Best Shooting Rest

best shooting restJust because you shoot well, it doesn’t mean that’s the best you can do. Don’t think it’s your fault as it takes more than a steady hand when shooting (no matter what your far more experienced friends may tell you).

Double-check your list of tools for shooting: sights, scope, ammunition…Well, the list isn’t over until you put the shooting rest on it. Why is the shooting rest important? It’s not only that holds and sets in place the weapon, but it takes you out of the equation and you only need to focus on the target and…draw the trigger.

It’s also true the shooting rest doesn’t bring you a perfect shoot every time. However, when using a shooting rest, you’re not going to shoot that bad either.

Don’t get us wrong though. Not just any shooting rest will do. You do need to look for some details on the shooting rest that will give you the best choice for your needs.

You can sure start by looking on the recoil of the shooting rest, which shouldn’t be less than 90%. The impacts of backlash may hurt you and also induce terrible target. A shooting rest with stable gives more extensive surface and minimize recoil.

You need a long lasting material for your shooting rest (metal is a very good example). The grip has to be also solid and coated with foam for longer absorption of the recoil. No matter how durable your shooting rest is, you still need to take care of it and clean it on regular basics.

Last but not least, you also have to give a thought on the safety of use. The firearm has to be held immovably in place, even though there may be recoil. In addition, if your kids are around, always put the shooting rest concealed and away from your kids.

With all this in mind, you’re only one-step away from getting a new shooting rest. Well, take a look at your wallet first too!

Top 5 shooting rest reviews

If you are the do-it-on-your-own kind of shooter, getting the DeadShot Boxed Combo (Front & Rear Bag) seems only natural as they come unfilled and you may fill them as much as you want/need.

We like the bags for their versatility as you may place them on so many types of shooting surfaces. Moreover, as they are made of tough 600-denier polyester, they sure present as durable and water resistant bags just as well. The seams are strong, durable and give a great seal to the bags.

The bags are easy to fill and the instruction that comes along are a big help, if you kind of walk in the dark. Most of us out there go with beanbag stuffing, but you can also get creative and use birdseed, walnut husk. The choice is yours, as long as you stay away from rice.

The portability of the bags is another thing to consider. The quick-connect feature lets you move them easily around, wherever you may need them.

The bags are sure lightweight and are a dependable choice for rifles with fixed stock. The real leather (soft suede) on the top surface is a final detail that tells a lot about the bag’s durability.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The bags are well sealed and made with good quality materials
  • They are versatile and work on many types of shooting surfaces
  • You may fill them according to your needs
  • They are durable, lightweight, portable and water-resistant

We need to list the cons also:

  • You need to fill them and if you want something ready out of the box, they are not for you
  • Water-resistant doesn’t mean waterproof

All in all, for just few bucks, you get some reliable, customizable, lightweight shooting rests to try on your shooting practice.


When it comes to the Steady Rest NXT Shooting Rest, we can honestly say there are many good things we like it for, but it’s the versatility and ease of use that impress us the most.

The shooting rest may be of big help for long guns and handguns also. You get to use it for sighting it rifles and pistols and pattering shotguns just as well.

You get a sturdy platform that comes with elevation-adjustability and a three-piece design. The design lets you either use the rest in one or two-piece style so you get to adjust it to the length of your long gun or handgun.

The non-marring material on the front and rear support doesn’t damage your firearm finish, but it’s firm enough to give you a stable shooting areas.

The shooting rest is 26 inch long and features 3-inch vertical cradle adjustment. The handgun rest is doubled by the front rest. A neoprene pad ensures a firm, yet cushioned base for your firearm.

You may use the shooting rest also when cleaning your fire gun. The rest is lightweight, easy to store and to assemble. It has a good build and it’s easy to raise/low.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The shooting rest may be used for long guns and handguns also
  • The two-piece design makes the rest versatile
  • The rest is well padded, but firm enough to give a steady support
  • The rest has a good build and is easy to use

We would like to see some improvements:

  • The rest is lightweight so it moves too easily
  • The rear rest is kind of low

Despite the minor issues, for the versatility and efficiency, the shooting rest is a good option to stick with.


The solid build of the Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor Adjustable Shooting Rest is one of the things that make this shooting rest a reliable choice anytime.

The shooting rest presents an all-steel tubular build and the studded feet sure give a solid shooting anchor. We like the shooting rest for its design also, which allows ease of use for bot right and left handed shooters.

As we go through a more detailed look, we notice a soft touch grip for adjusting course and an elevation that gives you just the right alignments. You can get as much as 2” elevation adjustment with the rest.

One of the reasons for using a shooting rests is to minimize recoil and the butt plate guard on the Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor Adjustable Shooting Rest sure minimizes recoil.

Another great feature on the rest is the front shooting bag and the accessory side trays that help you either store some gear or add more weight to the shooting rest.

The shooting rest keeps in place your gun and is AR compatible. It has a heavy weight, which ensures good stability and quite some portability.

The rest is easy to assemble and to use and gives plenty of room for customizing according to your needs.

Our most important pros would be:

  • The shooting rest has a solid all-steel tubular build
  • It may easily be used by left and right shooters
  • It keeps your gun in place, steady
  • It gives plenty of room for changes

As for the parts, we like less:

  • Some think the front pins are a bit useless
  • The rest could use more padding

Nevertheless, for the solid build and the options for changes, the shooting rest is a great choice for any avid shooter.


It’s impossible not to consider The Rock Shooting Rest Combo with Rear Bag-Filled a dependable option as it gives you stability, to say the least.

The shooting rest sure presents a wide and stable footprint with its 13-inch diameter base. The forend cradle is designed so that it accommodates all Caldwell Deluxe Universal Front Rest bags.

The filled medium varmint front bag and the filled rear bag are made of long lasting water resistant fabric.

There are many features we like on the shooting rest and the fingertip elevation adjustment is just one of them. The built-in carrying handle adds to the list though and sure makes the rest more portable.

The shooting rest does everything any good rest should: gives you stability when shooting, increasing your accuracy and minimizing recoil.

The rest is heavy weight in the good way and has a solid build. It’s easy to set it up and is fully adjustable. The stability is impressive and you can sure rely on it for a long time.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The rest has a good weight and is very stable
  • It’s fully adjustable
  • It comes with rear-bag filled
  • It’s easy to set it up and to carry around

We do want to notice the minor flaws:

  • It’s not an option for your AR15
  • It’s a bit heavy weight so you do need some muscle to carry it around

The minor issues aren’t deal breakers for us and we like the stability and the strong build of the shooting rest altogether.


Getting a shooting rest like the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest is a smart buy and you can take advantage of the many features of the shooting rest.

The rest is highly versatile and you may safely use it for both rifles and pistols. You don’t need to worry about its stability as the three point leveling system and the thumb locks sure create one steady shooting platform. You may find the zeroing very easy to do when using the rest.

A nice surprise for the rest it the optional vise attachment that converts the rest into a Gun Vise almost instantly. The vise is great especially when cleaning your rifle or your AR15.

The list of features also includes the horizontally telescoping Rear Shooting Pad that adjusts to all rifles, pistols and firearms. You may get on target really fast as the telescoping front Y rest adjusts vertically.

A high quality marine carpet covers the rear-shooting pad and the front Y rest for better protection and longer life span.

The rest has a heavy-duty steel build and the E-coat finish inside and out sure make it longer lasting. The rest is very well designed and made and is highly functional. Let’s not forget is well balanced and has just the right weight.

We should have started with this one: the rest is made in our USA so it’s a sure winner for many!

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The rest is well designed and made
  • It has a good build, balance and weight for stability
  • It’s versatile and you may also use it for your rifles, pistols AR15
  • It presents an optional gun vise attachment

As for the parts, we’d rather not see:

  • The rest is not the cheapest option out there
  • It could be made of even better quality materials

Cons or no cons, we still like the rest for the reliability, features and the well thought out design.

Best shooting rest for the money

You don’t have to be a hot head to get it from the first look: the Lead Sled Solo Shooting Rest is one heavy-duty shooting rest!

The rest is made of tough steel and it presents lever action compatibility.

The list of things we like on the rest is rather long and it begins with the smooth pivoting elevation system that is easy to control by just one knob. You get to make adjustments onto your target fast and easy, horizontally and vertically.

The non-marring support in front and rear is long lasting and the rest ensures amazing recoil reducing performances. This ability makes the rest a good option for so many types of rifles.

We also notice on the rest the durable rubberized coating on the front support that doesn’t scratch your gun and the build-in weight tray that holds a single 25-pound bag of shot. The welded steel brace covered with rubber boot keeps safe the butt of your gun and protects it also against abrasions.

The list of features includes also the built-in strap into the front support, securing your rifle onto the rest.

The rest is easy to assemble and to use and is highly portable. It gives plenty of room for your AR15 and is very well made.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The rest is very well made and has a strong build
  • It’s highly adjustable
  • It’s versatile and may be used for many types of rifles
  • It’s steady and takes you out of the equation when shooting

We can’t overlook the downsides:

  • Some think the rest is not for the high powered rifles
  • The Velcro is not long enough to fir an AR10

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us and we do think the rest is a great choice, considering the money you pay for it.


Best shooting rest for sighting in

If you are dedicated to your shooting and want to get a rest that helps you sight in the best, a strong and dependable option is the Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest.

As stability counts so much when trying to sight in, it’s important to mention the features of the rest that keep your gun nice and steady every time.

The ball bearing elevation adjustment lets you find the right position for your gun, whereas the two styles of front bags increase the stability of gun. You can get 2-stage elevation adjustment up to 11.5”.  The rest also takes any Caldwell front bag, becoming a lot more versatile.

In order to be more accurate, we have to mention the shooting rest gets to you with unfilled 3-lobe bag for the wide forends and a filled Medium Varmint front bag for sportier style forends. The forend support is better thanks to the bag tensioning system.

The cradle is windage-adjustable so you can make fine and smooth corrections with fingertips, getting more stability and, therefore, accuracy.

The rest is ready to use out of the box and is very intuitive. The layout of controls is well thought out and the rest is a good choice for an entry-level shooter also.

The rest is heavy enough to have good stability and has a solid build.

Let’s highlight our main pros:

  • The rest is designed for the best accuracy on shoots
  • It’s easy to use right out of the box
  • It has good stability and just the right weight
  • It presents many adjustments and is highly versatile

We wouldn’t mind to see some changes:

  • The front stock stop is course
  • The bags could be better

All things considered, we like the rest for the accuracy it gives you, becoming a solid option for sighting in.


Best rifle shooting rest

Get the best out of your rifle with the Lead Sled FCX Shooting Rest. The rest doesn’t just increase your accuracy, but it also lowers recoil, up to 95%.

The rest is great for many things and quick, accurate crosshair alignment is one of them. There are plenty of adjustments to be made on the rest: windage and elevation adjustments in one single movement. The shooting rest presents a 4” of course elevation adjustment at the rest.

When at 100 yards, the control arm gives you around 5 feet of adjustment on target and this is quite something.

The rest has a great design and is easy to use by both right and left-handed shooters. It’s sturdy, has a solid build and is great for sighting also.

The accurate alignment of crosshairs to target lets you get totally relaxed when pulling the trigger.

It’s easy to put together and the fine adjustments make it so versatile and reliable for the best shoot.

The most important pros are:

  • The rest lowers recoil by up to 95%
  • The crosshair alignment is fast and accurate
  • The rest is easy to setup and to use
  • It has a sturdy, solid build

We don’t forget the cons:

  • The weight bag isn’t the best out there
  • The rest isn’t the cheapest option

All things considered, for the accuracy and minimizing of the recoil, this rest is a great option for your rifles.


Best pistol shooting rest

It may not be the toughest shooting rest, but the Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest ca surely deliver efficiency and stability for your pistols or other firearms.

The shooting rest has plenty of good features and the rear base adjustments (from 4-1/2”) is just one of them.

The spring loaded elevation system is great as it allows you fast one handed, no wobble adjustment. The rest is highly versatile and may be used not only for pistols, but also for rifles, AR style rifles and lever action guns.

The front elevation mechanism is built in to the rest and the rest is adjustable in overall length by 4.5inches.

The rigid U-channel frame adjusts for the perfect fit to your gun, without losing the stability. A built-in storage area into the front of the base is another feature that counts. Let’s not forget the removable lid that adds more clearance when detached. The lid acts like a rubberized rear support surface when firing handguns.

The rest may have a lot of plastic, but it sure is durable and reliable. It’s easy to use and works great for zeroing.

Let’s put a light on the best parts:

  • The rest is highly adjustable and versatile
  • The rest may be used for rifles, handguns and even AR rifles and lever action guns
  • It presents a front elevation mechanism
  • It’s easy to use and to adjust

Let’s balance things a bit with the minor flaws:

  • The rest does have a lot of plastic which doesn’t scream durability
  • It has no strap to secure your rifle

The minor issues don’t make us change our minds and we’d take it out on the field to shoot our pistols any given day.


Best shooting rest for AR15

When we take a look at the MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest it’s not only the price that makes a nice first impression, but also its versatility just as well.

The shooting rest comes with so many other good features and it would be such a shame not to try it once.

The low price may mislead you on its performance, but it’s not the case. The shooting rest is actually entirely adjustable and may be used for both tough rifles and handguns.

It features a precision dialed screw pedestal that adjusts the forearm level for accurate positioning every time. It also features front and rear shooting pads and the non-marring rubber used for them sure protects your gun from scratching.

As you may have figured it by now, the shooting rest comes with many adjustments. The handgun pad may accommodate various sized pistons and even removed when you plan to use an AR-15. In case you find the rest too lightweight, you can add more weight as it presents designated compartments.

The hand wheel elevation system makes the adjustment fast and easy and the rest may also be adjusted on its overall length. The handgun rest storage box gives you 4 positions and you may easily remove them when in need.

No worries on the stability either, as the rest features 4 smooth rubber feet that eliminate slippage.

The rest is easy to put together and the instruction are quite clear and easy to follow. In addition, despite the plastic on the rest (that is pretty thick), the rest leaves a durability feel.

Let’s make a very short list of pros:

  • The rest is entirely adjustable to fit rifles, AR 15 and handguns
  • It comes with front and rear shooting pads
  • It’s easy to put together and to carry around
  • It’ reliable and durable

We barely have some comments to make:

  • The rest is a bit too lightweight and you need to use the designated compartments to add some weight to it
  • Some think it has a flimsy feeling

Nevertheless, considering the low price, we think the rest is a great, reliable and durable choice anytime.


Best shooting rest bag

Either it’s because you find the shooting rest bags easier to adjust, or it’s because of their versatility, you can sure get a good deal when getting a reliable rest like the Caldwell Tack Driver Filled Shooting Rest Bag.

The unfilled version is here.

The shooting rest bag presents a self-tightening surface that grips your rifle steadily. The felt recoil is also minimized, which makes the rest even more functional.

The surface of the rest is not only very well made, but also non-marring and doesn’t slip which means it also doesn’t scratch or damage in any way your rifle’s finish.

The shooting rest bag is versatile and it’s able to support most the rifles and shotguns out there.

You don’t need to worry about filling it as it comes filled and is compatible with AR platforms mags, spec and molded plastic just as well.

The shooting rest is easy to use, wherever you’d take it (the build-in carrying strap helps with its portability too). It eliminates the need for a rear-shooting bag, which is also important when you have to carry so much gear.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The shooting rest bag gives you stability, accuracy and efficiency
  • It’s easy to use and highly versatile
  • It eliminates the need for a rear shooting bag
  • It comes filled

We do need to mention the cons also:

  • Some think the bag is on the heavy weight side
  • Some experienced some leaking, despite the good stitching

Nevertheless, for what it’s worth, the shooting rest bag sure is a great option to try when shopping around.


Best shooting bench rest

You can’t call yourself an avid shooter unless you get all the tools you need for the best shot. The list includes the shooting bench rest and a great example for that is the Benchmaster – Shooting Table.

Not only the bench is reliable, but also it’s also highly stable and durable. It presents a foldable design, which basically solves the problems of both transportation and storage. The built-in carry handle is the detail that makes the bench so easy to carry around.

In addition, if the sturdy steel legs give the bench stability, it’s the numerous adjustments that ensure its versatility. The bench has no less than 12 different adjustment points so that you can find the right position for the right shoot. You may adjust the height on each leg so you get a good leveling on different types of surfaces.

We also need to mention the large table area of the bench rest, which is so handy when you have so many gear items to display.

The whole bench rest is powder coated which gives you a longer lasting bench rest. Its resistance to elements is also increased thanks to the powder coating.

The bench rest is made with high quality materials and presents a lifetime warranty.

Let’s not forget to talk about the seat that is comfortable and swiveling, for more versatility on the shoot. You may very well expand it from 8” to 19”. You may set it differently for either for left or right handed use and use the full 170-degree adjustment.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The bench rest is very stable and durable
  • It’s adjustable on so many levels
  • The seat is comfortable and may be set for left or right handed use
  • The assemble is foldable for easier storage and transportation

As for the cons, we don’t have many:

  • Some would like a more sleek design on the bench rest
  • The stability can never be too good

In all fairness, our take aways are that the bench rest brings on the table so many good things and only few minor issues that aren’t deal breakers.

Best lead sled shooting rest

If you are the proud owner of some magnum rifle or slug gun, maybe a lead sled shooting rest gives you better precision (let’s blame the shooting rest this time). A very good example is the Caldwell Lead Sled plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest that manages to combine design and efficiency in a very good way.

The shooting rest presents adjustable weight tray that slides so that you may fit some bar bell weights or weight bags. The rest is very well made and has a strong build as it may hold up to two 25 lb. barbell weights. As for the lead shot, it’s strong enough to hold even 100lbs.

The elevation ram doesn’t “wobble” which is why the shooting gives you accuracy and minimizes recoil also (up to 95% while keeping your gun on target). The wobble is eliminates by the accurate elevation shaft and the non-marring rubber feet. The dual frame design dissipates recoil energy.

You can make fine windage and elevation adjustments with just fingertip control and remain in the best shooting position using the rear elevation collar. A stock-stabilizer rear bag keeps stock shift between shots, whereas the multi-surface rear foot gives good contact no matter the shooting surface.

The rest is quite versatile and is able to accommodate various weight types, from san, barbells to lead shot bags also. The dual frame alignment system adjusts 22” so that it may fit rifles, shotguns of all kinds.

The shooting rest is very well made and is great for sighting and zeroing your gun.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The rest is great for slug guns and magnum rifles
  • It presents adjustable weight tray slides to fit bar bell weights and weight bags
  • The rest eliminates recoil and is great for sighting in
  • The rest is very well made and is reliable

We would like to see some changes on the rest:

  • The instruction could be more helpful
  • Some consider it to be a bit pricey

The minor issues aren’t deal breakers for us and we think the rest is durable, reliable and gives you the accuracy you want for your shooting.


Best portable shooting rest

Let’s get things straight: when portability is the thing it counts the most for you on a shooting rest, you know it comes with a catch and you do need to close you eye on some things. Therefore, when you get yourself a portable, compact and lightweight shooting rest like the Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest, you are aware that some downsides come almost naturally.

Sure, it’s impossible not to like the patented quick height adjustment of the rest, which means you win on speed and efficiency when shooting. The folding shape and the compact design sure makes the rest a truly portable shooting rest. You only need a well-padded back to throw it in. you can also strap in the muzzle for easier carrying, if folding shape wasn’t enough for the portability. As for the weight, it’s almost incredible how lightweight the rest is: less than two pounds.

As for the set up,…how fast can you move your hands? None of these features though don’t lower the stability of the rest and you can still get steady shooting when using it. The tripod design makes the rest versatile and easy to set it on many types of surfaces. Don’t forget about the adjustability of the elevation that sustain the versatility.

We’re not done with the versatility of the rest that you can safely use on so many types of firearms.

Fast, easy to setup, reliable, adjustable and pretty steady. It’s quite a winner, right?

Here are its main good qualities:

  • The rest has a compact, lightweight design and is highly portable
  • It’s adjustable and easy to set up
  • It’s versatile and you may use it on many types of firearms and surfaces
  • It gives you stability and improves your accuracy

Putting the bells and whistles aside, the rest also comes with some downsides:

  • It’s not the best choice for a high caliber rifle
  • It doesn’t present space to add more weight

All in all, for a good price, you get not only a highly portable shooting rest, but also a reliable tool that makes you fast and more accurate out in the field.