The Most Dependable Hunting Clothing of 2022

best hunting clothing

One of the things you need to consider when you go hunting is how you dress. Obviously, you need to buy some hunting clothes but you still need to keep in mind some tips about combining them.

Any outdoor activity means you will get some physical effort and eventually, some sweat will appear. Layering your hunting camo brings comfort on the hunt but doing it right means one problem less when your eyes are on the target.

Any layer of your hunting camo clothing has a specific mean and all of the layers need to work together as a system in order to catch heat, keep away moisture and protect against the elements.

How many layers anyway?

The first layer of your camouflage clothing is the base-layer which includes long and short sleeve shirts, tights and other clothes that go directly on your skin.

The base-layer acts like a wick moisture while keeping you warm and dry at the same time.

The best camo clothing for the first layer is lightweight, wicks the sweat and still gives some insulation so that you remain warm. You’d want this type of clothes especially in milder conditions, when you’re on the move.

For the colder conditions you need to go with a mid-weight base-layer that still absorbs moist and doesn’t get you overheated either.

As the weather gets more difficult and colder, you have to wear the heavyweight base-layer that also is highly breathable, while powerful on isolation.

Most of the base-layers clothes are made of synthetic, as it’s lightweight and fast drying. Some are made of merino wool which absorbs moisture and keeps the bad smells away.

The next layer of your hunting clothing needs to be the mid-layer that keeps heat inside and let’s go of moisture. The mid-layers are supposed to be the most flexible ones and they can be removed when you’re overheated.

Most popular fabrics for the mid-layer are merino and polyester, but nylon is a good option also.

When the weather is milder, the mid-layer becomes your outer layer. Go for a waterproof one, in this case.

The protective shell is the outer layer, the first one to protect you against the elements. Best hunting camouflage clothing acting as outer layer is resistant to wind, rain and any other nature element.

The outer layer has to take good the tree branches, thorny brushes and be easy to pack as you need to remove it when you’re too warm.

Much more than clothing

Simply wearing hunting clothing is not enough as you still need a scent-free clothing. First thing to do is get rid of the personal body scent as much as you can and this means showering with hot water and no commercial shampoos or soaps at least 6 weeks before hunting season.

It’s also helpful to stay calm emotionally while hunting to limit as much as you can your scent. Avoid sweating by wearing less layers and move as quietly and slowly as you can.

It’s also very important to maintain your hunting apparel scent free. First step is to soak your clothes in cold water overnight. You can add a ½ cup of white vinegar to get rid of the smells.

You also need to plunge afterwards the clothes for soaking in some water and then in cold water with ½ cup of baking soda. You may wash every single clothing item for some minutes, always by hand.

Rinse the clothing until the water gets clear and wring out as much water as possible by hand again. Use a large chamois towel for each garment, twist tightly and let it absorb it overnight.

It’s better to dry outdoors your clothing and once it’s all dry store it in a sealed plastic bag. You may also put some twigs or dry leaves in that bag so that the clothes smell like yours hunt environment.

One Last word

Take a good thought on which kind of hunting you’ll be doing when choosing your hunting clothing. If you go still-hunting, the heavy-duty gear is the key, whereas if you are active, the breathability of the clothes is far more important.

Choose the camo of your clothing related to the environment of your hunt as the pattern should fit perfectly.

Stay away from cotton as much as you can. Cotton draws heat away from your body and keeps the moisture inside also. Under any hunting circumstances cotton is an option for your hunting clothing.

Top 5 Hunting Clothes/Suits Reviews

1) Frogg Toggs All Sport Camo Rain Suit

When you want to buy yourself a pretty good hunting suit but don’t know where to begin, a good and low priced option is the Frogg Toggs – All Sport Camo Rain Suit.

This is a waterproof hunting suit that has many qualities so here are the pros:

  • It’s breathable and waterproof at the same time
  • It’s long lasting
  • It features a detachable hood
  • There is full-zip front and a straight leg design
  • The suits are made of 3 layers of heavy-duty polypropylene with a center layer of microporous film
  • There is a jacket and pants into a single pocket
  • The zip front features a waterproof storm flap and guttered cover
  • There is an elongated rear back panel
  • The sleeves have comfortable elastic openings
  • The pants and the jacket are lightweight
  • There is a classic straight leg design for the pants with adjustable leg openings
  • The waist band has 1” elastic with adjustable cord and cord lock
  • You can machine wash or hand wash the pants and the jacket
  • Do not dry or dry clean
  • The suit works great for turkey and duck hunting
  • The camo is nice and crispy
  • The jacket is roomy
  • There is good seam
  • The stitching is durable
  • The price is amazing

When it comes to the things we don’t like that much, we need to mention the cons:

  • There are no pockets
  • The fabric is a bit noisy
  • The lining is not very comfortable
  • There is a plastic smell to it in the beginning, but it fades out if you air the suit out

So, price and quality this is a good, reliable buy anytime.

2) Reversible Camouflage Hunting Leafy Ghillie Suit

The best thing about this next hunting suit is its ability to make you absolutely invisible into the woods. The Reversible Camouflage Hunting Leafy Ghillie Suit is an all year suit that has many other good qualities.

Here are the pros:

  • This is complete 2 Piece camo suit
  • The hood is attachable
  • The pants and the jacket are reversible
  • The jacket uses snap buttons on front
  • The pants have an adjustable elastic waist
  • There is elastic at the ankles for a better adjustment and fit
  • The suit is lightweight
  • You can easily wear this both in spring and fall
  • You can put this on over anything
  • The suit is made of 100% Polyester
  • The breathability of the suit is efficient in the warm weather
  • The cuffs on sleeves are elastic
  • This is machine wash also, tumble dry
  • The hood features an adjustable draw cord
  • This suit gives you a great hide and makes you invisible in the surroundings
  • The price is right

As for the things that count as cons, here they are:

  • Both sides of the leafy material need to be dyed
  • The fabric is rather thin and may rip easily

But, for this kind of money this suit is a great hunting suit.


3) Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit

For an amazing blending into surroundings thanks to its 3D design, this Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit is an option to consider.

There are many nice features about this hunting suit so here are the pros:

  • There are 3D leaves on this suit that doesn’t catch onto branches nor pick up twigs and stickers
  • The camo remains quite dirt free
  • This goes great in the heavily wooded areas and the ones with thick and tall brush
  • You can also use this in open grass plains
  • This suit is very lightweight
  • This is portable as it comes with its own drawstring bag
  • You can wear any color underneath since the suit covers everything
  • There are slits to access the side pockets of your underneath pants
  • The suit is easy to put on and to take off
  • There are more than 1000 3D leaves on the suit that add more dynamic to your camouflage
  • The set contains a jacket and pants
  • There is a hooded, full front zippered jacket
  • The pants have elastic waist and drawstring
  • There are 4 colors patterns to choose from: autumn, fall forest, dark woodland and summer green
  • The fabric is thin, quiet and breathable
  • There is an amazing attention to the details and quality

There are only few cons, but we still mention them:

  • The backward zipper is a bit difficult to handle in the dark
  • The jacket runs kind of small

Considering the price and the quality you get, this 3D hunting suit is great for your hunting experience no matter the season.


4) KLOAK Quikcamo B3D Leafy Suit Mesh

When you really want to hide into the surroundings, a great option is this KLOAK Quikcamo B3D Leafy Suit Mesh.

There are some nice features that got us so hear our pros:

  • You can wear this over any of your regular clothing
  • The suit is lightweight
  • There is good breathability for the suit
  • This is easy to carry around as it’s compact and packable
  • There’s a comfort flex fit waist band OSFM
  • The superior B3D design gives you the perfect hide
  • This is not a bulky leafy suit
  • It’s well made and the leaves are sewn well
  • This suit handles various weather and hunting conditions
  • This goes great when turkey hunting on early deer hunting
  • Even if it gets wet, it dries very fast
  • The suit is long lasting

When it comes to the cons, the only thing we like less is it doesn’t come in different patterns as there is only one type of it.


5) Hecs Suit Mossy Oak Country 3X

If the two-piece suit doesn’t do you any good, then maybe a 3-piece suit is the best choice for you.

The Hecs Suit Mossy Oak Country 3X is a complete suit with pants, long sleeve shirt and head cover.

Here are our pros:

  • The pants are very adjustable
  • The suit is very lightweight and breathable
  • The suit gives you freedom on the move
  • The suit is made of Stealth screen fabric
  • You can wear this as an outer layer or as undergarment
  • The laser cut head cover resists fraying
  • The elastic waistband with internal drawstring is efficient and useful
  • There are hemmed elastic ankle cuffs
  • The shirt features breast pocket for your gear
  • The pants come also with useful pockets
  • You should only machine wash this
  • Only tumble dry

As for the cons, we don’t have any. If we need to be very critical, then we’d mention the price which is on the high end.

The Best Bow Hunting Clothing

As you are on a bow hunting you want to get the perfect hunting experience and not have your bow tangled in your suit. The best bow hunting clothes not only keep your bow safe but they also give you a good hide into surroundings.

Therefore, you need a suit like this Scent-Lok Men’s Savanna Quickstrike Coverall.

This qualifies as a good bow hunting camo clothing thanks to these features:

  • It’s made of 100% Polyester which makes it lightweight and efficient
  • The suit features carbon alloy which combines the power of Activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite for maxim body smell absorption
  • The suit gets you through many weather conditions
  • There us a self-packing zipper pocket with a hanger loop for easy carrying it around
  • The suit features a hood with a built-in facemask so that you get an all-in-one suit
  • There is safety harness access opening
  • The scent control system is highly efficient, no matter how warm it gets outside

When it comes to cons, we need to mention the fact that this comes in only one camo pattern.


The Top Winter Hunting Clothes

Hunting in the wintertime is tricky and challenging. On one hand you need clothing that keeps you warm, but at the same time you need something that gives you freedom on the move.

This Heater Body Suit LARGE-WIDE Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Hunting Clothes manages to meet both of this important requirements and so much more.

Here are our pros:

  • The suit is waterproof and windproof
  • This is made of polyesters tricot camo cloth which makes the suit very quiet
  • The DuPont cloth wind barrier protects you against the heavy wind
  • The suit keeps you warm in the heavy cold winter as it is ultra insulated
  • This is DWR treated which means is water repellent
  • The suit is also noise suppressor
  • This is easy to carry around as it comes with carrying straps
  • The suit comes in Realtree Xtra camo which make you blend with the surroundings
  • The suit acts like a sleeping bag keeping you warm the whole time
  • There is silent internal zipper so you can manipulate it quietly when in need
  • There are also shoulder straps that give you unrestricted shooting when the time is right
  • There are 5 sizes to choose from so you can get the right fit

This suit is amazing for the winter hunting and comes with only one big, fat con… Its price 🙂


The Top Deer Hunting Clothes

Even though it’s made of cotton, the SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit might be your next hunting suit when deer hunting.

These are the pros:

  • This is a two-piece Camo suit
  • There are double printed leaves on jacket and pants also
  • The elastic waistband gives a good fit
  • There are elastic cuffs for a better fit
  • The suit is lightweight, silent and flexible
  • The leaf cameo is made of thin mesh
  • The jacket is zippered front
  • There are two storage pockets that come with zippers
  • The suit is breathable
  • The suit is machine washable and tumble dry only
  • There is an adjustable draw cord on hood
  • This works great as an outer layer
  • It’s a tough suit

On the other side, here are the cons:

  • As it’s made of cotton, this retains moisture
  • The suit looks a bit baggy

Apart from these minor issues, this is a great suit to get when you go deer hunting.

The Best Duck Hunting Clothing

A low priced, yet efficient hunting clothing when duck hunting is this Red Rock Outdoor Ghillie Suit.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • It’s made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex
  • It comes in various camouflage options: desert, snow, ACU and woodland camouflage
  • This is lightweight and breathable
  • This includes hood, jacket, pants, gun wrap and stuff sack
  • This features a 3D camouflage construction
  • There is snap closure front on the jacket
  • The elastic waist band is adjustable
  • This can be worn as an outer layer
  • There are snap closures on the outer seam of the pants near the ankle for an easier cover of your boots
  • The hood covers entirely the head and neck
  • There is an adjustable drawstring chin strap
  • The gun wrap comes with elastic and a drawstring for a full coverage of your shotgun or rifle
  • The suit fits in the included stuff sack
  • This doesn’t get too hot in the summer
  • The price is amazing
  • This blends in with most kind of environments

There are some cons that we need to mention also:

  • It takes some time until this gets to full volume
  • This is not for machine wash

Either than that, we can only assure you that ducks won’t notice it at all.