Best IWB Holster for Big Guys

IWB Holster for Big Guys

Just because you’re a bit around the waist, doesn’t mean you can’t get an IWB holster. Some may say that wearing an IWB holster is a bit uncomfortable, but the truth is you can actually find models that work for a big guy just as good.

Some think it’s not worth the effort to find a comfortable IWB holster and simply stick with the old shoulder or the outside waistband holster instead. It’s important to know though that the IWB holster gives the best concealability and you need to pay attention more to the carriage style and not so much the build of the IWB holster. Some carriage styles are not pleasant due to the waistline distribution and the most challenges appear when standing or sitting.

Therefore, getting an IWB holster that works great for you when seated is one thing to keep in mind. You should also remember that the 2 O’clock position is one of the best positions to try due to the natural valley between the front girth and the love handles. This position increases the concealability and goes great for both sitting and standing. The 2 o’clock position is the 10 o’clock for the left-handed user, just in case you get confused.

The 5 o’clock (7 o’clock for the left-handed user) is another great position for a big guy. The position is behind the love handle and gives good access to your gun. It may not be the best position if you have back problems or if you drive for the whole day, but it’s a great choice if you need to walk the whole day (and only driving your car from time to time).

Sitting on the fence? Get down already and give it a try with the 3 o’clock that comes with some tricks attached to it. it’s very likely that your IWB holster will out from the waistline a bit. It’s great to try as it ensures good grip and draw, but the concealability isn’t the best. It’s a position for standing and sitting just as well.

The principles you should consider when getting an IWB holster still stand out. You want a comfortable, durable, reliable and efficient IWB holster that conceals well and performs well on several levels. No matter how great it looks on the shelf, your brand new IWB holster still may fail on you if you don’t wear it right!

Top 5 IWB Holster for Big Guys Reviews

If you’re not ready yet to pay the extra buck for your IWB holster, give it a go with a pretty dependable and good quality holster like the Blade-Tech Industries Klipt Glock 19 IWB Holster.

The holster is rather thin design and its low profile is subtle, yet still efficient. It’s comfortable to wear it, even for a big guy like you.

The holster is made from Blade-tech’s precision molds and a combination of durable polymers. This results into a dependable, pretty tough holster that holds up quite well for a good amount of time.

The positive lock trigger guard design lets you hear a “click” when your gun is entirely seated. The holster is designed especially for the appendix carry style, but you may also use it as an IWB on the strong side hip. The appendix clip attachment fits belts that are as wide as 1.75inch.

The holster is good to conceal and carry safely your small or medium frame auto or J-Frame revolver. The printing is minimal and the holster covers well the weapon. It clears the sights well and slides easy every time.

We also have to highlight the fact the holster is proudly made here at home in our USA. It has a strong and sturdy built ad comes for a very good price.

Let’s list the most important pros on the holster:

  • The holster is made with tough polymers here in USA
  • It has a low profile and is quite subtle
  • It conceals very well and covers the trigger
  • The holster slides well and barely prints

We sure do have some cons to mention:

  • The lock in is quite loud
  • The holster comes with plastic clip belt

All in all, for a good price, you get a dependable holster that may not be the toughest out there, but it can sure serve you good for quite some time.


It may be that a leather IWB holster gets softer in time (and therefore, more comfortable), but you can still get comfort when wearing a Kydex IWB holster. A very good example is the Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster, which is especially made for Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9 / 40.

The holster presents many adjustable settings so that you may find the right setting for your needs at some moment. The holster features adjustable retention pressure (very easy to set) and an adjustable carry angle also (ranging from 0 to 15 degrees).

The holster is made with .08” Kydex and the belt clip is 1.5”. It comes “Posi-Click” retention lock system that is very easy to hear and a build-in full sweat shield that protects the gun against the elements.

We like the fact the holster is custom molded so it fits specifically your gun. The holster is made entirely in our USA and covers almost the whole gun. It protects your weapon for dirt and debris and gives you easy access at all time.

The holster has a low profile so it’s very comfortable to wear when standing or walking. The versatility of the holster is important and you may wear it in any carry position, Appendix, Side/back/hip included.

Let’s go over the things we like the most:

  • The holster is made in our USA, from durable Kydex
  • You can make plenty of adjustments for better fitting
  • You may wear it in all carry positions
  • It has a low profile and is rather subtle

We do need to list the cons:

  • Some think it could be thinner
  • Some had some rubbing incidents

Despite the minor flaws, we still consider the holster a dependable option when in need.


What’s great about a leather holster is that it gets softer in time and adjusts better to your body the more you wear it. So it’s the case for The Defender Leather IWB Holster that not only is durable as it’s made of leather, but it’s also comfortable and protecting.

The workmanship on the holster is impressive as the holster is handmade here at home in our USA. The genuine USA leather is high quality and the holster doesn’t include any synthetic materials.

As we said in the first place, don’t get surprised if the holster isn’t soft from the very first use. It gets softer and better in a couple of days, just like any other leather holster would be.

The holster is form-fitted so the concealment is easy and fast. The design of the holster ensures fast access to your gun. The holster may have a tough appearance, but it’s not bulky and feels quite comfortable for any big guy. The compact shape of the holster sure increases the comfort.

The metal clip on the holster is tough and fits the rugged build of the holster. As a matter of fact, everything on the holster is rugged. The stitching is very well made and increases the durability of the holster, fitting the tough build.

Let’s not forget the holster comes with a Lifetime Warranty so you don’t need to stress about its lifespan.

You may use the holster for a great diversity of Glock models (17, 19, 21, 23, 26) and Sig P239, S&M M&P Shield and so on.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The holster is made with high quality genuine leather
  • It’s comfortable to wear
  • It has a tough construction and the craftsmanship is great
  • The concealment is fast and easy

We would like to see some minor changes for the good:

  • It doesn’t have switchable sides
  • Some guns don’t fit snug

The minor issues don’t make us change our mind when going shopping and it’s worth it to give it a go when in need.


If you sit on the fence and can’t decide if you should go with leather or Kydex on your holster, get down with it already and take a look at the Galco KT224B Kingtuk Inside the Waistband Holster. It could be quite a deal for you since the holster is made with both Napa leather and Kydex. This means not only the holster looks nice and elegant, but it also takes the intense use, for quite some time. Additionally, the holster fits a great variety of Glock models: 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, and 33.

As it’s made of leather, the holster gets softer the more you wear it and this means the comfort increases with each use. The blacking plate of Napa leather combines efficiently with the rugged Kydex holster pocket.

The list of functional features is quite long and we sure need to mention the removable metal belt clip that may be moved up or down, depending on the holes in the leather. You can decide for yourself how high you ride it and set the angle according to your needs.

The holster is very well made and you only need to take a look at the stitching around the borders to make an idea. The holster cover the trigger and is has a rather small footprint.

You may draw and re-holster fast and easy every time you use the holster.

The holster is made here at home with great quality materials, which means a lot for the long lifespan of the holster.

Going over the big great things once more:

  • The holster is made with Napa leather and Kydex
  • It’s versatile and may be used for various Glock models
  • It covers the trigger and protects your gun
  • It’s very well made, with high quality materials

There’s no such thing as the perfect IWB holster so here are our cons:

  • Some reported some scratches on the gun when using it
  • The imprinting is not that small

The minor cons don’t have a lot to say when we go shopping and we only focus on the many good things: the high quality materials, the versatility and dependability of the holster.


Very comfortable to wear especially when driving your car or sitting down, the ActiveProGear Leather Driving is a great holster to try by any big guy.

The holster has a great design that lets you sit comfortably sit, for a very long time. You may easily wear the holster even when driving and get fast access to your gun as the holster positions so well your weapon.

As it’s made of the finest American steer hide, the holster is not only long lasting and tough, but also has an elegant appearance. The wet molded leather is fit for your weapon and the molded front sight channel protects your sight. You draw fast and a thumb break keeps safely your gun in the holster.

The craftsmanship on the holster is to mention as the holster comes with double stitches seams. The leather flap on the back of the holster makes sure it stays in place as it wraps around your belt.

It’s easy to put it on/take it off thanks to the heavy0duty snap fasteners and you don’t need to remove the belt either. The holster fits belts up to 1 1/2 inches.

Here are the most important pros on the holster:

  • The holster is made of fine quality American steer hide
  • It’s great for sitting and driving
  • The craftsmanship, the stitching are impressive
  • The retention is good and the holster stays in place

We sure have some cons to mention:

  • The belt attachment may be a bit low for some
  • This isn’t the cheapest holster out there

No matter the minor drawbacks, we still see the holster as a great option, especially when sitting or driving for a long time.