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-Best ultrasonic cleaner for brass reviews-

An ultrasonic cleaner is a very helpful tool to own when your gun parts get clogged with all sorts of residual elements. Since cleaning brass elements manually is no longer a good idea, ultrasonic cleaners come to save you time, effort and eventually, money. That is why I always advise on quality ultrasonic cleaners for ammo brass, brass cases and so on. There are a lot of types of cleaners on the market, and while there is no need to make special ultrasonic cleaners for brass cases only or ultrasonic cleaners for ammo brass, there are surely enough companies like Kendal which manufacture these devices to fit a large variety of materials and items. Scroll down to chose the best ultrasonic cleaner for brass based on your needs.

With an ultrasonic cleaner, you can clean from gun parts to handguns or rifles (as long as the container is big enough). The most useful thing about ultrasonic cleaners is that you can use it for guns and ammo parts which are hard to disassemble and assemble back again or have tiny little holes where you cannot clean with conventional methods. An ultrasonic cleaner, however, will ace this work in no time. That is one of the primary reasons why you should choose an ultrasonic cleaner for your ammo brass, brass cases and all that.

Top 5 ultrasonic cleaners for brass reviews

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Brass (Overall)

The versatility of the Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner II H 2L  is impressive, and you may use the sonic cleaner for primer pocket, small gun parts, cartridge cases, and even small equipment.

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The cleaner comes with an 80-watt ceramic heater that improves the cleaning performance, especially when it comes to gun parts made with brass. It’s a 2-liter stainless steel tank holding up to 233 cases. You may also use it for cleaning 150 of 398 cases. Thanks to the microjet action, the cleaner will remove debris and carbon residue from both external and internal surfaces.

Using the cleaner is effortless, as the 5-30 minute timer will let you select the right cycle for the application.

It’s a secure and large cleaner that you may confidently use for cleaning brass and gun parts for a long time.

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Tovatech 100E15H 7159 Elmasonic E Ultrasonic Cleaner, 5.9″ Length x 5.4″ Width x 3.9″ Depth, 0.5 Gallons Tank Volume

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Tovatech makes surprisingly high-quality ultrasonic cleaners. I found the 100E15H model to be very good in terms of quality of materials and reliability. The ceramic structure is a little better than stainless steel in my opinion because it looks a little better. The capacity of 0.5 gallons is more than enough for most gun parts and even pistols or small guns. I find that it is easy to clean 10 brass at a time.

This Tovatech cleaner is a lot quieter than a lot of other ultrasonic cleaners. I still haven’t found a Branson or a Kendal that are as quiet as this model.

What I like compared with the previous Kendall is that it has an infinite mode that lets you set it to continuous cleaning as opposed to the Kendall which as much as I know has a limit of only 20 minutes. Besides this, I also like the switches for controlling the heating and cleaning. They are very practical.

I am very happy with how perfect this Tovatech cleaner works. It perfectly cleans everything you need in the shortest time possible. That is why I considered it the best ultrasonic cleaner for brass.

For the money, you get a reliable ultrasonic cleaner that works great with lots of both household and industrial items.

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Kendal Commercial Grade 1100 Watts 27 Liters (7.13 gallon) HEATED ULTRASONIC CLEANER

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This is a powerful ultrasonic cleaner from Kendall. It comes with a power of 600 watts and a large tank size with a capacity of 27 liters. Kendal makes overall good cleaners and considering the price I think that this one is a pretty good pick.

It also features a time setting ranging from 0 to 20 minutes. While I would have liked to see a bigger flexibility in terms of controls this is still a good item.

The quality of the materials is top notch. The stainless steel body is great in terms of durability.

This ultrasonic cleaner is overall a safe investment for your money if you want to clean all sorts of gun parts, brass and all sorts of devices that are hard to clean by hand. If you want to save time and money then this Kendall should definitely be one of your options.

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Branson CPX-952-218R Series CPXH Digital Cleaning Bath with Digital Timer and Heater, 0.75 Gallons Capacity, 120V

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The Branson CPXH is a modern ultrasonic cleaner that comes with digital control and highly flexible settings. I would say that Branson uses top of the line technology with its cleaners.

This ultrasonic cleaner comes with a capacity of 0.75, a little more than the previous one, a chamber depth of 4 inches and a height of 9.5 inches. The operating frequency is 40 KHz.

The CPX series offers more control and more precision for the items you want to clean. I find it easy to configure by most people although it has some settings that might make you take the user’s manual.

A useful feature that I haven’t seen on previous cleaners is the sleep mode that automatically activates if no buttons are pressed in 15 minutes.

This is one of the universal ultrasonic cleaners that I reviewed. You can basically clean a large variety of items from gun parts, ammo brass, cases to electronics and jewelry thanks to the adaptive and configurable high/low continuous operation and heat.

Overall this ultrasonic cleaner is a great choice for the money, and is a serious choice in our selection for the best ultrasonic cleaner for brass.

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Kendal Commercial Grade 220 Watts 3 liters HEATED ULTRASONIC CLEANER HB23

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This is a much cheaper ultrasonic cleaner from Kendall. Of course cheap does not mean bad, but you will see a difference in quality when compared to previous models. It comes in the same stainless steel body that Kendall uses with most of their cleaners.

It comes with an easy to configure program ranging from 1 to 99 minutes and it also features a digital temperature control system from 20 to 80 degrees Celsius.

The large tank is a plus for those who want to clean multiple items at a time.

If I had to say a complaint I have with this cleaner then that would definitely be the noise. It is pretty noisy compared to a Tovatech, but when you consider the price difference you get a pretty good unit.

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VEVOR Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner 2L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer

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This is one of the best ultrasonic cleaners in the price range and while you will definitely get better quality and results with a more expensive one if all you have is one Benjamin then this is one of the best choices you can make.

The construction is similar to a Kendal from stainless steel although the overall build is worse in quality than most other ultrasonic cleaners. It also features a temperature setting ranging from 32 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The tank capacity of half a gallon is enough for most small sized items.

While I will definitely recommend a higher quality ultrasonic cleaner whenever you can afford it, if this is all you have then this is a great choice in terms of a compromise between quality and price.

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The RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner is made with the highest quality materials, and it’s a significant investment to make.

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The ultrasonic cleaner is easy to set up, and the instruction is easy to follow. Even if the cleaner is effortless to use, you should always use explicit instructions before using it for the first time.

It runs a white noise, so it’s not loud at all. The basket is made of stainless steel and is quite large. The hanger for the basket is functional and also made of stainless steel. The design of the cleaner is ingenious, and you may place the lid in the designated place after removing it.

The ultrasonic cleaner comes with two transducers, so the performance is reliable and efficient. The drain function is an excellent addition, easing out the cleaning job. Cleaning the cleaner after you’re done isn’t going to be a problem. You should use a professional cleaning solution so that you don’t need to clean the cleaner every time.

The ultrasonic cleaner leaves a coating on the brass parts, reducing the risk of oxidation. It’s quite top of the line of cleaners, so you should take the leap of faith with it for cleaning your firearm parts and more.

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The Lyman, Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner 115V, ensures ultrasonic cleaning so that you may clean cases inside and out in a maximum of 10 minutes. The heated tank and the case cleaning solution will clean case and primer pockets efficiently every single time.

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The ultrasonic cavitation will lift and dissolve carbon, but also residue and dirt remained on fired cases. The tank holds up to 900 9mm cases and cleans them in a maximum of 15 minutes. The ultrasonic action will generate “microjets” that eliminate even the stubbornest carbon from your gun parts, brass cases, and other equipment that you may place in the cleaner.

You may also use the cleanser for removing fouling from cases. Cases will need some dry time after cleaning before you load again. It has the right size for the dedicated ammunition reloader. The sonic cleaner is well made, fast, and easy to use. It doesn’t make a lot of noise when running, either.

The small footprint of the cleaner makes it easy to display, whereas the control buttons are laid out efficiently. Reading the display is straightforward, and the unit has an excellent weight to it. Even if the basket is made with plastic, it’s very well made. Keep in mind that a metal basket may alter the performance of the transducer.

The power cord is removable and easy to store inside the unit when not in use.

Reliable and spacious, the ultrasonic cleaner comes with a timer that eases out the operation and allows you to do something else until it’s done. It has a sleek profile and durability feel to it, which makes it worth every single penny.

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Buyer’s guide

The market gives numerous and various options for ultrasonic brass cleaners. If it’s the first time you need to use one, a buyer’s guide will clear things out for you, easing out the selection process.

It’s essential to take a perfect look at some of the crucial aspects that give the overall value of an ultrasonic cleaner. Keep reading for the details:

Tank heater

No matter your budget, you should always check the tank heater of the ultrasonic cleaner. It’s where your brass parts will go for a cleaning. The majority of ultrasonic cleaners made for gun cleaning come with a heater built-in. However, it may not be the case for the cheaper and smaller models.

When you’re cleaning brass, the cleaning results will be better if the cleaning solution is heated. The solubility of heated water is the main reason for it. If the water is heated, it’s going to be easier to dissolve the dirt, gunk, and fouling in brass elements. Additionally, the oils and greases become less viscous and effortless to dislodge.

For some years now, the heated ultrasonic cleaning has been shown better results on eliminating dirt from gun elements and brass cases than any unheated device.

Tank size

What you want to clean with your ultrasonic cleaner will affect the size you need for the tank. The market provides ultrasonic cleaners that are created for cleaning brass; large and square baskets are typical for this kind of ultrasonic cleaners.

On the other side, the cleaners made for cleaning gun parts will be skinny and long, but also rather shallow. It’s a design that ensures the best fit for the frames, receivers, barrels, and various elements.

As firearms and their parts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you need to buy an ultrasonic cleaner made for gun parts. A basic and affordable ultrasonic cleaner will not fit the empty brass or the AR-15 barrel. At times, you may be able to accommodate some handgun parts, but you’re not going to enjoy the best cleaning performance that ultrasonic cleaners may provide.

Frequency range

The majority of ultrasonic cleaners for guns are around 40-kHz, but you should know a thing or two about the importance of frequency range on gun cleaning equipment.

When the frequency gets higher, the ultrasonic cleaner will generate more and smaller bubbles. The space between the cavitation points will reduce, for sure. It’s a significant effect when you’re cleaning tiny and intricate components.

But it’s instead something you need when cleaning jewelry, and not when you’re cleaning firearms. With gun parts being essential and having fewer details, you don’t need high-frequency cleaning.

Long story short, any frequency of the ultrasonic cleaner will be enough for brass cleaning. You should only look for a higher rate if you want to use the cleaner for things other than gun parts.


Typically, ultrasonic cleaning happens quickly. It’s never a wise thing to leave the brass in the cleaning solution throughout the night. Besides, gun parts also present various levels of filth, so they need different times for cleaning.

A cheaper ultrasonic cleaner typically has one or two-cycle lengths. In this case, you may have to come back to the cleaner and restart the cleaner for several cycles until you get nice results.

Once again, you’re not going to have this kind of problem when buying an ultrasonic cleaner made especially for brass and gun parts. After all, 5 minutes are enough, maybe for cleaning a ring, but it’s not enough for cleaning the barrel of 1911.

Overall value

The list of aspects that matter doesn’t stop here, and it all depends on how picky you are. Some may look for an ultrasonic cleaner that has a small footprint, whereas others would want the cleaner to run quietly.

However, good build, smart design, and details that ease out the use and storage will increase the value of the ultrasonic cleaner. Easy setup, instruction effortless to follow, a removable power cable to store when not in use, or durability feel will also make the difference between a poor and an excellent ultrasonic cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultrasonic Brass Cleaners

Q: What’s the basic definition of an ultrasonic brass cleaner?

A: The ultrasonic cleaning machine utilizes high-frequency sound waves for eliminating contaminants, dirt, and residue from objects placed in the cleaning solution. The ultrasonic sound wave gets into the crevices and areas difficult to reach for removing debris that’s not easy to clean with other processes.

Q: For how long have been the ultrasonic cleaners on the market?

A: Two decades ago, the government forbade the utilization of chlorofluorocarbon as a cleaning agent. Ever since then, the ultrasonic cleaners have been proved to be more productive and friendlier to the environment than the chemical cleaning processes. Many professionals note that the cleaning performance is far more impressive, not to mention that it’s also faster and more affordable than the chlorofluorocarbon opponents.

Q: What are the advantages of cleaning brass with an ultrasonic cleaner?

A: When you’re using an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning brass, you will not need to disassemble parts. The solution will clean every single crevice, as the process will reach areas of the brass that are challenging to clean with any other traditional method.

On top of everything else, you may clean several pieces simultaneously, which saves both time and money. The brass elements will look shiny and new, every single time you’re cleaning.

Q: Can anyone use ultrasonic brass cleaners?

A: Should you have brass items, using an ultrasonic cleaner will be very handy when they get all dirty. Even if good models aren’t cheap, it’s a wise investment to make, as proper cleaning expands the lifespan of brass elements.

If you’re the owner of a gunsmith shop, an effective and robust ultrasonic brass cleaner is a must-have. It can finish the cleaning and polishing process for an impressive amount of tiny parts and brass cases in a couple of cycles. It’s an incredible machine that saves you both the time and the physical effort for cleaning.

Q: Is it mandatory to clean brass before reloading?

A: Truth be told, you don’t necessarily need to clean brass before reloading. However, you may want to do some cleaning and lubing, especially when they’re bottlenecked. Take your time and dry them very thoroughly before using, making sure that you also remove all the lube off after cleaning.

Funny enough, some reloaders seldom clean the dirty brass and still get good results with them.

Q: How much time will it take for ultrasonic cleaners to clean brass?

A: It’s not a simple answer to give since it depends a lot on the amount of dirt accumulated in the brass component. It also depends on the performance of the cleaner and the results you’re expecting to achieve. Most of the time, you will need to set the ultrasonic cleaner several times. 5 to 25 minutes should be enough nine times out of ten. Twenty-five minutes is enough for cleaning the incredibly soiled brass cases.

Q: Tumbler or ultrasonic cleaner- which one does a better job for brass?

A: In all fairness, as long as you’re using the proper media, tumbling can ensure excellent results for cleaning brass. However, if you’re looking to get the best results for cleaning cartridges and shells, the ultrasonic cleaners make the better choice. Additionally, they run more quietly than tumblers, which may be a selling point for some.

Q: Do you have alternatives to ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning brass?

A: If you’re not ready to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner, you can look into the cheaper options. Many reloaders turn to clean products such as ketchup, coke, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use any of these cleaning products for cleaning dirty fired brass. The mentioned cleaning products will tarnish and even erode the finish of brass components, so restoring is not also considered.

Q: Is “squeaky clean” a downside for brass?

A: We should remind you that the ultrasonic cleaning process renders the cartridge brass to become “squeaky clean.” Therefore, you may need a higher force for seating the bullets. Otherwise, the risk for them to “grab” as they go in the necks is quite high.

For lowering the bullet-seating effort, it’s important that you put some waterproof case lube inside the case-neck prior loading. You can use a nylon brush for the job.

Combine the cleaning solution with a teaspoon of Ballistol lube for the same results. It ensures a trace lubricant inside the necks, without altering the power ignition in any way.

Q: Should you de-gas the solvent before adding the brass?

A: Some experienced reloaders talk about the importance of de-gassing the cleaning solution before cleaning. When adding the cleaning solution in the tank for the first time, it has dissolved air bubbles that will suck in the ultrasonic energy, until the solution de-gasses. Therefore, you should let the tank run for 20 minutes or so on the first use so that the de-gassing occurs. The container will give better results only after the new cleaning solution has been de-gassed.