Best Turkey Hunting Vest

Introduction to Turkey Hunting Vests

Gone are the days when you’d go turkey hunting without the special vest, having to carry everything you need in your backpack.

Turkey hunting vests come in a great variety of shapes, designs and sizes and you need to pay attention to some details on shopping for one. After all, you do want it to help you hunt easier, not to be a cause for some problem.

The gear

You need to think about the gear you’re going to wear on your hunting vest. For instance, if you’re only using some diaphragm calls, a vest with just a few pockets may work just fine. If you’re planning to carry a gobbler call, a push-button call, a dozen diaphragms, owl and crow calls, abrasive paper, a compass and a mask, you should look for a larger vest for sure.

The hunting style

When you’re going to go from a ground blind, a big cushy seat is a great thing to have. On contrary, if you’re hunting on hard ground with nothing for a back rest, you should get a vest with a thick seat and a kickstand for increased back support.

Have a try

Most of the hunting vests out there sit on the large size, so it’s better to go into a shop and see which size fits you the best. Borrow a turkey hunting vest from one of your friends and go hunting, to see how you really feel in one while hunting. The pockets should be easy to reach no matter if you’re standing or sitting down. Check the padding to see if it’s comfy enough for you and if it’s easy to snap it back in place before taking a walk.

The vest should always stay tight on your shoulders and the zippers never get stuck. The zipper pulls have to be tough and you should also try the vest while shouldering a shotgun.

The minute you got the vest, load it and wear it around the house. The sooner you get comfy with it, the better and easier your turkey hunting is going to be.

Top 5 Turkey Vest Reviews

1. If you’re determined to get a turkey hunting vest, but you’re not willing to pay the extra buck, you’re your trust and faith in a vest like the Primos Strap Turkey Vest.

Even though the vest runs a bit large, it’s easy to adjust and comes with many good things that should count when you go shopping.

The vest features a zippered pocket with 6” expandable mesh pockets on the inside. You get to take all the calls you need and many of your essentials as the vest features plenty of pockets for camera, snacks, flashlight or some blind materials. The pockets are designed for specific calls so that you’re better organized. The vest is actually featuring a striker organizer pocket and mesh pockets for mouth calls.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the vest is quite comfortable and the cinch straps keeps it tightly to your body. The straps are adjustable and strong, even though they could use more padding.

The foam cushion is detachable and the pockets are easy to reach. The orange safety strip is easy to reach when you go out hiking.

The pockets are deep and you get plenty of space to organize your gear. Two buckles on the front keep the vest close to your body and the vest is quite a good option, considering its price.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The vest comes with plenty of deep pockets
  • It features a large pocket on the back
  • It comes with cinch strap and strong shoulder adjustable straps
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry

The cons shouldn’t be a burden for you:

  • The shoulder straps need more padding
  • The seat isn’t very comfortable

All in all, for the money you pay, you get an adjustable, easy to carry and easy to use vest that gives you many pockets to organize your items while turkey hunting.


2. When you’re in need for a reliable, well-made vest that doesn’t leave your wallet empty, give it a shot with the MidwayUSA Full Strut Turkey Vest.

Even though you’re not going to get the best vest out there, you’re going to be far from ending up with a lemon too.

For instance, the vest gives you 14 pockets to store your gear and calls, which you’re going to find to be enough for most hunting situations. The vest also comes with a box call pocket and two front slate call pockets, keeping everything nice and well organized.

The vest also features a rear seat cushion that is well padded, so you’re going to find it comfortable to use it all the time. The seat is detachable which makes the vest more versatile.

The list of good things doesn’t stop here and, surprisingly enough, the vest also features blaze orange safety flag on back, so you stay safe while hunting. The flag is stowable, so you may take the vest while running errands in town too.

The shoulder straps are padded so your shoulders and back aren’t going to suffer much.

One size fit all, but the vest is also adjustable giving you the best fit. The buckles and straps are easy to adjust and the vest is quite a nice surprise for the price.

Let’s list the most important features:

  • The vest comes with many pockets
  • One size fits all, but the vest has adjustable straps
  • It has a detachable and comfortable seat
  • It’s easy to use and quite reliable

The vest does come with some limitations:

  • Its breathability may be improved
  • It’s a bit noisy because of the metal tabs on the zipper

However, for the money you’re paying, you get a comfortable, dependable and versatile vest that serves you well in so many turkey hunting situations.


3. Very well organized and lightweight, the Scentblocker Bone Collector Thunder Chicken Realtree Xtra Green Turkey Vest is a good option for many, especially the big guys.

The vest comes with plenty of good things and the list begins with the large seat cushion that isn’t just comfortable, but also very easy to detach. The combination foam cushion may be the reason for the increased comfort. Additionally, the seat also features a water resistant bottom with PVC gripping material, which protects you, for easier hunting.

The shoulder straps are padded and feature d-ring gear loops, giving you more options to add more gear.

The vest features plenty of pockets that give you space and an efficient organization for your essentials. There are 2 box call pockets, 2 slate call and striker pockets, 8 diaphragm pockets, 2 large fold-down pockets that also feature extra pockets within. Let’s not forget to mention the 4 zippered slash pockets that add more space, safely storing some items.

Even though the vest is well padded, the upper back mesh panel presents efficient breathability, so you don’t get all sweaty while hunting.

The YKK buckles have a durability feel, whereas the chest strap keeps the vest tight on your body. The design is well thought out and the weight is evenly distributed, increasing your comfort.

The Realtreee Xtra Green color and the stain resistant game bag add on the long list of good things.

The vest is lightweight and easy to adjust and it’s cut large, easing the access to pockets. It’s well made and comfortable.

Here are our favs:

  • The vest features a lot of pockets for an efficient organization of your gear
  • It’s comfortable and lightweight
  • The seat is padded and detachable
  • The weight is evenly distributed due to the smart design

We’re not making a tragedy out of the minor issues:

  • The shoulder straps could use more padding
  • It runs a bit big

All things considered, the vest is well thought out, easy to use, reliable and comfortable, so it checks all the main boxes for a good turkey hunting vest.


4. Step up your game and get yourself a turkey hunting vest that comes with both a removable frame and easy to remove seat as well, like the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest.

But these are just a few of the good things that the vest has for you. Comfortable and well made, the vest features plenty of storage and pockets that are organizing efficiently your items. It even features a smart-phone sleeve that lets you use while still in the pack.

The vest also comes with two water bottle pockets and shell loops so you may add more gear. A removable diaphragm call pocket is very easy to access, whereas a couple of side compression straps keep the volume of the vest under control.

The shoulder straps are comfortable but also easy to detach when in need. The vest comes with a large game bag that has a blaze safety flag so you stay safe at all time while hunting.

The seat is well padded, offering great comfort, but also folds really easy so you don’t lose time when on the go.

Hydration compatible, the vest is comfortable to has just the right amount of pockets and storage space. It’s well made and seems of high quality. It opens/closes quietly and everything about its build has a durability feel to it.

Pinpointing the most important pros:

  • The vest is well made and has a good build
  • The seat and the frame are detachable
  • It’s comfortable and has a lot of space and pockets for storing your items
  • It’s hydration compatible and comes with compression straps as well

Don’t let the inherent flaws fool you:

  • It’s a tad bulky
  • The breathability may be improved as you may get hot when on the move

Regardless of the minor problems, for the build and long list of good features, you should definitely give it a try whenever in need.


5. The more you’re willing to spend, the more you can expect when it comes to your turkey hunting vest. The Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat sure falls into the category of vests that come with all the features that you may need, leaving you even with a couple of questions to mind: Is it a pack? Is it a vest?

The vest features a structured internal aluminum frame and spring loaded aluminum legs that are easy to adjust. The seat isn’t just well padded, but also folds down nice and easy, presenting magnetic fasteners.

The backrest has great cushioning, so everything about the vest increases your comfort.

The design of the vest explains its versatility and you may very well wear it when taking out wild turkeys, flushing out pheasants or downing ducks. Some may even take it when deer hunting too.

The vest gives you the chance to take everything you may be needing while turkey hunting. All the pockets are very well placed and you get easy and silent access to your calls, chokes and shells. Let’s not forget to mention the tow hand-warming pockets that keep you warm on a hunting day.

The list of features is very long for the vest and we’re only mentioning some of them. The vest comes with 7 elastic shot shell loops, specialized diaphragm pockets, mesh pockets and …so on. Long story short, when it comes to organized space and pockets the vest may be invincible.

The hunter orange safety pullover keeps you safe when out in the field.

The brace rocks are telescopic and the legs work well. The seat is comfortable and the vest is quite breathable.

Fully adjustable and impressive on so many levels, the vest is a real addition to the gear for any real hunter.

Here’s a very short list of good things:

  • It’s fully adjustable
  • It comes with comfortable backrest and seat
  • It has many pockets and space for organizing your gear and call
  • It’s impressive on many levels

Bells and whistles aside, here are some minor issues:

  • You may need some time to get used to it
  • The seat doesn’t snap out easily

Nevertheless, for the smart design and impressive list of features, the vest truly represents a great investment of your money.