Best Turkey Calls

 Turkey call reviews

No matter the level of turkey calling you’ve reached, no matter if you sound like a fluent turkey or no not, there’s always some space for some practice right before the turkey season begins.

There are several types of turkey callings and you could use some detailed information about how they work, when to use it or how to use it. You always need some help with the turkey calling, no matter how experience you are.

The first step to take when getting turkey calls, is admitting how good of a turkey hunter you are. It’s difficult for many of us that, even though we hunt for some years now, we’re not very good at, taking it by the numbers of the kills.

Even though you are experienced (let’s not put a label just yet), you also need to know how to select the right turkey call, how to use the more advanced mouth calls and when to use them, in the right tone.

Which type of turkey call to get?

The market gives you various types of turkey calls. You may find friction, tube, diaphragm calls or locater and each one of them fits best a certain hunting situation.

The tube calls can virtually make every sound a turkey would make, even a good gobble. You simply place your lower lip on the bottom of the call on the reed and press the upper lip on the top of the call. Practice makes perfect so give it some time until you get the hang of it and take every turkey hunt this type of turkey call.

The box calls, pot call, push/calls include refer to the friction calls and they are the easiest to use. This type of call is the no.1 choice for the beginner hunters and also the medium level hunters.

Most common turkey calls are the locater turkey calls which don’t simulate turkeys as they sound to locate toms. They may sound like a pileated woodpecker, a crow or an owl, giving a tom gobbling. It’s easier to locate a gobbler on his roost or anticipate where the gobbler is going to be before you move on him.

The diaphragm calls are very popular as they are small, easy to carry around and low-priced. They are rather easy to use and keep in mind to use a call you are comfortable with. These calls are hands-free so that’s another advantage they bring.

If you learn and begin the master a diaphragm call, you may own the turkey field. Locator calls are also quite efficient just as well.

How to get the best out of your turkey call?

The most realistic and most efficient calls on the market are diaphragm calls for sure. When you use a mouth call you start realizing the endless amount of variations it gives, depending on how you use air and mouth.

Diaphragm calls may be clean doubles, cut triple reeds, with various thickness of the reeds.

Make sure you get the right rhythm when you’re using the turkey call and listen to good callers or live birds to match your rhythm.

Try not to imitate turkey hunters, but turkeys when you use a turkey call. The yelp is the fundamental call for all turkey hunters and practice it in the winter time.

Take a look around when you’re using your turkey call and see that you are in his zone. A turkey call is useless if you’re in a strut zone, when he plans to run away.

Pay good attention to the messages of the turkey in order to have success with your turkey call. Keep in mind that an old, dominant field bird with a gaggle of hens is almost impossible to catch, no matter the call you’re using.

Last, but not least, you only call one turkey, not more than one. A good hunter is great with turkey callings, but also gets the turkey behavior and actually gets some turkeys.

The most important lesson about the turkey calling is that none of the turkey calls you’re buying is efficient unless you practice. And none of them makes you a better hunter unless you actually get some turkeys down.

Top 5 turkey call reviews

For those of you who want to try the turkey mouth call, the Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call is a great opportunity to start practicing. Here are the pros on the mouth call:

  • The Hook Hunter 2” with Ghost Cut uses little air and great for Kee-Kee and Purrs
  • You get two mouth calls with the pack
  • There are Premium Gauge Reeds and precision handmade cuts
  • The mouth calls have custom design
  • There are realistic and unique pitches
  • The mouth calls fit great and feel good in the mouth
  • The fast cuts are impressive
  • There are really nice yelps with the mouth calls
  • The mouth calls are reliable
  • The price is great for the quality the mouth calls give

When we need to talk about the things we don’t like that much, there aren’t many comments to make. Even so, there is a short list of cons:

  • The tape comes apart rather fast
  • You may need some time until you get used to the mouth calls in your mouth

All in all, for the money you pay, you get pretty good mouth call. Just keep in mind that it takes practice until you get the best sounds.


If you’re new to turkey hunting and don’t know yet which kind of turkey call you should use, the Primos Hunting Turkey Hunter Starter Pack might help you get the main idea about it. Of course the pack can be used by the experienced hunter just as well since it contains many turkey calls. Here are the pros on the pack:

  • The pack includes a Double-sided wooden box call
  • You also get a Sonic Dome slate call and wooden striker
  • The pack consists also a Mouth Call
  • The storage case is great for storing the calls
  • The slate is good and efficient
  • The box call sounds good
  • The price is great for the quality you get
  • The Sonic Dome slate call is for long distance
  • You may use the double-sided box for mid-range
  • For the close-range calling you may use the diaphragm mouth calls
  • There is good volume for the slate
  • The pack is small, compact and easy to carry around
  • Everything in the case is easy to use

Some things count as cons though so here they are:

  • The mouth call is not the best quality
  • You need to practice a bit until you get the best out of the slate

All in all, for the money you pay, the pack is a great investment for the beginner hunters.


In case you don’t want to use a manual turkey call you may still go hunting and use an electronic one. The Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Caller is not only for turkey hunting and along with its versatility come other good things. Here are our pros:

  • The device comes with 75 animal calls
  • Most of the calls sound very realistic
  • The caller is Western Rivers electronic handheld
  • The device is compact and easy to carry around
  • The device is easy to use
  • There are pivoting legs with lock in position and rubberized legs
  • The buttons give an easier operation of the device
  • The 4-way keypad call selection is efficient
  • The volume control and LCD screen readout with black light are functional
  • There is random repeat option and trigger sound activation button
  • The device is operated by 4 xAAA batteries (not included)
  • There is a remote control powered by 2032 button cell batteries
  • The device works up to 300 feet range

As for the cons, there they are:

  • The device works only on batteries and it’s not rechargeable
  • You don’t get AAA batteries
  • The remote is not all that functional
  • You can’t change the volume nor the call by the remote

But, for those of you who like electronic devices even out in the field, the device is a good option as an in use for a turkey call.


If you think a call with impregnated wood is the turkey call for you, the Wicked Series – Slate Acrylic Stabilized Cherry Pot – Zink Calls – Turkey Hunting Call might be a good option. Here are our pros:

  • The friction call is constructed with impregnated wood
  • The call is entirely waterproof sine it’s impregnated with acrylic into the Brazilian cherry pan
  • The sound is great
  • The call is long lasting
  • You also get a striker conditioner, a no-slip grip ring and Sweet-Spot for soft calling
  • The striker is high quality
  • There is good range of sounds for the call
  • The call is easy to use
  • You may use this even in the rain as it’s resistant to the elements
  • The call is made in our USA
  • There is custom built and durable design on the call
  • There is slate calling surface
  • The call has built-in striker tip cleaner/conditioner

Apart from its high price, we have nothing to mention when it comes to cons.


As you are willing to pay the extra cash for your turkey call, it’s a sure thing you’re going to get an efficient and reliable, especially if it’s a Woodhaven one. The Woodhaven Custom Calls Cherry Classic Slate Turkey Call has many good things related to it so here’s our list of pros:

  • The Woodhaven is a friction call made with Pennsylvania slate
  • The call has cherry wood sound chamber
  • The call creates rasps, clucks, purrs and quiet yelps
  • The Woodhaven call comes with surface conditioning kit, surface saver lid and 2 hand-matched strikers
  • The call gives long high front breaks
  • The call is easy to use
  • The craftsmanship on the call is amazing
  • The call gives a realistic sound
  • There is also a cover for the call to protect it from dust
  • The two different conditioning pads are useful

As for the cons, there are only a few:

  • The Woodhaven is not low priced
  • Some consider the call not to be loud enough

For what is worth, the Woodhaven makes a good, reliable and long lasting turkey call.