Best Shooting Gloves

Once you have come up to the conclusion that you need to include the shooting gloves in your shooting gear, you’re only few steps away from a great protection for your hands while shooting.

Wearing shooting gloves is not mandatory when shooting and whereas some put a big fat “No” on using shooting gloves, others don’t even hit the range or go hunting without a pair of shooting gloves.

The ABC on Shooting gloves

But why get shooting gloves and not use the tactical gloves that you already have? Shooting gloves protect your hands and give also some padding and reinforcement.

Tactical gloves typically give more protection. Some are made of Kevlar and are cut-resistant and you can even find gloves fire-resistant as they have Nomex. Some tactical gloves feature reinforced knuckles as there are is a risk for you to have to fight for your life.

As shooting gloves also feature long lasting Kevlar cloth, they also are considered by some tactical gloves. Kevlar is flexible and gives a tight fit and is the best choice for the shooting gloves, but fabric is the only similarity between tactical and shooting gloves.

A good pair of shooting gloves doesn’t only have to fit our hands (and wallet), but also to protect you as high caliber weapons may leave some bruises on your hands.

Even though shooting gloves are a great comfort when it comes to your hands, the more time you spend shooting with your gun, the more chances you get familiar with it, thus reducing the possible bruising.

What to look for when getting shooting gloves?

The shooting gloves takes some of the friction off of the gun itself, control the recoil and gives you a great grip.

You may find hard knuckle and soft knuckle shooting gloves. When you want more grip from the gloves, the hard knuckle gloves are the gloves to get. This type is also a bit more tactical.

The most popular type of shooting gloves is the soft knuckle gloves as they are lightweight and very breathable. The soft knuckle shooting gloves insulate your hands enough so that you may wear them in warm and cold weather just as well.

Every single pair of shooting gloves is customizable enough once you put them on. After 24 hours of use, the shooting gloves break in and perfectly fit your hands. Shooting gloves don’t have to only fit, but they also have to be flexible and give you freedom when shooting. So, there is a certain balance between flexibility and tightness that shooting gloves need to reach. You don’t want any cloth getting in the way of the trigger and your index. And, just as well, you don’t want gloves that cut off blood circulation and are uncomfortable.

It seems that found the solution to this perfect balance and created fingerless shooting gloves so that you may pull the trigger freely.

But, Kevlar shooting gloves stand up as they are elastic enough to fit snuggly onto your hands and remain tight enough to shoot the trigger freely. Best shooting gloves even feature a thinner layer of Kevlar around the tips of the fingers, for better performance when shooting.

It’s also very important for your shooting gloves to give a good grip. But, this also may differ and best shooting gloves have extra firm grips. You are the one to decide which type of grip you prefer and the shooting gloves may give a great range of grip.

As a joke, you could try pouring some baby oil onto your gloves and try to catch a crap. Joke aside, take the shooting gloves out in the field and give them a try J

Top 5 Shooting Glove Reviews

For a low price you can get so many good things from the Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam M-Pact. As they are comfortable and designed for the heavy duty use, the Mechanix also give the right fit that you need when shooting. Here’s our list of pros:

  • The Form-fitting TrekDry with MultiCam camouflage keeps your hands cool and comfortable at the same time
  • There is Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard and finger protection from the gloves
  • The TPR gives light protection and a seamless fit to your wrist
  • The dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement gives protection and durability
  • The XRD palm padding absorbs impact and vibration which makes the Mechanix great for shooting
  • The embossed fingertip pattern helps with the overall dexterity and gives a good feel also
  • The gloves are machine washable
  • The gloves have a good built
  • There is a good grip for the gloves
  • The detailed work on the gloves makes them versatile and efficient in so many situations
  • The gloves work for the heavy duty use also
  • There is great finger mobility with the gloves
  • The Mechanix are great for running and shooting
  • The price is great for the quality you get

As much as we like the Mechanix, there are some issues so here are the cons:

  • The Logo on the gloves is not subtle at all
  • There is a chemical smell in the beginning, but it fades away after a while
  • The gloves don’t keep you very warm

All in all, for the money you pay you get reliable, efficient and versatile shooting gloves.


As they give a good fit and yet good flexibility when shooting, the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves are a good option for your shooting experience. Here are the pros:

  • The gloves go great in the hot summer and in the cold weather also
  • There is conductive thumb and trigger finger material
  • You may also use the touch screen with the PIG gloves
  • The Touch Screen conductive synthetic sued on the index finger and thumb is efficient
  • The selective Forschette Material means the inside forschettes are ventilated for maximum wicking
  • The Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm means the gloves are specifically designed so there’s only one material contacts your shooting grip
  • The gloves give a good fit and flexibility for your shooting
  • The sensitized and isolated trigger finger means more accuracy on your shooting as the trigger finger is more sensitive
  • There is good ventilation on the gloves
  • There are no seams on the fingertips so this means more durability and sensitivity also
  • The gloves give just the right fit
  • The gloves are very comfortable and lightweight
  • There is good balance between flexibility and tight fit for the gloves

Some things need to be improved so here are the cons:

  • The gloves tend to run a bit short so it’s wiser to go up a size
  • The knuckles are not reinforced, but only padded

As they offer flexibility and comfort while shooting, the PIC Full Dexterity have also other great features that make them worth every penny.


For your winter shooting experience, a good, reliable pair of gloves is the Cabela’s MT050 GORE-TEX Stalker Shooting Glove. Here are our pros:

  • The gloves feature calfskin leather palms
  • The trigger fingers give a good grip on your gun or bow
  • The gloves are grippy
  • The Cabela’s MT050 are comfortable to wear
  • It’s easy to put the gloves on/take them off
  • The gloves are 100% waterproof
  • The breathability is efficient on gloves
  • The gloves have Gore-Tex inserts are 60-gram Thinsulate TM insulation to keep your hands warm and dry in cold, wet weather
  • The gloves have tricot linings
  • The knit cuffs secure the warmth inside and don’t let the water or cold get inside
  • The gloves are high quality
  • There is good flexibility for the gloves
  • The gloves are quiet
  • The gloves are flexible, even though they are thick

As for the cons, there aren’t many but we still mention them:

  • The stitching doesn’t have a durability feeling
  • The gloves run small

But, fairly priced, the gloves are a good, insulated shooting pair of gloves.


The more you are willing to pay for your shooting gloves, the more you get as performances. It’s the case of the First Lite Softshell Shooting Gloves 2.0 that surprise you with their flexibility, despite their rather bulky appearance. Here are the pros:

  • The gloves have Duraface stretch fabric with fleece liner
  • The gloves give a good fit and flexibility at the same time
  • There is no grip trigger finger for enhanced trigger feel
  • The gloves proved dexterity when shooting
  • They go great in the mid-season and chilly weather
  • The gloves have 3 layers of soft shell fabric
  • The palm features goatskin leather
  • The trigger finger is also with digitally textured goatskin
  • There are goatskin leather shooter pivot pads on palm and thumb
  • The “Fit to Hunt” system give great grip and fit
  • The flick nose wipe on back of thumb is useful in the cold weather
  • The full-length cuff with Velcro closure keeps warmth inside in the cold winter
  • The softshell gloves include a “release portal” so you use them while shooting
  • The gloves come in men’s sizes: M, L, Xl

When it comes to the cons, there aren’t any to mention. You need to know the gloves work in the cold weather and not in the hot summer so there’s that.


When you want a classical look for your shooting gloves, the Orvis Deerskin and Fleece Shooting Glove give you not only the look, but also great reliability. The gloves are comfortable, give a great fit and there are many pros to consider:

  • The gloves have windproof Berber Fleece back
  • The palm and index finger are made of deerskin
  • There is brushes fleece lining that keeps your hands warm enough
  • The gloves don’t need to be broken in
  • The gloves give a great, comfortable fit
  • The grip is good
  • The gloves run true to size
  • The Orvis are soft, subtle and have a great feel to it
  • The Orvis gloves look amazing
  • The gloves are thin, giving great sensitivity
  • The color is nice
  • The gloves are very well made
  • The sizing is good
  • There is great dexterity with the gloves

There are some minor issues so here are the cons:

  • The gloves have a thin insulation so they are not for the coldest winter
  • There is not enough material between the thumb and fore finger
  • There are some thick seams in the fingertips
  • Some consider the gloves to be a bit pricey

But, for the elegance and reliability, flexibility they bring, the Orvis sure make a great and nice looking asset for your hunting gear.