Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks Review

Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks Review

Lone Wolf Sticks

You may be coming from screw-in spikes and wanted an easier climb, and you’re considering the Lone Wolf climbing sticks. Or perhaps you have a hang-on stand and need the sticks for it, or simply wanted a better alternative to your current sticks. The Lone Wolf sticks are a solid option. Follow along to see why.

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Quick specs:

  • Fits 4″-22″ tree diameters;
  • 350-pound weight rating;
  • Single tube design;
  • Stick length: 32″;
  • Distance between steps: 15″;
  • Weights: 2 1/2 lbs. per stick.


  • Light weight
    The weight is 2 1/2 pounds per stick, for a 10 pound total for the four stick pack (some hunters use 3 sticks, others 6 sticks). This is light enough to carry to your stand, or from stand to stand if you use more than one stand. Carrying both a stand and the climbing sticks however, may not be that comfortable over long distances, depending on the type of stand you have, steel or aluminum.
  • Super portable –

    The Lone Wolf sticks come in packs of four or three stacked along each other and cinched down with a strap. You can hang them onto a carrying strap (not included, but here’s a good option), and sling them over your shoulder to take them up the tree. On the tree, you sling them back in front of you to remove one by one and mount on the tree trunk.

  • Easy and quiet to set up and take down
    The sticks are mounted really easily using their tree straps. Put the strap around the tree, connect the loose end on the stick, and cinch in with a couple of pulls. The sticks don’t have to connect with each other at the ends, and will easily follow the contour of a tree thanks to the pivoting V brackets. The ease of setting up and take down makes the Lone Wolf sticks a great choice if you like to move stands around. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to install four sticks in under ten minutes. The setting up of both sticks and stand can be done in under half hour.
  • Ridges on steps –
    The steps are sturdy and have ridges on them for good foot grip.
  • The steps are reversible –
    The steps can be flipped to left or right, which can be useful in various situations, for instance when you have branches in the way, or you’re trying to reach far to one side and need to have a foothold on that side of the stick.
  • Low profile on the tree –
    The sticks aren’t conspicuous on the tree. Some people however prefer to have them blend in even more, and apply the next tip.
    Tip: put Stealth Strips on the sticks, or camo tape, and you’ll obtain a deadly Stealthy/Quiet combo.
  • Connect seamlessly with Lone Wolf hang-on stands –
    when these climbing sticks are nested together, they can be mounted directly on the Assault treestand or Alpha Hang-On treestand, in the specially designed points built-in for this purpose.
  • Made in USA –
    Purchasing these sticks is a patriotic help to the economy.


Some owners complain that there’s a little bit of rattling when you piggyback the segments. As one user suggested, Lone Wolf could widen the connecting area and add sound-deadening coating on it. Perhaps in a future version. It’s impossible however to completely eliminate sounds from metal sticks. There’ll always be some type of thud when they come together. To go around that, some people prefer to cover the entire stick in tape (see our tip above).

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Recommended accessories:


 And here’s a video on how to easily set up the Lone Wolf Sticks:

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