The Best Snake Proof Boots

Walking down the trails in the woods means not only having fun and enjoying nature, but also taking extra care when doing it.

If a windproof jacket or some sun care might do their job, when it comes to the legs there are some other dangers to consider.

We’re definitely not talking about the sharp rocks or the slippery watery trails, but we talk about …snakes and the harm they can bring us.

What are snake boots?

When we talk about the snake boots, we mean the boots that are designed only to protect our feet and legs from snake bites.

Some boots give good protection against rapid snake bites, but the best snake proof boots are especially made so that no snake would even bite a single inch of our legs/feet.

The snake proof boots would have to protect us in our US against Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths, Coral Snakes and Copperheads. The bites of these species are potentially deadly but less than 10% of the bites end up in deaths due to venom.

This percent is higher in other parts of the world and this problem may be solved by simply wearing a pair of snake proof boots.

Why get the snake proof boots?

Of course, some regular cowboy boots might provide some protection against an ornery rattler, but the snake proof boots do so much more. You don’t want to take a chance when bumping into a cobra or taipan when travelling abroad, for sure!

Some studies reveal that 85% of the unprovoked bites happen below the knee so it’s that part of the leg that you need to protect when hiking.

A good pair of snake proof boots is able to prevent a deadly bit and even if you get the anti-venom, this kind of footwear might just have saved you from lots of pain from the recovery process.

The market gives you many brands to choose from. Some boots are even efficient in the case of snake bites from the Bushmaster, the most dangerous snake in the South America. Few manage to survive a bite, needless to say in case of two bites.

The most important thing for snake proof boots is…to wear them. Most of them give snake fang protection below the knee but you need to decide on your own which model fits you the best.

Better be safe than sorry!

No matter how good your snake proof boots are, some prevention rules need to be followed.

Pay extra attention where you place your feet even if don’t expect to see any snakes. Some hikers ended up dead from snake bites in areas where they have been hiking for 50 years, without ever noticing one, until the fatal day.

Vigilance is therefore also as important as your snake proof boots. Most of the venomous snakes are designed for camouflage so learn how to better take notice of your paths. And don’t count either that a rattle snake will rattle before it bites. Maybe it’s having a bad day and decided not to rattle…Want to take that chance?

…and if it still happens

Sometimes, it’s just meant to be for you do get snake bitten. Don’t try to suck out the venom with your mouth and don’t lance the snakebite wound either.

Keep in mind not to ever use a tourniquet or ice as constricted blood vessels may lead to amputation. Don’t take any medications or alcohol either (even if you’re scared as hell!) Let go of the snake and let it go. You can take a picture of it so that the doctors know what antivenin to use.

You can wash the wound with soap and water and remove any rings, wristwatches or anything that is constrictive. Keep the wound below your heart level and don’t move the injured limb. You can also wrap a pressure bandage 2 to 4 inches above the bite, but loose enough to fir your finger underneath.

If you are alone when a snake bit you, it’s better not to drive. Use this as an ultimate solution.

Once you dialed 911, try to remain calm. Nowadays, there are 400 to 1 chances you will survive this. After all the pain you’ll have to go through…

The Top Snake Proof Boots Reviews

For a stretchy budget, without downsizing the expectations on performances, get these Rocky Men’s Prolight Snake Boot Mossy Oak Breakup.

These boots are made of full grain leather and long lasting nylon and there are many good things related to them. Here are our pros:

  • There is Prolight BioMech outsole that gives you great traction on rocky, uneven surfaces
  • The boots have a solid, rugged construction and built
  • The laces are durable as they are Cordura nylon and give you the perfect, adjustable fit
  • There are also models with zippers for an easier wear of the boots
  • The boots feature a waterproof inner layer and a waterproof upper
  • The mesh lining is breathable which gives you comfort in the hot summer
  • There are not hot spots or blisters even after constant wear
  • The toe design is rounder, for better comfort in this sensitive area
  • The rubber sole is securing and gives a good grip
  • The boots feel lightweight and comfortable
  • They don’t need to be broken in
  • The boots provide good ankle support
  • The boots look great

Unfortunately, there are some minor issues for these boots so here are the cons:

  • The boots don’t flex enough so it’s better not to take them when hiking for several days
  • They are insulated and this is weird…As you don’t take the snake proof boots in the cold winter.
  • They are a bit clunky in the beginning
  • It’s a bit difficult to lace them up. Until you get used to it, anyway…
  • You need to went up a size for a sure fit
  • You need to waterproof the boots before wearing them

But, in the end, there are better things to these boots than bad, so this is matters most.


If you want great snake proof boots for a great price, try these Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot.

They are made of fabric and leather and present many other qualities. Here are our pros:

  • They come with a sturdy, grippy rubber sole
  • There is 360º Snake Guard snake bite protection
  • There are Dry-Core lines that make a waterproof, scent-free barrier
  • They are easy to put and take off thanks to the side-zip closure
  • The boots are waterproof
  • They give a great fit and run true to size
  • They don’t need a break in period
  • They are pretty flexible around the ankle area
  • They are adjustable as they feature also laces
  • They are long lasting
  • The boots feel lightweight and are versatile
  • They keep bad smells away along moisture thanks to the Scent Suppressing Material Weaves from the antimicrobial fibers in the liner
  • The EVA midsole is completely scent free
  • The boots are well padded, for more comfort throughout the day
  • The reinforced abrasion resistant toe cap means more comfort for your feet
  • There is good traction thanks to the added Steel Shank low Country outsole
  • The boots come in nice, neutral colors
  • The price is amazing for the quality you get

Some things need to be improved on the boots, though. Here are the cons:

  • The boots don’t come in women sizes
  • They get kind of warm in the hot summer
  • They tend to get heavy weight after long distances, but this is up to your skills also
  • They are not for the large calf muscles

So, only few things as down sides so bottom line this is a great buy anytime.


When you go hiking or hunting and want not only snake proof boots, but also waterproof ones, without any extra efforts on your side, try these Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17 Inch Boot.

The boots are made of leather and synthetic and come with many great features. Here are our pros:

  • The rubber sole gives a good traction in mud or snow
  • The RPM technology used for these boots makes them lightweight and long lasting
  • The ScentBan feature kills the bacteria that gives to bad smells
  • The Irish Setter Ultra Dry feature is efficient on moisture management
  • There are waterproof components used for these boots for a dry, long lasting comfort
  • The boots are lightweight and flexible
  • They are entirely snake proof
  • The boots are easy to put on/off
  • It’s easy to lace them up
  • The boots give a snug fit and a good ankle support
  • You don’t need to break in the boots
  • The waterproof full-grain leather uppers are useful when raining or walking in the deep puddles
  • The cushioned tongue brings comfort
  • The abrasion-resistant toe protects your toes
  • There is dual-density foot bed, which means more comfort on the run

When we talk about the downsides, we need to mention the cons:

  • There is a strong smell in the beginning, but it goes away in time
  • The arch support could be improved
  • The insoles come out easily and are a bit too flat
  • The traction on the slippery surfaces could be better

But, when in need for some waterproof snake proof boots, these are an option to consider.


When hunting is your no.1 outdoor activity, then a good pair of snake proof boots is required. These Muck Boots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boots are made of rubber but exceed expectations on quality.

Here are our pros:

  • The rubber sole gives you a good grip and traction on the move
  • These are snake resistant full rubber boots
  • There is Xpress cool fabric lining that keeps moisture away
  • The anti-friction sock liner brings more comfort and maintains the feet dry in the hot summer
  • The EVA midsole with rubber outsole pods means comfort for your feet
  • There is 4 mm of neoprene adding to the full rubber coating for the protection against rattlesnake strikes
  • Even though the boots are made of rubber, they are still flexible and comfortable
  • The boots give a snug fit
  • The boots have a nice look
  • They are well made and are great for the early hunting season
  • The arch support is very good
  • The boots are waterproof and very well made

Some things we don’t like that much on these boots so here are our cons:

  • They have a specific smell, but it fades away in time
  • The boots need some time to break in
  • They tend to get a bit hot and sweaty in the hot summer
  • Proper sizing is tricky so you need to consult the sizing directions

All in all, these are great rubber snake proof boots that come with a great look and a popular brand that needs no more advertising.


For those of you who just want to pull on some good, snake proof boots these Chippewa Men’s 17″ Pull On 23913 Snake Boots are really doing a great job.

Here are the great parts on these boots:

  • They are made of leather and fabric
  • They have a great design and an amazing, fashionable appearance
  • The Espresso Viper cloth shaft prevents fang penetration
  • The adjustable straps provide good comfort
  • The quality brown Oro Russet Leather foot and collar give the boots a stylish look
  • The boots look amazing out in the field and up in town when running your errands
  • They combine the functionality with style and comfort
  • There is 10 oz. of thick leather under a 17” safety shaft
  • The boots featured rugged Goodyear welt construction
  • The unit heel and the round toe profile add up when it comes to comfort
  • The boots are made in our USA
  • The boots feel lightweight
  • The price is great for the high quality your get
  • The craftsmanship is high quality also
  • The boots run true to size
  • They give no hot spots or pressure points

There are only some minor issues to these boots, but it’s only fair to mention them. Here are our cons:

  • The boots aren’t completely waterproof
  • The boots feel a bit tight in the ankle area, but this gets better in time

So, these boots qualify as long lasting and timeless look, while providing protection against snake bites, for sure.