Muddy 73203 Hunter Sticks Review

It’s been already the second trip I’ve taken with the Muddy Climbing Sticks and now I’m finally able to put forward some conclusions.

As they state in the product’s description, the Muddy Hunter Sticks come in a pack of 3 x 32” durable aluminum sections, weighing no more than 3 lbs. each. Each section features 3 dual-sided steps and it sustains a maximum weight of 300 lbs., which seems to hold with no problem even the most ‘upholstered’ guys.

The first hike I took the Muddy Sticks on happened last fall, on a slippery ground caused by some light but steady showers. I relished the opportunity to try up the ‘cam system’, a unique feature Muddy brings forth. That is, the rope on each stick wraps around the tree and then is passed through a pair of self-tightening nuts, and is optionally secured with a couple of quick knots. Then I found out there’s a huge advantage in having no metal buckle to knock when silence is utterly required. Moreover, in spite of the importune humidity, I’ve been able to climb up the tree safely and really fast. The sticks and steps are easy to set up and there’s something I love about these sticks: you have steps on both sides that clearly smooth out the climbing process and do away with the dead times caused by stepping alternately. Not to mention that tandem steps come in very handy in situations where you’re doing work up on the tree trunk.

The second and most recent trip out that I’ve made with the sticks also revealed some nice features of the Muddy sticks, even though my trek was unceremoniously interrupted by a sudden snow blizzard. The fact that the sticks strap tightly together and to the backpack and are relatively light helped me cope with the unexpected rough weather. The wind blowing in a bunch of loosely tied sticks would have been the last thing I needed. Instead I found no problem carrying the sticks even in extreme weather conditions.

Muddy Hunter Sticks vs. Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

To give you a clearer image of the pros and cons, I’m putting together a short comparison chart between Muddy and the other piece of equipment I would bank on: the Lone Wolf 3-piece climbing sticks.

FeatureMuddyLone WolfVerdict
WeightLight: 3 lbs. per segmentLight: 2.5 lbs. per segmentThe Muddy’s are the same length as the Lone Wolf, and heavier by a slight margin, due to having a double number of steps.
StepsDual-sidedOne-sided reversible stepsWith Muddy one can stand with both feet together while setting up the next step or the stand
TransportConvenientVery convenientI gave the Lone Wolf the upper hand here because of less weight.
AnchoringRope Cam SystemBuckle-in strapsLone Wolf offers the usual strapping system, in which you pass the strap around the tree, fasten a buckle, then cinch the strap. Muddy’s Cam System is completely silent, and faster to set up.

Lone Wolf offers the usual strapping system, in which you buckle the strap clip to the stick body, and then tighten the strap down with a few pulls, in the conventional way. Muddy’s Cam System is completely silent, faster and more secure. Pass the rope around the tree, put it in between the two self-tightening nuts on the front of the stick, then pull down the stick to cinch the cord. Completely silent.

As a general conclusion, despite the fact that Lone Wolf would be somewhat lighter and easier to carry, I’m less concerned about the weight as I don’t hike over very long distances. I’d rather have a stealthy and sturdy equipment that I can rely on even in severe weather conditions.

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