The Top 20 Range Bags and Backpacks in 2022

best range bags and backpacks reviews

Let’s dive directly into our line-up of range bags. You can find the purchasing tips at the end of the article.

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The Top 20 Range Bag and Backpack Reviews

1. Vertx COF Range Bag

Even if the bag doesn’t look like your regular range bag (in the right way), it’s going to blow your mind with its features, build, and overall value.

Not only that the bag provides numerous pockets and compartments for a fantastic organization of your shooting gear, but it’s also loaded with features that explain its value.

Accessing the main compartment is a breeze thanks to the large U-shaped dual-zipper top. There are zipper pulls for straightforward use, and you can even lock the zippers for securing your gear inside (you don’t get the lock too). The semi-rigid gear caddies are portable and come with easy-to-remove liners (for straightforward cleaning at the end of the day).

The large top compartment features a padded loop facing sleeve, with four zippered mesh pockets for more storage space. The pockets are abrasion-resistant, increasing the life span for the bag.

The bag also includes a six-pack supply pouch that is easy to remove, and an adequate security lock-down cable system. It’s a great feature that reduces the risk of smash-and-grab theft.

Carrying the bag is easy since the shoulder strap is padded, comfortable to adjust and to remove. The double carry-handle seems rugged and has Velcro for instant grab.

Four sturdy rubber feet ensure the stability of the bag, with the mesh ID window and loop panels on the front and back completing the long list of features.

  • The bag provides numerous pockets and compartments for gear
  • It’s padded and comes with a security lock-down system
  • It features lockable YKK self-repairing zippers with pulls
  • It’s durable, comfortable, and impressive

  • It’s not a cheap bag
  • It doesn’t come with a lock for the security system

Even if the bag isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still one of the best options from the latest releases within the category. The impressive list of useful features, the subtle design, and the constructions make it an excellent purchase every time.

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2. HSGI: HSG RGB Range/Go Bag

The bag is created to provide the best storing and transportation option for your firearm and various gear ac

high-quality rifle scopes

cessories. It’s made with durable and long-lasting 1000D Cordura, taking the wear and tear for a reasonable amount of time.

The five rows x10 slots of Molle on the sides let you attach external pouches for your accessories. If that’s not enough, you can always use the four rows x10 slots of internal Molle of hook backed or the Molle pouches.

The organization is one of the main features for the bag, and the internal dividers help you keep your accessories in order at all time. The dividers are also padded, protecting your shooting gear. The interior pockets on every side of the bag give you more options to store your essentials.

The construction of the bag is impressive with the stiffener sewn in the bottom, giving stability and strength to the bag. The webbing handle on every side is also reinforced so that you can confidently carry the bag.

Let’s not forget to mention the zippers that are rugged and tough, with minor risk for snagging. It’s a reverse zipper opening to bottom for straightforward access to the gear.

The bag comes in eight colors, and it’s an excellent buy anytime.

  • It comes with external and internal Molle for attaching pouches
  • It has interior pockets and padded dividers inside
  • It has reinforced webbing handle and stiffener on the bottom
  • The craftsmanship is impressive, and the bag is durable and tough

  • The shoulder strap could be wider
  • It’s not the cheapest range bag

The bag is sturdy, durable, very well made, and impressive at organizing your shooting gear. It’s a wise investment to make for the long run, for sure.

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3. Browning Wicked Wings Blind Bag

The bag is everything you need and more for a pleasant day in the blind. The bag is very well made and keeps your shooting gear dry and secure throughout the day. Not only that the waterproof inner compartment keeps water away from the equipment, but it’s also to remove for easier customization

It’s a heavily padded bag that stores your shooting equipment in an organized way. It’s because of the many pockets and overall design.

You may store your shooting gear in the large main compartment and keep the smaller, yet essential miscellaneous in the four inner side pockets. The bag also features two exterior zippered pockets which are large enough to store a bottle of water. The outer pocket with hook and loop closure on the front provides even more space for your shooting gear.

We should also mention the thermos/jacket sleeve on top, which many find it useful for hunting. The construction is well thought out with the double zipper pull allowing fast and natural access to the main compartment.

The molded bottom is rubberized and rugged. It gives stability to the bag and protects the gear inside.

Carrying the bag is also comfortable, thanks to the double carry handle and the adjustable shoulder strap. The carry handles are padded and come with Velcro for a fast grab, whereas the shoulder strap is removable and comfortable.

  • It’s very well made and feels durable
  • You can organize your gear in the many interior and exterior pockets
  • The zippers are rugged and come with pulls
  • It has plenty of padding and a rough bottom

  • It’s not an inexpensive range bag
  • Not many go for the yellow detail on the front

Dependable, long-lasting, and impressive in terms of organization and customization, the bag is a wise spent for any dedicated hunter. It comes in a camo pattern, keeping you under the radar for your game.

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4. Browning Bag Black and Gold Range

You don’t have to be the most experienced shooter and hunter to know that a rugged and dependable range bag can be of great help for your concentration.

The bag is what any shooter looks to have: it’s durable, reliable, and fantastic to take when shooting. It’s made with 600D polyester ripstop, which is both water-resistant and tear-resistant. The bag is ready to take a beat, for sure.

With organization being essential on a range bag, it’s evident that our recommendation ticks this box too. You may store the larger gear in the main compartment, and use the five outer pockets for smaller accessories. The main compartment has a large gate mouth opening so that it’s straightforward to get access inside the bag. It’s a compatible padlock closure, but you need to buy the lock for it.

The carry handles are sewn web and look rugged and durable. They don’t come with Velcro for an easy grab, but they’re sturdy and able to handle a heavyweight bag.

The shoulder strap is easy to adjust and to remove according to your needs. It’s padded so that it’s comfortable for you to carry the loaded bag.

Let’s also highlight the zippers that are tough and glide smoothly. The zipper pulls ease out the use too.

The bag is black, which makes an attractive contrast with the golden stitching. It’s an elegant and nice-looking range bag, that doesn’t compromise in any way in terms of reliability or functions.

  • It’s made with 600 D ripstop polyester
  • It has five outer zippered pockets
  • The main compartment is large and has a big gate mouth
  • The handles and shoulder strap are comfortable
  • The bag is very well made and looks so nice

  • Not everyone likes the golden logo on one of the pockets
  • The carry handles don’t come with Velcro

All in all, the bag is attractive, durable, water-resistant, and great for organizing your shooting gear. Some may say that we’ve just described the perfect range bag.

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5. Beretta Transformer Light Medium Cartridge Bag

Whenever you’re looking for a medium-sized range bag, Beretta Transformer Light Medium Bag should be on your shopping list.

The bag stands out with its smart design, customizing options, and organizing possibilities. It’s made with durable polyester that is both water and scratch resistant, taking the excess use.

When it comes to space organization, the bag doesn’t disappoint for sure. It includes four external pockets that come with YKK zippers. The YKK zippers are sturdy and open/close easy thanks to the zipper pulls.

The large interior of the bag lets you carry ten boxes of 12 shells, but it’s customizable. You may change the inside of the pack in various wats for achieving more comfort when shooting. The EVA insert can work as the receiver protection on the gun case, whereas the backpack is removable and dependable.

The bottom compartment is easy to open for fast access to the gear, while the thermo-formed base is rigid and protective. The bottom protects your equipment from water and gives the bag stability too.

The padded carry handles come with Velcro for fast grab, whereas the shoulder strap is padded, comfortable to remove and to adjust.

The bag is well made and a wise investment for the long run.

  • The bag is made with sturdy polyester
  • The bottom is solid and protective
  • You have plenty of pockets to organize the gear
  • The interior is customizable

  • Not many go for the big lettering logo on the front pocket
  • It’s not the cheapest bag

Regardless of the minor problems, the bag is a dependable, long-lasting, and practical option to get for the long run.

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6. Maxpedition Compact Range Bag

What impresses us the most on the Maxpedition Compact Range Bag is the high quality of craftsmanship, which gives you a long lasting range bag that holds up the intense use for quite some time.

However, it’s not only the heavy duty built of the range bag that helps it stand out from the crowd, it’s also the material is made of. The range bag is finished with a triple coat of polyurethane that gives it water resistance. The final coat of DuPont Teflon fabric Protector gives you a bag that repels the elements.

The YKK zippers fit the strong build and the high quality materials and the zippers are tough, ready for the heavy-duty use.

The straps are also a great feature on the bag as they are made of military grade nylon Webbing. The same material is used for the handles and the modular attachment points, sustaining the strong built of the range bag.

The Duraflex buckles and the hardware are sure tough and resistant, so there’s no way you can doubt the durability of the features on the bag. The buckles are silent, which is so important when you’re out there on a mission.

Going over the details, we notice the large and unseamed panels made with 1000Denier Nylon. The attention to the small details is impressive and each stress point is reinforced thoroughly with composite thread. There are no unnecessary seams or polyester parts and the bag becomes lightweight, yet so durable.

As for the storing options, we see the 4 spacious exterior zippered pouches and pockets and the big, large interior compartment.

We like the range bag as it versatile and subtle and its removable tote fits most handguns. You may use the bag for several firearms and accessories and you have a place to store your ammo as well.

The abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon fabric makes the bag lightweight, whereas the padded compartments store safely your weapons, with minimal risk for scratching.

The paracord zipper pulls are so useful for easier use and the zippers run so smooth.

The strap is well padded for more comfort and the bag is versatile and dependable.

The range bag has a solid, rigid built and holds its shape for quite some time. It’s easy to take care of it as the material is treated with Teflon for water and grime resistance. You should avoid machine washing or use of detergent and bleach. You only need to wipe it down with a damp cloth from time to time, letting it dry naturally.

  • The material and craftsmanship is high quality
  • The range bag is water and grime resistant
  • It has a strong build and holds its shape for a long time
  • It comes with a removable tote

  • Some believe it’s a bit pricey
  • The clips on the shoulder straps are made of plastic

Nevertheless, for its amazing build, high quality materials and functionality when out on the field, the range bag is a great investment for any gun owner.

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7. VooDoo Tactical Men’s Standard Scorpion Range Bag

For those of you who are looking for an affordable and dependable range bag that doesn’t disappoint, the VooDoo Tactical Men’s Standard Scorpion Range Bag is a safe choice nine times out of ten.

The range bag looks very neat and doesn’t quite have the tactical feel you’d expect in a range bag. But other than the looks, the bag comes with most of the features of reliable range bags.

The bag is made with sturdy and heavy-duty nylon, and the heavy padded “cross-cut” stitching increases the durability. It provides straightforward access to the top through the double pull-top zipper.

The design of the bag is smart and recommends it for range use. The exterior includes four flap covered pouches and two compartments with fill zippers. You can store your eye/ear protection, handguns, and cleaning accessories in these pouches. The bag also comes with lockable zipper pulls for easy use.

The bag has three main compartments inside and provides plenty of space and compartments for your items. It helps you organize your gear, without feeling too big in any way. Instead, it has a suitcase-size look and doesn’t lose shape even when fully loaded. It includes plenty of elastic for your mags and keeps everything well organized and in place.

The shoulder strap is both removable and adjustable, for more versatility and functionality. It’s well-padded, just like the carry handle. The latter is extensive and has a rubbered texture for a safer grip while on the go. The rubber feet are textured and give the bag stability.

The bag is compact and is functional, without compromising on the looks.

  • It comes with several compartments and pouches
  • It has lockable zippers
  • It’s very well organized and well made
  • The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable
  • The carry handle is wide and padded
  • It features textured rubber feet

  • it has a weird smell out of the box
  • it doesn’t come with Molle system
  • some expected the bag to be bigger

On the off chance that you’re not sure which range bag to get, then the Scorpion Range Bag will make a great choice, especially considering the versatility and price.

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8. G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

When you want to use as a range bag, a range backpack, you can start with this G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack.

This pack gives you great organization of your multiple items and there are many other good features that it offers:

  • The backpack holds 4 handguns in a vertical position
  • The foam cradle fully protects your gear
  • The inside high density foam storage cradle slides in and out of the lower compartment
  • It gives you 12 extra magazine spots
  • There are many pockets, pouches in pouches for your ammo, shooting glasses, ear protections, stapler, tape and everything else you might need
  • The top section is bigger than in pictures
  • You get labeled compartments
  • The backpack comes with its own “raincoat” for the rainy days
  • It has a rugged construction and a good build – the backpack stands up on its own even when unloaded
  • The side straps are comfortable
  • The backpack is well balanced
  • There are pockets and zippers everywhere
  • The side pockets fit even 6 extra mags each
  • There is great, smart design that went into this backpack

Besides these good things, some minor improvements may be made. Here are our cons:

  • There is no insert for the small items
  • The adjustable straps could use a better quality so they don’t tear from the weight
  • The backpack gives you so much space for your items, that you keep on loading it… And you discover that the fully loaded pack is too heavy.
  • The backpack doesn’t fit a larger revolver.

But, if you want to have a range backpack, this is a great buy for sure.

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9. Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

You may found yourself mislead by the Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag, as the bag does look like a gym bag from the outside, but sure doesn’t disappoint with its great gunning look on the inside.

The bag is spacious and gives you plenty of compartments, increasing your options to organize and fit your accessories. You may actually fit in there small to mid-size handguns and the pistol pouches are great. You may also find space for your ammo and your accessories as well.

You get no less than 9 different storage compartments, so the bag is good for organizing your items. It’s main compartment is dividable, whereas the five zippered compartments increase the storage options. The two pistol pouches are easy to remove and you may combine it for other storage configurations.

The bag features two vertical dividers so you may organize the main compartment according to your needs and wants. The outer compartments include 10 magazine/accessory pockets, so you may find a place for every single item you have.

The bag is made with heavy-duty 600D ballistic nylon so it takes the intense use rather well. The zippers match the durable materials, running and easy to open even when hand gloved. Each of the zippers feature locking rings and the zipper pulls are covered with metal.

The bag comes with handle and shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry around. It doesn’t matter where you go or how you’re going to wear it, the bag is ready.

Every pocket and pouch of the bag is well padded so all of your items are protected. None of your gear rubs or bangs against one another. All by one are double zippered also.

The rugged build and the good design complete the description of a bag that is made here at home, in the USA.

  • The bag offers 9 different storage compartments
  • It’s made with 600D ballistic nylon and takes the intense use
  • It has durable, large zippers with metal coated pulls
  • It has a strong build, even though it’s lightweight

  • It has a chemical smell in the beginning
  • Some got the bag without the shoulder strap

The minor cons don’t count much though as the bag is way too spacious and well organized, being ready for the heavy-duty use. In addition, this definitely counts a lot more for one of the best range bags out there.

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10. Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer

When you take a look at the Backpack + Range Bag with Large Padded Deluxe Tactical Divider and 9 Clip Mag Holder – Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer, versatility is first thing to pop your mind.

The backpack is an interesting bag to carry your shooting equipment, to say the least. Once you opened the side flap, you get to see the 5 internal handgun and magazine storage rooms that are protected by their own, lockable compartments.

The backpack also features exterior pockets that are zippered, whereas the top section is great to organize more ammo, due to the rigid internal frame.

The elastic loops store rolled targets and the backpack also comes with a pullout rain cover that protects your gear when raining.

The list of features doesn’t stop here and it also includes wide straps, backside laptop compartment, thick wood board and Velcro for easier folding. The shoulder straps aren’t just well padded, but also fully adjustable.

The backpack also comes with a very large compartment and two elastic at back for holding more small gear. You may also notice the extra compartment at the lower pocket lid and the heavy-duty padded nylon material.

If we talk about the heavy-duty material, we also need to talk about the reinforced double-stitched nylon seaming, the coil zipper and the molded nylon buckles.

We have to mention the large rear water hydration bladder pocket and the three external pockets at left.

We like a lot the top-mounted compression straps that balance well the weight and load, giving stability.

The backpack is very modular and gives you the chance to better organize your gear.

Well-made, highly customizable, and heavy duty, the backpack is actually very easy to handle even when fully loaded. It’s easy to put it together and it has a durability feel to it.

  • The backpack is highly customizable and heavy duty
  • It’s modular and comes with compression straps
  • It fits and organizes many of your gear
  • It’s well made and comes with adjustable shoulder straps, well-padded

  • The fastener for the shoulder straps doesn’t hold very well
  • The instructions that come along aren’t quite user friendly

For its quality, heavy-duty built and ability to be customized, the backpack is a great option for you and your gear.

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11. Savior Equipment Mobile Arsenal SEMA 19L Tactical Range Bag Backpack Pistol Case

When it comes to Savior Equipment Mobile Arsenal SEMA 19L Tactical Range Bag Backpack Pistol Case, there are many good things to mention.

The compact backpack is made for those who need to carry their handgun in the most comfortable and organized way. It’s made with a 600D PVC shell and presents a reinforced handgun compartment frame. Both the design and the construction turn the bag into a heavy-duty and long-lasting option for many.

You won’t be complaining about not being able to organize your glasses, ammo, cleaning kits, paper shooting targets, and more as the bag features numerous pockets, organizers, and rooms for all of them. Its design also includes three separate handgun cases, and the firearm compartment is made individually. No worries on the safety aspect either as the compartment has zippers that you can lock for increased safety.

There are many details on the bag that increase its functionality and value. For instance, all compartments come with tiny plastic loopholes for using some locks when transporting your guns. Velcro straps are used inside the separator padding for keeping it in place.

The shoulder straps are well padded, and a waist strap reduces the pain for your back while carrying the bag. The bag also features a chest strap so that the shoulder straps don’t slip.

There are no compromises when it comes to manufacturing, either. The stitches are very well made and have a durability feel. Moreover, there are reinforced stitches in the stress points all over the bag.

  • It’s very well made and very well designed
  • You can organize and secure your ammo, and other items
  • The stitches are durable, and the bag has reinforced stitches
  • The straps for shoulders, chest, and waist are padded and improve comfort

  • The zippers are kind of small and don’t run smoothly
  • The front pouch is a tad shallow

Regardless of the minor issues, the bag is a durable, efficient, and very well made option to use for your ranger activities for plenty of time.

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12. Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

With almost $50 you can buy an amazingly sturdy, well-built range bag with many organizational options like the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag.

Offering plenty of space and pouches, this bag got us with these pros:

  • It’s versatile and functional in many range situations
  • You can fit the ear and eye protection, ammo, magazines, pistols and cleaning kit in this bag
  • It’s made of 600-denier polyester for extra durability
  • You get seven magazine pouches in the front compartment and four magazine pouches in the rear compartment
  • It contains 2 zipper handgun pouches on the outer side
  • There are adjustable and removable inner parts so that you can customize the main compartment to your needs
  • The carrying handles and shoulder strap are made of heavy-duty nylon and take the heavy loads also
  • The plastic feed to the bottom brings more protection to your gear
  • The padded pockets protect your valuable firearms and accessories
  • There are good, heavy zippers with thick pulls and knotted nylon ends
  • The handles are triple stitched
  • The bag fits at least 5 handguns and gives you 11 magazine pouches altogether
  • The magazine pouches are deeper than they appear
  • This looks like a regular bag so it doesn’t get your neighbor’s attention

There are only two things bothering us about this range bag:

  • It’s not waterproof
  • There are no zippers for the removable pouches in the side compartments.

As one can see, this qualifies for a great range bag anytime.

===> Check Out the Latest Pricing and Reviews on the Explorer Range Bag at Amazon.

13. GunMate Range Bag

When your budget is limited but you still expect to get a good range bag, get yourself the GunMate Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers.

This bag gives you many good features to consider and these are our pros:

  • It gives you two lockable outer pockets coupled with roomy gun mags
  • The zipper is lockable
  • The side compartments include padded pistol rugs
  • There are zippers on both for easy and quick access
  • The zippers, pulls and snaps have good quality
  • The interior is highly customizable as it has 2 Velcro divider tabs
  • You can easily fit 2 guns
  • The bag has a good, sturdy built
  • The main compartment has removable hook and loop dividers
  • The side compartments are lockable, zippered and each hold a removable padded pistol rug
  • The price is unbeatable

Despite all of these qualities, there are some things we’re not really fond of so hear our cons:

  • There is no Molle webbing on this bag
  • The bag is not very large
  • The stitching is red, which is not very subtle (it’s stylish though)
  • The side pockets look the same so you can’t tell them apart
  • The bottom is not reinforced

All in all, you get a good, sturdy and well-built range bag, for a very good price.

===> Check Out the Latest Pricing and Reviews on the GunMate Range Bag at Amazon.

14. Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

If your needs are larger and you want to carry around 12 pistols in your range bag, give it a go with the Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag.

Apart from the big capacity it gives for your gear, there are more pros to consider:

  • There are 13 padded and protected compartments for you to organize your gear
  • The bag gives you many nylon-elastic magazine and gear loops in the main compartment and outer compartments
  • You get two dedicated weapon pouches in the main compartment
  • The padded shoulder strap is quick-release for a faster removal when not in use
  • The bag features heavy duty, lockable zippers
  • There is good and strong stitching everywhere
  • There are ample pockets inside and outside the bag
  • You get padding everywhere on this bag so everything is protected all the time
  • There are many pockets for your items and gear
  • There are external ID windows for easier access
  • You get 5 magazine holders
  • Even though the bag gives you many organizational options, it doesn’t get bulky when full

Along with these good things, come some minor issues, though:

  • There is no Velcro adjustable divider in the large main pocket
  • The magazine holders are a bit tight
  • Once the center of the bag is full, the storage in the side pockets gets smaller

For the organization and sturdiness this range bag gives you, it’s a great buy on any given day.

===> Check Out the Latest Pricing and Reviews on the Explorer Tactical 12 Bag at Amazon.

15. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Another great backpack made specifically for the range is the G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack. Along with the comfort and easy access to everything that it offers, this pack comes with many other good features.

The pros:

  • You get three gun cases zippered pouch with a medium sized handgun pouch
  • There is good padding and stitching on the shoulder straps
  • There is Velcro on top rear of the pack for a better customization of the pack
  • The backpack is well built and is made of high denier nylon and DuPont Teflon treatment
  • You get easy access to everything
  • The internal pouches are well constructed and the Molle webbing and Velcro give more organizational options
  • There are heavy duty zippers and sturdy plastic buckles
  • The frame maintains the backpack compact
  • You can fit your ammo and other items in the 4 outside zippered pockets
  • There is an external bungee system for targets
  • The main compartment comes with a divider for a better organization
  • The backpack fits your cleaning kit in the bottom compartment
  • The zippered pouch near the top handle has a rain-shield

Some minor problems do appear on this backpack also, so here are the cons:

  • The backpack doesn’t really need a waist strap
  • The sleeves have a padded pouch so it’s tricky to fit anything bigger than medium size
  • There are too many straps
  • The magazine loops are not well sized
  • The shoulder straps should be longer
  • Even though it’s small, the backpack gets heavy when full and kind of bulky looking
  • The zippers are difficult to close on the corner
  • The removable compartments don’t look long lasting as the rest of the pack.

Don’t let the price scare you away, as for the money you pay you get a great range backpack that’s worth every single penny, in both build and functionality.

===> Check Out the Latest Pricing and Reviews on the G.P.S. Tactical Range Bag at Amazon.

16. Oakley Men’s Breach Range Bag

If you’re looking for a highly versatile and spacious bag that you can also use on your range jobs, the Oakley Men’s Breach Range Bag.

Since it’s made with polyester, the bag provides not only significant space for your essentials but also lets you organize your numerous items highly efficiently. The main compartment comes with a divider that you can adjust according to your specific needs.

Everything will be secure inside the bag thanks to its abrasion-resistant design, whereas the dedicated pockets will secure your ear protection and eyewear. The fold-down pocket ensures space for easy gun maintenance.

The stitching is very well made, and the bag will take intense use for a long time. There’s Velcro everywhere, and the zippers are rugged too.

The bag is big enough to fit a 17-in laptop. The carry straps make it easier to move it around, whereas the shoulder strap is padded for increased comfort. It’s also adjustable so that you can find the length that works for you.

  • It’s large and provides plenty of pockets and space
  • You can organize your items
  • It’s very well made and has durable stitches
  • The zippers are rugged, and the bag has a lot of Velcro too

  • Some feel that the bag is too big for their needs
  • It’s not the cheapest range bag to get

The goods outweigh the bads for sure, and the bag still stands as one great, versatile, and dependable option for many years to come.

===> Check Out the Latest Pricing and Reviews on the Oakley Breach Bag at Amazon.

17. Beretta Tactical Range Bag

In all fairness, we know that appearance is never an aspect to decide when it comes to range bags, but the Beretta Tactical Range Bag will prove you wrong.

More often than not, the subtle and elegant appearance is going to be the first thing to notice on the bag, but there’s a lot more to it than a pretty look.

The shooting range bag provides the perfect space and options for a short or extended session at the range. It’s made with 100% polyester, and it’s ready to take the excessive use for longer than expected.

The design is well thought out, with the zippered top easing out the access. The bag features numerous inner pockets and zippered pockets on the exterior. It’s up to you to organize your ammo and gun accessories.

Many will discover that the bag has the right size for their needs. There are two sizes to choose from, with the small one holding four cartridge boxes and the larger one holding six.

Not only that, the bag is spacious and well made, but it also comes with Beretta’s gun-protecting Thermo shield padding, protecting your equipment wherever you go.

The bag is compact, sturdy, and the stitches are very well made. The shoulder strap looks sturdy and durable, and the bag is ready to take the long time use, despite its elegant appearance.

  • It’s elegant and subtle
  • It provides excellent space and organizing options for your gun accessories
  • It has a compact shape and a durable build
  • It’s well made and has padding too

  • Some think that it’s difficult to lock the top compartment
  • The window tends to lay flat

Even the pickiest customer will find the bag to be one of the most elegant and dependable options for range day, despite the minor flaws.

===> Check Out the Latest Pricing and Reviews on the Beretta Bag at Amazon.

18. GPS Medium Range Bag

The long gun or the handgun shooter will find the G.P.S. GPS-1411MRB Medium Range Bag reliable option for their applications.

The bag is made with nylon and features lift ports on every end so that you can handle it effortlessly. The walls are well padded, and so is the bottom, protecting your ammo and firearms while traveling.

The design and display of the bag are very well thought out, and the bag provides specialized pockets for magazines, glasses, dump cups, tools, and many more. Many people appreciate the visual ID storage system of the bag, easing out the use.

Not only that, the bag is very well designed, but it’s also very well made. It has metal reinforced hardware on the shoulder strap, which increases its durability. The zippers don’t make an exception and are heavy-duty too. They can be locked, which increases safety.

Within the front pocket, we notice the specialized magazine pockets and elastics for holding a gun cleaning spar and a cleaning rod.

Using the bag is straightforward, thanks to the wide U-shaped opening. The bag is all about the comfortable and secure transportation of your handguns, ammo, and various shooting accessories.

  • The bag has a well-thought-out design
  • It features a visual ID storage system for effortless use
  • It presents a U-Shaped top opening for easier access
  • It has specialized magazine pockets and elastics

  • The fabric is a tad thin
  • The bottom thickening could be thicker

Nevertheless, the bag is a dependable choice for handgun and long gun shooters, without even emptying the wallet.

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19. Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women

Women always find it challenging to find a bag that it’s for them to use, because of the long nails. They’re not going to have that problem with the Allen Compact Shooting Range Bag for Women, which doesn’t snag or hurt their nails.

It’s a compact bag that features a dual-zippered opening to the main compartment and all sorts of options for wise organizing of the gun accessories. The bag features a lined internal handgun pocket and four elastic magazine loops. You may very well transport your ear protection as the bag provides a strap for holding.

The main compartment offers plenty of space for your ammo, pistol rug, and various essentials. It also features a soft lined pouch for accessories. The design is well thought out, and you can add your Molle accessories with several rows of MOLLE straps on the exterior of the bad. A hook and a loop patch are easy to use for adding your morale patches or name.

There are three outside pockets for your accessories, and they’re zippered for efficient securing of your items. You will be able to carry your gloves, glasses, and more inside the elastic pocket on the exterior.

The heavy-duty web handles feature a padded grip for a comfortable carry, whereas the shoulder strap is easy to adjust and remove. It’s also padded and has a cool mesh back.

Let’s not forget the looks, as the black color combines excellently with the pink orchid details on the bag.

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Some aspects are essential to mention once more:

  • The bag provides plenty of space for your items
  • You can organize the gun accessories and equipment very well
  • The exterior of the bag also provides options for storing accessories
  • It’s well made and looks very nice

We’re not backing down over some downsides:

  • It may tip due to its build
  • It doesn’t come with a pistol rug

Regardless of the minor problems, the bag is a nice-looking and dependable bag for women, without disappointing on functionality, design, or durability.

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20. Orca Tactical Gun Shooting Range Bag Handgun Pistol and Ammo Duffle Carrier

If you’re an experienced shooter, you know that organizing your gun accessories and equipment is fundamental on a range day. The Orca Tactical Gun Shooting Range Bag Handgun Pistol and Ammo Duffle Carrier isn’t going to disappoint on that, as it offers impressive storage space in a small package.

You need all the space a bag can give, in a lightweight frame, and the bag sure delivers. It offers space for more than three guns, along with your essential gear. It’s one bag to depend on a range day.

The main compartment comes with a divider that you can remove according to your needs. There are numerous padded and organized pockets, pouches, compartments, and elastic for securing your gun and range accessories. On the side note, the bag can also work as a diaper or a camera bag.

The build sustains its performance, as the bag is made with 600D polyester material. The reinforcements and double stitches at stress points make it dependable for excessive use. All closures are secured with tough and rugged YKK zippers with nylon pulls. The zippers are rust-resistant, taking the heavy-duty use. Moreover, they’re lockable zippers for the side pouches so that you can limit unauthorized access to your ammo and firearms while traveling.

Comfort isn’t skipped on, as the bag features a full grip handle for effortless carry.

When it comes to toughness, there were no shortcuts for this bag. It has a special coating so that it’s water-resistant and scratch proof.

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Let’s take a quick look at the best parts:

  • It provides impressive space and organizing options for your gun accessories
  • It has Velcro strap enclosure and locking zippers
  • The zippers are sturdy and rugged
  • The material is scratch and water-resistant

The minor problems don’t become deal breakers for us:

  • The side pouches could be better designed
  • The colors don’t run true

Be that as it may, the bag is a rugged, long-lasting, and reliable model to use over and over again.

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Buying Tips: How to choose your range bag

If you’re on the hunt for a range bag, you must probably know by now that it needs to meet some criteria so you can name it a “range bag”.

Why a range bag?

A range bag has to be tough and sturdy so that it can take any wear and abrasion, from inside and outside at the same time. It needs to be strongly built so that it can take the heavy weight from the firearms and ammunition that you carry.

A good range bag gives you also good volume so that it can fit many items, going from your pistol/s and ammo, to some medications and small gear items.

The best range bag has also a different compartment for your pistol/s, so a good organization is important.

Which kind of range bag?

Typically, there are three main categories of bags that qualify as “range bags”.

The first one is, of course, the specific range bag. They are strongly built, are heavy duty and give you plenty of capacity, many various pockets for you to organize your various items.

This is the best choice for a range bag as it gives you compartments especially designed and built for ammo, pistols and any other gun-related items that you might need.

The main downside for the range bag is that… it looks like a range bag all the time, no matter where you take it. For some, looks don’t matter, but there are some that wish their bag not to show everyone what they carry. Of course, it’s legal to carry and use a gun in some situations, but there’s no subtle thing about it when you carry a range bag.

Even though it’s not the most obvious choice, a laptop bag could also become your range bag. It becomes a range bag thanks to its versatility and discretion. The best part about carrying your gun gear in a laptop bag is that nobody knows that you carry a gun in it! The padded compartment that the laptop bags have is great for protecting your gear, and a strong build, along with good organization also add up to it. If you own a dog, you can also use a dog backpack to put your extra stuff and let your dog carry it for you.

The easiest solution for carrying a gun is a backpack. It gives you plenty of capacity for all your items and quite good organization and some padding, in the case of a good backpack, but this option has its downsides. A backpack may be too large for your guns and the padding might not be enough to protect your gear.

A combination of the two unspecific bags is the “laptop backpack” which gives you the padded compartment for the gun and a good organization at the same time. You can also find a “covert-carry” backpack that actually offers a designated compartment for your pistol.

In the end, you can make an effort and transform any backpack into a range bag. You just need some space, organization and padding to get a functional range bag.

What to put in a range bag?

Apart from the things that are a completely personal option to carry in your range bag, some things should never miss from any range bag.

The EPIK (Emergency Personal Injury Kit) and rapid-application tourniquet are a must have any time. Of course, this implies to also know how to use these in case of emergency. Never forget your eye and ear protection and a cloth to wipe down your firearm and magazines after practice, ammunition. A notebook and a pen are also important when you want to keep track of your performances just as well.

Some put in the range bag also a cleaning kit and some lube for a better function of their guns. You can also carry useful tools, bandages for minor cuts and a rolls of masking tape wouldn’t hurt either as you can tap up targets with it.

Final tip?

Take a good look at your needs and preferences when you go shopping for a range bag. No matter if you go for a subtle range bag (that doesn’t look like one) or a professional bag, keep in mind that it needs to be sturdy with great built and organizational options and be comfortable at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Range Backs

Q: How many pockets should your range bag have?

A: Many shooters agree that there’s no such thing as too many pockets on a range bag. Truth be told, the range bag should feature pockets of different sizes so that you can effortlessly carry the accessories and tools you have. You don’t want a bag that doesn’t provide enough pockets. They should be soft and lined for protecting your pistols and hard-sided on the inside for the ammo. A water bottle holder on the exterior is also something to have in a range bag.

Q: Can you compromise on the durability of the range bag?

A: No matter the size you need, your range bag should be long-lasting and robust. It has to be capable of being tossed into the trunk and dragged around without coming apart and ripping. A bag that is made from thick Cordura nylon takes the long time use. Zippers have also to be rugged, whereas stitches should be reinforced in the stress points, increasing the overall durability of the bag.

Q: Can a range bag be comfortable?

A: In all fairness, carrying a bag loaded with metal isn’t going to be easy. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t features that improve your comfort and reduce the strain for your shoulders or back when carrying the range bag/backpack. Wide padded shoulder straps and carry straps are essential for range bags, whereas backpacks with waist and chest straps, along with the shoulder straps, will count a lot on a long-range day.

Q: How to choose the range bag if you’re carrying a lot of ammo?

A: It all depends on the amount of time you spend on the range day, but if you need to carry a lot of ammo, the range bag should feature a reinforced bottom and very sturdy straps. And even if you don’t take a lot of ammo, when you’re going on a range day, you want a bag that is sturdy and tough for a long time.

Q: Do you use a holster or carry the gun in the range bag?

A: A shooter using a holster doesn’t worry about where to place the gun in the bag. If not, you need to select a range bag with a designated pocket for your weapon of choice. The compartment for your arm should be clean and free so that no foreign objects don’t end up down the barrel of your gun.

Q: How much should you spend on your range bag?

A: At the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget for the range bag. The prices start at $30 but can go as high as a couple of hundred dollars. You can still use a bag that isn’t defined as a range bag, but you need to get the tips on how to do it right. Either way, you should decide which features count for you the most and how much money you want to pay for it.

Q: Is it mandatory to buy a dedicated range bag?

A: Many shooters say “yes,” for so many reasons. A range bag has a sturdy build and has the pockets and features for organizing your gun accessories and equipment. The range bags make the most practical option, providing the specific and designated compartments for a pistol or two, ammo, and sundries needed for range. The chances are you will not find any of the organizing options and features in a regular bag/backpack, so investing in a designated range bag makes sense for the dedicated shooter.

Q: Can you use a laptop bag as a range bag?

A: You may get away with a laptop bag for your range day every once in a while. Most of the time, the laptop bag is pretty functional and has padding for protecting your gun accessories. Many shooters use the laptop bag until they buy a range bag. After all, laptop bags are long-lasting and have a good build, taking the weight and abrasion like most range bags. The best part about it? No one knows that you’re carrying guns and ammo when you’re walking around with a laptop bag.

Q: Is a regular backpack an option for your range day?

A: If you’re looking for a bag that lets you carry all kinds of things, gun and ammo included, a typical backpack is the first one to come to mind. On the downside, a pack doesn’t have the padding you need for protecting your equipment, and it’s also more substantial than you’d want.

You may get away with a laptop backpack as it comes with padding for protecting the accessories or guns. The “covert-carry” packs are also a dependable choice since they feature a designated compartment for a pistol.

All in all, it’s not very complicated to adjust your backpack for your range necessities. It’s roomy enough, and you can add storage options for organizing your accessories.

Q: What must you carry in your range bag?

A: If you’re an entry-level shooter, it’s tempting to get carried away while packing your range bag. Along with your ammunition and gun, you should also take a rapid-application tourniquet, an Emergency Personal Injury Kit, and protection for eye and ears. You also must carry a notebook and pen for recording your rounds fired, but also a cloth to wipe down the firearm and magazines when you’re done with training.

We should highlight that you must never go for a range day without you EPIK and tourniquet as the risk for traumatic injury is never null around firearms. Additionally, you must also know how to use the emergency medical equipment.

Q: What are the optional items to carry in your range bag?

A: Not all items are mandatory to carry with your range bags, and some are optional and useful at times. Some specific or general-purpose tools may come in handy, and so does a small cleaning kit and lube. You can also get some medium-sized bandages for protecting the tiny abrasions and cuts. Don’t forget to take a roll of masking tape for covering shots on target or taping your targets.

We should also remind you that even if you can carry a cleaning kit, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to use out in the field. Make sure that you ask where you can use it.