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Based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation, laser is a device that gives light through a process of optical amplification. What makes it special is the fact that it emits light coherently, giving you more accuracy on various situations, especially the tactical ones.

When you get a laser light, you shouldn’t worry about the light not being bright enough. It may be a personal thing, but it seems that green lasers are a tad bright and easier to see in darkness. This is why because the human eye is more sensitive to its wavelength, which is why it gives you the impression the green laser is brighter than the red one. However, this happens only when the two lasers have the same wavelength.

The beam diameter is important when it comes to the brightness of the light and the smaller it is, the more powerful is the burning. As for the beam divergence, you should keep in mind that a zero divergence means the beam never increases in beam diameter as it travels away. This is only ideal and not quite possible though and you may settle for a 1-3mRad divergence on your laser light.

The laser isn’t visible under direct sunlight and you need to stay away from sunlight if you want the beam to be visible outdoor. Sure, you notice the laser spot, but not the laser beam per say.

Don’t hesitate to get a green laser as it performs amazing at night and you can put your money in it even if it’s the cheapest out there.

If you’re looking for a burning laser, get a focusable handheld and portable laser. The focus-adjustable lens turn the lasers in strong laser flashlights as well.

Laser lights are great but you should keep in mind some safety tips when using them. Try not to have direct/indirect contact with your eye or skin and always point the laser away from you. Don’t point it at reflective surfaces and you should keep it away from your kids.

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TOP 5 Sight Laser Lights Reviews

1. Tacticon Laser Sight

Made with high quality aluminum alloy, the Tacticon Laser Sight comes with everything you may need to mount it on your gun. It comes also with batteries, which is a great thing.

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The laser sight is versatile and you may mount it on any firearm with a picatinny or weaver rail. The laser sights is adjustable and easy to zero it. You do that using the elevation and windage wrenches that come in the package.

We like the laser as it’s not only reliable, but also strong and you may even see it from 100 meters.

The small, compact shape and the low profile make it subtle and easy to fit. The on/off press button switch is well placed, in the back of the laser sight and also easy to operate.

The laser sight is detachable and easy to mount onto standard pistol rail. It’s also easy to adjust after mounting. It’s well-made and seems quite durable. Its design is efficient and the battery last for long.

  • The laser sight is easy to mount and to adjust
  • The light is bright and reaches far
  • The laser sight is small, compact and has a low profile

  • Some feel the laser sigh adds some weight
  • Some find it difficult to keep the zero

No matter the minor flaws, we found, we still think the laser light is a great choice to mount on your weapon.

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2. Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight

Should you be looking for red laser sight for your gun that is both functional and affordable, the Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight is a reliable model.

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The red tactical laser sight is compact and comes with an improved  650nm wavelength for producing the brightest, sharpest, and effortless to see red targeting dot. Tracking the target will be more precise and more accurate when using the red laser sight.

Activating the laser sight is effortless, and the design ensures ambidextrous activation. The laser visibility is excellent, as you can see it from up to 1mile at night, and 25 yards in daylight. It’s a class 3R laser product with less than 5mW power output.

The laser sight is made for Glock 17, 19, 22,23, 26, and 27. The thermos molded polymer used for the build is durable, and the tactical red laser weights .78oz, battery included.

On top of everything else, the laser sight is entirely adjustable for elevation and windage. It comes with all tools, and it’s easy to mount too.

  • It’s versatile and lightweight
  • It’s sturdy and reliable
  • It comes with buttons for ambidextrous operation
  • It has excellent visibility, and it’s effortless to mount

  • It doesn’t have a holster
  • Some noted that the laser sight doesn’t always hold zero

As the good outweighs the bads, it makes perfect sense that you give the red laser sight a try, especially if you have a Glock.

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3. Sunlite 51003-SU LED Outdoor Tactical Flashlight, 4-Modes, Strobe, Green Light

Anyone interested in a flashlight that can be mount on the front of a gun should check the Sunlite 51003-SU LED Outdoor Tactical Flashlight.

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The flashlight comes with long-lasting build, as it’s made from durable and lightweight anodized aluminum. The body has knurled built, which reduces the risk of slippage, and the faceted sides don’t allow it to roll away.

There are four modes to use with the flashlight: five bright green LEDs, red presentation pointer, ten reliable white LEDs, and white LED strobe light flash.

The versatility of the flashlight is fantastic, and you can use it for your gun, when hiking, camping, and more.

The torch has a compact size, and its shape and size make it perfect for pocket, glove box or purse. The water-resistant built to ensure its functionality in various weather conditions.

Running on three AAA batteries, the flashlight is going to work for a reasonable amount of time. The rear button allows effortless control, and the flashlight is an excellent bang for your buck too.

  • It has a compact body design and the right size
  • It’s made with aluminum, so it’s rugged and lightweight
  • It has a textured surface for non-slip use
  • It features four modes and has a gun mount

  • Some don’t like clicking through the modes
  • The lens isn’t glass, which may affect the quality of the light

Regardless of the minor issues, the flashlight still stands as a versatile and reliable option for mounting on your gun.

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4. Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sight and Tac Light

Compact and well-engineered, the Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sight and Tac Light is a reliable choice to check when looking for a laser sight for your gun.

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The laser sight system includes a proper 532nm wavelength, which provides more visible targeting dot, no matter the time of the day and where you’re at (inside or outside).

The system comes with 100 Lumens of bright light with horizontal light dispersion, allowing you to cover a more full area. Should you want to disorient your attackers, you can rely on the 140-lumen strobe mode.

The Viridian TacLoc holster features Instant-ON ECR, which will activate a bright laser and/or LED light when you’re drawing. You don’t have to click any buttons for activating the laser; you just need to bring it.

One of the main qualities of the system is the versatility of the design, which allows you to mount it on any gun. The modular rail set ensures fast mounting to almost railed handguns.

The battery life is good, and the system is both easy to install and to sight in.

  • It has a compact and sturdy design
  • The universal design allows mount on any gun
  • It’s easy to install and to sight in
  • It’s bright and well-engineered

  • It has shiny finishes, and many shooters appreciate a somewhat subtler finish
  • The adaptors aren’t made of aluminum

All in all, the laser system is versatile, dependable, and has a smart design, which makes it worth every single penny.

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5. ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 PT140 Millenium G2 G2c G2s G3 TR23G Green Laser Sight

For those of you looking to add a sleek laser sight, the ArmaLaser Taurus Millenium Green Laser Sight is an excellent option to keep in mind.

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Even though the sleek appearance is a great feature, the laser sight brings plenty of good things to the table. It features a very bright 520nm green laser that is highly visible at day too. It’s a class 3R 520nm lower than 5mW green laser for the sight. You may set the laser to shoot a steady beam or pulsing beam, according to your needs.

It’s a grip activation laser sight, so you only need to grab the pistol for turning the laser on. Therefore, the moment you touch your gun, the True-Touch Activation sensor activates the laser, running it as long as you’re grasping the grip. You don’t need to press any buttons for activating the laser. The laser sight will shut off the moment you’re moving the middle finger forward.

It’s specially made for Taurus PT 111, and PT 140 Millenium G2, G2c, G2s, and G3. The laser is adjustable and ensures a straightforward installation.

The design is smart, and the laser sight comes with a battery door and master power switch for turning off the laser completely when not in use.

Made from DuPont Zytel material, the laser sight has a durable and reliable feel to it.

  • It comes with True-Touch Activation sensor
  • It’s easy to install and effortless to use
  • It’s custom made for specific models
  • It has a sleek appearance and doesn’t need adjustments

  • Some would have liked it to be made from more durable material
  • It eats battery

Stay focused on the positives as they’re so many. If you’re sitting on the fence, simply buy it!

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6. Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight

The low profile and small size are some of the best things on the Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight and the laser sight sure doesn’t disappoint.

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The laser sight comes with a bright green laser (5mWpeak, 515nm, Class 3R). Compact and strong at the same time, the laser sight fits rail-equipped pistols, shotguns and rifles. You may actually mount it on any firearm that has a modern accessory rail (Weaver style or M1913 Picatinny).

The versatility of the laser sight is good and you may choose one of the three modes: momentary, strobe and constant-on. You may also adjust it for elevation and windage. The green light is bright and travels far.

Another good thing on the laser sight is the design that includes ambidextrous control tabs so you may activate/deactivate the laser in a blink of an eye.

The laser sight runs on one 1/3N Li battery that holds up for a couple of hours. The laser sight also features a 5-minute auto shut-off for power conservation.

You get everything you need for mounting the laser sight. Easy to install and versatile, the laser sight may give you the accuracy that you were missing until now.

  • The laser sight is easy to mount and to dismount
  • The green light is bright and travels far
  • You may choose one of the three modes of operation
  • It has a low profile and a good build

  • You need to manually activate the laser
  • It’s a tad small for an AR15

All in all, for the low profile, bright green light and easy mount, the laser sight is a dependable option to write down on your shopping list.

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7. Streamlight 69261 TLR-2 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light with Red Laser

The rugged build isn’t the only thing we like Streamlight 69261 TLR-2 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light with Red Laser.

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The laser light comes with C4 LED that gives 12,000-candela peak beam and 800 lumens light.

We also like the flashlight as it fits nicely and steady on a great variety of weapon. Its tighten interface that is easy to Snap-On one handed, lets you easier attach/detach it.

The body is made with aircraft aluminum and has anodized finish. The lens matches the good build and is made with high-temperature, shock-mounted glass.

The beam is well focused due to the TIR optic and the peripheral illumination is great. The wide beam has an efficient pattern and the laser runs great (for 45hours).

The laser light also presents windage and elevation adjustment screws and may operate from -40 to +120F degree.

The list of good features continues with the tethered battery door and latch mechanism that minimizes risk for battery door loss, letting you easier replace the battery.

Safe, reliable and compact, the laser light is easy to install and is very well made.

  • The laser light is easy to install and use
  • The light is bright and has a good range
  • The laser is bright
  • It comes with tough body and is very safe to use

  • Some feel it has a bulky appearance
  • It could be lighter

The cons aren’t deal breakers for us and we’d still get it if ever in need.

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Best Laser Light Combo

1. Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Green Laser Sight with 200 lm LED Flashlight & Built in RIS Rail Mounts

Just because you go shopping on a fixed budget, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for first cheap thing you see. Give it a go with the Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Green Laser Sight that is both versatile and dependable for many tactical jobs.

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The combo give a bright green laser that is a 3R and 5Mw power output. It accomplished the safety standards from FDA and has adjustable windage and elevation.

The versatility of the combo is a sure thing and you may use the 200 Lumen flashlight, the laser or the flashlight and laser together. The toggle switches are responsive and fast.

The body of the combo is lightweight as it’s made with aircraft grade aluminum. The aluminum combines very well with the steel build, resulting into a long lasting laser light combo.

You would need two CR123 batteries for the combo and that’s another great thing: you don’t have to search high and low for the right batteries.

The list of good feature isn’t finished yet and we also need to tell you about the built-in quick release for the Weaver/Picatinny mount.

Easy to switch between modes, compact and bright, the laser light combo is a fair option for a fair price.

  • The laser light combo is compact and easy to attach
  • The green laser is bright and light travels far
  • You may easily switch between the operating modes
  • The combo is lightweight and well made

  • The battery compartment is a bit tricky
  • The laser isn’t highly adjustable

We take a step back and only focus on the bigger picture which gives us a reliable, easy to mount laser light combo that does light up things in the dark, for more accuracy.

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2. Streamlight 69265 TLR-2 High Lumen G Rail Mounted Flashlight 800 Lumens with Green Laser

Made in our USA, the Streamlight 69265 TLR-2 High Lumen G Rail Mounted Flashlight 800 Lumens with Green Laser is not only dependable, but also a great asset for anyone ready to step up his/her game.

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The combo is made with aluminum, which sure brings down the weight of the rugged build. It includes C4 LED technology so this means longer life span for the batteries and resistance to shock. The 510-530 nm direct drive green lase presents a nice operating temperature range.

The Tac Light comes with lase black finish and rail locating keys for Glock, 1913 Picatinny, and S&W.

The green laser gives nice visibility. The light is bright and reaches very far.

The white light is bright (800 Lumens) and a good, focused beam. The peripheral illumination is good and it’s easy to sight in.

The rail grip clamp system attaches easy and fast and it goes the same the other way around. You don’t need any tools to do it and you don’t have to put your hand in front of muzzle.

The machined aluminum sealed build and the black anodized give you a long lasting combo. We like the ambidextrous momentary/steady on/off switch and the programmable strobe that is easy to activate/deactivate.

You may use the combo in many weather conditions, with temperature ranging from -40 to +120F degree. The combo is IPX4 water-resistant.

  • The combo is well made and dependable
  • It’s easy to mount
  • The laser is bright and travels far
  • The light has a nice, focused beam

  • It has a bulky feel
  • It’s a bit on the heavyweight side

No matter how you put it, we still see the combo as a versatile choice for so many users.

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3. SureFire X400 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights w/ Built-in Laser Sight

If you feel that nothing is too expensive for your weapon and price tag is the last thing you check when you go shopping, than the SureFire X400 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights is the perfect choice for you.

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The laser light combo is virtually unbreakable and gives 600 Lumen LED light that ensure maxim output and runtime.

The beam is tight and smooth thanks to the precision TIR lens. This also sustains good surround light for peripheral illumination.

The high-visibility 5mW green laser sight is amazing and the laser is both bright and crisp. Its aiming adjustment mechanism is based on Nylok screws that take well the recoils. This means you don’t have to zero very often.

The combo is easy to operate as the ambidextruous switching is placed at the rear of boy, ensuring one-finger control.

Continuing the description, we notice the aluminum T-slot mounting system that gives sturdy attachment to railed handguns and long guns that present MIL-STD 1913 rails.

The build of the laser light combo fits the bill and it’s made with strong aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing. The coated tempered window is made with impact-resistant polymer, giving a nice light.

The impressive construction and the high quality of design make the laser light combo quite an acquisition to make for your weapon.

  • The build is impressive
  • The green laser is bright and crisp
  • The combo is easy to operate
  • The combo is reliable and long lasting

  • The combo isn’t waterproof
  • The screws that lock the laser position could hold even better

For what is worth, the laser light combo sure is an investment that is worth every single penny.

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4. Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Compact Rail Mounted Laser Sight

Despite what you think, you can get a laser sight combo for an excellent price, and the Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Compact Rail Mounted Laser Sight is one example to name.

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The combo comes with powerful 220 lumens Cree Q5 LED and built-in red laser sight. There are three modes of operation to choose from: flashlight, laser, and flashlight+ laser.

Weighing only 4 ounces, the combo is effortless to mount straight to a Pica or Weaver tinny rails, quad rails, or pistol accessory rails. It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum, so it’s both lightweight and sturdy.

It’s well designed and built, and comes with a remote pressure that is very easy to detach. The compact design makes it fit great on a great diversity of firearms, from pistols to shotguns and tactical rifles. As a matter of fact, you may mount it on any full-sized standard pistols with rails. The remote activation switch features a Velcro mounting pad for increased versatility.

Thanks to its build and functions, the combo makes a dependable choice for both defense and varmint hunting.

  • It comes with 220 lumens Cree Q5 LED and build-in red laser sight
  • You can choose one of the three operating modes
  • It’s lightweight and tough
  • You can use it for defense and hunting

  • Some didn’t get the batteries too
  • The touchpad connection is slightly loose

Even if the combo isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still a lightweight and dependable choice to consider, especially considering the versatility and price.

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5. Streamlight 69410 TLR-8 500 Lumen Weapon Mounted Tactical Flashlight W/Red Laser, Black

Made with 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum, the Streamlight Weapon Mounted Tactical Flashlight impresses with the sturdy build and performance. It has a black anodized finish that many shooters like.

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Toughness is another fundamental quality for the combo sight, as it’s made with C4 LED technology, handling shock. It comes with boro float high-temperature glass, so challenging conditions won’t affect the performance or durability.

The light has 500 Lumens, with 4,300 Candela peak beam intensity and more than 400 ft beam distance. Should you be interested in some long-range targeting, this is the combo to attach to your weapon.

The custom TIR Optic generates a focused beam with fantastic peripheral illumination. The intensity of the light is consistent, thanks to the electronics used. The laser sight runs 1.5 hours continuously when using the dual mode with high power visible laser.

The design is smart, and the left and right side switches ensure ambidextrous operation. Switching the modes is effortless, and you can use the Laser only, LED only, or both the LED and laser mode. The rail clamp is created for quick for fast attach/detach from the side of your weapon.

The combo has a low profile and doesn’t snag, whereas the “safe off” function reduces the risk of accidental operation, expanding the battery life. Let’s not forget to mention the one-handed snap-on and tighten interface so that your hands don’t come close to muzzle while attaching it.

The switch housing is chemical and impact-resistant, and it’s made with tough polymer with elastomeric overmold. The IPX4 rated design ensures water-resistant operation. The combo is also live-fire tested and may operate from -20 to +120F degrees.

  • It’s robust and water-resistant
  • It allows ambidextrous to use
  • It’s easy to attach/detach
  • The laser is bright, and the performance is excellent for long-range shooting

  • You need to cycle through the modes, which may be a downside for some
  • It’s not easy to zero it

Since it’s loaded with positive features, the combo still stands as one of the most reliable, most robust, and durable laser sight combos to try.

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Laser Sights Buying Guide

Should you take a look at the laser sight market, you will be easily overwhelmed by the possibilities and models. Variety is excellent, but it can also slow down the selection process. It’s why a set of factors to acknowledge is more than helpful for the buying process. Keep reading for the details:

The type of weapon you’re using it for

The model of weapon you’re going to use with the laser sight is the very first thing to check. Luckily for users, the manufacturers state for which type of gun laser sights work. You should know the kind of gun precisely so that you can attach the laser sight accordingly.

If you’re using laser sights for the first time, you should use a model with a standard design that matches most firearms with an accessory rail.

The particularities

The majority of laser sights come in various shapes and have particular specifications since they can be used for different things.

You have to choose between red and green laser lights, for instance. Experienced shooters know what they want, according to the locations and the typical operations.

If you need a laser that is visible in a bright area, the green laser makes the better choice, even if it’s pricier than the red laser.

The range at which the laser is still visible matters as well. It makes perfect sense that the field is lower at night than it is ay the daytime.

Laser color

The color you want on the laser sight is fundamental too. The red laser is always the more affordable choice, and you should get it if your budget is tight and if it’s reliable for your most shooting tasks.

However, many recommend to put some money aside and get a green laser sight right from the beginning. It’s great for low lit environments, and it’s more reliable than the red light too. It’s going to travel farther than the red light.

On the side note, the brightness of the laser light also counts. 6 to 600 lumens is the typical range for laser sights, and the higher the number, the brighter the light will be.

Ease of installation

Buying a laser sight is one thing; installing it is another. Even if the model of a laser sight is great for your weapon, the complicated installation can make the shooters avoid it.

It’s not fundamental, but it’s always better to pick a laser sight that is easy to install. Check the manual if possible and always go with models that are effortless to mount.

Life span

In theory, you will be using the laser sight for a long time, in stressful situations, so you want it to be durable. The majority of manufacturers will design and make products that take excessive use for a reasonable amount of time.

Many models feature an aluminum body since it’s both sturdy and lightweight. Check the material of your laser sight before placing your order, nevertheless.

Battery life

One of laser sight’s downside is battery life, so it becomes essential that the laser sight doesn’t eat power. Don’t forget that how you’re using the weapon may also affect battery life.

For example, using the laser sight only in a low lit environment will require the maximum brightness of your laser sight. And that means that it’s going to eat battery a lot more.

Additional accessories

The accessories that come with the laser sight count for its overall value. For instance, a tactical flashlight is going to be incredibly useful if you’re hunting at night. Make sure that you choose a laser sight that comes with accessories that match your skills and operation.

Overall value for the price

Just like with everything else, somethings got to give when you’re choosing the cheapest laser sight on the market. You should check the overall value of the laser sight, making sure that the price reflects the total value.

Sometimes, it makes sense to pay the extra buck; at the same time, the most expensive model may not worth the money. Always take a step back and see the complete picture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Sight Lights

Q: Should you always use laser sights?

A: It’s not mandatory at all to use laser sights. By all means, relying on laser sights should work on your advantage.

Laser sights will improve your performances, but they’re not going to replace practice. They’re supposed to help you identify sight alignment faster in dangerous conditions or when you cannot identify the same alignment and sight picture with the iron sights.

Laser sights are very efficient for the entry-level shooters, helping the instructor see your shot. They also help the shooter identify a poor sight alignment.

Q: Are there any downsides for using laser sights?

A: The most significant disadvantage of laser sights is that they run on batteries. Therefore, you always need to make sure that the cells are good or fully charged.

Another thing to consider is the fact that lasers always travel in straight lights. We cannot say the same something about bullets, that are affected by gravity, presenting a curved and ballistic trajectory. Adjusting the lasers for elevation and windage is tricky; plus, you can only zero them for short-range.

Spotting the laser dots at long ranges and under direct sunlight is difficult unless you’re using a green laser.

Keep in mind that you’ll most likely need a new holster to hold the pistol with a laser on. When using the laser sight, some shooters may rely on it too much, skipping the fundamental factors. You should always see the laser sight as a tool to use together with the iron sights.

Q: Is the use of laser sights lawful?

A: As long as you’re using the laser sights accordingly to the instruction, attaching laser sights to your weapon is lawful.

Q: Can it be said that the red laser is better than the green one? Is it the other way around?

A: It all depends on the time of day you’re using the laser sight. Green is typically easier to spot in a well-lit condition, but it’s also more expensive. Both red and green light is reliable for low-lit environments.

Remember that humans spot green better than any other color, which explains why we find green to be brighter than red. However, the power you need for running green laser light is higher than when using red laser.

Don’t skip the fact that green laser sights are more affected by the temperature than red laser sights are. The green laser sight can only operate between 40 to 100 F degrees, so you will need to use red laser sights for temperatures below 40 or higher than 100F degrees.

Q: How far does the laser light can travel?

A: It’s not an easy answer since the distance depends on the type of laser you’re using and the light conditions. Green laser light may travel as far as 100 yards in a well-lit environment. On the other hand, a red laser will only reach 25-30 yards in the same conditions.

Q: Can we talk about a color being better than the other?

A: Light is a more complicated subject to talk about than you’d think. Let’s say you have a green and red laser with the same 1mW power output.

You will find the green laser to be brighter than the red laser, but that’s because the human eye sees green better than other colors. Even though they generate the same quantity of power, the human eye will see green as brighter than the red. It’s the reason for which night vision goggles feature green and not red display.

Let’s not forget about the beam distance, which is affected by the power of the laser. The higher the mW rating, the farther the beam will travel, no matter the color of the beam.

Q: Can a laser sight reveal your position?

A: Unlike what you’ve may have seen in the movies, and it’s not easy to spot laser beams in the air. There would have to be some particulate matter in the air (fog or smoke) for diffusing the light and making it visible.

Long story short, the laser will show where you’re at only if you’re in a building when shooting. And, even if it revels your position, the laser fools the eyes and tracking the source is almost impossible.

Q: Do laser sights make you a better or a more inferior shooter?

A: For entry-level shooters, laser sights are a fantastic tool for improving shooting skills. They ensure accurate aim when the gun’s regular sights cannot do it.

Of course, there’s always the category of users who get stuck on the laser dot, which becomes somewhat distracting. However, laser sights are supposed to help and not to stop you from improving your shooting.

Q: Are laser sights reliable for self-defense purposes?

A: Laser sights are ideal for self-defense purposes. When you’re using a gun for self-defense and a second can make the difference between life and death, aiming precisely is fundamental.

Iron sights are slow and not difficult to spot, especially if you’re in the dark without any reliable night sights.

Laser sights give you speed and let you target first, no matter if you are in the right shooting distance of not. If you’re planning to use your gun for self-defense, adding laser sights is imperative.

Q: Is the law allowing to use laser sights for hunting?

A: Be aware that many areas forbid the utilization of lasers when hunting. Make sure you check the local hunting regulations before installing the laser sights.

Even if it’s legal to use laser sights, it may not always be the proper method for hunting. Spotting the lasers isn’t easy, especially at long distance during the day. When your game is a deer or something significant, you may not even get close enough to spot the dot. And also, if you do see it, it must be zeroed to the proper range.

Laser sights are reliable when hunting varmints or squirrels from a small distance, though. Besides, the dot can be both a good and a bad thing. Some animals may be curious about it, whereas others may flee.

All in all, it’s wiser that you don’t use laser sights for hunting.