The Best Hunting Chairs to Buy

As much fun as hunting sounds and is in fact, sometimes hunting is related to serious physical effort. Additionally, some hunting is impossible to take place without using some specialized equipment.

It’s the case of the hunting chair- when you go hunting for deer or turkey, you know that you’re going to get tired at some point and you definitely need a suitable chair to do your waiting on.

Either it’s a chair with a back, or a backless one, getting the right, comfortable hunting chair is one of the steps you can take for your success. And if none of the models below cuts it for you for not offering enough comfort on a hunt, then a seat cushion might be the right solution for you.

The best hunting chair comes in a camo pattern, is easy to carry around and provides, above all, comfort. It should be also silent, as the last thing you need while you’re on a hunt is a squeak coming from your comfy, but not quiet, chair.

No matter which type of hunting chair you stick with, there are some tips to follow when you do a waiting hunt.

Quiet on the stand, first of all

Make sure you do all the preparation on your hunting stand: replace worn parts, tighten loose screws and bolts. Clear the area where you are placing your hunting chair as you don’t want any sudden noises while you’re hunting.

Make sure your hunting chair is scentless.

Even though you sit all day, this doesn’t mean that you need to get bored while waiting.  Get a book or some notebook to help time pass faster. Take some breaks, climb down and stretch to give yourself a refresh.

What makes a good hunting chair?

A good hunting chair is lightweight and is easy to carry around. Some of the best hunting chairs and stools come with adjustable lumbar support and a flared backrest for more comfort.

The more you pack, the more difficult it gets for you when hunting. So it’s best if your hunting chair folds to fit into your blind bag. Some hunting chairs turn into a bag, but this means another bag for you to carry around…

Your hunting chair is also resistant to elements and can take the elements pretty good. It may come with a lifetime warranty, when its manufacturer guarantees for its high quality.

All in all

No matter which type of hunting you go for, the market always gives you good and varied options to choose from.

The most important thing is to know exactly where, when and for how long you are going hunting.

Top 3 Best Hunting Chair Reviews

When you want to sit down comfortably in your hunting chair, give a try to the Hunter’s Specialties Camo Furniture Deluxe Pillow Chair, Realtree Xtra Green.

Here are the qualities that got us:

  • There is steel construction on this hunting chair
  • This is a collapsible chair for an easier storage
  • The chair is lightweight
  • You can easily carry it around in the premium carrying case included
  • There is good padding on this chair
  • The baffled seat back brings even more comfort
  • There is a camo polyester covering which helps you with the blending into surroundings
  • The chair features side accessory pouch for storing some of your items
  • There are also two drink holders
  • The chair is well made and comfortable
  • The hunting chair is sturdy and well padded

On the other hand, we also need to mention the parts we didn’t like that much. This seems to be more comfortable for the medium tall people as it’s not very comfortable for the tall guys.


With a heavy-duty build, the ALPS OutdoorZ 8411015 King Kong Chair with Color Blocking (Realtree Xtra HD) is a sturdy hunting that has many other good features.

Here are our pros:

  • The chair features a sturdy powder coated steel frame
  • The support is patented
  • The chair has a compact foldable design
  • There are two efficient and useful beverage holders
  • The hanging pockets on both arms are great to store your small items
  • The chair is easy to carry around in the included shoulder carry bag
  • The chair holds up to 800 pounds
  • The chair is very comfortable and versatile
  • This is a long lasting hunting chair
  • There is a good built and a heavy duty construction on it
  • The height of the chair is just right
  • The price is amazing for the high quality you get

There are some cons to this chair, so here they are:

  • The seat tips back too far
  • The carrying bag is kind of big
  • It’s a bit difficult to get out of this chair

Apart from these parts, this is a good buy and a reliable hunting chair for a very long time.


When you want extra comfort for your back while hunting this Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair is a wise option anytime.

Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair

Here are the pros that we found:

  • This is especially designed for hunting
  • The load capacity is up to 350 lbs.
  • The height of the seat is adjustable
  • There is a 180-degree silent swivel seat
  • This is made with LQS technology: the chair is light, quiet and strong
  • The chair is comfortable and portable
  • It is very quiet
  • The high-density foam seat means more comfort for you
  • There are also self-leveling feet
  • The powder-coated steel frame means a longer lifespan for the chair
  • The chair collapses in seconds for carrying
  • It’s easy to carry around the chair thanks to the heavy-duty nylon carry strap
  • The seat cover is both removable and washable
  • The seat is firm, yet comfortable
  • The chair brings great back support

Despite the fact we like so much this hunting chair, some things need to be improved. Here are our cons:

  • The strap is too thin to spread the weight
  • The chair is made of steel and not aluminum and this puts the chair on the heavy side
  • This needs a method of locking the seat in the back bag
  • The chair could use more padding

All in all, for the money you pay, you get a great hunting chair, comfortable and long lasting.


The Best Chair for a Hunting Blind

If you like blind hunting, then you need also a chair for ground blind. As there are so many models on the market, we can give you some tips when choosing the right one for you.

The best ground blind chair rotates completely 360 degrees, in the quietest way! Your chair for hunting blind needs to swivel silently and very fast just as well.

The seat of the best hunting blind chair is also thick, well-padded and oversized for more comfort.

The backseat is also padded and comfortable. This kind of chair features folding legs for an easy carrying/ storing.  It comes also with a carry strap for a less difficult transportation.

The fabric of the hunting blind chair comes with a protective coating. It should also be breathable and water-resistant.

Last, but not least, a good chair for ground blind is long lasting thanks to its steel frames and durable powder-coat finish.

A great ground blind chair that meets most of the expectations from this kind of chair is this Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair.

Here are our pros:

  • The chair is height adjustable
  • It swivels very quietly 360 degrees
  • The tight-sling seat is very comfortable
  • The legs are adjustable for uneven ground
  • The chair has a folding design
  • The chair is pre-drilled to add Millennium’s G101 shooting rest
  • This is versatile and you can take it when deer/turkey/dove hunting
  • The chair is lightweight and has a good built
  • The legs are sturdy and are easy to install
  • The shooting mount is ambidextrous
  • This is very silent even when it’s very cold outside
  • The chair is tough
  • There is durable powder coat finish
  • The chair gives a good lumber support
  • The chair doesn’t swivel that easily which is a good thing as you don’t want too much sensitivity on your hunting blind chair
  • There is a lifetime warranty for this chair, which says a lot about manufacturer’s confidence in its product

When it comes to the cons, here are ours:

  • The chair feels a bit bulky
  • The pouch is a bit noisy and could use some compression straps
  • The chair could use more padding Gore-Tex back sling to insulate the backside in order to keep you warm in the very cold winter.

But, in the end, we are very fond of this hunting blind chair and we think it’s a good buy anytime.


The Best Turkey Hunting Chair

For the turkey hunting season a comfortable, yet sturdy chair is this Primos 60095 Wingman Chair.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • There are high quality materials used on this chair
  • This is designed for tough weather and environments conditions
  • This is versatile
  • The chair fits all kinds of people
  • The bottom is comfortable
  • There is high back design for all-day sitting
  • The steel frame means a long life span for the chair
  • This holds up to 300 lbs.
  • You can easily carry this around thanks to its carry strap
  • The arm rests are foam padded for extra comforts
  • The mesh back is efficient in the hot weather
  • The chair folds up compact for an easier transportation
  • The Mossy Oak Break-Up camo pattern fabric makes it easy for you to blend into surroundings
  • The chair has the right height
  • You don’t need a tree to lean up against
  • The chair is comfortable and has a good, strong built
  • The chair is lightweight

As we try to think about the cons, there aren’t many things to complain about on this turkey hunting seat. We would have liked an aluminum frame, for an easier chair, but this is not a deal breaker.


Best Dove Hunting Chair

When you go dive hunting it’s important to sit down comfortable and to have decoys or shells handy at all time.

A good option in this case is this Browning Camping 8525001 Dove Shooter Folding Chair, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Fabric.

Here are our pros:

  • There is powder coated steel frame that means a longer life for your chair
  • The Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Fabric helps you better hide into the environment
  • The insulated cooler bag under seat is useful and handy
  • The chair features pockets on cooler to store the decoys or shells
  • The chair folds compact for an easier transportation and storage
  • The included shoulder strap is useful
  • The seat is extra-wide for more comfort
  • The chair is lightweight, yet sturdy and heavy-duty
  • The backrest is nice and comfortable
  • The chair is well made and stable

On the other side, these are the things we didn’t like that much:

  • The chair doesn’t swivel
  • After a long rainy day, the legs get water inside and they drip rusty
  • The shoulder strap needs more padding for more comfort

For the money you pay, though, you get an efficient and reliable dove hunting chair.


Best Hunting Seat Cushion

The main thing you want from your hunting seat cushion is comfort and warmth.

The NEP Outdoors THERM-A-SEAT 2-Inch Thick Invision Camo Print Hunting Seat Cushion has many great features, so here are our pros:

  • This seat cushion comes in Invasion Camo print which is both nice and useful
  • The seat cushion keeps you warm
  • This is comfortable
  • The seat cushion is waterproof and long lasting
  • This is lightweight and it’s extremely easy to carry the cushion around
  • The New Softek Closed Cell foam means extra comfort for you
  • This is 2” thick which means no only comfort, but also protection against the elements
  • There are two layers of Softek Closed Cell Foam
  • This comes with a detachable Velcro belt strap that makes it easy to carry the seat cushion around

When we talk about the cons, we need to make this mention:

  • There is a specific smell in the beginning, but it fades away in time
  • The seat cushion is not for the heavy-duty hunting experiences, as thick as it is.

But, when it comes to comfort for an entire day, this is an efficient hunting seat cushion.