Best Hang-on Treestand in 2022

Rangermade’s Reviews of the Best Hang-on tree stands this year

The debate between hang-on stands and climber stands has been an ongoing topic. Depending on your goals and environment, each stand has its advantages.

Best Hang-on Treestand

Best Hang-on Treestand

Climber stands allow you to quickly scale trees. They are great for quickly switching spots upon seeing game. They are easy to take down and very mobile. Climbers are designed to be very comfortable, often loaded with soft padding. Climbers generally require a perfect tree (one that is smooth and straight) to be effective.

Hang-on stands, on the other hand, are great for staying in one place. Having multiple hang on stands in one area is the most effective way to quickly use this type of stand.  Hang on stands are great for long waits, they allow you to really get in close with the tree and blend in with your surroundings. They allow you to have enough room to move while still being silent. Once the stand is up, getting in an out is virtually soundless. This is why having multiple ladder stands in one area is a great strategy for getting the best positions on game.

Ladder stands are great at getting a good grip on oddly shaped trees. Depending on what type of trees you have in the area you’ll be hunting, this could be a quality that makes a ladder stand the best hang-on tree stand for you. Both hang on stands and climber stands have general qualities to take into account that make up the best stands. The materials, features and how well it adapts to your situation will help define the best ladder stand for you.

 The Top 10 Hang-on Treestands

The following hang on tree stands are all high quality stands – If you’re looking for the best ladder stands these 3 should be among your consideration.

1. Guide Gear Deluxe fixed stand

The Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand focuses on comfort while you’re sitting and waiting. The platform is sized at 24 x 291/2”, composed out of thick, padded mesh.   The suspension style seat measures in at 17 x 10” and has a padded camo design. The backrest, arm rests and chair are fluffed with padding for added comfort.This hang-on stand from  Guide Gear offers great value for the price. With a 300lb weight capacity and a design that gives you full range of motion, this is a versatile stand.

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For support, the platform features strong cable supports, a FAS safety harness and 2 ratchet straps.

Some users say this stand is kind of hard to assemble. People have noted that the instructions aren’t the clearest and you need to be intuitive to get this put together.   Some packages have also been noted to be missing tools for assembly. Some troubleshooting may be needed for new users.

Some people also recommend getting additional ratchet straps for added support while hanging. Another gripe with this stand is the quality of the metal isn’t the best. Users have noticed this stand to rust faster and easier than other ones.

Overall the Guide Gear Deluxe Stand is a solid stand for the price you’ll be paying. It has all the features of a quality fixed stand and will allow you to start going out while still on a budget. Perfect for a throwaway stand, a cheap replacement or to leave hung up somewhere.

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2. Millennium Hang-on Treestand

The platform on the Millennium measures W20″ D38″ and the seat at W20″ D17″. The stand boasts high quality materials for the seat. It’s covered in a black UV resistant material, which is also scent and moisture resistant. It also has a seal for the moisture, a high quality seat for all weather elements.This all-aluminum hang-on stand weighs in at 14lbs. It features a quiet and easy setup and comes with 2 receivers which make for faster setup and take down. This is a very portable stand that folds completely flat and is easy to carry.

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For support, the Millennium has a TMA certified full body harness.

The only con about this stand is how some of the aluminum parts are exposed. Users have said the sound of something banging against the aluminum is extremely loud and inconvenient.

Overall this is a high quality stand for the price, it can easily stand among the best hang on tree stands for this price. Most people have been unable to find a stand this good in this price range. The versatility of this stand makes it well worth a buy and the quality of its construction ensures your investment.

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3. Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-on Stand

The Lone Wolf Alpha II is a very comfortable stand. The large seat allows you to level the platform & seat separately, so you can get the best position. The stand also has a built in bow holder to rest your weapon for added comfort. With the 350lb weight limit this is a comfortable stand for hunters of all sizes.At this price, this is the best ladder tree stand you can get. The Lone Wolf Alpha is a lightweight, high quality stand crafted with the latest technology.   Although slightly more expensive than other similar options, most hunters report this stand to be well worth it as it will last for many seasons.

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This is an extremely versatile stand that is able to accommodate oddly shaped trees. Most users say this stand does a great job at getting good position on weirdly shaped trees.

The Lone Wolf is optimal for trees between 4” to 22” in diameter. The Lone Wolf Alpha is a very mobile hang-on treestand; it folds flat and has straps for easy carrying. This stand also has a camo patterned grid design that allows the stand to blend in to your surroundings.

The only thing wrong that users have to say about this stand is how the metal buckles are too big. Sometimes they bang against each other and make a lot of noise. Some hunters are recommending covering the buckles in bike tubing.

Overall the Lone Wolf Alpha II is a solid investment that will show its worth in how long it lasts. A quality buy for people looking for the best hang-on tree stand in this price range.

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4. Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger Hang On Portable Hunting Tree Stand

Comfortable and sturdy, the Rivers Edge Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger Hang-On Tree Stand is a wise investment for the avid hunter that goes tree stand hunting.

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The tree stand comes with generous space for the platform so that you may easily win some room for your standing shots.

The build is rugged, and the design is functional and smart. The tree stand comes with a flip-up seat and armrests, which increase your comfort. The seat comes with mesh, and the armrests are well padded, but that’s not all. They all flip-up independently so that you can use the whole platform while standing to shoot. Additionally, the hang on tree stand features backrest and footrests, providing some extra room for stretching your legs throughout the day.

The strap attachment is noiseless, and there is no metal on metal contact on the components of the tree stand.

The Hang-ons of the treestand will bite into the tree thanks to an aggressive lever; there’s no need for a second strap.

The hang-on treestand is made of metal and doesn’t pose any problems for stability nor durability. It’s well made and gives you confidence when using it.

Even if it’s slightly on the heavyweight side and doesn’t come with shoulder straps, the tree stand is one reliable and stable model to try.

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5. XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Vanish Evolution – Cast Aluminum Hang On Tree Stand for Hunting – Deluxe Deer Stand

XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Vanish Evolution – Cast Aluminum Hang On Tree Stand for Hunting – Deluxe Deer Stand impresses with the high-quality cast aluminum build. The tree stand manages to be rugged and robust, yet lightweight and insanely quiet.

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Several features make the treestand comfortable and dependable for hunting. The padded seat and platform are entirely leveling so that you can get results in crooked or leaning trees too. The fast strap buttons are heat-treated, and the tree stand comes with a safety harness, eliminating the issues on safety. The fastening straps are UV treated, expanding the durability of the tree stand. The six-point bracket and the backpack straps continue the list of great features. The 6-point fall arrest system is efficient and keeps you safe out there in the tree.

The stand is sturdy and withstands weight up to 350 pounds. The seat includes a triple layer of foam so that you don’t get numb while sitting and waiting.

It’s a model with a fast connect ability and 100% cast aluminum build. It’s silent and has an angled platform design for thick cover situations. The reduced taper design allows effortless installation and helps you hunt in different kinds of timber.

The tree stand packs compactly, and it’s lightweight, easing out transportation.

Some would have liked the platform to be more adjustable, whereas others think that the backpack straps could be better. Regardless of the minor problems, many consider it to be an excellent choice for run and gun hunting style.

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6. Millennium Treestands M25 Hang-On Tree Stand

If you’re looking for an affordable and semi-permanent hang on a tree stand, the Millennium Treestands M25 Hang-On Tree Stand is going to be a good pick.

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The tree stand folds flat and comes with comfortable backpack straps. It’s designed for effortless transportation, even though some of the customers out there argue that it’s rather heavyweight.

It’s true that the tree stand has a smart design and allows straightforward installation, though. Safety isn’t skipped, and the tree stand comes with SafeLink, a 35-ft rope with carabineer and Prusik knot. It’s made with the help you climb up/down safely from the hang on.

The tree stand comes with built-in seat and footrest, providing practical support for hunting all day long. It’s made of steel and presents a long-lasting powder coat finish for more durability. It’s built according to industry standards.

Capable of handling up to 300-pounds weight, the tree stand comes with a chain a footrest. It’s quiet and folds flat for backpacking. By the way, it also comes with straps.

You can leave it year-round, even if it’s made as a packable tree stand. The build is quite strong, and the tree stand is reliable for many hunts.

Stability may be an issue, and so it’s the weight, but none of the downsides undermine the overall value of this tree stand, especially for the buck you’re paying.

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7. Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand

The list of positive things about the Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand is quite long, and the tree stand has excellent value for the money.

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Hunters interested in portable and lightweight tree stands should give it a look, for sure. The tree stand weighs 18lbs and ensures a straightforward installation. Not only that, it’s easy to put it together, but the tree stand is also easy to take down for transportation. According to users, the backpack straps could be better, but don’t take away the overall value of the tree stand.

The foot platform offers generous space, whereas the seat is padded for comfortable hunt. It’s a flip-up seat that features closed-cell foam padding for soft support. Even if the folding frame is made of steel for ruggedness, it’s lightweight. Either way, the tree stand will handle use for a long time.

The platform cables are durable and give stability, and the tree stand can take weight up top 300lbs. It comes with two ratchet straps and FAS safety harness. On top of everything else, it has a steel build, so you shouldn’t worry about your safety after installing it.

You may want to spray it before use to protect it against rust. Other than that, stay focused on the goods as they surpass the bads!

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8. Hawk COMBAT Hang-On Treestand

Just because your budget isn’t very generous doesn’t mean that you should give up the dream of finding a great tree stand for a thin wallet. The Hawk COMBAT Hang-On Treestand is one of the excellent examples of reliable hang on tree stands that work without emptying your wallet.

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The hang-on tree stand is made with steel and has a premium powder-coat finish, which expands the lifespan. It presents a platform with generous space and sturdy solid steel build. So that you know, the platform is welded at every contact point so that it generates a stout one-piece base.

The seat is very comfortable and even provides angle adjustment. It comes with a memory foam layer that is 3inches thick, alleviating pressure points for a long time and comfortable sitting.

The tree stand is quiet and comes with over-molded attachment hooks and high-quality Teflon washers. Therefore, it’s not going to make any noise while you’re installing or using it.

You shouldn’t worry about stability or security since the tree stand comes with rugged platform cables and Tree Digger teeth. Moreover, every Hawk stand is tested according to TMA standards and comes with a full-body safety harness.

Some render that the tree stand is slightly on the heavyweight sight, but it depends a lot on your skills. Nevertheless, the tree stand is one of the best models to get for such a price.

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9. Primal Tree Stands Comfort King Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand

The sturdy built of Primal Tree Stands Comfort King Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand is one of the selling points, but the tree stand brings plenty of others to the table.

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The hang-on tree stand features a padded shooting rail and large foot platform so that you can stand up and now and then. The seat is flip-up and has an ergonomic built. Even if it’s not padded, you can sit comfortably for more than 7 hours in it. It’s a premium mesh seat with backrest that doesn’t disappoint in terms of comfort. Let’s not forget the armrests that are padded for increasing your support.

The tree stand comes with a footrest so that you may stretch out any now and then.

The flip-up design of the seat recommends the tree stand for archery shoots. The shooting rail is adjustable, and the tree stand is made to take a long time. The rounded rectangular-shaped steel tube frame gives the tree stand durability.

The tree stand doesn’t disappoint in terms of stability either as it features double crimped platform cables. The safety harness is robust, and the straps holding the tree look rugged and big. Portability isn’t forgotten, and the tree stand comes with backpack straps. We wouldn’t say it’s a lightweight model since it weighs 29lbs, but it takes 300lbs, so it’s understandable.

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10. Big Dog Big Dog IV Treestand

Big Dog Big Dog IV Treestand is going to be a reliable option for many hunters out there, especially in terms of comfort and functionality.

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The tree stand is made of steel and features with padded backrest cushion. The armrests and shooting rail are also padded for increased comfort. The foot platform is spacious, so you may easily stretch your legs for a relaxing stretch.

The design is made with the comfort of the hunter to mind, so the flip-up footrest or the flip-up seat with padded backrest cushion makes perfect sense.

Safety is another box that the tree stand checks as it comes with rugged suspension cables and fall-arrest systems. Moreover, the tree stand comes with an upper cinch belt strap and lower stabilizing platform strap for extra security and stability. It’s one of the reasons for which the tree stand is certified to all TMA standards.

You may have to be rather intuitive when assembling the tree stand as the instructions aren’t great, but the tree stand is worth it. It takes 300lb capacity, and it’s worth every single penny too.

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Buying guide for hang-on treestands: what you need to look for

Buying guide for hang-on treestands

If you’re an avid hunter, you know that you cannot afford poor investments on your hunting gear. Even if you don’t pay more than $100 for a tree stand, it’s going to be a drag to realize it’s entirely useless when it breaks in the middle of your hunt.

Truth be told, hang-on tree stands are cheaper than other tree stand models, so they’re not going to empty your wallets. But isn’t wiser to know what you’re buying right from the start so that you don’t have unpleasant surprises when hunting?

Why would you buy a hang on a tree stand to begin with?

Unlike models limited by the shape and size of the tree, hang on tree stands are highly versatile. In theory, you can use a hang on tree stand on any kind of tree.

Along with versatility, hang on models, especially the lock-on type, are quieter than other kinds, and all hunters know how much it counts for hunting. The hang-on tree stand has to be tightly secured to the trunk. It’s how the risk for noise is reduced, even if the hunter is moving.

Lightweight is another benefit of a hang-on tree stand, with the majority of models weighing less than 20 pounds. Carrying a hang-on model from one tree to another isn’t going to be a challenge, nine times out of ten. Hunters that like active hunting, moving from one place to another, the hang-on tree stand is a reliable choice.

Lock-on or comfort tree stand?

When looking for a hang-on tree stand, you need to choose between a lock-on and a comfort model.

Comfort tree stand

If you’re hunting in one spot and like all-day sitting, the comfort hang on is the better choice. It’s a comfortable model (hence, the name), as it comes with a ladder or tripod for more comfortable use. Obviously, the tripod doesn’t add the weight of the ladder.

The comfort tree stand is a great model when you need to walk a lot until you get to your hunting spot for the day.

Lock-on tree stand

For hunters looking especially for versatility, the lock on tree stands makes the better choice. They’re incredibly quiet and comfortable to secure tightly to the trunk. They’re also lightweight, which only increases their popularity. Carrying a lock-on tree stand from one place to another is effortless.

The lock on tree stands makes a reliable choice for hunters that like climbing in the trees a lot.

What counts the most when selecting the hang on tree stand?

The numerous options for buying may overwhelm an entry-level user, so keeping some factors in mind will smooth out the selection process. when selecting a hang on a tree stand, here’s what matters the most:


The size of the hang on tree stand is important when buying. However, your type of hunting is going to affect the kind of tree stands directly.

A bowhunter should look for a model with enough leg space so that he/she has enough space while aiming for the game.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to stay as subtle as possible, you should look for a model with a smaller space. It’s going to help you focus better on your prey without being spotted!


Even if you’re not going to go still hunting, you still want your tree stand to be as comfortable as possible.

You cannot expect a hang-on tree stand to be as convenient as other models. After all, the design is minimalistic. However, the seat should be full enough, and the foot space should allow comfortable sitting and standing when necessary. You cannot expect backrest, armrests like in a climbing tree stand, for instance. But it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on comfort ultimately.

Foot rest

Spending an entire day in the tree stand may sound effortless from the outside, but only someone who’s been through it can talk about the importance of legroom in a tree stand.

The footrest is a fantastic way to reduce tiredness, allowing blood to circulate through the legs, reducing the risk of numbness or getting cold. Having a right footrest in a tree stand is an aspect you should never skip, especially if you’re still hunting.


For many, weight is the fundamental criterion when selecting their hang on a tree stand. Once again, your type of hunting will play a role when choosing the tree stand.

If you’re a big fan of still hunting and spend the whole day in one tree, you won’t mind a few extra pounds. Especially if the tree stand compensates with other features, such as broader foot space or more comfortable use.

But if you’re active hunting, you will deeply appreciate a lightweight model. You can find models that are lightweight and rugged at the same time.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the tree stands matters because it affects safety. When the tree stand cannot handle your weight, the risk of falling from 15feet off the ground is high, and so it’s the risk of getting injured.

A big hunter should always check the weight capacity of tree stands. Once you’ve found a model, make sure that the weight capacity is higher than the combined weight of you and your hunting gear. It’s not safe to pick a model that has a weight capacity close to your weight.

The material

Anyone looking for a robust and long-lasting tree stand should look for a model made of steel. Keep in mind that steel may be strong and sturdy, but it’s heavier than other options. So make sure you’re willing to trade portability for ruggedness.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for a portable model, one that it’s made with aluminum is the better choice. Aluminum is sturdy and lightweight, making an excellent material for compact models.

Resistance to rust is fundamental for tree stands. Therefore, you should get a hang on tree stand that comes with coated steel tubing, which reduces the risk of corrosion and rust.

Safety features

Most hang on tree stands come with safety features, and you can always add more if you’re not happy with the built-in safety features. Always check the safety harness when selecting the hang on a tree stand.

A hang-on tree stand that can be used 20 feet above the ground level should present guarantees that keep you safe and sound until you’re down on the ground.

All in all, a good hang on tree stand comes with an entire package of fall arrest system, sparing you the trouble of buying more safety accessories.

Level of noise

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you want the tree stand to be quiet, and it’s typically not a problem for the hang on models. Since you secure it tightly to the trunk of the tree, the hang on tree stand is regularly quieter than other models.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still check and ask other users about how quiet/loud the tree stand is when in use.

Climbing accessories

With hang on tree stands not coming with built-in climbing function, you will need climbing accessories for climbing up to the stand-location.

Tree steps make the right choice since they’re quiet and easy to install and to carry. Some public hunting areas limit the utilization of screw-in kind steps, in which case you will need to use climbing sticks or strap-on steps.

Some hunters like hunting in different areas of the tree throughout the day. Should that be the case for you, you should look for a model with multiple hanging brackets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hang-on Treestands

Frequently Asked Questions About Hang-on Treestands

Q: What features matter most when selecting your hang on tree stand?

A: Sturdily built, without sacrificing on the weight are essential for a good hang on a tree stand. You want it to come with flip-up and padded seat, and armrests. Padding for the armrests, adjustability, and footrest are also featured that count for comfort.

Even if a large foot platform is excellent, you should keep in mind that it’s going to add weight to the stand. If you’re planning to move around a lot with the tree stand, back[pack straps are fundamental for carrying it. Make sure that the tree stand is also certified to all TMA standards and that it comes with plenty of safety features too.

Q: Which material is better for a hang-on tree stand?

A: Steel and aluminum make the most common options for hang on a tree stand. Steel is sturdy and durable, even though it’s prone to rust. Unless it comes already powder coated, you will need to make sure you paint it for protection against the elements.

Tree stands made with aluminum are great since they’re sturdy and lightweight. They make fantastic options for portable models.

All in all, the material is less important; it’s the build and welding in the right points that give a tree stand the ruggedness it needs.

Q: Which type of tree works for your hang on tree stand?

A: No tree stand will work if the tree isn’t good for holding it. Look for the straight trees or only slightly leaned. Never choose a tree with heavy lean, as you’re not going to be able to remain safe when the wind blows.

Stay away from trees with large dead branches too. Pay attention to the base of the tree, as it’s fundamental for a tree’s stability. Some trees have a small diameter towards the top, but the bottom is plenty large and safe, so you’re going to be safe up there as well.

Q: What’s the most important safety rule when using a hang on tree stand?

A: The fundamental rule on tree stand safety is that you should never leave the ground without the right safety harness after it’s tethered to the safety line. Not when you’re hanging stand, not when you’re hunting from the- never. Maybe you don’t know, but most falls happen while you’re hanging the tree stand.

Q: Are safety harness and lifelines essential for a tree stand?

A: Whenever you’re buying a hang on a tree stand, you should check to see if it comes with a safety harness and lifelines. The lifelines are used for tethering the harness as you’re climbing up or down the tree. You make a Prusik knot on the rope to arrest the fall in case of anything.

Carabiners, extra ropes, and a climbing strap can also work as safety tools when climbing up a tree for setting up your tree stand.

Q: Why use climbing sticks?

A: Many talks about the safety of a tree stand while forgetting the safety during installation. When you’re using a hang-on tree stand, a couple of steps are going to be great. They’re reliable for adding safety and comfort when installing the ladder stands. Make sure you look for quality sticks. You may have to buy several sets, according to the number of stands you’re deploying, and if you want to leave the steps on every stand or not.

Q: Should you install your hang on tree stand on your own?

A: Even if your hang on tree stand comes with easy to follow instructions and it’s effortless to the assembly on your own, it’s always better to have a partner. The risk of injury or fall while assembling and installing the tree stand is significant. For the more rugged models, it can even take three men to fix the tree stand.

Q: Where do you put together the tree stand?

A: When you’re hunting from a tree, you should always put on the tree stand safety harness. Moreover, it’s imperative that you do as much work as possible from the ground and not while you’re in the tree.

A pole saw, a tree saw, or a pruning saw are useful tools for installing your tree sand. In the case of pole saw, the handle will telescope to up to 10 feet, so that you may get rid of the branches standing in your way. If you don’t reach all branches from the ground, you can always climb into your tree stand and get rid of them from up there with the pole saw.

Q: Is the weather significant when setting up your tree stand?

A: You shouldn’t install the tree stand on a rainy day, even if the model is strong enough to handle it. It’s not that the tree stand doesn’t feel the bad weather, but it’s you that cannot concentrate or even see correctly. Let’s not forget that the stands and steps are all wet, increasing the risk of falls.

Q: What kind of accessories can you use with a hang on tree stand?

A: Plenty of hunters forget about the comfort that some accessories can bring. A spray-on insect repellent or a mosquito repellent unit strapped to the belt can really make the difference.

Don’t forget to put on some nice leather gloves for a sturdier and protective grip on the stand. Last thing you want while hunting is not to be able to shoot on the cause of some spike in the palm of your hand.