Bohning Blazer Helix Jig Review

blazer helix jig review

Bohning Blazer Jig

I have been using Blazer vanes on and off for years and I have had very good luck with them. I was very excited when Bohning came out with a Fletching Jig for the Blazer vanes. This jig will put the Blazer vanes on your arrows for the best performance.

I have been fletching arrows for 20 years.  I have done this for a living at one time and now I have been doing it for the enjoyment of it. I love fletching arrows because it gives me control over how my arrows fly. When you fletch for yourself, you have the option to move the vanes up and down the shaft ¼ to a ½ an inch. This can move your weight forward point which can make your arrows fly better with broad heads.

The Bohning Blazer Helix Jig is a small and easy to use fletching jig, specially designed to be used with the Blazer vanes. This jig will allow you to easily install your Blazer vanes on your arrows for a cost of $38.00 to $51.00. This may seem like a lot for a jig, but when you think about the cost, it is cheaper than having it done by a pro shop.  A hundred blazer vanes cost $15.00 to $20.00. At a pro shop you may be between $2.50 and 4.00 dollars an arrow. Fletch a dozen arrows on your own and you will recoup the cost of the jig. You can also recoup your cost faster by buying bare shafts and putting on the vanes yourself.

There are many reasons to fletch your own arrows beside the cost. You can replace vanes when they get damaged or simply discolored.  You can also change colors easily. This jig allows you to strip and fletch your arrows at your convenience. To follow the simple steps to fletching arrows click here.

blazer-group-90-metersI’m very impressed with how well my arrow flies after using the Helix fletching jig.  You can see by looking at the photo, that I’m getting great groups with my arrows. I’m getting a little more speed and a lot more accuracy by using this jig to put on the Blazer vanes. The jig is so easy to use that you can fletch an arrow in 15 minutes. You simply put the vane in the vane holder and put glue on the vane.  Then put the vane holder on the jig.

There are some down sides to this jig however. First, it can only be used with Blazer vanes.  It has very few adjustments for different kinds of arrows.  The part that holds the vane is made out of plastic.  This means that it can be easily glued to the arrow by mistake. They have tried to correct this by putting a metal tape in the kit to put on the bottom of the vane holder. If you are planning on shooting other vanes or feathers this is not the jig for you. If you are thinking about fletching for a group of archers this is, again, not the jig for you. Everyone that you know may want to borrow your jig or ask you to fletch their arrows for them.

If you are only going to shoot the Blazer vanes, this jig will be fine for you. This is also a cheap way to see if you want to fletch your own arrows.

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