Best Hacksaw of 2022

Determining which is the best hacksaw on the market shouldn’t be a hard thing to when there is such a large variety now on the market right? Yes, that may be true, but the fact that there is such a large variety can often prove to make things harder when you want to find the best hacksaw for your needs.

In this selection I tried to include only the best of the best in terms of the following aspects:

1. Quality

Here I refer to every aspect in the manufacturing process from the quality of materials, to the quality of the manufacturing process itself. Either way, quality is my top priority when researching for the best hacksaw on the market mainly because without it you will end up paying more money when having to change it.

2. Value for the money

While everyone likes top quality, this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to cost a fortune. Good products often come with good quality at an acceptable price.

3. Sharp blades

The sharpness of the blade determines how well you can do your job and how smooth the process will go. Who says that cutting plastic or metal should be a pain in the ass?

4. Ease of handling

With an ergonomic handle and a good form factor, a hacksaw can prove to be a pleasure to use.

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Stanley STHT20139L Rubber Grip Hacksaw

While this is a very affordable hacksaw it still is a great item. The build quality does not disappoint, the blade is sharp enough, although not as sharp as others, and the handle is ergonomic. In fact I am a big fan of this type of rubbery handles because the grip is better and you don’t have to maintain it.

The 225 lbs blade tension is ideal for plastic and metal, as you would normally expect from a hacksaw, and the angle of the blade is one of the greatest I have yet to see.

The steel frame should normally be very durable and that’s what others say as well. I don’t think there are any concerns in terms of quality as long as you will use it as it is intended to.

This is definitely a great hacksaw for the money. It has all the qualities that I was looking for, and ultimately it seems that it is durable.

DEWALT DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw

If you need something a little better in terms of quality, then DeWalt is the last company to disappoint. It has a much more stable structure and a handle that I absolutely love. It is so much better than most others mainly because it is bigger and has the form molding to your hand. Since the handles is this big, you can use both of your hands if you need added power.

Compared to the tension of the Stanley Hacksaw, this one has a 330 lbs tension, with almost 100 lbs more. That means the cuts will be much smoother depending on the material you cut.

A very nice feature is the 5 in 1 dettaching system making it easy to convert it into multiple types of saws from a low profile hacksaw to a pistol grip jab saw. This can save you a lot of money if you don’t want to invest in 5 different tools.

Speaking of the blade and its tension it seems that it does not bend in the cutting process. And that is ok since it won’t easily get weak.

TEKTON 6823 2-in-1 High-Tension Hacksaw

While the handle on this Tekton hacksaw might not be the best in the industry, it is still great in other terms like blade sharpness, good quality frame and value for the money.

You can change the blade very easily as long as you have a screwdiver of proper size at hand although I don’t think it would be necessary as long as you use it as it was intended to.

The tension system is fine although, again, not the best in the line. A good reason that I would choose this hacksaw over another is that the blades can be used in two different positions for both straight 90 degree cuts and flush 40 degree cuts.

The 12-inch blade is standard and should not raise quality concerns even in the long run.

Stanley STHT20138 Solid Frame High Tension Hacksaw (12in / 305mm)

If all you want is affordability then this Stanley hacksaw is the best pick. It is true you won’t get top of the line specs but you can’t possibly manufacture a better one for this price.

The steel frame is better than I expected although it is pretty thin. The blade allows different angle cuts and that is especially useful for cutting nails and stuff like that which are already on the wood.

I definitely recommend it for this price.

Bahco 325 Professional Hacksaw with Ergo Handle

If you need a hacksaw that is way out of any league when it comes to build quality and reliability then you should definitely check this one. I have yet to see a Bahco product that is of bad quality and this hacksaw is no exception.

The blade is extremely sharp, the handle is one of the best I have ever seen and the tension system is beyond expectations as far I know.

Changing the blades is rather easy thanks to a smart blade release technology. That is useful if you want to use different types of blades or simply want to change it with a sharper one.

If you want a durable hacksaw that does the job fast and hassle free this is the one I would recommend.