Best Hunting Pants

No hunter is a real hunter until he has all the gear and hunting clothing that she/he needs. Knowing what to get and what are you going to use it for is very important when hunting as various weather conditions and various types of hunting have the final word when shopping.

If a hunting jacket has to be waterproof, tough, warm and as light as possible. It’s supposed to protect you against the elements, wick the moisture and be easy to carry around when it gets too hot. On a winter hunt, though, the hunting jacket is far more important to be warm, but still provide good breathability. And, if its flexible and gives you freedom on the move, you got yourself the best deal!

What about the hunting pants? How do you tell apart the best camo hunting pants from the ordinary ones? What are the good and the bad to look for when shopping for hunting pants?

And, far more important, do you really need the hunting pants in the first place?

Why get yourself hunting pants?

When your wallet is not very generous and its rather warm outside, wearing some usual underwear and camouflage pants might be enough. If you know that it’s not going to rain and your hunting is not near water, then you don’t need waterproof hunting pants.

But, when it gets cold, rainy, snowy, windy…the situation changes and the need for good hunting pants is more than obvious.

The long underwear is a good tip to consider when hunting in the winter time. But some hunters even don’t care for it as they get cold from their feet and give more importance to some good, warm hunting boots instead.

Most of the hunting pants are camouflage pants and which pattern do you go for is almost non important. Camo pants make a difference when you’re out in the field and you don’t really blend into surroundings. This is why some hunters are very passionate and make good investments and choose different patterns on their hunting pants, according to the hunting area where they are going to hunt.

What makes a good pair of hunting pants?

When it comes to thickness, the hunting pants may be medium, heavy or light. The more they weigh, the more protection and warmth they provide. Nowadays, new technology creates fabrics that protect against the elements without gaining too much weight. But, the higher performance on the fabric, the higher the price on your hunting pants.

Your hunting pants have to be as quiet as it’s possible and control scent as much as possible also. You may also control your scent (don’t smoke, don’t wear the hunting clothing in public and so on) so that your hunting pants are as scent free as much as possible.

You should also consider go up a size when buying your hunting pants as you will want them to fit you over whatever you usually wear on a hunting trip.

Of course, for the hunters with a lower back sensitive to cold, there is always the option of the hunting suits.

Seek that your hunting pants are an inch or two longer than usual so that you tuck them into gaiters. This way, the pants won’t drag in anything nor flap around your ankles. Tuck the pants so that they bunch a bit at the knee for an easier climbing, for instance.

Keep in mind to stay away from the rain pants. They are useful but have no fly’s, hence, the obvious problems. Zipper pants are the better option anytime.

Taking care of your hunting pants

The more you take care of your hunting pants, the longer you’ll have it around. Avoid washing them too often as the UV effects might have a bad influence on the fabric. Some fabrics glow in low light conditions. Some UV sprays prevent some of the UV glow and you should wear blue jeans outside at dusk on a night, bright moon and everything to see your glowing pants.

Even though this might look like a fashion advice, all hunting pants reviews state the importance of a dedicated hunting belt for your oversize hunting pants. This belt needs to fit your normal pants and camouflage pants all together. Go for a dull color, noise less belt and with no shiny details on it.

Top 5 Hunting Pants Reviews

When your budget is not over the sky but you still want a good pair of hunting pants, for a good price, try these Yukon Gear Men’s Insulated Pants.

Here are our pros:

  • The pants are made of Polyester
  • There is 240 gram brushed poly tricot which translates in very warm
  • The pants are waterproof and breathable
  • You get 2 side, 1 rear and 1 front pocket for your small items
  • The pants are machine washable, but you need to tumble dry and never bleach these
  • The pants have Mossy Oak Infinity camo pattern that is great for hiding and is also very well made
  • There are tabs at the bottom for a snug fit to ankle
  • The pants run true to size
  • There are belt loops that are very efficient
  • The pants come with a matching jacket
  • The pants give a good fit, even over your jeans
  • There are 2 front cargo Velcro pouch pockets
  • The pants have a soft exterior and are very quiet
  • They are well insulated and keep you very warm

As for the parts we didn’t like on these pants, here are the cons:

  • The pants are a bit short
  • They are not the best choice for the long periods of hunting in the summer
  • They catch burrs and stickers rather easy

But, for the money you pay, these are a great choice anytime.


Specially made for women, these ScentBlocker Sola Women’s WindTec Insulated Pant are an amazing choice as they give warmth and comfort, above all.

Here are our pros:

  • They are made of 100% polyester
  • The pants keep you very warm thanks to the anti-piling fleece feature
  • There is zipper fly and partial elastic waist for a better fit
  • The zipper fly has also a double rubber snap closure
  • The ankle cuffs come also with partial elastic
  • The pants are windproof
  • There are two cargo bellow pockets with zippers on the side
  • The pants are insulated and keep you very warm in the winter
  • The pants feature a high-waist design
  • You can under layer these pants
  • The body-lock waist and the leg cuffs keep both warmth and scent inside
  • Thanks to the S3 Antimicrobial treatment these pants protect against growing of odor-causing bacteria
  • You can organize your items in the 6 pockets of the pants
  • The tricot lining wicks moisture
  • The price is amazing for the quality you get
  • These run true to size
  • The pants are very quiet

On the other hand, there are some minor aspects that need to be improved. Here are the cons:

  • These are not especially designed for curved women
  • There is some discomfort in the crutch area
  • The fabric catches burr rather easy
  • There are no belt loops
  • The camo patter is great, but the pink logo doesn’t help at all with blending into surroundings
  • These are not waterproof

But, all in all, these qualify as good women hunting pants, efficient and fairly priced.


Arctic Shield QuietTech Pants are a good option when waterproofing is the no.1 thing that you care for on your pants.

Arctic Shield QuietTech Pants

Along with this great feature, there are so many others so here are our pros:

  • The pants are waterproof, windproof
  • They keep you warm in the coldest winter
  • There is ArcticShield thermal technology used on these pants
  • The pants are not bulky
  • The pants are thin and have a multi-layered heat resistant thermal construction
  • The pants are tough
  • There are leg zippers with storm flaps
  • The neoprene cuffs are adjustable and keep cold out
  • You get two hand warmer pockets also
  • There is a comfortable elastic waist
  • You can machine wash these pants, but drip dry
  • The pants are very quiet, even on small moves
  • The pants look great and give a good fit
  • The pants are lightweight

When it comes to the cons, there is only one to mention: the breathability. As they keep you very warm and as they are windproof and water resistant, they lose on the ability to breathe well.

But, all in all, these are great hunting pants anytime.


The more you expect from your hunting pants, the more you are willing to pay for your hunting pants. These Under Armour Men’s UA Storm Scent Control Barrier Pants are high on their performances so here are our pros:

  • The pants are windproof
  • They give good protection against the elements
  • The pants feature a DWR finish to repel water but are still very breathable
  • The UA Scent Control technology used on the pants keeps you undetected for long time
  • The ColdGear Infrared technology uses a soft, thermos-conductive inner coating which maintains and retains your own body heat
  • The fabric is smooth and quiet
  • There is soft Sherpa lining to trap the warmth
  • There is also anti-odor technology used in these pants to prevent growth of odor-causing microbes
  • The pants are comfortable and keep you warm
  • They give a good fit
  • The pants are versatile and keep you dry all day long
  • There are interior adjusters on waistband
  • You get 6 pockets to organize your small items
  • There are also leg zips

These pants come also with some issues that need improvement so here are our cons:

  • The fabric is rather thin
  • They could be better on wind proofing
  • The pants need better performance on the heavy duty hunting experience

But, all in all, the pants are still a good buy and a good investment of your money.


As an avid hunter you already know by now that is highly important to be scent free when hunting. A great pair of hunting pants that helps you on that is this Scent Blocker Matrix Pant with Windbreak.

Here are our pros:

  • The pants are water resistant and burr resistant thanks to the three-layer fabric
  • They give good protection against the wind also
  • There is an adjustable high back waist with useful belt loops and tunnels
  • There is an internal rubberized waistband
  • The diamond crutch gusset gives you freedom on the move
  • There are two front and one rear zippered pockets
  • You can store securely more of your small items in the two cargo pockets with zippers on the side
  • The contoured seat and articulated knee give maximum mobility
  • There is 20” leg zipper
  • The pants are very quiet
  • These are great on scent control
  • The pants are completely waterproof and keep you warm
  • The pants give a great fit
  • The pants perform great on difficult weather conditions, keeping you warm and dry

There are some minor issues that we need to mention. These are not deal breakers so here are the cons:

  • The pants catch briars and they tend to tear rather quickly
  • The pants run a bit small
  • The windproof feature could be improved
  • They are not for late season as they are not able to keep you extremely warm, just warm
  • They sit on the high end prices

But, when it comes to scent blocking and waterproofing, these hunting pants are a wise decision anytime.


The Best Wool Hunting Pants

For the hunters who really likes the natural fibers for its qualities, a good option is this First Lite Kanab 2.0 Lightweight Pant.

They are made of 100% Merino wool and have many features that count as pros on our part:

  • The pants are made of 90% rip-stop Merino wool
  • There are well thought panels of Duralex stretch nylon for a longer life span on the pants
  • The Merino wool keeps you cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s freezing cold on your hunt
  • The wool is both warm and breathable
  • The wool wicks moisture
  • There are nice, deep pockets
  • There are good suspenders also
  • The pants are flexible and give you freedom on the move
  • They are versatile as you can wear them all year long
  • The pants are lightweight and comfortable
  • There is no shine on these pants and no UV signature either
  • The stretch material is well placed in crotch area
  • The pants are pretty quiet and strong at the same time
  • They are not baggy
  • The pants do not smell after several wears
  • These pants are machine washable but line dry
  • There are 4 pockets to store your items

As much as we like these pants, we need to mention our cons:

  • There is a metal button places above the knee that gives some discomfort at times
  • There is no left rear pocket and this place is typically very easy to reach and useful

Apart from these, we are very confident with these wool hunting pants, which are of high quality materials and high performances when hunting just as well.


Best Upland Hunting Pants

For the upland hunting you can find very good hunting pants at a very good price. These Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Pants are one good example and here are the pros:

  • They are made of 100% cotton canvas
  • The pants come with briar-resistant nylon overlay
  • They feature deep front pockets
  • There are also flap rear pockets
  • The pants are well made
  • The materials are high quality
  • The pants are embellished with special Pheasants Forever embroidery
  • The pants protect you from thorns, brushy places
  • The pants give you a comfortable fit
  • There are efficient tool pockets on legs
  • The pants come with zipper fly
  • They have a classic, nice appearance
  • The pants can take any harsh weather condition

Unfortunately, there are also some weak points to this pants. Here are the cons:

  • They have a weak snap waist
  • The pants run a bit small in waist
  • The fabric is not heavy enough
  • The upland pants are not waterproof
  • There are no suspender buttons

But, for the money you pay, these upland pants are good quality and great performances on your upland hunting.


Best Waterproof Hunting Pants

For the hunter men out there, a good pair of hunting pants is this ScentBlocker Outfitter Hunting Pants.

There are many nice features on these pants so here are the pros:

  • The pants are 100% waterproof and breathable
  • The pants are treated with Durable Water Repellency for the best protection against water
  • There is an adjustable waist with efficient belt loops
  • There is a zippered fly
  • There is also side-by-side snap closure at the fly for more efficiency
  • There are two zippered slash pockets
  • The pants feature also two cargo bellow pockets with zippers on the side
  • You store more of your items in the two rear patch pockets with snap closure
  • These pants are a great option for warm mid-season
  • They keep you warm and dry at all time
  • There is a good cut for the pants and they don’t look baggy

When it comes to the things we’re not very fond of, here they are also:

  • The pants are a bit small cut in the crutch area
  • There is a slight discomfort when over layering in these pants

As waterproof hunting pants, these are definitely the pants to consider when shopping.