Best 1000 Lumen/High Lumen Flashlight

 Best High Lumen Flashlight Reviews

When you’re brave enough to walk in the dark, you still need a good flashlight to light up your way.

Getting a bright flashlight may make the difference between a fun and a failed camping trip, as it minimizes frustration and makes everything easier for you.

A modern flashlight isn’t just a flashlight anymore and you may totally rely on it as it’s able to make light on big areas, from far away.

You need your flashlight to be sturdy and tough enough to take a few falls and maybe even use it for personal defense. The modern flashlight isn’t just bright, but also a tough tool that turns into a defense tool when in case of emergencies.

If you’re looking for a new flashlight that is bright and sturdy, you may get a bit confused about the new terms. What is lumen and what does for you? How much lumen do you need on your flashlight? These would be typical questions for anyone who’s not familiar with these new terms and concepts.

Lumen is the international standardized measurement unit that informs you how much light a LED or other kind of light source emits. One could say that lumen measures the luminous flux.

It’s common to see lumens out the front (OTF) which means the lumens output is measured out the front of the lighting product.

The lumens rating of your flashlight are lower than the lumens rating of the bare emitter or light source. Many brands try to clear things by specifying their lumen ratings are based on OTF ratings.

In a nutshell? The more lumens your flashlight has, the brighter the light is and the bigger the chances for you to see all things in the darkest night.


TOP 5 1000 Lumen/High Lumen Flashlights

 1). A flashlight doesn’t need to be big or high-priced in order to give you more Lumens on the light. The Flashlights, Hausbell T6-C LED Flashlight Atomic Beam is definitely cheap and obviously small, but manages to give you 2,000 Lumens on the narrow beam. In addition, that’s quite some focused light right there.

The flashlight is made with a tough solid metal and presents an ergonomic design. The grip is steady and good and you may put it on your waist strap in no time.

You may choose one of the 5 adjustable modes when spending some free time outdoor: high/medium/low/strobe/flashing SOS.

The focus is zoom able and you may nicely zoom from a wide-angle beam, narrowing down and focusing on objects that are quite far. This is why you may use the flashlight when camping, hunting or camping.

The lotus shape attach top can is protective for the lens, whereas the rhombus skid-proof and water-resistant body increase the versatility and durability of the flashlight.

The power options are also great as you may use one rechargeable 18650 Li battery or 3xAAA batteries. Whatever fits you better.

The working voltage is wide and the batteries don’t run out that fast.

The flashlight doesn’t feel cheaply made and surprises with its performances, considering its price. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to carry and store.

Listing the most important pros:
  • The flashlight gives 2,000 Lumens on narrow beam
  • It’s small, compact and lightweight
  • It gives 5 light modes
  • The focus is adjustable

We do have some minor cons:
  • Some didn’t find it easy to change the batteries
  • It may not be the toughest option for the heavy-duty missions

Despite the minor cons, for the good performance, tough build and low price, the flashlight is wroth to try at least for once.

2). Small and powerful, the PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight gives you even more than 1000 Lumens light and it’s tough enough to serve you well in many outdoor activities.

The flashlight is made with plastic metal and it comes in a practical kit that also includes one 18650 Rechargeable Li-Io battery and sleeve. You also get one AAA battery holder, one Li-IO battery charger and one case. Some may find very useful the user manual that is included.

The light is bright (more than 1000 Lumens) and reaches very far. The flashlight features 5  light modes and a zoom function. You may choose from full brightness/ medium brightness/low brightness/strobe brightness/SOS, according to your needs. The focus is adjustable for close or long range. You may notice how intense beam of light gives the spotlight. It goes up to 600 feet ahead but you may use the compact small floodlight to make light to a wide area as well.

We also like the tough body made of aluminum alloy that takes a few drops. The flashlight is water resistant, anti-abrasive and skid proof, which makes it great for all sorts of outdoor activities. The small body and compact design make it easier for you to carry and store the flashlight.

The flashlight is easy to operate and the soft-touch tail switch allows you on/off mode and switching through the 5 light modes.

Lightweight and well made, the flashlight is a great option to get.

The things we like the most would be:
  • The flashlight is small, compact and lightweight
  • The light is bright and travels far
  • The focus is adjustable and there are 5 modes for the light
  • The flashlight is well made and has a tough body

  • Some would like even easier operation of the flashlight
  • The charging system feels weird to some

For the money you pay though, you do get a small, tough, lightweight and dependable flashlight that brings so much light into the dark.

3). Using very bright CREE XML-T6 bulbs, the SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Tactical Series Professional Flashlight – Our Best and Brightest Tactical LED Flashlight with Max 1200 Lumen is an interesting option to try.

The flashlight uses US made CREE XML bulbs and is designed and made for the personnel in Police Departments, Military Special Forces. Anyone who’s related to the security, as you can see. Therefore, if it’s good enough for them, it should be good for you too.

However, it’s not only the design of the flashlight that recommends it, but also the functions and performances it brings to the table. The adjustable zoom focus lens are reliable for close up and long distant lighting needs.

The aircraft grade aluminum creates a tough body for the flashlight that is also water-resistant. The Deluxe Lanyard is both functional and elegantly looking, increasing the value of the flashlight.

The kit includes not only the flashlight, but also a Multi-Purpose Dual Battery Charger that is protected against overcharging and 2 strong Premium Solaray Rechargeable 18650 Li-Io batteries with Circuit Protection.

The light is bright (1,200) and the zoom is nice and smooth. The flood beam is great and the flashlight is easy to use and to handle. It has 5 light modes: high, medium, strobe, and SOS emergency signal mode. Each of the modes fits specific situations.

The compact design, the good balance, and its small size make the flashlight easy to carry and to put away for storage.

Here are our favorite things about the flashlight:
  • The light is bright and the zoom is smooth
  • It has 5 light modes and adjustable focus
  • It has a good build and it’s water-resistant
  • It’s small, compact and lightweight

We wouldn’t mind to see some improvements:
  • The zoom may be improved
  • The durability may be questionable

All things considered, for the bright light and reliability in many situations, the flashlight is a fairly priced option to take a look at.

4). A bright beam and a wide range coverage is what the TAC10 GEAR CREE XML-T6 1,200 Lumens Water Resistant LED Tactical Flashlight gives you when in need, among other good things.

The flashlight comes in a kit that also includes 2 extended life 4200mAh Rechargeable Li-Io batteries, a dual battery charger, and a steel belt clip that is easy to remove. You may also find very useful the user guide that is in the kit.

The flashlight uses bright Cree LED XML- T6 bulbs that give 1,200 Lumens. The adjustable lens offer a nice large area of dispersed light so the spotlight is more focused.

You may use one of the 5 modes, depending on your needs: high, medium, low, strobe and S.0.S mode.

As for the build, the flashlight is made with aircraft grade aluminum, according to high manufacturing standards. The body is tough and shock resistant. It’s also water resistant so you may use the flashlight during some heavy rains.

The flashlight is rather long and lightweight. it has a solid build and it’s very well made. it’s versatile and you may use it for all sorts of outdoors activities. You may attach it to your belt and gear thanks to the full-length nylon holster that protects the whole flashlight.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:
  • The flashlight is made with aluminum and has a rugged build
  • The beam is bright and the range of coverage is wide
  • It has 5 light modes
  • It’s long, small, water and shock resistant

We’d like to mention the cons also:
  • It’s only water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Some feel it could be smaller

Never mind the minor issues, as, for the little money you pay, you’re not ending up with a lemon when getting the flashlight. Quite the opposite, we’d say.

5). When you’re looking for a flashlight that isn’t just bright, but also rugged and build to take the intense use, don’t hesitate to get one like the Streamlight 88060 Pro Tac HL 4 2,200 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight.

The flashlight features LED technology for more brightness and runs on 3 volt Li CR123 A batteries. If this option doesn’t suit you, you may try the 18650 Li Io batteries.

The engineered option sustains a concentrated beam, whereas the peripheral illumination is very good also. The LED solid state power regulation insures better light output for the entire battery life.

The flashlights comes also with a self-adjusting battery cradle lets you use various size batteries, minimizing battery rattle as well.

One thing we like a lot on the flashlight is the Ten-Tap programmable switch that lets you select one of the three different programs. This way you choose the right light every time.

As for the build, we notice the rugged construction that makes the flashlight take a few drops and the heavy-duty challenges as well. The sure grip rubber sleeve is good and the flashlight is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It has an IPX & rated design.

The flashlight isn’t bulky and you may attach it to your weapon. It’s well-made and quite strong.

Let’s list the most important pros:
  • The flashlight has a tough build
  • It comes with a Ten-Tap programmable switch
  • It’s waterproof and takes a few drops
  • It runs on CR123 batteries or 18650 Li-Io batteries

The cons aren’t many:
  • It’s a bit heavy considering its size
  • Some feel the batteries should run longer

For the rugged build, versatility and bright light, the flashlight sure makes it to getting your attention when shopping around. This is a CR123 flashlight worth its salt.


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