Best Snowmobile Dolly

Snowmobile Dolly Reviews

If you already got the taste of snowmobiles, you know that it’s only a matter of time until you start getting all the gear you need for it so that it’s easier for you to take it outside.

A snowmobile dolly is one of the things you need for moving from your garage to the outdoors the snowmobile. Even though it seems easy peasy to many to get a good snowmobile dolly, we do have some tips for you when going shopping.

What makes a good snowmobile dolly

Apart from the obvious qualities, like a high quality material or sturdy build, there are some features that your snow mobile dolly should have, if you’re planning to use it for more than just one season.

Go for a snowmobile dolly that has a wide wheelbase as it gives more stability. The wheels should be bigger and stronger, whereas the security cables should be easy to use.

You also want your snowmobile dolly to present plenty of features:

  • It should be drivable/steerable- you do want to move it all around
  • It should be versatile and able to walk on all sorts of surfaces ( grass, pavement, dirt, gravel)
  • It’s has to take the extreme temperatures and the high speed also
  • You want it to handle when the machine goes in reverse
  • It’s a great one if it fits any sled
  • Some come with ski dollies, so it’s best to look for one like this

One last thought

The more you’re paying for a snowmobile dolly, the more you may expect from it when it comes to rugged build and durability.

A good snowmobile dolly isn’t just easy to use, but also able to protect the sled and the surface from wear and tear.

In addition, if it comes with track dolly for motorized/unmotortized use, you got yourself a winner for sure.

TOP 5 Snowmobile Dolly Reviews


1).  If you’re looking for pretty good snowmobile dollies, but you’re not quite ready to pay more than just a few bucks, take your chance with the Sportsman Series SMDOLLY 1500 lbs. Steel Snowmobile Dolly Set.

The 3 piece snowmobile dolly set isn’t the toughest nor the best option out there, but it does deliver decent performance, especially considering its price.

The dollies present a 1500 pound capacity altogether and they’re a great choice for moving in a storage area or around your garage your snowmobiles. They may not be the best option for trying all the difficult surfaces nor the uneven ones, but they are reliable for the simple and easy tasks.

They come with four 360-degree swivel casters and present a powder coated paint finish. This way they become durable and quite heavy-duty, if you come to think of it. They are resistant to rust that your snowmobile may present.

The dollies are easy to maneuver and very easy to store as they are small and compact, with a small footprint.

They also come with two for the front skis and one for the rear rack.

The dollies are made with long lasting steel, which makes them able to take the intense use.

Easy to maneuver and quite rugged considering their small size, the dollies may be the help you need when moving around the garage your snowmobile.

Let’s list the things we like the most:
  • The dollies have a heavy-duty build
  • They are made of steel
  • They come with 360-degree swivel caster and easy to maneuver
  • They are small and compact

We’re not forgetting the downsides:
  • They catch on many things
  • The caster and the bearings could be better

Even though they may raise one or two eyebrows out there, the dollies are still a great option for anyone with a small budget.

2).  Durable and well build, the Raider SM-12165 Deluxe Mini Snowmobile Dolly bring many good things on the table and are well priced for the quality they present.

The dollies are made with heavy-duty steel and present black powder paint coating. They are resistant to rust from your snowmobile and take the usage for a long time.

They come with 2.50-inch tough rubber swivel casters and include 4 wheels for each ski, along 3 wheels for track. They move nice and smoothly and are easy to handle on all sorts of surfaces. All of these details of design and build sure help you move your snowmobile a lot easier around your garage.

We think the dollies are the perfect choice for storing your snowmobile due to their size and rugged construction. The tough build is going to minimize the risk for sagging or bending under your snowmobile’s weight.

We like the dollies as they stay put very well and feel very sturdy. You may definitely use them for moving some large items around your house/garage as well.

Let’s not forget the channel in the middle for the carbides to set into. This little detail is also keeping your ski from slipping off the side. Many dollies out there skip this important detail- just in case you didn’t know.

For their reliability, rugged build and the small, but important details, the dollies are a great option for storing your snowmobile or moving some large items.

Here’s the very short list of pros:
  • The dollies are made with tough steel
  • They are protected against rust and don’t bend nor sag
  • They present great stability and reliability
  • You may use them for storing your snowmobile in the winter

Don’t let yourself down because of the inherent foibles:
  • There’s no place to attach the strap
  • The wheels came off in some cases, but it depends a lot on what you’re using the dollies for

From where we stand, we still see the dollies as dependable options when moving some large items around the garage or storing your snowmobile over the winter.

3).  Working great and reliable in many situations, the Snowmobile Dollies – Set of 3 is a good quality set that you should try whenever in need.

Each dolly comes with four 2 ½ swivel casters and they present a strong construction. Either you want to move your snowmobile around the garage or take it farther; the dollies are made to be of great help every time.

The dollies are rust resistant and are able to take your sled off the floor, for easier handling. You may also move some large equipment around the shop with the dollies.

Even though they don’t leave the impression, the dollies are strong enough to take a load of maximum 1500lb. they roll nice and smoothly, even on the maximum load.

Easy to put together, the dollies make a solid option to have around your house/shop.

Going through the most important features shortly:
  • The dollies are tough and solid
  • They are steel resistant
  • They take an 1500lb maximum load
  • They are dependable and work well

The issues aren’t deal breakers for us:
  • They don’t come with strap
  • The casters could be better

Nevertheless, for the good build and reliable performance, you’re not getting a lemon when buying the dollies.

4).  The rugged build of the Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Drivable / Steerable Snowmobile Dollies is one thing to begin with, but the dollies do come with plenty of other good things attached.

The snowmobile dollies are easy to out together and to use and now you may even load your snowmobile by yourself.

The dollies are steerable and drivable and work on many kinds of surfaces. You may use them on pavement, gravel, dirt, and grass and get a maximum speed of 5MPH.

The stability of the dollies is great and sure the oversized 5” wheels with cotter pin assembly has a word in in. the 31% wider wheel base it’s better than the previous model and increases the stability of the dollies.

We also notice the 2 standard ski dollies that come along (for skis up to 7” wide) and the track dolly that helps you with the motorized and unmotorized use.

The nylon-coated cables are reliable and you should use them for securing the skis for safety reasons and stability when driving/sliding.

The great design and the rugged build of the dollies sustains their durability. Despite the tough build, they do protect the surface (garage, shop) and the snowmobile as well.

You may also use the dollies for uneven terrain as they work great.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:
  • The dollies have a rugged build and a good design
  • The wheels are big and the wheel base is wider, for more stability
  • They also come with ski dollies and track dolly
  • They work on various surfaces and uneven terrain also

We’re not forgetting the cons:
  • They’re not great on deep gravel
  • The wheels are a tad narrow

No matter the minor issues, for the tough build and all the good features, the dollies are a sure buy anytime.

5).  When it comes to the Sure Grip Dollies Drivable Dolly – 3 Piece Long Set PS-6112 what you’re planning to do with them. Their build and quality recommends them for storing, loading or driving them around so you may definitely put your money at stakes with this set.

You may safely use the set all year round and the Ski dollies aren’t going to slip off. They present good stability on many surfaces, grass and gravel included.

Their design explains their stability and the dollies feature a wide base, 30% longer as well, which gives better ski balance. This is why you may use the dollies for shop, trail Ski or trailer. They have a good grip and don’t slip out from under your skis.

You may go with the Mega-Wide dolly for the extra wide skis, or the adjustable types that work for skis from 7.5inches to 10 inches.

The build of the dollies explains their durability and stability. They are made with solid steel that takes the heavyweight and longtime use. The rubber wheels run smooth and easy and have a long lasting feel.

Sturdy, rugged and dependable, the dollies may be of great use in so many situations.

Let’s list the most important qualities:
  • The dollies are made with solid steel
  • The rubber wheels are strong and long lasting
  • The dollies are versatile and depandable
  • They take the heavy loads

We’re not disappointed by the minor problems:
  • The cable securing method has to improve
  • The back dolly looks a tad small

All in all, for the good build, versatility and durability, the dollies are going to be serving you for a good amount of time.