Best Tactical Pants to Look for in 2022 (Reviews)

best tactical pants reviews

Whether you are a police officer, a firefighter, a military operator, or any other rugged professional, you know you need unique clothing to get the best performance on your job. No matter how challenging this may be, it’s a sure thing that you can only be your very best if you feel comfortable and confident in your equipment.

In these particular situations, your apparel has to be, head to toe, the high-performance kind. Your clothing has to be durable, useful, flexible, and suit the most capable gear. Reliable tactical pants will be as rugged as you need them to be, provide easy access to your equipment, and durable, no matter the daily changes you go through. Keep reading to find out which of our recommendations best suits your needs.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Ranger – Best Overall

It’s quite tricky to select just one pair of tactical pants, as there are myriads of options of pants on the market. The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Ranger Pant leads the top 10 best tactical pants, as they tick so many boxes of top performing tactical pants.

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They rock a relaxed fit and will feel comfortable from the first wear. These pants present a relaxed fit through the thigh, knee, and seat, and you can wear them over the work boots too. They have a gusseted crotch and deep front compartments for effortless movement throughout the day.

The zipper closure eases the use, and the 100% cotton rip stop fabric ensures use for a long time. All best pants are very well made like these pants and have reinforcement in the seams, articulated knees, and tape measure clip. Moreover, the back compartments are lined with 1000D Cordura for improved durability.

Storing your tactical tools won’t be an issue with a good pair of pants, and these feature back compartments, watch pockets, deep front options, deep cargo pockets on the side. You may add more tools to feature a hammer loop and leather tape measure clip (reinforced). Some could argue that the storage options are a tad tight, but the pants make a wise investment in the long run for your tactical activities. (Read the full review)

You may also want to check out the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants if you’re looking for a light pair of tactical cargo pants. Women may also take a look at the 5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Covert Cargo Pants as they’re highly functional and are on our top 10 tactical pant list.

TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Series – Best for Everyday Wear

Don’t let the casual looks of Tru-Spec TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Series Original Tactical Pants mislead you, as they could very well be the best pair of pants, regardless if you also take them to the office or not.

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Tru Spec pants are lightweight tactical pants made with poly cotton blend. They’re rugged and durable but are comfortable and lightweight. The slider waistband is easy to adjust for a perfect fit, and you may add padding or inside-the-trousers holsters. The 2-in belt loops will allow you to add some gear.

Functionality is impressive, and the Tru Spec 24/7 pants come with an inside opening (reinforced knee) for knee pads. The snap features a YKK brass zipper, and the fabric is water-resistant so that you will stay dry on a rainy day.

You will have several options to store and organize your essentials as Tru Spec 24 7 pants come with deep pockets (you can’t even say how deep they are as they’re very subtle from the outside)and two back pockets with hook and closure(expandable). The Tru Spec model comes with two cargo pockets and several secret options for knives or weapons. Each of the cargo pockets has bellowed side gussets with two internal compartments for the magazine. Let’s not forget about the external solution for your cell phone.

Tru spec pants are very well stitched and have a durable feel. Some noted that bending with the tactical pants isn’t easy, but that’s a small flaw when we see the whole picture. The Tru Spec pants are great pair of pants when you run some errands in town but will never disappoint in the most demanding tactical jobs either. (Read the full review)

The TACT BESU Men’s Outdoor Military Tactical Pants are also a dependable choice from our ten best tactical models for everyday wear and tactical missions. They are manufactured with rip stop fabric and provide nine options for storing your essentials. They have the looks for a walk in the park but won’t disappoint when you’re in the middle of the action.

5.11 Tactical Stryke Operator – Best Value

5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke Operator Uniform Pants are loaded with incredible features for the tactical missions, with perfect design and long-lasting material as some of the many to name.

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The 5.11 Stryke pants are manufactured with poly cotton blend; it’s a mechanical stretch Flex-Tac ripstop fabric with a durable Teflon finish. The Stryke pants are safe to wear on rainy days and most challenging environments too.

The fully gusseted crotch and overall build recommend the 5.11 Stryke pants for tactical missions; you have 12 pockets to store your essentials. The front compartments fit important EDC objects, whereas the cargo type is double-deep. You can keep your essentials in the thigh options, cargo pockets, back compartments. The 5.11 tactical pants come with bar-tacking at essential stress points, articulated knees (you can use the knee pads), Pyrm snaps, and YKK zippers- all features for challenging activities.

The 5.11 Stryke pants are designed for harsh and rugged missions; they feature a self-adjusting tunnel waistband with Flex-Tac mechanical stretch for enhanced functionality and a longer lifespan. Despite the functionality, the Stryke pants are comfortable and allow an effortless full range of motion. The risk for colors to fade after some time isn’t null, but the Stryke pants come with plenty of storage options and you can use them as work pants and uniform pants or for your outside activities for several years. (Read the full review)

If you favor a subtler look, the Vertx Men’s Phantom OPS Tactical Pants make dependable uniform pants anytime. The Ops Tactical pants are built with a mini rip-stop pattern weave for improved durability and resistance to tearing in most challenging environments. Get the Ops tactical to complete your original tactical gear.

CQR Men’s Ripstop Work – Best for work

The CQR Men’s Ripstop Work Pants offer everything you need in work pants because they’re made with durable materials and highly functional.

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The high-quality work pants are designed with Duratex fabric, which is resistant to contaminants, dirt, and liquids. You will be able to wear them at work without worrying about getting them stained, for instance.

Best tactical pants won’t shrink, fade or wrinkle; these pants don’t make an exception. For a perfect look, you can iron them after washings- they will look impeccably.

Storing your tools or gear won’t be an issue either as the pants feature multi-purpose pockets including two medium-sized insert compartments, and one pocket in the front. You will have ten options to store your items with the pants. The reinforced loop provides a secure and effortless free fit.

Moreover, the pants come with a Velcro loop for connecting tools and hammers. The material isn’t just durable but also breathable, and the pants can work excellently in the summer. They are lightweight tactical models, and you can wear them all day long without worrying that you get hot. With a traditional field duty vibe, this is a pair of tactical pants that you don’t want to skip when looking for best tactical pants to take at work.. The price is perfect, and they are an excellent bang for your buck. (Read the full review)

If you go for a more elegant feel on your tactical pants, the BFJ Men’s Cotton Tactical WorkPants make a dependable option. The 100% cotton tactical pants feature side cargo pockets and rear button closure flap compartments. The straight leg build ensures a comfortable wear, and the pants are both functional and great for everyday wear.

M-Tac Winter Tactical Pants – Best for Cold Weather/Winter

Tactical pants for winter should be warm and comfy, allow an excellent range of motion and be silent while you’re moving. The M-Tac Winter Tactical Pants are everything you need in tactical pants for winter and then some, as they’re high quality and reliable, for an excellent price.

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These tactical pants are constructed for winter, as they’re water-resistant and insulated with softshell for extra warmth. They’re multi-purpose pants that you may confidently take in your outdoor activities, but not be disappointed by the law enforcement performance either.

They are also the right choice for casual wear. The multilayer structure of the material has several roles simultaneously; it works as an isolating inner layer, middle warming layer, and windproof top layer. These pants will keep you warm in the winter but stay breathable to not sweat throughout the day. The outer surface will block the wind, whereas the inner layer will eliminate excess moisture. It serves as an upper layer in the winter and offseason.

Comfort isn’t sacrificed at any moment since the tactical pants have a straight cut with grooves on the articulated knees for effortless bending the knee joints. Also, they are lightweight and adjustable for the best fit. The zippers run smoothly and are waterproof.

You will also have plenty of solutions to organize your essentials; these lightweight tactical pants feature six deep cargo pockets and large loops on the belt for attaching more gear.

The pants are very well made, and the stitches feel durable. Even if they feel a tad tight around the thighs, many will find them the best choice for winter missions.

Another reliable model to consider for the winter is the FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Cargo Pants. These cargo pants are warm, comfortable, water repellent, and breathable. The seam-sealed build makes them resistant to elements, and the pants come with several options for storing your gear.

LA Police Gear Operator – Best for Police/Law Enforcement

LA Police Gear Men’s Water-Resistant Operator is the ideal pair of tactical pants on the market for military and law enforcement performance. The LA Police Gear tactical pants are manufactured with 65% polyester and cotton (35%) rip stop fabric, which makes them tough and lightweight at the same time. The lightweight tactical pants are also comfortable and highly resistant to fading and fluids; they shed soil very efficiently.

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The LA Police Gear pants have pockets with easy access as there’s a pass through the flap’s center edge on tap. The feature also allows you to clip a tool or a knife.

The LA Police Gear trousers come with reinforced knees, but they also have padding in the seating area.

The LAPG Basic Operator Pants are built with a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Rip-Stop Fabric that’s tough, comfortable, lightweight, and fade/fluid resistant. LAPG’s pockets feature a pass-through along the top center edge of the flap, allowing you quick access to the pocket or a place to clip a knife or tool. The side pockets come with velcro fasteners and are quite large, allowing you to store larger items.

The pants also feature added comfort and padding where it’s needed most, such as the knee and seat. The pants also feature a metallic YKK zipper and brass tac-stud closure.

The elastic waistband allows easy and comfortable wear, and the trousers look ready to take a beat. They’ve very well made and breathable, and the rugged look fits their features. Some say that the pants run on the small size, so make sure to check the sizing when placing your order. (Read the full review)

Another great option loaded with great features is the 5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro Tactical Pants. They have a fully gusseted construction and are made with Teflon treated fabric for impressive durability. They feature specialized compartments and make a sure buy for anyone in law enforcement or military.

5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro – Best for Duty

Whether you have to save people or not, the 5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro Tactical Pants stand out as some of the best tactical pants on the market right now.

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The polyester and cotton blend (65% polyester and 35% cotton) makes the 5.11 Tactical pants incredibly durable and easy to wear. It’s a high-quality material with premium polyester and cotton mechanical stretch Taclit ripstop fabric. The triple-stitching built makes the trousers highly durable, without ever compromising a wide range of movement.

The 5.11 Taclite Pro pants have Teflon coating, so the finish will resist soil, moisture, and soil without sacrificing breathability. The Teflon coating on the 5.11 Tactical pants eases out the cleaning as well.

The trousers’ functionality is superior, as the Taclite Pro pants have eight specialized pockets, including strap and slash compartments, for generous storage space and effortless access to all essential gear. The Taclite Pro pants have the perfect length for sitting on top of boots or over the boots. The belt loops are broad and thick, fitting a 2-in belt. The space between loops is just right for accommodating an OWB holster.

The gusseted inseam and the fitted appearance make the Taclite Pro incredibly comfortable, with no stress about tears or rips. For some, the 5.11 Tactical pants will feel a tad baggy, but the 5.11 Taclite pants will be a great buy nine times out of ten. (Read the full review)

If you’re a police officer, EMS, firefighter, law enforcement, military, or if you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves hunting, hiking, mountaineering, or other outdoor activities, the Aggressor Flex Tactical Pants are also a perfect purchase option. The Flex-Tac tactical pants impress with features, build, and overall value.

Propper Men’s Canvas – Best for the Office

Should you look for tactical pants that also work at the office, the Propper Men’s Canvas Tactical Pant makes a reliable choice anytime. The polyester and cotton (65% polyester and 35% cotton) allow comfortable wear all day long without losing durability. The tactical pants come with a Teflon fabric protector finish, which repels liquids and stains. Also, the poly cotton pants won’t fade, shrink or wrinkle.

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Even if the looks are great for the office, the functionality is also impressive for tactical activities. The trousers come with huge belt loops made for nylon duty belts and numerous options for storing your items. There are two hidden coin compartments and two back solutions featuring wallet “pocket in a pocket.” You will be able to use the D-ring for tools and keys, the mag pocket with hook and loop closure for increased functionality.

The pants come with a YKK zipper and Prym snap, allowing ease of use. When it comes to comfort, pants don’t disappoint either; they feature an action-stretch waistband and a relaxed fit for comfortable wear all day long. You will also be able to enhance comfort in the knees as the pants have internal openings for pads.

Even if some noted that the pants do wrinkle, we’re still optimistic that they remain some of the most reliable pants on the market for both tactical and office activities.

As an extra option, the Under Armour Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants are great for the office, but they are as tactical as you would expect. These lightweight tactical pants are built with Under Armour Storm technology for water resistance and superior breathability. It features belt loops for correct holster use and provide fantastic comfort and reliability in various activities.

5.11 Taclite EMS Pant – Best for EMS/EMT

The 5.11 Taclite EMS Pants are loaded with features for tactical and EMS. The ripstop polyester-cotton fabric makes the pants comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

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Best tactical pants are highly comfortable, and they come with a self-adjusting tunnel waistband, double-reinforced knees and seat, and an entirely gusseted inseam. You will have a wide range of movement with the trousers, no matter where you go.

The pockets are very well placed, and the tactical pants come with thigh-placed options as internal dividers for organizing your gear.

The secondary cargo pockets in the calf area give even more storage space, whereas the web strap allows you a personalized loadout. You will be able to add more gear to the double-time belt loops that have a durability feel.

Durability in the field won’t be an issue with these tactical pants; they feature a Teflon finish to repel soil, stain, and dirt for a long time. The ripstop fabric will take wear on most difficult missions; you can always rely on the trousers, and the Prym snaps and YKK zippers add reliability.

Details like a gripper tape on the inside of the waistband ensure a better fit, allowing you to have the shirt tucked in at all times.

Even if the pants run a tad big, they still make some of the best tactical pants for EMS and tactical activities.

If you go for a more tactical look, you should check the LABEYZON Men’s Outdoor Work Military Tactical Pants. These are lightweight ripstop pants with an adjustable waist, made with wear-resistant and comfortable fabric. They feature multi-pockets and are highly versatile and dependable too.

CQR Men’s Winter Waterproof – Best for Hunting

If you’re looking for the best tactical pants to take while hunting, the CQR Men’s Winter Waterproof Softshell Tactical Hiking Cargo Pants are one dependable model to try.

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The multi-layered pants will impress in the winter and cold days. They’re made with a water-repelling outer soft shell and will feel warm thanks to the thermal inner. It would help if you didn’t worry about the elements while wearing the pants; they’re highly resistant to elements. The micro-fleece inner lining is made with 6% spandex and 94% polyester, keeping you warm and free on the move at the same time.

Functionality is also incredible, as the pants have six pockets, including two closed flap cargo pockets, two side hand compartments with zipper, and two secure flap rear pockets to store gear or tools.

Adjustments and fastening are effortless because of the high-density metal tab button and the durable zipper.

The tactical pants are built with comfort to mind, and they also present articulated knees for superior comfort and resistance to excessive wear. The elastic waistband provides an effortlessly adjustable and ideal fit.

Even if the pants look heavy, they’re lightweight and highly versatile. The sizing is a tad off, but the minor downside doesn’t cancel the pants’ overall value.

If hunting is life, the Scentlok Savanna Aero Crosshair Hunting Pant is the best investment to make for your summer hunting. The tactical pant comes with Carbon Alloy Technology for superior odor absorption and are perfect for summer hunts.

They feature a six-pocket design, no-sheen fabric for less visibility, articulated knees, and inner thigh gusset for superior mobility.

Also, you may want to take a look at AKARMY Casual Military Camo Pants too. These tactical pants are highly versatile, comfortable, and come with great features for hunting. Plus, they’re affordable.

LABEYZON Outdoor Pants – Best for Hiking

The versatility of the LABEYZON Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants is incredible. They stand as some of the best tactical pants to use when hiking, hunting, climbing, fishing, army training, etc.

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The comfortable material used for the pants (97% cotton and 3% spandex) makes the tactical pants lightweight and rugged. They come with a stretchable waist, and the material is highly resistant to scratches, wear.

The pants are durable, breathable, and sustain free and comfortable movement. The design is fundamental for comfort, and these tactical pants have an ergonomic cut at the knee and crutch, so hiking should be effortless when wearing the pants. The waist is elasticated for best fit and comes with widened loops on the belt. You will also notice a plastic triangle ring and slope-type leg cuffs for best fit with tactical boots.

You will be able to perfectly organize your hiking gear in the numerous storage options, including two generous expandable cargo pockets, two mini options with zippers, and two diagonal solutions on the font. The rear compartments are placed on both sides of the hip; the small internal options give you more storage space. The deep tailoring sustains the functionality of the pants but also has aesthetic values.

The legs feel a bit skinny, but the tactical pants remain a fantastic choice for year-round use, no matter if it’s hiking or military training you’re using them for.

The ANTARCTICA Men’s Tactical Lightweight Cargo Pants also make an incredible option for outdoor activities, law enforcement, and the military. The polyester and cotton fabric makes the cargo pants durable and comfortable, whereas the numerous storage solutions (10) lets you organize all your essentials or small hiking gear efficiently.

ANTARCTICA Hiking Tactical Pants – Best for Jogging

Don’t let the genuinely tactical looks of the ANTARCTICA Men’s Hiking Tactical Pants fool you; these pants are comfortable to wear even when jogging.

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The tactical pant has a premium fabric build (60% cotton, 38% polyester, and 2% spandex), allowing freedom on the move. It’s a ripstop fabric with adequate protection against the elements.

You will appreciate the multi-configuration design with several pockets, including two large pockets (cargo) with zipper, two rear zipper pockets, and two pockets on the front. You have six pockets for storing and organizing your essentials.

Durability is another characteristic of the pants; they won’t wrinkle, shrink, scratch, nor fade after a long time of use. The Teflon coating will keep dirt, water, and grease from staining the pants. The gusseted crotch and the double reinforced knees provide more durability.

The YKK zipper is metallic, and the pants come with a brass tac-stud closure for safe wear. The pants also provide comfortable wear as they feature a side stretchable elastic waist for a fast response. You will be able to put the pant on in a blink of an eye.

Despite the ruggedness and durability, the pants are lightweight and easy to wear all day long. The colors may be a bit off, but the pants are some of the best options for various outdoor activities, jogging included.

Another option for jogging are the Palglg Men’s Cargo Jogger Camouflage Pants. While they may not be your typical pair of tactical pants, they will be a lovely surprise for sure. They come with several pockets for your items’ good organization and are made with 100% cotton for soft and comfortable wear.

Aggressor Flex Tactical – Best Cargo Pants

If you’re determined to get tactical pants that come with cargo pockets, the Aggressor Flex Tactical Pants with Cargo Pockets are always a sure buy.

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The cotton/polyester/spandex blend makes the pants comfortable and durable, whereas the design sustains a free movement for any activity.

These are some of the best tactical pants with multi-functionality. Police officers, EMS, law enforcement, military, soldiers, firefighters, and outdoor enthusiasts (hikers, hunters) can rely on these pants.

You will have seven pockets including two side jeans, two cargo with easy access, two on the back, and a single pocket for your cell phone). The two comfortable large compartments have reinforced inserts in areas with continuous contact, and the two regular trouser pockets present reinforcement to fasten your knife. The hip cargo compartments feature an asymmetric valve on closure.

You may wear the pants with a two wide belt; the D-rings on the belt will allow you to attach various gear. Let’s not forget to mention the adjustable tunnel belt for superior fit. The lead’s bottom comes with hook and loop and subtle elastic cord, for best fit with high military boots, both slim and regular fit.

Even if the pants present articulated knees, they don’t come with pads for knees, which is a small flaw considering the pants’ overall value.

Please also look at the FREE SOLDIER Tactical Combat Army Cargo Work Pants. It’s a reliable pair of pants to use for all sorts of outdoor and original tactical activities, with numerous storage solutions, reinforced knees, and ripstop fabric as some of the best features.

CQR Tactical – Best Lightweight

The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants are made with a subtle military and law enforcement feel. They feature a high-density metal alloy button and zipper with a rugged stopper. The cargo pants are constructed with Duratex Fabric resistant to dirt, liquids, and various contaminants.

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The ripstop fabric materials contain both cotton and polyester, making the pants durable yet lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Functionality isn’t skipped on, and the pants come with multi-purpose pockets for the effective organization of your gear. You will be able to use 8 multi-purpose cargo pockets, making the pants perfect for all sorts of tactical activities.

The pants come with Secure Velcro secured pocket for safe storing of your magazine clips. The black nickel-plated D-ring on the elastic band will ensure the effortless hook-on installation of your tactical gear. The Velcro flap back pocket is easy to access even when you’re wearing gloves, which only improves the pants’ versatility.

The pants have incredible resistance to wrinkle, and the risk for shrinking or fading is minimal. The material is durable, but the comfort is impressive.

One may feel that the back pockets are relatively small or that the cut is a tad strange when not standing, but the pants are great value for the money still.

Under Armour Men’s Storm Covert Tactical Pants also make an excellent choice for lightweight tactical pants. Even if they don’t show it, these pants are made with tough and highly breathable fabric, providing you options for carrying the gear.

CQR Men’s Hiking Pants – Best for Hot Weather/Summer

Even if CQR Men’s Hiking Pants make the best tactical pants for the summer, and you may also put them on a cold day with warm underwear.

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The pants are designed for outdoor activities and sports but have features that depend on tactical activities. They’re manufactured with cotton (64%), nylon (30%), and spandex (6%), so they have a superior stretch performance with Two-Air circulation, Moisture Sensing, and fast-drying time.

Also, the surface of the material is expanded and enlarges, leading to efficient drying.

The functionality is fantastic, and you will be able to organize your gear and tools in the multi-purpose pockets (cargo) and attach some more on the D-ring attachment. There are two mini lip pockets (symmetrical), two angle-cut slash pockets (for effortless access), two open-top pockets with secure flaps (rear), and two tight compartments with velcro for safely storing your essentials.

The ventilated Flap mesh in the back of the knees improves ventilation, so wearing the pants on a hot summer day will keep you cool.

The pants may not feel long-lasting, but they will make use for many summers if you ask us.

You should also check the FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Cargo Hiking Tactical Pants, as they are loaded with great features for tactical activities in the summer. They’re made with blended spandex fabric for superior comfort in the summer and Dupont Teflon coating for water resistance.

You will have numerous pockets for the excellent organization of your pockets too.

Emerson Gen3 – Best with Knee Pads

The Emerson Gen3 Tactical Pants with Knee Pad can efficiently work as your next tactical pants for sports or work, as they come with great features and knee pads.

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The fabric is 50% cotton and 50% Polyester Teflon coating, so the pants are comfortable and rugged at the same time. They feature a unique low-profile waist adjust system for superior fit, and every cargo compartment accommodates a magazine stabilizer or water bottle.

The pants come with a designated knife holder that also provides access to the pocket. You may safely use the pants with removable airflex Combat knee pads and adjust the kneepad heigh in the front thigh pocket. When you’re not using the knee pads, you may easily hide the opening with the built-in flap covers kneecaps.

Functionality is also incredible, and the pants have rear-zip pockets, a more extensive expansion panel at the back (lower area), and large thigh pockets on the front.

The stretch diamond gusseted crotch gives durability to the pants, but you will still be able to enjoy a great range of motions. The seat areas are double-layered too for superior comfort and durability.

Some may want to switch to better knee pads, but the pants remain a wise purchase for your tactical activities.

The Survival Tactical Gear Pants with Knee Pads are also highly dependable, as they’re made with double 1000D layer seat, knee, and the lower area, which gives fantastic durability. The ripstop fabric is tough and breathable, and the pants feature 14 pockets and various adjustment systems.

LA Police Gear Urban Ops – Best for big guys

The LA Police Gear Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants stand out with superior fit and lightweight materials without losing durability and strength on tactical missions.

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The pocket design is improved, so you have effortless and fast access to your gear. The metal tac-stud and brass locking YKK zipper are highly tested, eliminating the risk of failing.

The Urban Ops tactical pants are manufactured with a tough yet lightweight blend of 35% cotton ripstop fabric and 65% polyester. The elastic waistband ensures superior comfort, whereas the gusseted crotch and articulating knees give them fantastic durability. You may confidently wear them in the summer when going on a whitetail or in the late fall- that’s how versatile the pants are. The design is relatively straightforward, and the pants don’t have a baggy feel.

There are front pockets (with clip for knife or flashlight), slip-pocket (on the front), slip back pockets, and cargo compartments with LAPG pass through. If these pockets aren’t enough for storing your essentials, you may use the six loops on the belt.

Durability is impressive, and the pants feature 22 individual bartacks to enhance strength. Some may feel that the knee areas could use better reinforcement, but the pants are a solid choice for big guys anytime.

The FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants are made with blended spandex fabric and has high elasticity, excellent for big guys. The numerous pockets, durability, and comfort make them a safe choice for tactical or outdoor activities.

FREE SOLDIER Tactical Pants – Best for short guys

When it comes to the FREE SOLDIER Men’s Water-Resistant Pants Relaxed Fit Tactical, resuming to a shortlist of positive features is difficult, as the pants have so many good aspects.

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The material is 35% cotton and 65% ripstop polyester, with superior water Repellent treatment; you shouldn’t worry on rainy days with these pants on. Also, they have Dupont Teflon coating that keeps liquids, soil, and stains at a distance. The trousers resist water, excessive wear, scratches, fading, and wrinkles. However, they always remain comfortable and easy to wear all day long.

You can’t complain about storage options as the pants feature 10+ pockets. There are two slant pockets (in the front), flap hook&loop pockets (on both hips), and two large hook& loop pockets. On every side, you will find two military EDC pockets. The design is ergonomic, and the 12 pleats in the knee areas (articulated) sustain comfort and a generous range of motion. The reinforced knee area has superior resistance to wear and scratches.

As for adjustability and comfort, we should highlight the partial elastic at the waist with a wide belt loop for better comfort. The pants come with a YKK zipper closure for effortless use and Duraflex D-rin for attaching accessories or kye chains.

Guys looking for more stretch may want to check other tactical pants, which remain a wise choice for many people.

The LA Police Gear Atlas pants are another incredible model to try. They come with reinforced panels for heels, knife clip, knees, and several pockets to store your gear.

Conquistador Flex – Best for Skinny Guys

The Conquistador Flex -Tactical Pants Men’s will complement any skinny guy without losing functionality or durability.

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The pants are made with polyester, cotton, and spandex blend, so they feel comfortable and take a long time to use too. They’re highly versatile and can be used by firefighters, police officers, law enforcement, military, EMS, and hikers, hunters, or at work.

The pant’s functionality is superior, and you get to store your gear in plenty of pockets (eight); there are two cargo compartments with easy access, two side rear pockets (with zippers), two side jeans pockets, and two overhead pockets for AR spare mag or cell phone. The reinforced knees improve the durability of the pants, and you may add kneed pads when necessary.

You will also like the pants’ adjustability; the waist bend is self-adjustable, and the bottom of the pants can be set with hook and loop valves and an elastic cord (hidden). The pants work with military boots.

Also, the D-rings are sewn on the front on loops to attach to tactical gear.

The YKK zippers are quality furniture, and the tactical pants provide a comfortable fit. They don’t come with knee pads, but that’s not a deal-breaker for sure.

Don’t let the casual look of Amazon Brand’s Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Tactical Pant mislead you, as these pants can take a beating as part of your tactical activities. The pants have a slim cut and are made with stretch elastane for superior comfort. You have plenty of pockets for storing your essentials and even a cord toggle at the cuffs for better wear.

Helikon-Tex UTP – Best for Concealed Carry/IWB Carry

Helikon-Tex Men’s UTP Urban Tactical Pants stand out as some of the best tactical pants for concealed carry as they’re chock-full of unique features. The tactical patrol pants are made with polycotton ripstop for solid colors and feel comfortable and durable at the same time. There are improved stitches all over the pants, which enhances the durability for outdoor and tactical activities; concealed carry is safe with these pants.

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There’s a patented US and EU design for these tactical patrol pants with internal pockets and knee pads. They’re climate-resistant, so you may teak them in various climates when hiking, training, hunting, or planning a SWAT attack. They’re reliable for concealed carry too.

There are 12 load-bearing pockets placed very well, across the front, rear, and thighs too. You may store your items in the cargo zippered pockets, hip pockets (they have reinforced edges for your knife clips), and two velcros closed pockets (also in the front) for AR mags or smartphones. The inner pockets for baton or mags have a low profile. The loops on the belt fit up to 50mm wide belt, and you may win more storage options with the loops for D-ring, carabiners, or key hook.

Comfort isn’t skipped, and the pants have an elastic waistband with a velcro fastener. They won’t ride down, thanks to the classic jeans neck profile.

The tactical pants run true to size, even if some will get a baggy feel when wearing the pants.

When you buy a pair of pants like TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Series Original Tactical Pant, you can be sure that you got pants that pose no problem for concealed carry. The pants come with numerous pockets, an adjustable slide waistband, and all sorts of features for the most challenging tactical missions.

LA Police Gear Atlas – Best Made in the USA

Should you look for the best tactical pants made in the USA, the LA Police Gear Atlas Pants is always a sure choice. Made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these tactical patrol pants impress durability and comfort. They’re made with Stretch Tech System with useful stretch panels in central areas for superior comfort and mobility in all activities.

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It’s a pair of pants with zippered pockets (cargo) with internal organization and external slip pockets. There are five loops for the belt, and you may wear the pants with 2-in belts. The panels for the heels, knife clip, and knees are reinforced, which improves durability. The pants also come with internal knee pad pockets and accommodate neoprene knee pads.

The brass tac-stud closure with the metallic YKK zipper sustains the pants’ durability and works for concealed carry. The elastic waistband ensures the best fit, whereas the Teflon coating will protect against oils, stains, liquids, and dirt.

Even if some would appreciate more stretch in the waist area, this could easily make your no. 1 tactical pants for a long time. Camo Distributors Military Men’s 100% Cotton may not be the most tactical pants out there, but come with enough features for reliable use in various activities, tactical missions included. The pants come with slash hip pockets and are made with 100% cotton for durability and soft wear.

Under Armour Storm Covert – Best for the Range

Good tactical pants don’t need to have a rugged build to be reliable. It’s the case of Under Armour Storm Covert Tactical Pants have plenty of features for performance in tactical missions but work perfectly in an office too.

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The Under Armour Storm Tactical pants are made with Under Armour Storm technology, repelling water without losing breathability. They’re made with long-lasting ripstop fabric that takes the most difficult challenges out in the field. The Under Armour Storm Tactical pants were also made with Anti-odor technology, which reduces the risk of microbes’ growth that causes odor.

Comfort and best fit are also provided, and the pants come with stretch engineered waistband; the comfort and mobility will be impressive. Concealed carry is also doable with the pants as they feature offset belt loops for the best placement of your holster.

You will be able to organic your items very well; the pants come with open front and backhand compartments, with a low profile for the left-hand cargo compartment. Some feel the pants a tad on the heavy side, but it’s a personal feel.

Men’s tactical pants are easy to find, but these are some of the best tactical pants to take to the range.

For those of you who always like the sure thing, the TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Series Original Tactical Pant makes the perfect model. These are some of the best tactical pants, and they’re loaded with features for tactical activities, range, and strenuous outdoor activities. They’re great for concealed carry and make a safe buy on any given day.

How to Wear Tactical Pants

You don’t need to go on a tactical mission to wear tactical pants; moreover, you don’t even need to be the most passionate outdoor enthusiast and run your Tv show to wear tactical pants from time to time.

Tactical pants are made to take the elements, excess wear, and tear and make the best choice for people working in the military, law enforcement, and adventurous travelers, avid hikers, and climbers.

Who wears tactical pants?

Similar to cargo pants, tactical pants impress with durability, functionality, and light build. They come with concealed pockets, dry quickly, and shouldn’t wrinkle. Due to reinforced areas and excellent stitching, tactical pants are supposed to be the most durable pair of pants in your closet.

Men and women in the military, SWAT teams, law enforcement professionals always wear tactical pants. Nevertheless, they’re not regular pants, so some tips about how to wear the tactical pants or how to find the best size are necessary, especially if it’s your first pair of tactical pants.

How to wear tactical pants with boots

There are several ways to wear tactical pants with boots, and the best way to know which one works for you the best is by trying all of them.

Use elastic bands

The fastest and less effortless method to wear tactical pants is with elastic blouse bands. It’s a widely spread method among servicemen and women, and the steps are relatively easy to follow:

  • Begin with putting your socks on and tie the elastic band around the ankle. You can also slide them over the feet.
  • Please put on the pants and tuck them inside the elastic bands.
  • Fold the remaining fabric over the elastic band, creating a balloon appearance.
  • Pull down the rest of the fabric to hide the socks and finish with putting your boots on.

You don’t need excellent skills or many accessories to use this method. As it can limit the circulation, it’s not the best method to use if you’re going to be out there for a very long time.

Tucking the pants in

If you have no accessories within reach, the easiest way to wear the tactical pants is to tuck them in. No clips or elastic bands will be necessary for this method, but you should pay attention to the main steps for best results:

  • After you put the pants on, you should flat them around the ankles.
  • Carefully fold and flatten the remaining fabric in the back.
  • End by sliding the bottom of your pants inside the boots

The best part about this method is that you don’t need any accessories to complete it. Also, it doesn’t restrict your circulation nor affect your comfort. The downside is that the pants will tend to slip out, which decreases functionality. As your pants shift, debris and dust can get inside, causing discomfort.

Use straps

Straps will allow you to obtain the comfortable and durable wear of your tactical pants. You will need blousing straps, pants, and boots, of course. The steps to follow are depicted down below:

  • Tuck the bottom of your pants far up the leg, as much as possible.
  • Make sure to arrange the fabric rolled up against your leg.
  • Continue with tying up the straps around the area of the pants that is inside out.
  • Gently pull the pants back up and adjust the bottom of the pants.

With straps, you shouldn’t worry about the pants slipping out. However, you can’t do this on the go or without straps.

How should tactical pants fit?

The first thing to decide is the fit, as you can go with a relaxed or a slim fit.

  • The relaxed fit is casual and relatively roomy, making the perfect choice when comfort counts most.
  • Slim fit doesn’t refer to skinny. Tactical pants with slim fit aren’t form-fitting but cut close to the leg for a highly functional and sleek appearance. Slim fit is somewhat more formal and quite fashionable.

Find your size

To identify your correct size, you have to discover the waist and inseam measurements.

Use a flexible sewing tape measure for finding the waist size. Don’t puff out or suck in, but wrap the measuring tape around the stomach right below the belly button. It should be lye flat on the skin, without any twists or flipping. Place one finger between the tape and skin, so your pants don’t feel too snug.

No tape measure?

You can always use a piece of string if you don’t have a tape measure handy. Wrap the string around the waist, mark it to size (you can also trim it), and use a ruler to measure the length from end to end. You will find out your waist circumference too.

Find the inseam

It’s best to take the pants that fit you the best for this step. Place them on a flat surface, folding them in half (the length); the legs should be aligned equally, without any folds. Raise the top pant leg, pulling it over the waistband; it’s how you notice the inseam. Find the area where the crotch seam comes in contact with the seam going down the leg, measuring it entirely to the leg’s hem.


Most tactical pants will sit a bit higher on the waist than regular pants. The fit is made to fit duty belts and heavy equipment without pulling the pants down.

Some tactical pants will run smaller or bigger than most pants, but the manufacturers will note the product description.

Do the pants fit you right or not?

You shouldn’t buy tactical pants that don’t fit you correctly, but how do you know if they provide the best fit? You cannot always afford to buy pants that prove uncomfortable only after spending all day in them.

Your tactical pants properly fit if:

  • They ensure a wide range of motion without losing the original shape.
  • They feel comfortable every time you move, stand, or sit down.
  • Come with rugged pockets and wide, dependable belt loops that don’t pull after you put on your tactical gear.

Your tactical pants don’t fit right if:

  • You cannot move comfortably
  • They feel baggy or loose (even if you go for a relaxed fit)
  • The pants drag on the ground.

In closing

You may be overwhelmed by the many options when selecting your tactical pants. But it will be useless to buy the best model if they don’t fit you properly or you don’t know how to wear them.


Q: Are tactical pants reliable for hiking?

A: You may wear your tactical pants when hiking, only if they’re comfortable throughout the day. They should allow free movements and have water resistance. Go with insulated models in the winter and look for lightweight, fast-drying models for summer hikes.

Q: Should you wash your tactical pants?

A: Most of the time, the answer is “yes,” but you should first check the labeling. Use warm water and some soap for lightly dirty pants, and use the washing machine on a gentle cycle if necessary. Clean the pants before washing if they’re full of dirt, and don’t skip spot treatment. Pre-soak may be needed at times.

Q: How to dry the tactical pants?

A: never use a high0heat drying cycle for the tactical pants. Most of the time, you should shake the trousers are re-shape them before hanging them to dry. Don’t fold the trousers over the clothesline, as you will cause unnecessary creases that may be difficult to remove.

Q: Should the tactical pants be waterproof?

A: Waterproof technology is recommended if you know that you go in wet areas or climate with heavy rain. Waterproof trousers will be less breathable, so you should be very sure that you must have waterproof trousers.

Q: Tight or baggy? How should the tactical pants fit you?

A: The short answer is “neither.” The tactical pants shouldn’t be too tight, as you won’t be able to move freely; you don’t want them to be baggy either, as they may snag or get caught in roots and decrease comfort altogether. Trousers that allow comfortable wear all day long and freedom on the move and sit nicely over your boots make the right choice.