The Best Holographic Sights of 2022

Holographic Sight Reviews

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Holographic Sight

If you are a hunter, you probably have heard about holographic sights. With many hunters starting to go for holographic sights, you might be wondering what’s so special about these versions. If you wish to learn more about these sights before making up your mind on purchasing one, here is all the information you need:

Conventional Sight vs. Holographic Sight

When you use a conventional scope, you can place the reticle over your target only if you align your eye with the scope. If your head is not perfectly aligned, the reticle of the scope will not be pointing on the target at the same spot as your gun.

When you use a holographic sight, the scope’s reticle will always be on the spot of your target where your weapon is pointed. Even if you move your weapon to the left of right, the reticle will move along, still maintaining its point of aim.

Why Use a Holographic Sight?

Holographic sights are certainly better than conventional red dot sights. They enable faster target acquisition, which makes it much easier for you to make follow up shots. Whether it is in a competition, while hunting, or when just practicing, when you need to fire shots repeatedly, the sight you choose should be able to allow you to shoot quickly and efficiently, which is exactly what holographic sights are designed for. Their increased field of view is another reason why they continue to remain a popular choice among hunters and competition shooters alike.

Holographic Sight Terms to Remember

Before you buy a holographic sight, it is important that you understand the various technical terms and components associated with it. Following are some critical terms you should remember:

Eye Relief

When you use an aiming sight, regardless of its type, you will have to stand at some distance from the viewing point in order to obtain a good view. This is what is referred to as eye relief. When you are too close to the sight, it is called short eye relief. Fortunately, with a holographic sight, there is no specific margin to eye relief. This unlimited eye relief allows you to stand at any distance from the sight while aiming.


Reticle refers to the small circle or dot you find on your sight. It basically acts like a projection and helps you attain a better aim to shoot your target. With almost any holographic sight, the reticle will be a laser light hologram, which means that you can obtain a clear vision even at night.


Like with any other sight, you should also adjust a holographic sight’s reticle horizontally and vertically once it is mounted. As you know, the spot where the reticle points is where the bullet hits; therefore, proper adjustment of the reticle is important to make sure you shoot right. Horizontal adjustments are also known as windage while vertical adjustments are also called elevations.

With several advancements, holographic sights today are becoming more and more affordable and compact, which in turn leads to their widespread popularity. Following are some of the best holographic sights you can find on the market today:

Top 5 Holographic Sights Reviews

1. EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech is the first company to introduce holographic weapon sights to the market. The company was founded in the year 1995 and they design and manufacture the product completely. There is no third party involved and everything is USA made and marketed, which is exciting for a customer. Holographic sight technology was brought to existence by them and they are one of the most popular brands in the market. EOTech 512.A65 is designed exclusively for short range shooting and it is used by military, tactical shooters, field agents and many customers all over the world.

The 512.A65 weapon sight is a true military grade best tactical weapon sight available for consumers. If you love close combat encounters, then you will find this product extremely useful. The sight weighs only around 10.9 ounces and is one of the lightest sights available. Glass laminate constructed using shatter proof material is placed in the rear facing window. Internal lens are designed to stay waterproof up to 10 feet and it also eliminates fogging. Superior quality aluminum body gives ultimate protection to the internal electronics. EOTech 512.A65 is shockproof and a highly durable tactical weapon sight. This sight is powered by just 2 AA batteries, which is one of the main highlights of the product.

Performance and accuracy are two key benefits offered by the sight. The fact that you get precision performance in close range shooting makes it one of the most popular holographic sights ever. Acquiring targets, accurate shooting and consistency are very important for close range shooting. All these three are provided in the best manner possible by the 512.A65 and that gives you an edge in short combat encounters. Extensive brightness levels of around 20, one of a kind in the market, is provided by this product. You cannot find any other product with such a wide brightness level. This provides enough eye relief on the field during long encounters.

Target acquisition is enhanced both in low light and bright conditions. Battery level is monitored by a microprocessor and this will let you focus on shooting rather than worry about running out of juice. Automatic shut down feature is also provided and you can adjust it as you need. There are no additional tools needed to make the adjustment. Consumers must remember that this is just a holographic sight and it does not have magnification properties. Reticle quality is inconsistent across the board and some users may find this frustrating. But, overall the product quality and performance is very good. Another drawback of this sight is that it does not support night vision. Holographic sights are not meant to provide night vision properties, but the 20 different brightness level settings will let you acquire targets in a better manner even under low light conditions.

EOTech 512.A65 holographic sight is used by many law enforcement officials for their personal and official needs. There are many fake 512.A65 floating in the market, so make sure that you buy the product from an authorized retailer or dealer. You cannot get any other better holographic sight than this in the market right now.

  • Superior quality military grade design and construction.
  • Precision performance is electronically aided.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for close combat situations.
  • Waterproof.
  • Shockproof.
  • Multiple brightness settings.
  • Optic is shatterproof.
  • 2 AA batteries are all you need to run this sight.

  • Lack of night vision.
  • Inconsistencies in product quality as reported by many consumers.
  • Many fakes are floating around.

2. EOTech XPS2-0

EOTech is a leading optics designer and manufacturer for weapons. Holographic weapon sights were introduced by this company and ever since, their products are used by thousands of expert shooters in the US and other countries worldwide. They are developing new optical accessories for several weapons and the product line is extensive. If you are looking to buy a holographic sight, then the first brand that should come to your mind is EOTech. EOTech XPS2-0 is one of the best combat holographic weapon sights from the brand. We shall review more about this product in detail.

XPS2-0 holographic sight is one of the most compact sights and is designed using the conventional EOTech square lens design philosophy. This sight is a second generation holographic sight and it has a circle dot reticle. XPS2-0 comes second in our list of the best 5 sights and that is purely because of the performance delivered by it. Lightning quick target acquisition and precision shooting is provided by this device. It weighs only about 9 ounces, which is less than 512.A65. Objective lens size of both these sights is the same, which ensures good accuracy and shooting performance. This sight is short, compact and priced a bit higher.

Shooters who often worry about the rail space will find this sight extremely useful because of the lesser rail space that it occupies. Smaller optic is the main reason for that, but those who love using full length rails may not find this much beneficial. XPS2-0 is a perfect companion for those of you using a magnifier or other iron sights in addition to this. EOTech has managed to make it even lighter by minimizing the optic size and also by reducing the batteries. You just need a single 123 lithium ion battery as the power source. This does make it lightweight, but this power source is expensive compared to the standard AA batteries and the run time is also 400 hours lesser, which is another major drawback. On an average, you would get around 600 hours battery life in medium brightness mode, which should be fine on most instances.

Optic lens is surrounded by an aluminum hood and this acts as a protective layer and also eliminates glare in bright light conditions. The optic used is crystal clear and offers a wide field of view, which provides excellent precision and accuracy. Split second tactical combat target alignment and engagement is provided by this sight. Quick target acquisition is provided by the external 65 MOA red circle reticle which is centered on an internal 1 MOS red dot. This sight is practically very simple to use and new shooters can get hold of it right away.

XPS2-0 is designed using military grade aluminum and this provides excellent rigidity and can handle even the most powerful weapons. Lack of night vision, costly and less juiced up 123 lithium batteries and the price of this sight are the three main drawbacks. Overall, XPS2-0 is one of the best holographic sights for combat shooting applications.

  • 20 brightness settings.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Waterproof.
  • Automatic shutdown function.
  • High quality design and construction.

  • Not night vision compatible.
  • Pricier.
  • 123 lithium battery is pricier and is not easily available.

3. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight

Dagger Defense is a company owned and operated by a veteran. All kinds of weapon accessories and optics to enhance accuracy are manufactured and marketed by this company. The brand is often associated with quality firearm products and accessories at affordable prices. All the products offered by the company are made for the masses. Amateur shooters and those who want to turn pros in the future can use these sights to become a pro shooter one day. Accuracy, quality and durability are the three main benefits offered by this particular product.

DDHB red dot sight is the most affordable high quality reflex sight you can buy from the market right now. This product will let you save money and purchase multiple firearm accessories. Tough aircraft quality durable aluminum construction gives it the durability needed to tackle all the tough conditions on the field. DDHB is small and does not take much of your weapon rail space. This lets you mount other accessories that you may need for performing combat operations. Only the best red dot sight like DDHB can help you acquire and shoot your target. Dagger Defense has managed to cut down the weight of this sight while maintaining its rigidity, which is quite remarkable. Square shaped window technology is incorporated and the red dot is operated using the 4 pattern reticle. Brightness level can be adjusted from dim to bright as well.

This red dot sight can be mounted easily on all your favorite firearms like AK47, AR10, AR15, and even on popular snipers, pistols, rifles, picatinny etc. You can install this sight easily on firearms that come with rail space. Your tactical rifle is going to look cool and attractive with this sight. Target acquisition and consistent encounters is provided in the best manner. If you are searching the market for buying your very first red dot sight, then this product is the one you should buy right away. Optics might be small, but the red and green dots with brightness settings give it an edge. Brightness adjustments can be locked on using locking screws and this prevents the occurrence of deviations. With a 33mm aperture and 15.8mm field of view at 100m, it is one of the most efficient sights.

Limited period warranty is offered by the company; therefore, if you find any fault in the product simply contact the customer service to get the product replaced. The reticle of DDHB is one of its strong aspects – allowing the user to make reticle adjustments, red or green reticle illumination, and different configurations. It may not be waterproof, but is water resistant, which allows you to use it even under rain or foggy conditions.

DDHB red dot reflex sight from Dagger Defense is the most affordable high quality reflex sight, and it does pack a punch. Product quality for the price paid is appreciated by many customers world over. One slight drawback of it is the brightness level, which makes the product fall short of the best.

  • Best value for money.
  • Can be mounted on any rifle.
  • High quality, durable and shockproof.
  • Brightness adjustments.
  • Best target acquisition.
  • Excellent customer support.

  • No magnifying properties.
  • Brightness can be improved.

4. BeamQ Reflex Holographic Rifle Scope Dot Sight

All kinds of laser sight products and accessories of different types are manufactured by the BeamQ. BeamQ product line is extensive and it has one of the widest collections of laser beams and accessories. As far as red dot tactical sights are concerned, the company offers just around 5 products. We are going to discuss about one of them – BeamQ reflex holographic rifle scope dot sight. BeamQ may not be the brand you will associate with the best holographic sight, but this particular product makes the brand stand out from other one-off holographic sight manufacturers.

The best red dot holographic scope dot sight may be expensive, but this product offered by BeamQ is excellent in terms of price and the features that it offers. Cheapest and best sights are very hard to find, and those of you who have searched the market for one such sight would understand what we are saying. There are many attractive features in this sight, so before you make the purchase, make sure to know all about it. You get this sight with 8 different reticles. You get multiple crosshair selections on offer and you can use the optical sight either in red or green color.

The existence of different reticles means you get different sight options. Each and every single shooter will have a different preference, and this sight lets every single one of them make adjustments to suit their styles. The sight will be a perfect one for a rifle that is used by multiple shooters. A wide range of brightness adjustments are offered by this sight and for your information, there are very few sights that offer such versatility. Controls are easy to operate and you can make adjustments for different light conditions pretty quickly.

Durability is not something we would associate with a product that is cheap. BeamQ reflex holographic rifle scope dot sight is constructed using tan metal and this gives it the rigidity to tackle rough outdoor conditions. It may not have the best waterproof properties, but you will not face any problems using it under rain or fog. CR2032 batteries are used as the power source and should be purchased separately. Quality of the product is a step above other cheap holographic sights, which is its selling point.

BeamQ reflex sight is the best buy if you are looking for a cheap and best sight for your firearms. The product is highly durable and has stolen the hearts of many cost conscious shooters. Multiple dot sight settings attract many customers. This is one of the very few yellow colored sights you may find in the market. Desert hunters and those who love an alternative for the most conventional black colored sight can buy this.

It offers a field of view of about 15.8mm at 100m with an aperture of 22mm. In total, it weighs only about 310g, which is light and ideal for combat operations. The product as a pack comes with the sight, storage box, 2 hex wrenches, instruction manual and a cleaning cloth. As mentioned before, batteries should be purchased separately. Night vision is not available, and similarly, you cannot expect top of the line adjustments and other luxury features you may find in some leading brands. BeamQ holographic sight is the best value for money and we would recommend all the first time buyers to try it out.

  • 8 reticles.
  • Wide brightness adjustments.
  • Cheap and durable.
  • Yellow sand colored sight.

  • No night vision.
  • Multiple sight functions and adjustments are not available.
  • Batteries should be purchased separately.

5. EOTech HHS II

EOTech is the most trusted and very popular firearm accessories and sight manufacturer. All the products are designed in-house and manufactured in the US. This company is the inventor of Holographic Weapon Sight and they don’t need a special introduction. Tactical shooters need to be right on target every single time on all circumstances, and to be accurate round the clock, you need this holographic hybrid sight. Acquire your target in lightning speed and transform the way you shoot accurately with this revolutionary packaged kit.

Holographic hybrid sight II from EOTech is a combination of EXPS2-2 that comes with a G33 STS magnifier and this hybrid sight is suited for all tactical shooting situations. It does not matter whether you are engaged in a short distance shooting or long distance shooting, you will be able to transition from one to another in flashing times. The magnifier is suited for long distance shooting scenarios and you could easily switch it off by using the Switch to Side mount. Tactical hunters aiming at a moving target will know exactly what we are talking about. By incorporating a magnifier, you are just going to widen your sight range, which is very useful on the field.

EXPS2-2 is designed in such a fashion that you don’t lose much rail space. Open eyed operation and the ability to handle all kinds of situations is provided by the sight. The reticle has a 68 MOA outer ring and a 1 MOA center dot which ensures accuracy and precision under different encounter ranges. Under the first dot you can find a second dot that is aligned with the magnifier for long distance firing. G33.STS magnifier is a gem when it comes to targeting long distance objects, and the 3X magnification is more than enough. Switch to Side (STS) mount is part of the magnifier and this enables users to transition from one shooting range to another seamlessly.

HHS II comes with quick release mounts and this lets you mount or re-mount the sight instantly. The sight is submersible as well, which gives you enough room for under water adventures. The base of this sight is raised by around 7mm and this lets you mount other iron sights and accessories you want. Illumination buttons of EXPS2-2 can be easily adjusted from the side. The 123 lithium battery is transversely mounted and provides enough power. G33.STS magnifier is not only powerful, but also compact and lightweight. All the adjustments can be made by hand and you would not need any additional tools.

Diopter adjustment offered by HHS II is user friendly and lets you focus on your target precisely and accurately. The magnification can also be adjusted using the STS. No other tactical holographic sight offers such versatility, options, flexibility and accuracy like the one offered by HHS II. Holographic hybrid sight II may be heavy and pricey, but it is a complete accessory for a tactical shooter. Quick detach mechanism and the revolutionary STS mount make it one of the best hybrid sights in the market.

  • 10 feet waterproof.
  • 30 brightness settings.
  • Eye relief is unlimited.
  • Anti-glare.
  • Shatter resistance optics.
  • Auto power source indicator.
  • Auto-shut off options.
  • STS mount.
  • Durable and accurate.
  • Crystal clear magnifier.

  • 23.1oz makes it considerably heavy.
  • Pricey.

Holographic Sights Buying Guide

The perfect scope is where the amateurs, as well as the pros, focus. It is a regular part of the shooting process. A standard optical scope forces the user to have his eye lined up with the scope to put the reticle (or a series of fine lines) over the target. If there is not a perfect alignment, the reticle ends up not pointing to the same location on the target as the gun is pointing. The standard optical has fallen out of vogue in favor of the holographic weapon sight.

A holographic weapon sight alleviates the problems present with the standard optical scope. First seen in 1998 and created by EOTech, it is a gun sight that is non-magnifying. It allows a user to look through an optical glass window. In so doing, a reticle image is superimposed. With the use of a holographic weapon sight, the reticle is always on target where the gun is pointing. So if you move your gun to the right, the reticle moves to the right. If you move your gun to the left, the reticle moves to the left. Therefore, the shooter has excellent control over accuracy and precision than ever before. With the advances in technology, these weapon sights are becoming more and more popular due to the ability to create these sights in a compact manner and with the capacity to reduce the cost of the sites considerably, making them more accessible to all shooters and not just a few. However, counterfeit and low quality devices are also on the market, and it is important for the buyer to do research before a purchase.

Some Facts About Today’s Holographic Weapon Sights:

1. Today’s holographic weapon sights are made to be not only lightweight but also compact.

2. The process is performed with the inclusion of a laser light to illuminate the holographic reticle that is projected on the target plane.

3. The products often include rail space for other tools, such as rear iron sights or magnifiers.

4. The holographic weapon sights require a battery, such as a lithium battery or AA batteries.

5. They cost anywhere between $400 and $600 on average.

6. Although they are similar to Red Dot sights, they are not Red Dot sights. You can tell a Red Dot sight by the aim point formed by an illuminated red dot. The holographic weapon sights are more expensive and more complexed than the Red Dot and involve more than the standard red dot.

Pros and Cons About Today’s Holographic Weapon Sights


1. The aiming reticle is far superior over a Red Dot. A Red Dot does what it sounds like, the shooter aims at a single red dot. However, a holographic weapon sight uses a circular reticle. This creates a greater ability for control and precision.

2. These are state-of-the-art devices. That means that they are made with a sleeker design, as well as being lightweight and compact. This is the shape of holographic weapon sights that people are looking for and that people have come to expect.

3. The target acquisition for these devices is such that the speed is faster than ever seen before. The amount of precision and control attainable with these devices is part of what makes them so popular. In addition, this functionality continues to be improved over the years.

4. The reticle on today’s holographic weapon sights is easy on the eyes. There’s no concern about eye damage with these devices. Also, the reticle is so powerful that it easily adjusts to various lighting conditions. Furthermore, the field of vision with these devices is wider than with other devices, such as the Red Dot devices.


1. One of the biggest cons of holographic weapon sights is the battery life. The devices use laser lights, and therefore, more electrical power is needed to sustain the lights. Therefore, using these devices drains battery power. It is strongly advised to make sure everything is turned off when not in use. Otherwise, you will require more battery purchasing for the device than is necessary.

2. Some functionality requires memorization of button commands to maximize functionality. For people who dislike having to memorize commands, such an interface can be a problem.

3. Although the holographic weapon sights are popular, they are more expensive than Red Dots, for example. You must be willing to shell out up to $1,000 for the devices. The typical devices range from $400 to $600. However discounts for these devices can be found at particular sites.

4. Some have said that the Red Dots are better at longer distances than the holographic weapon sights.

Why EOTech Sights Are The Best:

When you talk of holographic weapon sights, you will see one manufacturer come up time and time again; that is EOTech, the inventors of the devices. EOTech, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is in the business of designing, manufacturing and marking the electro-optic products. The holographic weapon sights are built for not only small arms but also for military and law enforcement and EOTech is the name that military and law enforcement look for.

EOTech is the best when it comes to holographic weapon sights. They have the products that have been tested over time to offer a superior product. In fact, when looking for these devices, you know that you will get the best if you look for the EOTech label. There are many counterfeit EOTech products on the market, and it is important for you to recognize those when you are seeking to purchase.

Genuine EOTech products can be found online at various dealers. You simply visit the EOTech sight, and they will give a list of authorized dealers to choose from online. Amazon, for example, is one of sites that offer EOTech products.

Reviews for the EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights:

User One is an ex-army person who was in the 101st airborne. The holographic weapon sight mounted easily, tight and straight on his AR-15 9mm. It took him less than 20 rounds to zero in. The user experienced excellent sight picture and fast target acquisition. The user found that the brightness could be adjusted and that the device will turn itself off after four hours. This saves on battery power.

User Two found that the ability to obtain an authentic model at a good price is possible with a little research. Mounting was easy, in seconds, for the user with the regular hex nut or big thumbscrew.

User Three who is a US Army Infantry rifleman found that the EOTech was more reliable than the Aimpoint. He found that the Aimpoint was hard to keep parts of it together, such as the screws. The user found that EOTech was reliable, easy to operate and sturdy.

User Four indicated that the EOTech devices are used almost entirely by law enforcement and the U.S. military. The user reported that there are a lot of benefits such as a wide field of view and a simple ease of function. The devices are good for close combat, and the devices are easy on the eyes. The user also indicated that the EOTech is easy to install. All the user had to do was slide the device on the rail and then lock it down with the set screw.

Of all the holographic weapons sights, the EOTech devices are the ones that are recommended to purchase. The devices can be found online at authorized dealers. It’s important for users to do their research to avoid counterfeit devices.