The Best Tactical Pen in 2022

best tactical pen

Imagine you’re in a car crash or with somebody breathing down your neck… Your survival instinct is telling you to act on it, but there’s little thing to do as you don’t usually carry a weapon or some tool useful in life threatening situations. It would be nice to have something to get you through that, right…?

A Little know-how on tactical pens

The tactical pen is in fact a “multi tool”. The size, the looks and the shape of the tactical pen make it a pen and its main purpose is to write, obviously. But, within seconds, it can become a subtle, powerful, easy to carry and small self-defense weapon.

The power of a tactical pen may come from its very sharp points, hidden in its tip, while others simply weigh more as they are made of high grade steel. This gives you a very strong strike and you may even break glass with it.

The tactical pen becomes a useful weapon when the situation calls for it.  A tactical pen is discreet and most of the models don’t have the looks of a weapon. That’s the thing about the tactical pen: it is only you who knows that it can turn into a weapon in a life threatening situation. It’s just a pen for other people.

When and how to use a tactical pen

Nowadays the streets are getting more dangerous by day and it’s common sense to be prepared in case of any attack on you that happens. “Better safe than sorry” and thinking it’s not gonna your case might cost you deeply.

There are simple and easy tips to follow and one is to avoid crowded and dangerous situations.

If you end up in a tensed situation you can use verbal self-defense to solve the tension. Use calm tone voice, body language to calm the aggressor and stay away from direct attack.

Physical self-defense may not use weapons, but techniques from martial arts, or use legal weapons like pepper spray or improvised tools like a tactical pen or umbrella.

Of, course, you can always choose to run, and make sure you’re in a better shape than your aggressor :).

When it comes to the tactical pen, you can sometimes use it like a stick or a sword. It’s important that you strike hard, with a good grip.

You may also use the tactical pen as a knife- simply turn it upside down and jab your attacker. You can injure an eye, if you place the pen right. Of course, you should also consider running as fast as you can afterwards.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to kill your attacker, you simply want to get out of the situation. A tactical pen gives enough pain and it may be lethal in some situations.

The minute you buy a tactical pen, it’s assumed that you know how to use it as a weapon. A tactical pen is not illegal but, if you end up in a trial, the lawyers will sure know how to use it against you.

For your sake, it’s also better not to take a tactical pen on a flight. You may pass with it (as nobody notices it), the controllers find it and take it away from you or… you get arrested for having a potential weapon on a commercial airplane.

Getting a good tactical pen that checks on all these points may be a challenge, since you can find tactical pens that don’t write well, or some that write nicely but are useless when it comes to protecting you.

The bottom line is…

That you do need to take a good judgment when buying a tactical pen. Some women might feel stressed about having a weapon in the house, especially when a small child is a round. So, a tactical pen can bring, along with the comfort in the potentially dangerous situations, some stress in the house just as well.

But, if you sleep on it and still think you really need a tactical pen, then take a look at our top tactical pen we’re reviewing below and see which one fits your bill the best.


The Top 5 Tactical Pen Reviews

1. The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

If you set your mind on getting a tactical pen, you may start with one of the best, the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen.

This rugged tactical pen might be the tactical pen for you. It’s beautifully engineered in our USA. Here’s our list of pros:

  • it has a machined steel body and a stainless steel pocket clip which makes it easy to get
  • the pen has a “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridge and works in all conditions, indoor and outdoor. As a matter of fact, this pen writes upside down in any wet conditions.
  • there is a reliable push button mechanism which deploys the ball point
  • the pen has an integrated glass-breaker tip that’s made of tempered steel
  • the refills are made by Fisher, USA
  • the pen writes amazingly well in all positions and has a nice, hefty look
  • the pen is lightweight and very strong at the same time
  • it fits inside any pen holder in a canvas bag/pouch, pocket or Molle slot
  • this is a heavy duty, long-lasting, powerful tactical pen that doesn’t steer away from its main purpose: writing.

There are only a few things that bother us about this tactical pen. Here are our cons:

  • it might not get through the security check when boarding an airplane
  • the plastic inside the cap wears out faster than the rest of the pen and the cap may start to get loose because of that
  • after a while, the pen does not feel that comfortable against the finger anymore
  • the glass breaker should be placed elsewhere. At the moment, is catches on the inner pocket and rips the denim or even scratches the leg sometimes.
  • avoid dropping it… the roller ball might not work afterwards.

But all in all, this is an amazing tactical pen that writes really well and gives you protection if used right.

Check out the reviews, details and pricing on Amazon.


2. The Under Control Tactical Pen

Tactical pens may come with an LED flashlight these days, as is the case wit the Under Control Tactical Pen for Self Defense with LED Flashlight, DNA Catcher, & Glass Breaker.

This is a heavy duty tactical pen that has many good features and our pros are as follow:

  • the pen has a black aluminum construction
  • it has a good size and is robust and solid
  • the pen has a built-in DNA catch crown and an integrated glass breaker
  • there is a sharp-jagged end cap
  • it works great for self-defense
  • the pen features a handy belt clip for easy access
  • you can use the cap of this pen as a mini light
  • the light it gives is not strong, but it’s efficient
  • the pen has a good weight and a great clip
  • it’s very easy to use this tactical pen
  • there is a good grip to it
  • the glass breaker works fine
  • the pen writes smoothly

There are some things we liked less about this pen. Our cons are:

  • the glass breaker screws itself off with too much ease
  • the ink cartridge could be of better quality
  • there’s too much play between the cap and the body of the pen
  • the DNA catcher may bite your thumb
  • the pen is rather bulky and long

All in all, for the money you pay this is still a good tactical pen that will do its job.

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3. 5.11 Double Duty 1.5 Tactical Pen

If you’re into tactical gear, you must have heard of 5.11 and all their amazing products. One of them is the 5.11 Double Duty 1.5 Tactical Pen that combines writing with self defense.

This tactical pen has a durable, very strong construction and here’s our list of pros:

  • it has an aggressive matte black finish
  • accepts standard ink cartridges and you can find refills in any shops
  • the pen fits snugly in pen pockets
  • it has a very sharp point
  • there is a good grip to it thanks to the palm swell design of the body on the cap end
  • the cap end has a “flat” thumb platform design covered in textured TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). This gives more power when forcing the application towards a potential aggressor
  • the pen has an great sized steel clip
  • the pen is neither heavy, nor fat or over built
  • the design is sleek and the pen looks thin
  • the flat end cap gives a good thumb purchase and a more powerful striking when in need
  • the pen writes from any angle, in any weather conditions, through any liquid

There are some flaws, but they are not deal breakers. So, hear our cons:

  • the pen could be a bit longer
  • the rubber top could be of better quality
  • both ends screw into the center of the pen in the same direction, making it difficult to tighten them
  • the pen won’t pass a TSA security check for sure

As you can see, this tactical pen is a good buy, and is worth every single penny.

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4. Zero Tolerance Tactical Pen Knife

If you have zero tolerance for low quality products, then it may be the time for you to try the Zero Tolerance Tactical Pen Knife.

This tactical pen features a rugged machined aluminum body and comes with many qualities on its side. Our list of pros goes

  • the pen has an O-ring seal that gives a secure seal and keeps moisture away
  • the built-in glass breaker tip is easy and ready to use
  • the pen is equipped with a Rite in the Rain ink cartridge
  • there is smooth flow for the ink thanks to the pressurized cartridge
  • it writes in any weather, upside down, and in extreme weather conditions just as well
  • the pen can also take refills from Parker and Fisher Space pen cartridges
  • it fits easily in your pocket, just like an ordinary pen
  • the tip is strong
  • the pen feels comfortable and sturdy
  • the pen has a good, well thought-out construction and design

There are only a few minor issues for this tactical pen:

  • the pen could be a little bit longer
  • it’s a tad difficult to remove the pen cap
  • you need to handle it carefully as the glass breaking end might poke you
  • the pen is on the high price end

But, if you set your mind to get it, there is zero tolerance for money not well spent. Not the case here…

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5. PKTP-BK Tactical Pen

When you’re after an unbreakable tactical pen, go with the PKTP-BK Tactical Pen & Writing Instrument.

This pen has a cutting edge design and convinces any device fan. Here are the pros:

  • the pen has an advanced ergonomic bezel cutting pattern design to give a rock solid, secure grip. You can use this carefree even with your gloves on
  • the ribbed body enhances the anti-roll and anti-slip abilities of the pen
  • the pen has the right weight and the perfect length
  • there is good material distance on both ends
  • this pen is sophisticated and elegant
  • it’s precise and unforgiving when used for protection
  • it has an indestructible alloy body
  • the sharp angles and edges make this pen highly efficient on capturing the DNA of your potential attacker
  • you can rotate the bezel against the body clockwise to expose the ink tip
  • the pen writes smoothly
  • you can use ink cartridges from Fisher
  • the pen has a long lasting stainless steel nose cone
  • the rear tips are embedded to enhance impact strength and ensure force multiplication
  • the front and rear tips are made of non-corrosive stainless steel

There are only two things that bother us about this tactical pen

  • it doesn’t come with a clip
  • you might find it pricey

All in all, we all love this tactical pen for its looks and high performance.

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