Best Tactical Jacket in 2022

Whether you want a jacket for use in harsh environments or maybe to use it as a uniform for your high demanding job, a tactical jacket must always be ready to ensure high readiness and reliability in every situation. You came to the right place. You can find a good selection of tactical jackets that in our opinion are the best out there on the market, and hopefully, help you decide if they satisfy your demands.

5.11 Tactical 5-in-1 Jacket

5.11 Tactical Men’s 5-in-1 Jacket

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5.11 is one of the best companies in the world to manufacture high-quality outerwear, shoes, bags and accessories for demanding customers all over the world.

This jacket is made out of fleece which is incredibly comfortable and offers better warmth than most materials and has lots of immediate access ways to your side-arm, hidden panels and more.

It features removable sleeves with elastic velcro wrist bands, a high-performance waterproof and breathable insulated outer liner with mic clips, and a detachable hood.

The 5.11 5-in-1 comes at a steeper price than other jackets, but you get a high-performance jacket that incorporates awesome features to help you in your mission-critical activities.

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Rothco Black Concealed Tactical Military 3 Season Carry Jacket

Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket

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The Rotcho Black Concealed Tactical Military Jacket features a classic zipper closure and is made of high-quality cotton with a polyester inner lining.

On the front, it has 2 quite big hand warmer pockets with zippers which by the way are very sturdy and won’t easily fail even if you zip and unzip the jacket often as this is a usual problem with zippers. Also, it has button adjustments on the waist and the cuffs to help you get more comfort as you wish.

The holsters are large and will handle most pistol sizes if you plan to carry one with you. However as a small tip remember that a jacket is an easily disposable piece of clothing so you can forget your gun in the jacket and someone who shouldn’t touch it (a kid for example) might cause you a lot of trouble.

All around it is a very good jacket that should cover most of your needs in terms of warmth, sustainability, and functions, at a great price.

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Maelstrom TAC PRO Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

Maelstrom TAC PRO Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

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With an outer shell of 3 layer fabric construction that deflects wind and moisture and retains body heat, this jacket is a good choice for cold and humid conditions.

It comes in three different colors: black, coyote brown and olive drab. The lining is made out of soft fleece that feels very good and the hood is also a fleece lined stand-up collar. It has

comfortable elastic, hook & loop adjustable wrist cuffs.

Featuring multiple zippered pockets on the hands and on the front they come in very practical as you can carry both small and big objects.

Overall it’s one of the best jackets you are going to find at this price and will make a smart buy if you consider purchasing one for yourself.

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Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket

Lightweight and versatile, the Tru-Spec Men’s Tactical Softshell Jacket comes with numerous functional aspects that make it difficult to skip on when shopping.

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Since it’s made with 90% nylon and 10% spandex, the jacket is excellent for both on-duty and off-duty wear, without sacrificing on wear and comfort.

The jacket comes with one-hand cord lock waist drawstring, hook, and loop, and the cuff closures ensure effortless movement and increased comfort. Attaching your badge or insignia will be easy thanks to the 4x4in shoulder loop patches.

The jacket is wind and DWR water-resistant, and the breathability isn’t skipped either. The soft brushed interior keeps warm but also ensures enough space for adding a ballistic vest. Levitra

The zipper front closure makes the jacket easy to put on/take off, and the collar is fleece-lined for blocking cold air and wind coming inside the jacket. It’s zippered, so you can also take it off on a sunny day.

When it comes to organizing, the waist pockets are angled for easier access and have a hidden zipper closure for security reasons. They’re also padded with mesh lining, keeping the hands warm. The jacket also features rear zipper pockets and angle sleeve pocket, allowing you to store many essentials. The side seam zippers provide effortless access to belt or torso.

Comfortable, versatile, and reliable, the jacket is excellent for both tactical and everyday wear.

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Condor Men’s Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

Condor Summit Zero Men’s Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

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The Condor Men’s Summit Zero Lightweight Jacket is a durable lightweight jacket that comes at a great price. It is waterproof, breathable, comfortable and allows a full range of motion due to the polyester fabric that it is made from and the intelligently made construction.

The garment features a three layer integrated shell fabric technology and reinforced joints. Also, it has two internal pockets, two shoulder pockets, one forearm pocket, a double zipper back pocket and two shoulder patch panels of 4 by 4 inches in case you might want to catch a US flag or whatever.

It has abrasion reinforced elbows and adjustable wrist cuffs which are pretty hard to find on a jacket in the same price range, the hood is a stow-away kind and is not something to make a fuss about since it’s pretty basic.

Designed for tactical scenarios, the Summit Zero jacket may also be ideal for hiking, trekking, traveling, you name it. It comes up as a very good compromise between price and quality and is a very good choice if you consider buying it.

Condor Tactical is also offering a very popular non-insulated version of the jacket, the Condor Summit Softshell Jacket, also available in multiple colors.

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MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hooded Tactical Jacket Water Resistant Soft Shell Outwear Coat

Truth be told, the price of MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hooded Tactical Jacket may seal the deal for many, but the jacket is a lot more than just an affordable option.

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If you’re looking for a jacket for lousy weather, with cold wind and rain, this one will keep you warm and dry for many hours. The Shark Skin softshell fabric will keep wind and water away, whereas the inner fleece is going to keep you warm. You’re not going to get all sweaty inside the jacket, though, as breathability isn’t skipped. The vent zippers under each arm increase ventilation, making the jacket more breathable and comfortable.

The drawstring waist and the hood will block the wind from coming inside the jacket. The hood is concealed, but you cannot detach it. It may be a downside for some, even though you may stow it inside the collar.

The number of pockets for storing various items recommends the jacket for tactical and outdoor activities. There are two high chests and two back zipper pockets for large items such as a map or gloves. You may store your cellphone in one of the two sleeve pockets, and the hole passing in it lets you listen to some music. The forearm pocket on the left arm is great for storing the keys, and the rear Kangaroo pocket is an excellent addition too.

The jacket also comes with two hook&loop tapes, so that you may give it a personal vibe with your badges.

Functional, warm, dependable for tactical missions, and keeping you dry on heavy rain, the jacket is a great purchase, especially considering the price.

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Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Describing the Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket is quite a challenge since the jacket comes with so many great features.

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It’s a highly functional tactical jacket with a waterproof polyester outer shell. The jacket presents a 3-layer build, which protects against wind, retain heat, and wicks away moisture.

There are six versatile zippered pockets, so storing your miscellaneous isn’t going to be an issue. It’s one of the many reasons for which you can take the jacket for tactical and outdoor activities. The hood is easy to hide within the zipper pouch in the collar. It’s a stand-up collar with fleece lining for warmth.

When it comes to comfort, the jacket has numerous details that ensure comfy wear at all times. The drawstring waist, underarm vent zippers, elastic hook, and loop wrist cuffs are details that matter for bets fit and comfortable wear for everybody.

Functionality for tactical operations is impressive, with a slash zipper chest pocket (high rise) with pass-through port, D-ring, and small open-top pouch as essential features.

Don’t forget that you can also give the jacket a personal touch by attaching your patches on the two 4×4” loop shoulder patches.

The jacket is loaded with amazing features and details for tactical missions, without compromising on comfort, so it’s worth every single penny!

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Whether you wanted a cheap tactical jacket that does the job just fine, or you wanted the best the money can get, it is clear that this is a good moment to decide on one that fits you best. And with all the variety of models available on the market you can now make a purchase that perfectly fits your needs and demands while not spending a huge amount of your precious time searching, because as they say, time is money.

Buyer’s guide

If this is the first time you’re looking for a tactical jacket, a buyer’s guide to reading should be the first thing to do. It’s a good thing that the market gives so many options to choose from, but it makes it difficult for a new customer to pick the right tactical jacket.

Aside from price, which may seal the deal for some, numerous aspects give the overall value for a tactical jacket. Scroll down for the details.


The days when only military professionals would use and buy tactical jackets are long gone. Nowadays, you can purchase and wear a tactical coat for running errands in town.

However, many customers are getting a tactical jacket for hunting or for working. The purpose of the tactical jacket is one of the first things to think about.

Should you buy it for the work environment, your tactical jacket would have to be comfortable but also designed according to the codes for the uniform. You don’t want to spend the right amount of money on a tactical jacket that fails to respect your workplace standards.


No matter how many pockets or concealable zippers a tactical jacket as if it’s not made with good material, it becomes useless. Having said that, keep in mind that your tactical jacket’s content has to be dependable for the weather you’re wearing it the most.

Nine times out of ten, the material should tear the excessive use for a long time, but also withstand rain and wind. A tactical jacket failing on you on a rainy day is entirely useless.

The material has to be durable and long-lasting so that you don’t buy another jacket every six months.

If you take a tactical jacket for strenuous and highly active purposes, you want it to be lightweight. If you’re going to wear in cold winter, you should make sure that it keeps you warm and dry the whole time.

A quiet material is also an aspect to consider. The last thing you want in the middle of your tactical activity is to reveal yourself to the enemy (it can very well be the game of your hunting), from a squeaky tactical jacket.

Size and fitting

Tactical jackets come in a good variety of sizes, so take your time when selecting. Always double-check the size charts when purchasing online and take a look at the reviews. There’s no better information than the opinion of customers who wear the jacket.

When the jacket is too big, it’s going to affect your efficiency and even make you look chubby. You’re not going to be very comfortable if the coat fits too tightly for sure, and your freedom of movement will suffer.

Firearm carrying method

Should you be buying a tactical jacket for tactical missions, you will need to choose one that allows easy access to a firearm. When you have a designated setup, no matter if it’s inside or outside the waistband, the tactical jacket should let you draw the gun through it.

Some jackets can hold the gun, so you need to look into it.

Layered design

It’s common for tactical jackets to be made with several layers. That’s not enough for quality, though, and you have to check the material of every layer of the coat. It’s going to help you see if the jacket is suitable for your missions and environment or not.

Smooth inner lining, an insulating layer, and a particular outer lining are three layers to expect in a reliable tactical jacket.


A tactical jacket that is entirely waterproof will keep you dry even on a heavy pour rain. If the coat is only water-resistant, the water will eventually soak through, also if it’s in small amounts.

Your destination and the weather will count for choosing between a waterproof and water-resistant jacket. Should you travel to a location where torrential rainfalls are frequent, a waterproof jacket is the best choice.


Ideally, you want your tactical jacket to be windproof. Even when it’s incredibly windy, you want to stay warm and not worry about getting cold. Unless you’re buying the tactical jacket for hot summer days, always look for a model that protects against wind.

Breathability& moisture wicking

It makes no sense for a tactical jacket to be waterproof and windproof if it doesn’t wick moisture and has lousy ventilation.

Ideally, the tactical jacket should be made with material that ensures proper ventilation between the cloth and skin. Natural fibers are highly breathable, so look for them when buying. There are also features, such as underarm vents, that improve the breathability of a tactical jacket. Make sure yours has plenty of them too.

Moisture-wicking fabric will soak in skin perspiration, releasing it on the outer layer of the jacket, keeping you dry. Once again, the natural materials are breathable and moisture-wicking, so check the label when buying.

Storage abilities

One of the main reasons for getting a tactical jacket is functionality and practicality. An excellent tactical jacket comes with enough pockets that are typically zippered and concealed. They should be placed in strategic areas and to provide effortless access to your items.


A tactical jacket without a hood isn’t going to be very helpful. Many jackets come with hoods that are concealable in the zippered collar, but detachable hoods are more functional.

One thing to also check is the size of the hood, as you don’t want it to be too loose or too snug on your head.

Molle system

For those of you buying a tactical jacket for military/hunting missions, a coat with a MOLLE system is the better choice. The MOLLE system will provide more space for storing items. Numerous rows of nylon stitched into the jacket will create options for attaching compatible accessories.

Drawstring enclosure

You will find drawstrings at garment openings such as the cuffs, sleeves, or waist. They’re a standard detail on waterproof jackets, improving waterproofness. Typically, they’re elastic and designed to increase comfort and fit, while blocking water from getting inside.

Stitching& durability

You cannot have durability without stitching. Good and double-stitching mean that the jacket will take excessive wear, with minor risk for a tear. You want the coat to have reinforced layers in the main areas inside the coat as well.

When it comes to durability, several aspects ensure long time wear. Sturdy and waterproof material, durable stitching, and proper maintenance will expand the lifespan of the tactical jacket.


In all fairness, style isn’t fundamental on a tactical jacket, but you need to pay attention to the color. Camouflage, coyote green, and jungle green are standard colors for tactical jackets.

Anyone buying the tactical jacket for hunting purposes should get a model that allows efficient blending into surroundings. Where you’re going and what you’re going for will count when deciding the color of the tactical jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tactical Jackets

Q: What’s the definition of a tactical jacket?

A: Tactical jackets have been created for use by military personnel, but they have become a common choice for the general public as well.

Tactical jackets are durable, weather-resistant, and robust jackets that come with pockets for storing items, and features that recommend them for tactical and outdoor activities.

Q: Are rules and regulations on uniform standards relevant when selecting a tactical jacket?

A: Should you buy your tactical jacket for professional purposes, you should check the rules and regulations about the uniform standards for the branch or department.

Rules exist when it comes to uniforms, and tactical jackets make no exception. In the case of law enforcement officers, a black tactical jacket is typically within the guidelines, but you shouldn’t skip checking the rules anyway. You may violate the dress code by mistake when not respecting the regulations.

Q: Can the tactical jacket be yellow?

A: When you’re work environment requires you to be easy to spot, a yellow tactical jacket is probably the norm. Once again, make sure that you’re familiar with rules and regulations about your work equipment when you’re buying the tactical coat for work.

Q: How should a tactical jacket fit?

A: Generally speaking, you don’t want to get a garment that doesn’t fit you very well. You may get away with a loose jacket for regular use, but you cannot afford a loose fit on a tactical coat.

You need to make sure that the tactical jacket fits you just right: not too loose and not too tight. Pay attention to specific areas that could alter your freedom of movement. Neck pit, armpit, back pit, and sleeves are areas to double-check.

The rule of thumb is that the tactical jacket should fit so that you may wear another sweater underneath on a cold day, yet to allow smooth movement while on the job.

Q: Lightweight or heavyweight? Which one is better?

A: A tactical jacket that is lightweight is ideal, and you can find thin models without sacrificing the toughness or durability. Lightweight models give you speed, and allow you to carry numerous items in the pockets.

A heavyweight jacket means that it’s made with sturdy and thick material, taking the excess use for a longer time. It could come with numerous pockets, MOLLE system, and carry strings that are functional but add weight to the jacket. Should the jacket fit the purpose of your mission and you have the muscle for it, get the more massive model.

Q: Should you get a tactical jacket with a drag strap?

A: Typically, the drag strap is attached by the handle of the jacket. The belt should have high tensile strength since it’s made with reinforced materials and able to take large amounts of weight. The purpose of the straps is to ensure hand-free recovery when injured on the mission.

Q: Are tactical jackets suitable for all seasons?

A: It makes perfect sense that you should get the tactical jacket for the season/weather conditions you’re going to be using it most of the time. You may find tactical jackets with enough insulation, and models that are entirely windproof for the rainy spring or fall.

Ideally, you should get a lighter jacket for the warmer weather, and a more substantial and warmer model for the winter.

Q: Should the tactical jackets be cropped?

A: Many tactical jackets don’t go below the waist, as they have to ensure comfortable wear and easy gun redraw when out on the mission.

Q: How often should you clean the tactical jacket?

A: As often as it needs. Make sure that you always read the instruction label on cleaning and maintenance. Some of the materials used on tactical jackets may allow only dry cleaning. Besides, features such as waterproofness or windproof may be compromised when using hot water regularly.

You should clean the tactical jacket with a damp cloth at the end of the day, for removing dirt. Zippers may get stuck from mud, and you want everything to work smoothly on the jacket. The better you take care of it, the longer the lifespan is going to be.

Q: Are tactical jackets expensive?

A: You should shop wisely and find a jacket that is good value for the price you’re paying. You may discover tactical coats for less than $50, but you will need to sacrifice on waterproofness, functionality, or even durability. If the budget is generous, be ready to spend even a couple of hundreds on a tactical jacket that checks most boxes in terms of features, build, and durability.

Q: Can tactical jackets be made of denim?

A: In all fairness, denim tactical jackets are rather fashionable, and not entirely made for the military missions. However, you may find models that come with enough pockets for storing your essentials. You will have to sacrifice on waterproofness and windproof, so make sure that a denim tactical jacket is what you want.

Q: What are ethical and sustainable tactical jackets?

A: Numerous manufacturers make jackets with sustainable supply, out of respect for nature. Should your values require it, you can check the third-party certifications used by companies to show the impact of products on the environment. Fair Trade Certified, Certified B Corp, GOTS, Wrap, Bluesign systems, or Responsible Down Standard are only some to name.