Best EDC Pocket Knife

best edc pocket knife

As you sit down and try to get your EDC kit all together it’s impossible not to realize that not having an EDC pocket knife is not an option.

Of course, there are so many pocket knives out there. But none of them manage to be good ones, rather more good EDC pocket knives.

You need an EDC pocket knife to open things, slice food, to carve wood, to skin game or …to defend yourself if the situation calls it.

Choosing the right EDC pocket knife is not that easy as it might seem and not because there aren’t that many on the market. But because you need to take consideration of some facts when getting it.

Some basics on EDC pocket knives

You need to know if you want a fixed or folding EDC pocket knife. Most people choose the folding knife as it’s typically smaller and can easily fit any pocket or you may clip it onto your belt.

A fixed knife needs a sheath to cover the blade and you need to wear it on a belt or on a cord, as a “neck knife”.

Obviously, when you go downtown, it’s better to have a folding EDC knife as it has a low profile and it’s light to carry. You don’t want to get all eyes on you with a knife hanging down your shirt…

But, if you live in a rural area, where skinning game and cutting rope is every day activity, the fixed blade knife is the more logical option.

Even so, most EDCers choose a folding knife for the EDC kit due to the size and weight of it.

Pay attention also to the size and weight of your EDC pocket knife. A good EDC pocket knife easily fits your pocket and features strong, yet lightweight materials as G10 or Micarta. Look for the knives that don’t weigh more than 5 ounces (150grams) and aren’t longer than 5 inches as these numbers give an easy, comfortable carry.

The type of the edge on your EDC pocket knife is also important. You may find full ground edge type, with a straight or curved edge. This type of knife is great for pushing cuts (shaving, skinning), accurate cut, scraping, skewering and stabbing.

The serrated blades work when slicing through tough materials (wood, plastic, rope, leather). A serrated knife is not good for self-defense as serrations gets stuck on clothing or bones.

A blade partially serrated is only serrated on the part near the handle and a straight ground edge nearest the tip. This type of blade combines the advantages of full ground edge and serrated blade all together, which is why the most popular choice for the EDC pocket knife.

How fast your knife opens is also essential, especially when you’re trying to save yourself. The opening mechanism of your EDC pocket knife has to be reliable as your knife should open exactly when you need it. So the knife needs to open instantly no matter what, all the time.

A good EDC pocket knife features an opening mechanism that only requires one hand. So go for the one-handed opened EDC knives all the time. It’s also a great thing if your EDC pocket knife has ambidextrous opening, so that may use easily each hand.

The locking mechanism has a lot to say when you choose your EDC knife. A great lock for the folding knife makes it as reliable as the fixed blade knife. Some folding knives feature a secondary locking mechanism so it’s almost impossible for the knife to close on your hand while in use. Most EDC pocket knives feature these locking mechanisms: liner lock, lock back and lever lock. It doesn’t matter which one your knife features, as long as it makes your knife reliable and safe.

You also need to give a thought to the grip style and material of your EDC knife. A good style makes your EDC knife fit comfortable in your hand and with a good grip, no matter how wet it gets outside. When we talk about materials, some are more popular (G-10, Micarta) as they are both lightweight and give a good grip to your knife.

Everything comes at a price

Of course you may find good EDC pocket knives, but don’t expect them to last forever. The more you are willing to pay for a good, resistant blade, an efficient locking system, a very good grip even in a pouring rain, a light, yet strong knife, the more you get from your EDC pocket knife. And the more you need to pay.


Top 5 EDC Pocket Knife Reviews

When you want a powerful, reliable, yet easy to use and carry EDC pocket knife, the Zero Tolerance 0560BW Blackwash Hinderer Flipper Knife is one of the best options out there. Here are the pros in our view:

  • The ZT 0560BW is made in our USA
  • The knife is 8.8 inches long overall
  • The ZT 0560BW has an Elmax steel for the blade
  • The blade is very strong, sharp and durable
  • The knife has a Tungsten DLC BlackWash finish
  • The handle is made of 3-D Machined G-10 in front
  • As the G10 and Titanium scales are 3 D machined, there is a perfect and comfortable grip
  • The back of the handle is made of Titanium
  • There is a ball-bearing opening system
  • The knife features Titanium frame lock and a lock bar stabilizer
  • The knife has 4 mount deep carry clip
  • The stainless pocket clip is reversible
  • The lanyard slot is useful
  • The deployment runs smoothly
  • The flipper is a great feature and makes the opening and closure easier
  • The blackwash finish gives the knife a nice, sleek, elegant look
  • The stonewash black blade counts also when it comes to the nice appearance of the knife
  • There is great finish and craftsmanship for the knife

When we talk about the parts we like less, we only need the mention the size. Expect to get a pretty big EDC pocket knife, that still meets most of any good EDC pocket knife owner expectations.


If the previous knife is considered by some to be too big, the next one might surprise some as it’s rather small. Yet, strong and efficient as an EDC knife, the Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon Folding Knife perfectly fits not only your pocket but also many of your EDC needs and likings. Here are the pros:

  • There are great quality materials used on the knife
  • The knife is 7.37” long overall
  • The knife has a CPM S30V blade
  • The knife is for tip-up, right side carry only
  • The blade is sharp, strong and corrosion resistant
  • The blade pivots easily
  • The set of ball bearing washer is efficient
  • The flipper gives good finger guard for more comfort and protection
  • The high hollow grind gives great edge geometry
  • The handle features skeletonized titanium liners and contoured fiber scales
  • The handle has also scalloped orange G-10 back spacer and pivot accents
  • There is a good, solid and comfortable grip on the knife
  • The knife has a one hand opening
  • The clip for pocket is also helpful
  • The knife comes in a zipper pouch
  • The knife is very light
  • There is great balance on the knife
  • The size and weight make the Rubicon a great EDC pocket knife
  • The knife is very well made

Along with the good size, comes the not so good one so here are the cons:

  • The knife blade curves and edge are a bit steep
  • The handle could be longer

With great craftsmanship, small enough to fit your pocket, the Spyderco Rubicon is on the safe side as good EDC pocket knife.


Lightweight, safe to use, sharp, easy to carry around are things you’re looking for in an EDC pocket knife. The Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne Carbon Fiber Handle surely fits the description and there are many other features that make the Osborne Carbon Fiber Handle a good EDC pocket knife. Here are the pros:

  • The knife has blade made of CPM S90V super premium stainless steel blade (59-61HRC)
  • The knife is 7.87 inches long overall
  • The blade is sharp and corrosion resistant
  • The blade is ready to take the heavy use for a very long time
  • The blade has zero play in any direction
  • The knife has the blade well centered
  • The AXIS locking mechanism makes the knife very secure
  • The AXIS is very efficient
  • There is plain edge reverse tanto blade
  • The reverse tanto makes the knife perfect for piercing and prying
  • The handle is made of carbon fiber which makes it very light
  • The handle feels comfortable in the hand
  • There are also stainless steel liners on the handle for better gripping
  • The knife features blue anodized aluminum barrel spaces
  • The tip up pocket clip is reversible
  • The knife has dual thumb stud opener
  • It’s easy to take apart the knife for a good cleaning
  • The Osborne 940-1 is lightweight and slim
  • The edge bevels are even on both sides of the blade
  • The knife is made in our USA
  • The overall design looks amazing

Even though we like so much the Osborne 940-1 EDC knife, some minor issues need to be mentioned:

  • The pocket clip needs to be of better quality
  • The blade tends to rub the scale

Easy and safe to carry around, sharp and fast when you need it, lightweight and strong, the Osborne 940-1 Carbon Handle makes the cut when it comes to “close to perfect” EDC pocket knives.


A lower priced and yet still high quality of the Benchmade 940 Osborne, is the Benchmade Osborne Design ComboEdge Axis Reverse Tanto Knife. The Osborne Combo is also a great EDC pocket knife and that’s only because it meets every expectation in a good EDC pocket knife: sharp blade, reliable lock, easy to open and close with either hand. Here are the pros to prove it:

  • The knife is 7.87 inches’ long
  • The blade is made of S30V steel
  • There is good corrosion resistance for the blade
  • The blade is strong and very sharp
  • There is flat blade finish
  • The knife has satin edge type
  • The knife has a flat blade finish
  • The handle is made of aluminum
  • The handle is small, thing and feels comfortable even in larger hands
  • The handle is green
  • The knife features pocket clip for right/left
  • The tip-up for the knife is manual
  • The opener is thumb stud lock type
  • The AXIS locking mechanism is very strong and easy to use
  • The knife is lightweight, yet strong and reliable
  • The reverse tanto looks great

As for the parts we like less, we can only mention the price and the small size. As great as it is that it’s a small foldable knife, it’s also possible for you to misplace it, especially if you’re that kind of man…As for the price…the knife is worth every single penny for its performances and qualities.


The foldable knife Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe makes it a good option as an EDC pocket knife as it has many good things to give. Here’s our list of pros:

  • The knife is foldable
  • The knife is 7-5/8 inches long overall
  • The blade is made of S30V stainless steel
  • The blade is sharp, strong and corrosion resistant
  • The blade is with black tungsten DLC
  • The knife has ambidextrous assisted opening system
  • There’s easy 1-handed opening
  • The handle is made of G-10
  • There are textured, matte-black scales for better, comfortable grip
  • There is 4 way mounting system
  • The knife comes with reversible pocket clip
  • The lanyard hole is efficient
  • The knife has a nice, sleek design
  • The opening is reliable, fast and easy
  • The knife has the right size and weight for an EDC pocket knife
  • The lockup is solid and secure

As for the things that count as cons, here’s ours:

  • Some might find the knife a bit on the heavy weight side as an EDC pocket knife
  • The knife is wide when clipped in pocket

But, considering the performances, the Zero Tolerance Handle Speed Safe is a safe buy for your ED kit.