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Know that feeling when you just did something right and your friends are patting you on the shoulder? That’s what’s happening to Casio for their G-Shock line. Lots of people from all around the planet are delighted with the products this amazing company has created throughout time.

Straight off the name, it’s clear these watches were made to resist. You may have heard that story that tells how originally the G-Shock line started from the vision to create a watch that would never break. The dream apparently came true and everyone seems pretty content with the watches that Casio manufactures. Of course, that’s their ongoing goal even today (achieved through hard work in Casio’s departments): to deliver high endurance and strength along with style and comfort, and of course, all for a reasonable price. With the G-Shock series of tough but beautiful watches, Casio has created a horde of hardcore fans and is getting droves of new ones every day. Many a G-Shock fan has got not one, but several watches in his (or her) collection, for various uses. But not a few are those who like to acquire new models just to see what new gimmick Casio has come up with.

If you’re a fan of the series or are looking to make your first purchase, you’ve come to the right place. I included a section for pretty much any use you may find for your G-Shock. Whether you are a military man, a policeman, a pilot, an athlete, a hiker, a hunter or a fisherman, a swimmer or a scuba diver, or just want a fancy robust watch to show it off a little, we got you covered. From categories like the best G-Shock for pilots to the best all-purpose G-Shock, we are covering a total of 21 different uses that will surely help you decide on your next best G-Shock.

Since I’m reviewing a lot of Casio G-Shocks on this page, just so I don’t repeat the same info multiple times, I’m gonna start by mentioning the particulars that almost all G-Shocks share, namely: almost all have a mineral crystal window, a Quartz movement mechanism (goes without saying), a 200 meter water resistance, and Resin bands and cases, with small exceptions. The differences would lie in things like weight, diameter, display types, size, and in functions and features. If for example, a Rangeman has a sensor for altitude, pressure, and temperature, a Frogman will have none of these, focusing more on the water side of things, with features like a tide graph feature, or a band with an extension for wetsuits, along with a bold design.

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1. Best G-Shock for Outdoors: Hiking, Hunting, Fishing and Camping

Winner: Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR “Master of G” Stainless Steel Solar Watch

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the GW-9400-1CR „Master of G” is the watch for you. In order to give you the features that will surely help you on your next trip, this „Master of G”, or Rangeman, has a Triple Sensor that includes an Altimeter, Barometer, a Thermometer and a Compass. Sounds like what you’re looking for? Read on.

Because the number of sensors and features on this watch is huge, we can’t miss the opportunity to impress you with them. Get ready, set, go! Digital compass, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, sunset and sunrise times, MB6 atomic timekeeping, time stamp, 4 alarms, auto-LED, 1/10 second stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, solar power. All in a super tough watch. Think you’re going to need anything else? These features should satisfy any outdoors boy or girl, be they a hiker, camper, climber, or a hunter or fisherman, even a biker, and generally anyone spending a lot of time in the field.

The functions line-up speaks for itself, but I’ll explain the sensors’ functioning in more detail.

The barometer is an atmospheric pressure measurement tool that will help you stay dry when a storm comes out of nowhere (just watch the pressure drop on the graph), the thermometer will give you a good reading of ambient temperature (gets slightly influenced by the skin temp), and the altimeter will tell you the altitude you’re at. It is not working by sea level standard, it’s actually a function of barometer and temperature combined. You’ll have to set the altitude reference yourself; but once set, it will give you an accurate reading, which is pretty amazing from a tool of the size of a watch. And finally, the digital compass will also be a great help for you in the open. You may not need it a lot, but it’s very handy for those who hike using a topographic map.

While hunters may be interested especially in the sunrise/sunset feature, a climber or hiker might not use it at all. They are more likely to be interested in the altimeter and barometer sensor. Still, something that everyone will enjoy for sure is the low weight. At 3.2oz, the Rangeman is unusually light for the G-Shock family. Being extremely light and still maintaining toughness, it’s a thing to be desired for any outdoors person.

The Rangeman is a truly quality timepiece appreciated everywhere in the world for the rugged style and the functions it offers for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a good choice as well for your Best Triple-Sensor G-shock as well, and also as your Best Compass g-shock, depending on what is the most important feature for you. I recommend it and so many others do.

More great options:

2. Best G-Shock for night time

Winner: Casio Men’s GW6900-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch

Here’s the scoop on illumination on the G-Shock watches. Casio uses backlight EL illumination on the digital G-Shock models and some analog-digital models. It uses LED illumination on the other analog-digital models and uses luminous paint on the all-analog models. The LED lighted models don’t have a light diffuser and the LEds tend to have a blinding effect, especially on models with the Super Illuminator feature.

Guess which illumination is better? The best one is given by the EL backlighting on the all-digital models. That said, meet the king of the best illumined G-Shocks, the GW6900-1.

Having a streamlined design, this Tough Solar Digital Watch is the perfect companion in the dark. It Features EL backlight that illuminates the panel using LEDs which last forever and cast a bright light on the display and dial, making it easy to read during night-time or any dark conditions. The lighting is very effective, illuminating the main spots of the watch in order for its wearer to read the time at a glance.

Not only is it well illumined, another cool feature on the GW6900-1 is atomic time synchronization, which is usually found on G-Shocks of higher price. Atomic time synchronization, for those who don’t know, is the capability that enables the watch to ”pick” its time via radio waves from the 6 atomic time centers that exist around the globe. This usually happens during the night when you’re asleep, so that’s a pretty cool spec for a watch to have.

The world time feature is perfect for the traveling person who needs to quickly switch time to wherever they are. The watch stores 48 different cities to select from, in 31 time zones.

The watch is also sunlight powered, as you’ve surely guessed from the title, also a nice feature to have in order to stay without worry of battery drain concerns.

Needless to say, the watch’s shock resistance is a key point here, but it’s also resistant to a 20ATM water pressure, which is typical on G-Shocks, so you could take it on occasional scuba dives without fear that it will damage.

An important thing for your comfort is to take into consideration the size of the watch if you have small wrists. This watch is pretty huge, at a 53mm case diameter and almost 5 ounces, so it may not be the watch for frail men. Be aware that this is an issue with most G-Shock watches, so you may want to try one on first before making a decision.

Here are more G-Shocks in the GW6900 series, in various combinations and colors.

3. Best G-Shock with negative display

Winner: Casio Men’s GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch

Designed for high precision, the G-Shock GD350-1B is a viable option for those having high demands for durability, toughness and low-light/stealth capabilities. The negative display seems a sophisticated thing at first but the single difference between this and a positive one is the dark background as opposed to white on the normal ones. It’s like when the GPS navigator inverts its colors when in a tunnel or during night-time. That helps in various ways: to be more stealthy, stylish, or whatever use you may have for it.

The GD350 has a world time function including 35 time zones (100 cities), a very desirable feature for a traveler or a business man. Another well-thought-out feature is the dedicated timer button to enter the countdown timer mode directly, very useful and quite rare on a watch. It also has vibration alarm plus LED flash activation, which is really cool when you want to keep quiet, either at work or in the outdoors.

Speaking of build quality, this is as you’d expect from a G-Shock, and by this I mean massive. It has a big window, a solid resin case and a band that feels good in the hand, closing with a metal buckle clasp. The readability of the watch is a big plus having an easy to read time function for indoor/outdoor, also the contrast between the yellow marks and the black background being a good choice made for this model. Best of all, although it’s a large watch at 51mm, it only weighs 2.6 ounces.

A novel thing you can find on this watch is the shock absorbing back, that helps to ensure that the vibrations are felt by the owner. This feature doesn’t have a large impact on the endurance of the watch but gives the wearer a unique feel when worn.

4. Best G-Shock with Analog-Digital (Ana-Digi) display

Winner: Casio Men’s G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch GA-100C-8ACR, Grey/Neon Blue

The main thing on an ana-digi watch is the handy combination between analog and digital displays, making it suitable for both everyday use or specific activities that imply persistent shocks and dark conditions. Casio has a long time experience producing analog-digital watches, their development being sustained by the constant feedback from customers, so many of these watches are really top-notch (the GA-100C included).

The GA-100C has an easy to use a world-time function for keeping a record of time zones throughout the world, 200 meter water resistance, an auto LED illumination that adjusts the light intensity all by itself when you find yourself in the dark. A thing to mention is that the LED light does not illuminate the displays, only the analog hands. That may represent a small inconvenience if you want to read information from the digital screens during night-time. Although it is designed to be rugged, it has nice aesthetics, especially with this color scheme.

Generally speaking, the more functions a watch of this type has, the fewer concerns you’ll carry along in your adventures. An example feature is the magnetic resistance, which may not sound like an important spec at first but it’s another thing you won’t have to worry about. When your watch encounters a random magnet, which can normally screw up a regular watch, you’ll just pass by unaffected. This can be very useful when you are in military or tactical-type situations or doing work under certain conditions, and you need your watch to keep going.

Besides the plethora of features, the GA-100C is a nice watch at a nice price wrapped up in a nice resin case and band that feel good to the touch, so if you agree with me that it looks like a great analog-digital watch, go for it. You’ll be delighted to see that you got a practical watch at a reasonable price.

To be honest, that was just one from the multitude of ana-digi G-Shocks that Casio manufactures, and I can’t find real cons in any of these other models listed below. There are just small differences regarding illumination, weight or display, so you may want to check them out more closely:

5. Best G-Shock for pilots/aviation

Winner: Casio G-Shock GWA-1100-1A3 G-Aviation Series Mens Stylish Watch – Black / One Size

Here we are talking about serious things. For pilot/aviation use, what you need is a watch that can resist several G’s of force and vibration. Casio has got you covered with the G-Shock Aviation series, with watches capable of withstanding the three forces: gravitational, centrifugal, and high vibrations. Another requirement, often overlooked, is that it should be anti-magnetic.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? I’ll be taking the GWA1100-1A Aviation model as a reference since it’s one of the highest rated in the line. It meets the requirements for gravitational forces and anti-magnetism, but it also comes with a host of other features, both specialized and regular ones. It has neo-brite luminous hands and markers, 200-meter water resistance in the eventuality that you’re not only a pilot but also a diver, atomic time synchronization, a smart access crown, thermometer, chronograph and more.

You get the point. Now a bit of explaining for the most salient features. Atomic timekeeping is a fancy high precision way of keeping time, that synchronizes the watch to the atomic time broadcasted from several points around the world. The chronograph is a must for a pilot’s watch because it helps to measure the passing of time precisely. Neo-brite is a proprietary technology from Casio that uses a high-visibility luminous paint for the indexes and hands. Finally, the smart crown access is an intelligently designed feature that helps a lot with high-speed adjustments. It’s easy to learn as long as you read the manual.

To sum it up, this is a highly rated watch with lots of features. It’s flat-out cool, beautifully crafted, sturdy, and professionally looking, in a word: perfect.

As in any category, because of the sheer number of G-Shock models, I couldn’t find a reason why the ones bellow would not meet your requirements, so I’m including them just to make it fair and give you the best in the range of options available:

6. Best G-Shock Dive watch

Winner: Casio G-Shock Digital Dial Resin Quartz Men’s Watch GWF1000-1

Acclaimed as a „masterpiece” by fans, the 2015 GF-1000-1 Frogman is a true certified G-Shock for underwater experience. Especially if you are a professional who do your work under such conditions you may want to consider the Frogman seriously.

You might ask yourself, what’s so special about this watch to make it perfect for diving since the 200-meter water resistance is the same as with all other G-Shocks? At first, the 200-meter resistance feature might look the same, but it’s not. The Frogmans are the only ISO 6425 certified G-Shocks, capable of diving to the 200-meter depth mark. All the other G-Shocks will go bust before reaching that point; they’re really intended for swimming and shallow diving. Here’s the video of a test on a Frogman being taken to 200 meters deep and still holding its own.

But depth is not the single thing on a divers watch to consider when choosing one. Good illumination is vital. A feature that makes the Frogman suitable for water adventures is the Electro-luminescent backlight with full auto EL light and selectable illumination duration, that, along with the large display, makes it incredibly easy to read the digits underwater, even in murky water.

Another thing that makes the watch „shine” is the bold design that helps in various ways. First is to mention that the design used on the Frogman is unlike that on other G-Shocks, so you can spot one easily. The design, however, has additional qualities besides just looks. It is very good at protecting the dial. As resistant a mineral or sapphire crystal window may be, it would eventually break when exposed to big shocks, or, at least, scratch. This is where the hardened plastic edges on the Frogman come into play, because whenever you drop it or hit it, the edges will absorb the shocks, leaving the window intact.

Other specialized features that the watch has are the moon phase and tide graph, plus the dive time and surface interval measurement. It also has the other functions a normal G-Shock has, like a 1/100-second stopwatch with several modes, alarms, battery power indicator, power saving mode, and world time. So it’s an awesome casual watch as well. And, did I mention this? The Frogman is solar powered, which makes it a virtually maintenance-free watch.

In conclusion, if you consider buying the best G-Shock for water, the Frogman is the definite choice. It is also a great choice when compared to the other best dive watches available on the market.

7. Best G-Shock for the money

Winner: G-Shock G100-1BV

For the price, this watch is a great pick, but is it worth any salt? I reckon, that many reviewers can’t be wrong. It incorporates lots of functions in a rugged shock-resistant case all strapped up by a comfortable resin band. As its main features, you get 200-meter water resistance, EL Backlight with Afterglow, which is an illumination system that lights up the entire screen in dark conditions, a 1/100 second stopwatch, calendar, daily alarm and, very important, magnetic resistance.

A more in-depth look reveals a 47mm case diameter with a 15mm thickness, a dual time display, and a combination of analog and digital display types, with brushed silver indexes and minute hand, red hour hand, plus a negative digital screen in the lower part. All placed against a black dial that gives it good contrast and a sober look and feel.

Is it as tough as you expect? You can literally throw this watch against a concrete block and it won’t break. It’s like a loyal dog that doesn’t get mad at all when you send it away to sleep on the floor. The G100-1BV will be your trusted assistant. If you want to get a sense of what others think about this watch, take a look at the ratings. Right there, many of them are saying that the watch is good. There will always be some that are bugged by a certain feature or function. My personal advice: Go for it, you won’t regret it.

8. Best G-Shock for the shooting range

Winner: G-Shock Rangeman GW9400-3 “Master Of G” Stylish Watch – Green

Shooting has its own demands on a watch. First off, it has to be recoil-shock resistant, and preferably lightweight so as not to detract from the precision of the shot. Most G-Shocks would score okay in the shock resistance area, G-Shock has created the Rangeman line that has excellent resistance to shocks, and, at 3.2 ounces (93 grams), has the weight factor zeroed in as well. So, today we’re taking the Rangeman GW9400-3 in olive green to the range!

It has all the features you need when on the shooting range and I’ll mention: a comfortable resin band fitly colored in olive green (definitely military looking), is lightweight so you won’t feel it’s on your wrist, has negative display, triple sensor (barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass), is solar powered, plus the rest of the features a typical G-Shock has.

A handy function to mention is that you can set the watch to illuminate itself with the movement of your arm (Auto EL), and can be quite useful when you can’t reach any button with the other hand but still need illumination to read the hour.

For an overview of the Triple Sensor functions, head on to our review right above to read about them in more detail.

All in all, the GW9400-3 is a great option for this type of activity. It incorporates good looks and ruggedness with lots of functions, and all around it’s a trusty companion at the range.

9. Best G-Shock for the military

Winner: G-Shock X-Large Digital GD100-1B Military Black

Whether you’re after a watch because you are an army or tactical aficionado, or an actual army man (or, why not? army-woman), the G-Shock GD100-1B is an awesome timepiece. The black design with inverted display looks sober and professional, but also rugged and durable. This watch can be your trusted assistant all over the world.

Apart from appearance, you surely are interested in the feature list of the watch. I will mention here the shock resistance, 200 meter water resistance, world time function with 31 time zones, multi-time with 4 different cities, 5 different alarms, stopwatch, 12/24-hour format, auto illumination, a mineral crystal window and a durable double width band. This watch will do a good job in the field, or in the city, or at the range – it will chew anything you throw at it.

The size is rather large, with 51mm in diameter, but incredibly light at 2.4 ounces, and this gives it a genuine tactical feel. Just like that well crafted military equipment that has to be very solid but also light at the same time, for the super soldier to carry on the battlefield. A military wouldn’t need a chunk of metal on his hand to keep him from being stealthy and swift. Wouldn’t a lightweight and, at the same time, a solidly built watch, do a better job? And that’s what Casio did with this watch, they wrapped the functions in a light, tough, all-black G-Shock watch, that’s also cool looking.

But, don’t think that this watch was made solely for when you are serving your country. It can be an excellent companion when you are staying home with the kids or enjoying a recreational scuba diving session too.

If the GD100-1B meets your demands, this is a legit purchase for you to make and I’m assuring you that it won’t disappoint.

Other models, you might like to have a look at:

10. Best G-Shock for Police/Law Enforcement

Winner: Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 Black Resin Quartz Watch

Having an analog-digital design with dual digital displays, this watch is perfect for both formal situations, and casual usage. It’s an X-Large model with dash indexes, that creates more room for the digital displays and the three chronograph sub-dials which otherwise would be crammed inside the window. It’s large sized even compared to other G-Shocks, so keep this in mind if you have small wrists. It has skeleton analog hands that don’t have any kind of luminescent paint on them. The illumination is LED, but is rather subdued on this watch – it’s a tactical-type watch, and by default, it won’t light up very brightly. However, the intensity can be increased by taking the illumination duration to 3 seconds. I need to mention at this point that on a law enforcement type of watch the lack of bright light should not be considered a drawback, to the contrary, this is by design because you don’t need it to light up like a Christmas tree during missions and get you spotted.

With regards to functions, this watch incorporates the best G-Shock features like 1/1000 stopwatch, anti-magnetic capabilities, a countdown timer, an auto-calendar, world time, etc. But the most important thing to mention here, and the reason this watch was considered the best for this category is the speed indicator, which is for sure a fit function for a policeman or other law enforcement person.

Overall this is a great watch. It’s lightweight, professional looking, with a rugged and durable feel to it, all of this at a great price. If you feel that the looks and features are up to par, hop off the fence and make the purchase.

Consider this model as well:

11. Best stealthy G-Shock

Winner: Casio Men’s GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch

A stealthy watch may be good for many people from soldiers to airsoft players. A stealthy watch befits a tactical ghost. Not attracting attention, but capable of showing the time or performing other duties for its wearer.

I picked the GD350-1B as the best stealthy G-Shock for multiple reasons.

First, it’s the color. Black is for sure stealthy but only when matched with black clothes. I’ll assume that you already have your stealthy outfit and the watch is the only missing piece. Since clothes are not a concern now, here are the reasons for the stealthy watch.

The all-black design ensures its subdued feel but that wouldn’t be complete without a negative display. And that’s where the watch doesn’t „shine”, figuratively speaking. This is the best combination for a watch in order to go incognito. But that again wouldn’t be complete without a good contrast between the digits and the dark background. And here Casio nailed it with an awesome yellow-black combination.

The GD350-1B has not only got the stealthy face, it’s also got the functions you’re expecting from it No worries it has them all.

It’s got a 1/100 second stopwatch with several modes and a measuring capacity of 999 hours, direct countdown timer button, 35 time zones including 100 cities with city name display, vibration alarm. The window and case material, and water resistance are the stock ones on the G-Shocks, mineral crystal, and 200 meters.

It’s also got light weight, at 75 grams or 2.6 oz, so we can call it stealthy in that area too. At 51mm in size, the GD350-1B a better fit for small wrists than other G-Shock models.

12. Best G-Shock watch for EMS/EMT

Winner: Casio Men’s G9000-1V G-Shock Digital Sport Watch

A watch of this kind needs to have certain elements to make it suitable for paramedics and doctors. And as always, a man or woman working in EMS/EMT would both need a watch that helps on the professional side of life and is also suitable for everyday or casual side.

The G-Shock G9000-1V, nicknamed the “Mudman”, has got its name from its enhanced resistance to liquid infiltrations. So it’s not just resistant to mud, but to any fluid, and that’s the main reason it’s preferred by people working in Emergency. Casio did this clever marketing strategy by nicknaming the watches suggestive names for the conditions they are best suited at. For instance, the “Frogman” which is the underwater G-Shock, the “Rangeman” or “Riseman” for outdoor use, and so on. Now as you might expect, there are a bunch of reasons why this watch is good for this category.

It is both shock and fluid resistant, it has a stopwatch with a 60-minute measuring capacity as well as a 24-hour countdown timer, four independent daily alarms, flash alert so you don’t wake up the whole ward, and a surprisingly low-temperature resistance down to -4F (-20C).

The G9000-1V Mudman is an awesome watch and can make a huge difference when you find yourself in the field, saving a human life. We recommend you to go for it. You’ll be for sure pleased with what it can do.

You may also like to have a look at the G9300-1 Mudman, which has solar power, atomic time, and twin sensor (compass and thermometer):

13. Best G-Shock for running and exercise

Winner: Casio Men’s G7710-1 G-Shock Trainer Multi-Function Watch

The G7710-1 is a sleek model built for athletic training, with highly readable negative display. It is perfect for use by runners due to the multiple features it integrates and the smaller size.

At 1.6 ounces of weight and a 45mm case, this is one of the most lightweight G-Shock watches. The negative display has a nice contrast between the digits and the black background, and the built-in solar battery eliminates the nuisance of replacing the battery once in a while.

Speaking of looks and materials, the case and band are made out of Resin plastic with a sleek design and sports-like look, and along with the low weight and small size, you won’t feel you’re wearing it when exercising. Also, the buckle clasp has a nice locking system for easy opening and closing.

Because we are discussing potentially the best G-Shock for working out, the weight, comfort and feel are equally important with functions like a timer, stopwatch or flash alert.

We mentioned that the looks and feels are indeed for athletes, but are the functions satisfying? What athletes need the most is a countdown timer with various modes. And indeed, the G7710-1 comes with:

  • A dual Countdown timer with ranges from 1 minute to 100 hours and a neat auto-repeat function,
  • A 1/1000 second stopwatch, split stopwatch which allows you to time your workouts or laps, and at the same time to time your breaks. The stopwatch has 2 measuring modes: Elapsed time, and lap/split times. Memory with 2 Elapsed time records, each with 100 entries, and Recorded Data with Elapsed time, lap/split times, lap/split numbers, best lap and number, month, date, time.
  • World time with dual time zone showing time in a base city (back home for instance) and where you’re at; dual city calendar; it can be set to display world time, in which case three city times are displayed; 24 hour/12 hour display with or without DST; DST time can be set independently in dual city time and home city time.
  • Hourly Time Signal, Signal Repeat Patterns at specified intervals, Flash Alert

One note to make is that the G7710-1 is one G-Shock that can be worn as a dress watch. These being said, it is up to your choice or taste if this is a good candidate for the best G-Shock for athletes. I think it comes really close.

Consider these as well:

14. Best G-Shock for the gym and fitness

Winner: Casio G-shock G7700-1 Trainer BlackSilver Watch

At the gym, you need similar things as when out running, with little differences. A countdown timer with auto-alarm would be a very useful thing in fitness because you need to know when to keep yourself running on the treadmill or stop. A 1/100 stopwatch with split and 999 lap time functions would also be a nice thing to have. And the G7700-1 has them.

A flash alert red and green LEDs that go off in sync with the alarms and stopwatch auto-start systems are very practical because they create a cool effect having red lights going off in sync with the countdown and green lights going off at the start.

The customizable alarms for workdays and weekends are very useful for people who have a somewhat balanced schedule and don’t want to mess around with alarms every day or night.

Other features include world time with 48 cities, EL backlight with auto-illumination, extremely easy to push buttons, a comfortable strap with a good fit, and a thin case.

As usual, Casio did their best to include all these sweet things in a watch that is very affordable, and at the price this, it is a great pick. My advice is: Buy it! You’ll certainly love it.

Check out this other option:

15. Best all-around G-Shock for sports

Winner: G-Shock GA100A-7 X-Large Classic Series Watch

As the best G-Shock for sports, the GA100A-7 X-Large Classic Series Watch should incorporate the qualities of both a fitness/gym g-shock and a running/exercise one. And it does. You can find all of the features you need for any kind of sports activities on this watch.

The fans of this watch have already found a funny nickname „The White Buffalo”, which is pretty accurate I think. That’s not the only nickname available, Casio actually refers to the GA-100A as the „Three-Eyed Monster” on its website because of the three circular indicators on the background.

It’s 51.2 mm in size, which qualifies it as a medium-sized G-Shock. Although it is more suitable for a man, as a female you won’t have any problems wearing this, its white color doesn’t give it a certain men’s feel. But won’t look femalish on a man’s wrist either.

Going into the tech specs, it has a 1/1000 second stopwatch, magnetic resistance, analog-digital display, a countdown timer for up to 24 hours, speed indicator, full auto-calendar, a good Quartz movement mechanism that ensures a maximum of +/- 15-second deviation per month. The only drawback may be that it’s not solar-powered, but instead based on a battery which lasts about 2+ years, depending on how you use the watch, but it’s easy enough to replace the battery yourself by unscrewing the stainless steel back cover.

This watch is an attention grabber in all respects. It has a great price, great solid construction, comfortable band, a nice glossy finish that will help when the watch needs a wash, and an overall good feel.

As a gift to yourself this watch is certainly a good pick. You can also consider buying one for your girlfriend or wife as well, she may be very happy with it. Or alternatively, get this Baby-G for her.

Other all-around sports G-Shock:

16. Best G-Shock for Cycling and Mountain Biking

Winner: Casio Men’s G9300-1 Mudman G-Shock Shock Resistant Multi-Function Sport Watch

Even if this was a hard pick to make from the huge list of perfect G-Shocks suitable for this type of activity, I’m nominating the G9300 Mudman for multiple reasons, and there is a lot to tell about this watch.

The watch is a technical masterpiece with an athletic style and sports feel to it. It’s actually very interesting how Casio designed this watch at every level. It has certain parts that would qualify the watch as a scientific instrument and others that show its timepiece side.

A cool thing is that the Mudman features a digital compass for easy guidance in unknown environments and a thermometer which is more or less accurate. Featuring a unique design this watch is ready for everything, especially for cycling.

Wrapped in a solid elaborate shield of resin mostly, it gives you reliable readings. The display is exclusively digital, backed up by a very accurate digital quartz movement for precise timing, and an Auto EL Backlight for easy readability.

Within the „red eye,” the screen includes, besides the hour/minutes/seconds and date, a two-hourly reading of the compass. That could save you from a decent amount of unpleasant experiences.

The Mudman is found to be really comfortable to wear throughout the day despite the obvious massivity of the watch. That was possible mainly because of the clever combination Casio made with the case/band material and proportionality between the total surface and weight.

Bonus fact: The Mudman is one of the best-selling G-Shocks and people really like it. So I recommend it sincerely and so do many of owners from all around the world.

17. Best G-Shock Watch for Surfing and Swimming

Winner: Casio Men’s GWX5600C-7 G-Shock G-LIDE White Resin Digital Watch

Thinner and lighter than a normal G-Shock because of the square classic all-digital form factor, the GWX5600C-7 G-Lide has a crisp and easy to read negative LCD, high-quality white finished resin case, and all the functions you need for your water activities.

It has a 200-meter water resistance, a cool Tide Graph (tide level for specific date and time) with 100 preset tide sites and 49 user sites, Moon Data (moon age, moon phase) with moon graph, both very useful features for surfing/swimming, and solar fueling ability. Nonetheless, the accuracy is very high with only a +/- 15 seconds deviation per month, easily kept in check by the atomic synchronization function.

A good feature is the cascading countdown timer that alternates between two defined intervals. The watch also has 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze; 1/100th-second stopwatch; 12/24 hr formats; full auto EL Backlight with afterglow, very good in the dark. However, Casio warns that repeatedly pushing the illumination button will drain the battery faster. This being a solar-powered watch, it takes some attention from the wearer to keep it energized. While good enough for most dark conditions, this watch is at its best outside in full daylight (you wouldn’t be surfing in the sea at night time anyway, would you?).

With all these awesome features, the settings take a while to get a handle on. You are going to need to look it up on Youtube or read the manual because it uses some intricate button combinations. It’s not very hard when you get the hang of it, it’s just you’ll need to instruct yourself a little when you start your relationship with the G-Lide.

Check out these other G-Lides, for more feature and color options. Here’s a sample:

18. Best G-Shock for Boating and Yachting

Winner: Casio Men’s G7900-1 G-Shock Rescue Digital Sport Watch

The G7900-1 G-Shock is yet another bargain from Casio. At 49 mm in diameter, it is one of the “smaller” G-Shock watches. Featuring a 15mm thickness and comfortable resin case and band, so you won’t feel it as a burden when sailing across the sea.

It has some interesting rubber wings attached to the strap right on top of the wrist that seem strange at first, but actually are really useful at gripping the watch to your hand so it doesn’t slip away when in touch with water or even oily substances (diesel fuel can be a frequent spill on a boat/yacht). The rubberized buttons on each side are very easy to operate and give a general good feel to the watch.

A beautiful display stands on the front of the watch with a quite asymmetrical layout but has a general satisfying aura, backed up by a blue LED for illumination.

At this price, you won’t get an atomic timekeeping function nor solar power, but that’s not a big problem because the Quartz movement will ensure a maximum of +/- 15 seconds deviation per month, and the battery is easy to change every couple years. Another limitation if you want to call it so is the somehow poor backlighting, but again it won’t be a real problem unless you are very picky on this topic.

Overall good feel, beautiful design and many features, this watch could be a „godsend” for sailors, boaters, and yachters.

19. Best All-purpose G-Shock

Winner: Casio Men’s DW6900-1V “G-Shock Classic” Watch

Making a watch that fits every taste and necessity is a very, very hard job. But we are talking about Casio here. Casio is a watch manufacturer that made the G-Shock series of tough watches starting from a dream. And things that start from a dream often go a long way.

I can safely vouch that the Casio DW6900-1V is a dream watch. It is a point of reference when speaking of durability and functionality. It combines comfort, design, features and toughness in a 45 mm case strapped up with a durable and sturdy plastic band.

The crystal face is shielded by the casing which gives the watch bulletproof capabilities. It resists at most extreme temperatures like -20F on the negative side.

At this amazing price, the watch offers loud alarm flashes and buzzer sounds, 200-meter water resistance, a handy countdown timer, an hourly time signal, multiple measuring modes like split time, elapsed time, etc., a 1/100 second stopwatch, auto calendar, and 12/24 hour formats.

Needless to say, it is shock resistant, the illumination is ensured by an EL Backlight with Afterglow that seems to handle dark conditions quite successfully.

It has all the useful functions you will ever need and doesn’t mess around with flashy stuff you know full well you’re never going to use.

Casio tested this watch (as they do the G-Shock series in general) in various environments and substances to ensure its durability over time. From substances like acids, oil, to high water pressure and shocks like falling from face level, you name it, they tried it all. The watch made it through all of this without getting a scratch. It came out safe and sound. Giving abuse to this watch is like pouring water to the fish, it feels so natural to resist everything you subject it to.

Whether you are living life as an adventurer seeking experiences in the wild, or you have a profession that implies various hazards, this is a watch that fits all needs. It’s actually more a matter of whether your body resists the kind of shocks this watch is capable of receiving. It’s a massive bang for your buck and you can be sure that the Casio G-Shock Classic will easily last a decade as your trusted timepiece.

20. The Most High-End/Expensive G-Shock

Winner: G-shock Gps Hybrid Radio Solar Mens Analog Watch Mrg-g1000d-1adr

There are various G-Shocks out there with lots of various features, feels, and design. But as always when you buy anything (valid in any area, not just watches), the amount of money you put at stake limits you in various ways.

Well, or not… If you can decide it’s worth the price, this watch won’t leave you still wanting a certain feature from a different watch, because it has almost every function you would ever need. From atomic timekeeping to solar self-fueling and the plethora of G-Shock functions, the MRG G-1000 certainly meets the high demands. The analog-digital display offers a rather clean view and it is readable in most situations due to the double illumination, with a backlight and luminous index hands and markers.

What you get in the MRG is a tough but slick and dead-on precise G-Shock with a futuristic design in an all-titanium package. Unlike most G-Shocks, it has a slimmer profile that allows it to slide underneath a shirt sleeve, and the looks to make it wearable in most situations, from the office to the outdoors. It is made to withstand pressures up to 20 bars and persistent shocks coming in all forms, from drops to blows to smashes and scratches.

Saying that the watch includes every conceivable feature was no joke: it has a world time feature with city code display, a GPS receptor, solar charging with power saving mode, atomic timekeeping for an incredibly precise time, multiple alarms, auto EL backlight with afterglow, countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch, easy setup, replaceable band, you name it, it has them all.

The display has a simple and clear layout. The backlighting lights up the whole display, making it really easy to read in low light, which is a feature overlooked in many G-Shock models. The watch offers plenty of room for complexity for the techy-inclined, as the various parts of the display can be configured in multiple ways. A healthy dose of your instruction manual is what you need to get a full grip on this amazing watch.

This watch is an awesome pick in any respect. It’s simple but complicated, pretty and tough, offering many features with a simple press of a button. It is an ideal combination of functions, style, and convenience. It combines the most sought after features the G-Shock line has to offer. Casio created a true masterpiece with this model, doing their best to make a G-Shock for people who are not content with what most would take as enough. And they did it very well. It all comes down to whether you can be convinced to shell out the money for it. If you do, and make the purchase, you’ll be truly impressed with its capabilities.

21. Best G-Shock for everyday use

Winner: Casio Men’s GW2310-1 G-Shock Solar Atomic Digital Sports Watch

The Casio G-Shock GW2310-1 concentrates on delivering a better day to day use. It is a winner in many areas such as the casual design, reduced form factor, lots of features, and obviously in price.

This is still a tough G-Shock with all the functions of a G-Shock but in a more sporty and casual design. The weight is light at 76 grams (2.7 oz). At a 46mm case diameter, the watch will fit any wrist, and the polished stainless steel bezel puts a shine on the watch and gives it a premium feel.

The bright EL backlight turns on by itself with the movement of your wrist, a good thing if you find yourself constantly with the other hand busy.

The atomic timekeeping feature receives the official atomic time through a built-in antenna, saving you precious time from setting the hour on and on. Also, the solar self-fueling function spares you the worry of maintenance by eliminating the inconvenience of replacing batteries over time. The World time function with 31 time zones and 48 cities is not missing either, along with the regular functions on a G-Shock: alarms, 12/24 hr formats, 1/100 second stopwatch, and countdown timer.

While the price is not that of the least expensive G-Shocks, mainly because of the atomic time sync and the build materials, you get all the functions you could ever need for everyday use. The GW2310-1 is definitely a watch to suit the pocket and taste of most everyone.


The G-Shock series is a dream come true. It is an awesome series produced by an awesome watch company. These watches were always something you knew you needed because of your active life style, but never had the opportunity to have one (or didn’t even know they existed). Perhaps now is the time to choose one that fits you. They also make an excellent gift idea.

On this page, I tried to dispel the confusion from the process of selecting the appropriate G-Shock for a lot of needs. By giving you a clear option in each category, I didn’t so much try to force it on you, but instead to present as wide an array of options as possible, and give you an idea of what’s available in the G-Shock world. I am fully aware that every watch has its own peculiar thing that you might love or hate, and so from here on, it’s up to you to do further research and reading and pick the watch that you like best. Good luck with your G-Shock hunt!