Writer Precision so here are our pros:

  • The pen has a modular design
  • Each component is easily replaceable
  • The pen is long lasting
  • The Tuff-Writer Precision has an all metal body of the heavy-duty 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • The pen has great balance
  • There is amazing strength thanks to the tip which is machined out of 303 Stainless Steel
  • The clip of the pen keeps it securely fastened and close at hand
  • The steel is coated for durability and corrosion resistance
  • The pen uses a spacer for a better fitment of multiple cartridges (Fisher/Foray/Parker)
  • The pen has at its heart a two piece bearing-cam design for smooth operation
  • The contrasting black Duron O-rings give good and comfortable grip
  • You may one-hand operate the pen
  • The pen easily fits your shirt pocket
  • The Tuff-Writer pen is simple, elegant and functional all together
  • The pen is subtle and has no logos
  • The pen has a proprietary non-reflection/non-marking surface treatment which minimizes fingerprint marks and reflection off the pen
  • You may write at any angle or orientation with the pen

The Tuff-Writer Pen is a dual use pen and its only drawback is its price.

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