The Top 9 Portable and Folding Shooting Benches

Shooting Bench Reviews
We’re not trying to find excuses here, but sometimes you simply can’t get an accurate shot because you don’t have the right shooting bench (don’t roll your eyes, you know nobody’s that good!).

A good shooting bench gives you comfort, convenience and is so well made that basically does the shot for you (no, it doesn’t, but it sure helps you a lot). We think comfort should always come first as it’s very likely you’re going to spend more than just one hour on the shooting bench.

There are plenty of shooting benches out there that have a well-padded seat and tabletop. If you are experienced enough, you just know that only this padding isn’t enough and you need great comfort for your arms just as well. Never mind the comfort, but padded armrests could actually improve your precision just as well.

The table top area needs to be quite large as you do want to have the ammunition and supplies handy all the time. In addition, let’s not forget you would like the large space on the top for your cold drinks, sunglasses or other personal items you may find so important at the time.

None of the above is useful if the craftsmanship is crappy, though. You want your shooting bench to last, to have good quality materials and who gives you stability and a rugged feel. You don’t want to get all of this with the weight though, as you may want to move it around from time to time. If you go for a collapsible bench, you have to check the quality of the hinges and all the other moving parts. Durability is something you’d want on your shooting bench also.

Long story short? The best shooting bench needs to be compact, lightweight, portable and with a comfortable, well cushioned padded seat. Don’t take any less than strong steel tubing, with powder-coated finish to protect against the elements. Everything else that comes along is basically a great bonus that may come for an extra buck.

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Top 9 shooting bench reviews

1) X-Stand X-Ecutor Shooting Bench

Very easy to set up and to carry around, the X-Stand X-Ecutor Shooting Bench is a dependable option to try.

This shooting bench comes at a great price and with many good features. It’s not only easy to use, but also very easy to fold. It gets compact when folded, solving the storage and the transportation problem altogether.

The padded seat is comfortable and has a 12” diameter, which is OK for most of us out there. It’s 360 degree swivel and you may also adjust it forward and back for more comfort when shooting.

Along with portability and comfort, the shooting bench is also dependable for more accuracy on your shots. The gun rest is micro-adjustable, for accurate tuning. You don’t even have to look at the gun rest for adjustments and you simply turn the job for the adjustments. The gun rest features a non-scratch rubber, which expands its life span.

The gun holder is rubber coated, improving the shooting experience. The bench comes with a vinyl padded bench cover that protects your equipment.

  • The shooting bench is lightweight, foldable and highly portable
  • The setup is easy and so is the transportation
  • The shooting bench comes with coated gun rest with micro-adjustments knob
  • The 360 degree swivel seat is well padded and adjustable forward and back

  • The table could be a bit larger
  • The shooting bench may not perform as its best on all types of surfaces

Nevertheless, the shooting bench still remains a dependable, versatile and portable option for any shooter who likes to move a lot in the field.

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2) Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench

Get comfortable and be ready to shoot in the Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench.

The shooting bench has a versatile design and comes with many features that we like. It present a steel construction, which means it’s tough, durable and takes some weight also.

When we mentioned the good design, we also had in mind the self-locking 360-degree rotation on both top and seat. They both rotate nice and smoothly. And now that we’re here, we need to mention the padding on both seat and top.

Going farther with the details, the shooting bench features a gun rest that gives you precision, in a comfortable way, due to its design and rubber-coat. The gun rest is highly adjustable, which is so nice.

As for the functional details, we really like the built-in shell pouches that are great for storing the extra ammo. In addition, they are very well placed, on the sides.

The shooting bench is user friendly, very easy to put together/take down. It’s comfortable to use and has a strong, reliable build.

It comes with a vinyl cover that protects it from the elements.

  • The shooting bench has a good design and a solid build
  • The bench comes with self-locking 360 degree rotation seat and top
  • The seat and top are padded
  • The shooting bench is easy to put together/take down and to carry around

  • The seat could use more padding
  • There are more rough edges than you’d like

Despite the minimal draw backs, the shooting bench is still an option that is worth to try for your shooting experiences.

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3) Stable Table from Caldwell

If you want to shoot in one place, and not carry around your shooting bench that much, give it a go with the totally dependable Stable Table from Caldwell.

The shooting table features 360-degree rotation, which gives you a lot of freedom and versatility on your shooting.

There are many features we like on the shooting table and the removable cleaning forks so that you may use it also as a cleaning station is just one of them.

The table has a tripod design, which is rigid and stable, with minimal joints. You may adjust the single leg thanks to the bolt in the base so that you get a parallel alignment of the tabletop with the horizon.

You may pivot around a center axis as a single unit the seat, tabletop and the central shaft- and this is great for varmint hunting. You get to lock the bench into a single shooting position if that suits you best.

If we take a look at the materials, we see the tabletop is made of molded plastic and the under-frame is made of tough, right metal. The entire frame is made from welded steel, which explains the stability and durability of the shooting table.

As for the comfort part, we notice the seat that is well padded and is adjustable (from 16” to 22”). The seat also rotates along with the tabletop.

The setup is easy and the shooting bench breaks down into 7 pieces.

The weatherproof synthetic top protect the bench, whereas the molded carrying handles increase the portability.

  • The shooting bench has 360degree rotation
  • The setup is easy and the bench is highly versatile
  • The bench is made with good quality materials so it’s durable and tough
  • It’s great for varmint hunting but presents many adjustments for more versatility

  • The shooting bench is rather heavyweight
  • The portability isn’t the highest out there

Despite the minimal issues, as it’s versatile, rugged and sturdy, the shooting bench makes it as a great choice for any hunter. If you train using paintballs, you won’t have any problems getting good support from this table, or any table on this page. See this partner site for a selection of the best paintball guns. Cialis

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4) Caldwell DeadShot ChairPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Range and Hunting

Anyone looking for comfortable shooting, without sacrificing precision, should take the plunge with the Caldwell DeadShot ChairPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Range and Hunting.

The table features a dual-frame, with upper frame balance point adjustment and tension knob for adjusting the structure up/down. The table also presents a full format of polymer feet and independent height adjustment for front and rear supports. The rest if solid, throughout and after every shooting.

The rest comes with non-marring rear stock that is over-molded, and front forend support, which keeps the gun securely without harming any point of contact.

Despite the several adjustment features, the shooting table is easy to use, and the tension know is placed, allowing straightforward and fast adjustment of the upper frame. The chair is capable of swiveling 360 degrees.

The rest is lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to fold up for transportation. Let’s not forget the shoulder backpack straps that ease out the transport.

The chair comes with a multi-bearing swing arm system so that you may effortlessly place arm and move your body minimally.

Versatility isn’t skipped, and the shooting bench rest lets you utilize any sort of crossbow and guns with balanced adjustment. The width, length, or shape of the weapon don’t matter; the rest of the shooting table will sustain the gun in place, allowing your arms free for holding your binocular or else. Additionally, you can use the table for all sorts of shooting and range.

  • It’s versatile and dependable
  • It works with all kinds of guns
  • You can use it for many types of shooting and various range
  • It’s highly adjustable and has a sturdy build
  • It’s user friends and comes with shoulder straps for transportation

  • The clamps tend to loosen up after some time
  • The build could be improved

For the ease of use, adjustability, versatility, and portability, the shooting bench stands out as a great buy.

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5) VINGLI Portable Rifles Shooting Table Seat Set

Any avid shooter knows that stability is fundamental for a shooting bench, and the VINGLI Portable Rifles Shooting Table Seat Set is a reliable choice for sure.

The long-lasting steel frame is what gives the bench stability, but also strength. The shooting bench can withstand weight up to 300lbs capacity. It’s made to take the outdoor conditions as well thanks to the powder-coated build, which protects it against rust.

Customization is also essential for a shooting bench, and you may adjust both the height and the gun rest position. The shooting table works for both young and adult shooters, men and women alike.

The shooting platform has a free surface, offering beautiful operating space when shooting. You can also have your accessories and ammo within reach as the bench table features two pockets.

With portability a must for the category, this one becomes a top choice. Not only that, it weighs 35lbs, but it also folds compactly and flat, easing out the transportation. You can effortlessly care it around and store it when not in use.

On top of everything else, the shooting bench checks the portability box too, and you can take it when sighting, target practicing, hunting, or dialing in scopes.

We also need to mention that it has a removable design, and it’s possible to replace sandbags or shooting rests. The list of qualities also includes the ambidextrous design, with four installation points made for both right and left-handed users.

  • It has a steel frame for stability and strength
  • It’s made for outdoor use and has a powder coating
  • You can adjust the height
  • It’s lightweight and folds flat
  • It has a removable design and allows ambidextrous use

  • Some find the steps for assembly tricky to follow
  • It has no backrest

The good outweighs the bad when it comes to the portable bench, and you shouldn’t hesitate when looking for a reliable model to carry around.

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Best shooting bench for the money

6) Kill Shot Portable Shooting Bench Seat with Adjustable Table Gun Rest

Just because you’re not willing to pay an arm and a leg for your shooting bench, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a good quality bench for a fair price. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that for the money you pay, you get quite a good deal with the Kill Shot Portable Shooting Bench Seat with Adjustable Table Gun Rest.

The shooting bench is quite big but it’s foldable. It’s compact when folded, which makes it easy to carry around and store.

The seat has 12-inch diameter, which is fine for most of us out there. It swivels 360 degrees, which gives you a good range of positions and also adjusts forward and back for better reaches in various situations.

The gun rest has a great design, which makes it easy to use for all shooters. The V-yoke design in the front is adjustable in the height and swivels for best comfort, no matter if you are right or left handed shooter. The gun rest is adjustable to any position and the non-scratch rubber coat protects it and expands its life span.

The list of things we like doesn’t end here and we also need to mention the bench top cover with padded vinyl for better protection.

In addition, in case this isn’t enough for you, note the two shell/gear pouches that are so helpful to store more ammo.

The steel tubing on the shooting bench gives its stability and rugged build. The bench is dependable and made for the heavy-duty jobs.

  • The shooting bench is foldable and easy to carry and to store
  • The seat swivels 360degrees and adjusts forward and back
  • The gun rest is also adjustable for all shooters
  • The shooting bench has steel tubing and is steady and rugged

  • The bench is a bit on the heavy weight side
  • It may not be the best choice for the big guys out there

No matter the cons, we still think the shooting bench is a good option, for a fair price.

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Best portable shooting bench

7) Goplus Portable Shooting Table Seat Set, Deluxe Shooting Bench

The Goplus Portable Shooting Table Seat Set, Deluxe Shooting Bench is loaded with qualities, but it’s the portability and durable built that impress the most.

The shooting bench has a steel frame that ensures stability. It’s a strong bench that can hold up to 300 lbs. it also presents a powder-coated design so that the frames don’t rust, which makes the bench perfect for outdoor use.

Adjustment is essential for shooting benches, and this one doesn’t disappoint. You may easily adjust the height of the table and the shooting rest. Therefore, youths, men, and women may easily use it on any surfaces.

The shooting platform is large and offers excellent operating space for arms and guns while shooting. Once you’re done, you can also use it to clean your weapons. Moreover, you also get to store within reach your ammo and accessories in the two pockets.

Folding the shooting table is straightforward. Once you fold it, it has a compact shape for more accessible storage and transportation. It only weighs 35lbs, so carrying it isn’t a problem for most.

The seat is cushioned and removable. It’s easy to remove and fix it thanks to the belts. The price is attractive, and the shooting bench has excellent value for the money.

  • It has steel frames for increased stability
  • It handles up to 300lbs weight capacity
  • The powder coating design reduces the risk of rust
  • The height is adjustable, and the shooting platform is wide
  • It folds compactly, and it’s lightweight
  • It comes with removable and padded seat

  • The height when sighting could be better
  • It doesn’t come with a bag

Despite minor issues, the shooting bench is a stable, dependable, adjustable, and easy to carry around a model that it’s worth every single penny.

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Best shooting bench rest

8) Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 Adjustable Ambidextrous Recoil Reducing Rifle Shooting Rest

The Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 Adjustable Ambidextrous Recoil Reducing Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Range offers shooters one of the most reliable recoil reduction systems on the market. The Lead Sled DFT2 surprises with the versatility, and you can use it for almost rifle or shotgun out there.

The accuracy shooting platform can slide the front cradle back and forth, all along the dual-frame, ensuring fantastic length adjustment. You can obtain windage customization up to 2.5in of the front elevation. The dual frame build spreads the maximum quantity of recoil energy, whereas the non-marring rear cradle presents an efficient recoil-reducing rear pad, protecting your firearm’s finish. The baffled weight tray is made for a maximum of 100lbs of lead shot. Thanks to the built, the rest remains solid throughout and after every single shot.

The skeletonized rest, along with the no-skid rubber feet and read cradle, keep the gun in place, without harming any point of contact.

The knobs for adjustments are well placed, easing out the changes that don’t need you to remove the gun from the rest.

The rifle shooting rest is very well made and works efficiently. It has a solid build, and putting it together is relatively straightforward. It’s a rugged system with several features and excellent firearm length fit customization.

  • You can slide the front cradle back and forth
  • The dual frame build ensures an amazing spread of the recoil energy
  • It’s rugged and very well made
  • It’s active and strong
  • It comes with the non-marring rear cradle
  • It has skeletonized rest

  • It may not work for all rifles
  • You need to add bags for stability

Even if the shooting bench rest isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still loaded with enough qualities that satisfy most shooters.

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Best bench rest shooting bags

9) DeadShot Boxed Combo

For the know-it-all/do-it-all shooter a great option for bench rest-shooting bags are the DeadShot Boxed Combo.

First of all, the set of shooting bags comes unfilled so it’s really up to you to fill them. The filling is quite easy to do and the instruction that comes along is sure easy to follow. You get to fill the bags as much as you want, according to your comfort and needs. In addition, you get to use what filling suits you the most. Some would typically go with the beanbag stuffing; some would use the birdseed. You can also get some help from the walnut husk, if that’s your liking. It’s basically up to you, which type of filling you want to go with. Just don’t use rice- as good as, it sounds, it’s not the best option.

The bags are made of long lasting 600-denier polyester. The seams are very well made and the bags are well sealed. The material is also water resistant, which is always a nice feature.

In terms of features, we also notice the quick-connect feature that gives the bags reliable portability. You can easily carry around the bags on the field.

The bags are very well made, lightweight and make it as great option for rifles with fixed stock. They have good quality materials and the top surface is made of real leather (soft suede).

  • The bags are well made, with good quality materials
  • It’s easy to fill them
  • They are water resistant and sealed tight
  • They work best for rifles

  • The bags aren’t for you if you don’t like the extra effort
  • The bags are water resistant and not water proof

All in all, for a good price, you get reliable, easy to fill bags that come with many good things and only few drawbacks.

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Best bipod for bench shooting

10) Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch BiPod

Giving you the precision you need for your shoots, the Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch BiPod is not only very well made, but also comes with plenty of functional features.

The bipod is highly lightweight which makes it incredibly easy to carry around. It expands from 6” to 9”, using the leg notches.

The list of features includes the swiveling ability of the bipod, which is so helpful when shooting from uneven surface. The legs are spring loaded so the deployment isn’t just smooth, but also very fast.

The bipod also features a built-in sling swivel stud so you may attach the sling. We also notice the leg notches in 1” increments.

The lightweight of the bipod doesn’t minimize its stability, but actually sustains it. The bipod is very well made and has a rugged construction, without adding the weight. It’s definitely a long lasting bipod as it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The bipod is highly versatile and you can use it for any rifle. The rugged build makes it also up for the heavy guns.

The rugged build of the bipod gives you confidence. The spring-loaded deployment is reliable and the flip up legs are easy to operate.

You can securely mount the bipod when in need.

Very well made and easy to use, the bipod comes for a great price, which may be essential to some.

  • The bipod is very well made and comes with lifetime warranty
  • The swiveling ability makes it functional on uneven surfaces also
  • It’s very easy to use and to carry around
  • It has a strong build and gives great stability

  • The swivel lug may come loose
  • You need to use it carefully

Cons or no cons, the bipod is still ready for so many shooting situations, for a very long time.

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how to choose a shooting table - guy shooting ar15 from table

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Buyer’s Guide – What Aspects Count the most when Selecting a portable shooting bench?

If you’ve been shooting for some time now, you know that numerous aspects will affect your performance. The shooting bench is a fundamental factor to consider. Go over our buying guide to figure out what factors in your shooting bench can impact your shooting performance.


No shooting bench is good if it doesn’t provide stability. Even the entry-level shooters know that you need all the stability you can get for precision on your shooting. No matter the extra-features, at the end of the day, balance is what you want most in a shooting bench.

But it’s not only the shooting bench that ensures stability; you also need to know how to use the bench for steady shooting. Take a look at the shooting rest where you’re placing the barrel of the gun. When the shooting rest isn’t sturdy, the chances for an accurate shooting are dramatically reduced.

Additionally, you need to check the tabletop too. Laying the other half of your gun there is important; it doesn’t matter if you can’t put it straight on top. You can use the shooting hand for holding it still.

The tabletop creates a reliable base for the shooting hand, so make sure you keep it stable as well.


Shooting involves a lot of moving around and experiencing all kinds of new environments. When you’re looking for a shooting bench to take on your many sessions, portability is going to be essential. A shooting bench that is easy to carry around is going to give you speed and reduce your strain throughout the day.

In all fairness, portability is tricky to find on a shooting bench. However, you can find models that allow portability. What you want the most in a shooting bench counts when deciding on a model. If you like to walk all day long, a lightweight model is the right choice. But if you want your shooting bench to be easy to fit in your pick-up truck, a model that folds flat could work better.

Easy folding

When selecting a shooting bench that is both portable and easy to fold is going to be tricky to find. Again, you need to find the perfect balance between a model that is easy to fold up/down, and allows effortless carrying.

You don’t want to spend too much time while folding the shooting bench, not trying to figure out how to do it when out on the field.


Anyone hunting for some time now knows that still hunting becomes can tire you too. And it’s not only the excellent hunting boots or the proper clothing that ensure comfort. A shooting bench that keeps you comfortable becomes essential for the whole experience too.

Luckily for all shooters out there, the majority of shooting benches on the market feature comfortable seats. Thigh support and back for the seat increase the level of comfort. Proper depth for the seat and significant back support is what gives a good shooting bench.

Keep in mind that the seat has to be weather-proof. Nothing can ruin your day like a wet seat. Vinyl coverings and synthetic materials are standard for seats.

Weight/ease of transportation

Weight and portability are fundamental for the shooting bench, especially if you’re using it when hunting. The shooting bench has to be compact and lightweight so that it doesn’t slow you down while walking.

A shooting bench that folds flat and it’s easy to attach to the gear is ideal. Don’t forget to check the shooting rests, as they also have to be portable. Some models are big and bulky but come with carrying handles, easing out transportation.


Adjusting your gun for elevation and windage when using a shooting rest is a challenge. Making the adjustments on the rifle or pistol while in a gun rest doesn’t come easy. It’s why experienced shooters look for models with elevation and windage adjustments.

Sometimes, even adjustability for elevation is better than nothing. Make sure you know what you’re trading adjustability. Adjusting the shots by setting the rest and not the weapon while in the shooting rest is easier on any given day.

The purpose

Shooting benches are made for hunters and target shooters that look for precision when in the field. But some models are built for helping the shooters sight in the weapon.

Shooting benches used in the field are supposed to be lightweight and portable, whereas models in the second category are more massive. You cannot have both when out in the field.


When you’re going to use accessories such as cheek pads, scope, and more, space becomes fundamental. While calibrating the gun, the space becomes fundamental as you need it for dismantling the gun and carefully checking it.

It’s great if the shooting bench includes some side pockets so that you store extra ammo and empty shells for hunting. Some shooting benches provide more ample space than others, but you may have to sacrifice on the portability.

Recoil reduction

When shooting a high caliber firearm, the recoil is one of the most unpleasant things. A good shooting rest typically comes with backrest for a rifle built-in. Not only that, they support the rifle, but they also reduce the recoil.

You should choose a shooting bench that provides recoil reduction, especially when using a rifle.


No shooting bench is of any use if it breaks in the middle of your hunting day. All useful features are useless if the shooting bench doesn’t take excessive use and constant folding/unfolding. It should be made with sturdy yet lightweight material that doesn’t bend on the first day of shooting. Powder coating is also necessary, as it reduces the risk of rust.

What matters when buying tripod rests?

Bench rest competitors have been using tripod rests for a very long time, since they can give you a win or not. Here’s what gives a good tripod rest

  • A good tripod rest is made of aluminum or cast iron.
  • It can be adjusted for elevation and forend width.
  • It’s reliable and takes the use for a long time.

Keep in mind that bench rest may not be highly versatile, but they’re used in bench rest shooting for an excellent reason: ruggedness.

Have you ever tried using sandbags as rests when shooting?

For many years shooters used basic sandbags as shooting rests. They would place them on top of a bench.

There have been some improvements when it comes to this area too. Even if shooting bags aren’t as steady as other models, they’re highly versatile. Throwing one on the hood of the truck or when at a range is effortless. It’s what makes the sandbags impressive in terms of versatility.

One last piece of info

No matter the model you’re deciding to get, the type of weapon you’re going to use most of the time plays a significant role when selecting. Some shooting benches work better with rifles, whereas others only work for pistols. You can even find models that are designed exclusively for use with a crossbow. Make sure that the shooting bench you’re planning on buying works with your weapon of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shooting Benches

questions and answers about portable shooting benches

Q: Do you need a shooting bench?

A: Not all shooters seem to agree when it comes to the utility of the shooting bench. No matter if you’re only shooting at the weekend or go hunting every day, a shooting bench gives you precision. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to have more flexibility any now and then, and the shooting bench can give you that. A portable model lets you shoot your firearm in all kinds of situations, which is why many shooters get one at some point.

Q: Can you use the portable shooting bench at a shooting range?

A: It sounds incredible to have a portable shooting bench at a shooting range, especially since many of them offer their shooting ranges. But their models may not be what you want and need. A lightweight model with excellent stability is a reliable choice when going at a shooting range.

Q: Is it safe to use a portable shooting ranch behind the house?

A: If you can shoot firearms on your property, the chances are that you already build a shooting bench. If not, but still want to go to an area for some target practice, a portable rest is functional. It’s easy to take it from the storage place, set it up, shoot some rounds, and put it back in storage when you’re done.

Q: Can you use a portable shooting bench when hunting?

A: It’s also possible to take a portable shooting bench when hunting different animals. It goes without saying that no shooting bench of this kind is subtle, so you should install it in an enclosed ground blind. The portable hunting bench can be used when hunting varmints, hogs, coyotes, and even turkeys, with both shotguns or rifles. After all, having the possibility to swivel and silently pivot is essential, especially when your game doesn’t stand still for a long time.

Q: Is it essential for the seat to be comfortable?

A: More often than not, comfort is the most crucial aspect to consider when selecting your shooting bench. You will spend even hours sitting for getting your target, and comfortably sitting is essential. Even if you’re not far from your goal, you don’t want to get stuck in an uncomfortable position. Look for a model that comes with padded seat and backrest for increased comfort while shooting.

Q: Do you need a hand rest or not?

A: Even if the padded seat is essential, it’s not enough when sitting down for hours. A hand rest that is easy to adjust is also lovely to have on a shooting bench, especially if you’re hunting.

Q: Why is the space factor important in a shooting bench?

A: When it comes to shooting bench, space refers to the entire area where you and your things sit. For instance, you want to have your ammo within reach, so a shooting bench with storage space for it is a great choice. When you have extra space, you don’t lose time trying to find what you need. You get to focus better at your shooting and see whatever it was that you needed.

If you’re tall, a portable shooting bench that provides enough space for you to sit comfortably is a proper model.

Q: What are the benefits of portability?

A: When you’re only shooting in the backyard, you don’t necessarily need a portable model. But if you want to take your bench when hunting, portability is something you cannot do without. You will move around a lot and go after your target, so you want the shooting bench to be reasonably lightweight as well. Some models come with shoulder straps for effortless transportation, so spend some time when selecting.

Q: Are stability and sturdiness fundamental?

A: No matter how great your portable shooting bench is, you will never get the same stability as with a fixed model. It doesn’t mean that you should compromise and forget about sturdiness and durability for good. However, when portability is the best part about your shooting bench, something’s got to give. And it’s stability that you may have to sacrifice when carrying the bench around all day is essential for your needs.

Q: Can you build your portable shooting bench?

A: If you’re the DIY kind of person, building your shooting bench, portable or not, seems like a perfect plan. There are plenty of ideas to try out there. Typically, you should consider wood and steel for making your portable shooting bench. A ½in plywood top installed to a collapsible steel frame is the main component of your mobile model. Keep in mind that it all has to be lightweight enough to ensure effortless transportation while on the field.