The Best Hammock Tent to Get in 2022

greatest hammock tentWhen you go camping or hunting you suddenly think of a tent. You think of how packable it is, how repellent to the elements, how easy/difficult it is to store or carry around…How much time you need to install it, and so on.

You almost wished there were another solution for you to sleep when spending the night outdoors…

Actually, you have an option and it’s not a common choice, we give you that!

What’s a hammock tent?

You need to take a step back and think a bit outside of the box when taking in consideration a hammock tent as your next hiking tent.

Even though it has a minimalist design, the hammock tent is not less comfortable than a typical tent. On a plus, it brings more joy and fun to lay in. It’s also easier to set up and take down than a classic tent.

But, the most important step when taking a hammock tent on your hunting trip is not to set it up, but to take a deep breath and try something new, totally out of your comfort zone.

Why get a hammock tent?

This might seem incredible, but your sleep is so much better in a hammock tent, trust us on that.  You simply need to install the hammock tent right, and to get ready for your best sleep when hiking ever.

The hammock tent is so great for your sleep that you won’t be missing your bed at home and will feel the change for the better immediately.

No matter how even the ground may seem, there will always be some weirdly shaped rocks, some tree roots to ruin everything… The hammock tent takes this stress away as floating in the air doesn’t come with any rocks or pointy roots between your ribs.

Contrary to what people think, finding the right spot for your hammock tent is not that difficult and what the ground is like doesn’t matter at all. If you get a hammock hanging kit, there’s no need to find two perfectly spaced trees. You only need to adjust the hook on your hammock into the straps for the best distance and… hop in.

Best thing on a hammock tent is that… you only need to take a deep breath and enjoy nature’s pure air. There’s no point in going outdoors and staying inside, when you can go and enjoy the the deep starry sky from a hammock tent.

It’s not just a hammock tent, you know…

It might look like a hammock tent gives you just a place to lay down, but most models feature nowadays a mosquito net, a hammock tarp and even a hammock gear loft for your belongings.

One thing that a hammock tent can’t give you is the privacy when you change your clothes. But, on the other hand, you’re able to sit up straight while doing it outside the hammock tent 🙂

Some might worry about the cold weather and think that a hammock tent is only for when going to the beach. As a matter of fact, if it gets colder, you can use a hammock rain fly that reflects heat. If you’re still very cold, you may get more accessories for hammock camping in the cold weather.

Like every piece of equipment or clothing that you have for your outdoor hobby, you know that you need to invest some money, especially in the beginning. The good news is, you can get all the basics you need for your hammock tent with not so much money. The more you’re willing to pay, however, the more accessories you can get in order to feel most comfortable, no matter what the season or weather conditions.

Final word

Your hammock tent is not just the replacement for your tent or a place to sleep. Once you get yourself a hammock tent, you know you got a camp chair, a hanging place or a place to read books. You may snuggle in it with your friend or let the kids swing for a while… After all, kids love swings!!

You may use your hammock tent not only when going hiking, but also at home, between two trees or cars.

Versatile, lightweight, fun and yet more reliable than you’d think, the hammock tent is a great solution for anyone who loves breathing the fresh air, day and night.

The Top 5 Hammock Tent Reviews

1. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

If you have never tried a hammock tent before and you feel it’s a bit difficult for you to sleep in this kind of tent, then this model is the one to go for you.

This hammock is a hybrid tent-hammock and is one the most popular choices in this area. Here are the pros that got us:

  • There patented design makes this to use suspended (as a hammock) or on the ground, as tent
  • The sleep surface remains flat and tight thanks to the spreader bar and arch pole system
  • This doesn’t have a “banana”/”cocoon” feel as the typical hammock tents have
  • You don’t need to worry about rain or bugs as this comes with bug netting and efficient rainfly
  • The rainfly and the bug netting attach directly to the hammock
  • You may use this as a hammock when not using the arch poles
  • The hammock tent is lightweight
  • It’s very easy to set it up and take it down
  • The interior is very roomy
  • This hammock tent won Gear of the Year Award
  • The waterproof rainfly is removable
  • The bug netting is attached no-see-um
  • The price is great for the quality you get
  • This is versatile and useful in various situations
  • The inside pocket is big enough and may be used as drink holder
  • The hammock is stable when you sleep
  • This is great to take when backpacking
  • The hammock packs small
  • This is durable and entirely waterproof
  • The tie loops in the four corners are efficient
  • You need to use straps that don’t stretch on this
  • The metal stays create a flat surface and you need to use the pad for more comfort
  • This comes with metal clips to attach inside the hammock
  • You may clip an emergency blanket or bed role inside the hammock to keep the cold outside
  • The pad doesn’t move and remains centered in the hammock
  • The kit includes also spreader bar, heavy gauge rope, shock cord poles

There are some things that we like less on this hammock tent so here are the cons:

  • The hammock is not great for breathability
  • Some find it difficult to get out of the hammock
  • This is not for the side sleepers
  • As it features a flat surface, this doesn’t give the same feel as a typical hammock does. There’s comfort, but it’s not the same type of comfort.

But for the money you pay, you get a good, popular hammock tent that gives good comfort by its flat surface, and not the “banana” sleep that other hammock tents give.


2. Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2

As you already have been falling in love with hammock tents, and whenever you go camping you only use that, maybe you want to be closer to your life partner when you take the night out from hiking. The oversized ripstop nylon rain fly protects you and your gear from the rain.

Here are the pros as we see them:

  • There are 2100 holes per square inch (this is a lot) to this no-see-um netting
  • This keeps even the smallest bugs away
  • There is good protection against wind also thanks to this rip stop nylon
  • There is rope for you to secure ridgeline below the rain fly
  • You may secure your Sky Tent on each corner with ladder lock buckles for easier tensioning
  • The base layer of this rip stop nylon retains body heat
  • This also gives you space to store your lightweight items
  • The nylon creates a tough floor when using Sky Tent on the ground
  • There is a V shaped roll up door for easier access
  • There is double pull long lasting YKK zippers
  • There are 4 storage pockets on the inside
  • It’s easy to set up this and to take it down also
  • This comes also with an oversized attached waterproof stuff sack for easier packing and storing
  • The stuff sacks fits Sky Tent and any sized hammock
  • The Sky Tent comes in black and it’s a one-piece gear
  • The door rolls up and may be toggled on top for easier access to the Sky Tent
  • The base layer is made of waterproof rip stop nylon so that it retains body heat
  • There are loops at the 4 exterior corners so that you may use Sky Tent on the ground

There are also some features that count as cons:

  • The hammocks are not included with the Sky Tent
  • It’s difficult in the beginning to find just the right height for each of the hammocks. Once you get it, it’s easy to set it up
  • The sewing needs to be of better quality

As you can see, there aren’t many things to complain about the Sky Tent. You just need to understand exactly what it is and what it’s used for!


3. Eclypse II Backpacking Hammock

When you still want to try the experience of the hammock tent but don’t want to get one that costs an arm and a leg, try this lower priced hammock tent.

Along with the amazing price, this comes with many other great features. Here are the pros:

  • This hammock is made of high quality materials
  • It comes with strong tree straps that don’t harm the trees
  • There is also a dry bag combo pack
  • The hammock is very comfortable to sleep in
  • This is made with 210 rip stop nylon which means longer life span for the hammock
  • There is triple stitching which makes the hammock longer lasting
  • The quality pattern gives great support as it minimizes pressure points and this translates into better sleep
  • There is easily adjustable suspension system
  • It’s very easy to set it up
  • There are polyester tree straps that don’t stretch
  • The tree straps are extra wide to protect the trees
  • There are 12 loops that help you adjust the hammock tension
  • You may hang your gear, off the ground
  • You may store your clothes, gear in the bag and they remain dry and safe
  • The dry bag is very lightweight and is 15 Liter’s
  • The bag may be used also as wet bags…put inside what’s wet and that will be the only thing wet from your gear
  • There is a 6month 100% no questions asked money back guarantee
  • This keeps bugs and water away

When it comes to the things we didn’t like, we can’t think of many. As it keeps water and bugs away, the hammock loses on breathability, but that’s totally understandable.


4. Tensile Stingray Tree Tent – 3 Person

When a hammock for two isn’t enough, take a look at this innovative and brand new tree tent for three.

There are many things we like about this so here are our pros:

  • This is a 3-person portable treehouse tent with 3 doors
  • There is a removable waterproof fly sheet
  • The set up takes you from 15 to 30 minutes (it depends a lot on how handy you are)
  • There is great comfort in this tent
  • This gives you the chance to better connect with your friends, while enjoying natures
  • The canopy is made of polyester mesh material
  • There are four internal pockets to store your gear
  • The floor is green, no matter the model
  • This comes with 2 aluminum Featherlite poles
  • The floor is 14×14 inches
  • You may double the sheltered space by pegging out the fly sheet
  • This fits 3 adults and their gear or 2 adults and 2 children
  • You shouldn’t go over 880lbs (400 kg) in this
  • The best height to install this is 4 feet above ground
  • If you go upper than 4 feet, you need to use webbing ladder for climbing into the tree tent
  • The flysheet is made of 70D PU coated waterproof polyester
  • The flysheet is removable
  • There are various colors to choose from
  • The floor fabric is 240D inclined joint nylon-polyester composite fabric
  • The floor’s polyester is reinforced with 20+ meters of seatbelt
  • There is heavy duty, plated, industry grade buckles
  • The tent is also fire resistant
  • The roof is tear resistant
  • This stores your gear off the ground, keeping it safe and dry
  • This brings comfort to all types of sleepers
  • The stitching is functional
  • You need to close the ratchets for safety
  • The material is durable
  • The fly sheet keeps even the smallest insects away

When it gets to the cons, here are ours:

  • You need to do some adjustments to get the proper alignment
  • This is not the best choice for the winter time. You would need a thermarest pad underneath your sleeping bag to keep warm in the winter
  • The stitching isn’t uniform and not quite symmetrical

But, for a three adult tent above the ground, this is a great option anytime!


5. Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock

When your budget is not over the top but still want a good quality hammock, the Eagles Nest Outfitters Junglenest hammock could be your no.1 option.

Here are its great features that count as pros:

  • This model combines a hammock with a 950 square inch No-See-Um bug net
  • There is easy and quick protection from biting insects
  • There is full-length zipper for easier access into the hammock
  • There is high-strength for this hammock
  • This holds up to 400lbs
  • There is 210D nylon taffeta rip stop material
  • There is also heavy duty triple stitched seams, which means longer life span for the hammock
  • The set up and take down are easy
  • This comes with aluminum wire gate carabineers, nautical grade
  • The stainless-steel snap links lets you secure safely the hammock to trees, poles, boat masts or the wall
  • The hammock is versatile and long lasting
  • There are internal hanging loops
  • There is an organizer pocket
  • The internal height adjustment makes this great for hiking, boating, travelling
  • The company tries to reduce at minimum the fabric waste so uses every bit of fabric. This causes various color combinations for the hammock
  • The zipper pulls are glow in dark
  • The hammock keeps you quiet warm and is great for backpacking
  • The bug net acts like a sun shade also
  • This hammock fits a tall& chubby guy also
  • The hammock is lightweight
  • The sack is pretty large

As for the cons, here they are:

  • The hammock doesn’t get very compact when packed
  • The you need to buy separately the suspension straps
  • You also need to buy the rain cover, which costs as much as the hammock
  • The net sits quite close to the face

All in all, this is still a great hammock for backpacking, protecting you in many situations and keeping you comfortable and bite free.


If you’re the stealthy type, you may want to have a look at our bivy tent page for more options.