How to make Coffee while Camping

Camping is a great pastime loved by many people all over the globe. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, especially in the morning when you see the first few rays of the sun. However, camping can take a lot out of you, and if you need to have a cup of coffee in the morning to get you ready for a big day, making a cup can prove challenging.

Luckily, there are plenty of different coffee making methods ideal for camping. Many of these methods are straightforward, so you can easily get your caffeine fix while surrounded by nature. If you are planning a hike up a mountain or a swim in a river, you won’t need to spend too long making a cup of coffee to give yourself that much-needed boost. A piping hot cup of coffee can help get you off to a good start. If you wake up to a frosty morning, a nice cup of coffee can help warm up your body!

Instant Coffee

Although you might not drink instant coffee regularly, it is the obvious choice for most people who go camping. However, if you fancy yourself as a coffee connoisseur, you might want to go down a different route, but if you enjoy a cup of instant coffee now and again, you won’t have to put a lot of effort into making one.

You can boil the water on the campfire or a stove. Just heat up the water, pour the instant coffee into a clean cup, and add the boiled water. Just stir the coffee and add sugar if you want, it’s that simple.

If you are new to instant coffee, don’t assume each brand and flavor are the same. There are plenty of well known coffee brands manufacturing high quality instant coffee. Although you will have to pay a little extra for these products, it might be worth your while if you crave decent coffee. Before you begin your camping trip, you should consider trying a few instant coffees first. You will know what to expect when you wake up in your tent.

Invest in a Coffee Maker for Camping

Not everybody knows that there are coffee makers for camping available. There are several different coffee appliances readily available that are great for those who go on regular camping trips. These devices have grown in popularity all around the globe, especially amongst backpackers and those who love spending time in nature. These portable coffee makers come with plenty of different features and functions, such as:

  • You won’t need electricity
  • They don’t weigh a lot so they are ideal for camping
  • You should be able to find a coffee maker that will allow you to make Espresso
  • Allows you to make different sizes of coffee
  • They are often made from strong material, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. If you invest in a top of the range portable coffee maker, you can expect it to last for several years

If you like brewing your own coffee, then a portable coffee maker might be right up your alley. Because there is such a high demand for these coffee makers, you should have no problems finding a maker within your budget.

Invest in a Coffee Maker

Bring a Moka Pot With You

You can make a great tasting cup of coffee in less than ten minutes with a Moka pot. You will need a Moka pot, some clean water, a cup, and coffee grounds. Using a Moka pot (also known as a stovetop espresso maker) is a popular method with those who love drinking coffee in the great outdoors. Pour some clean water in the lower section of the pot, and the middle section with your coffee grounds. The serving pot needs to go on the top. Boil the water, and pour it into coffee mugs. You can use this pot to make great tasting espressos, which can give you that boost of energy needed to get the most out of your day.

Did You Know You Can Buy Coffee in a Bag?

You have seen a teabag in the past, but you probably haven’t seen a coffee bag before. This is just as easy as making instant coffee because all you have to do is boil the water, add the coffee bag to your mug, and pour the hot water into the cup. Stir the bag around the mug until you are satisfied and enjoy your drink.

There are more coffee manufacturers producing coffee in bags nowadays than ever before. You should be able to pick up a few gourmet branded coffee before you set off camping. However, instant coffee still seems more popular, so don’t expect to have as many options when it comes to coffee in a bag.

There are many ways to make coffee when camping. Dare to try at least one of the following!

There are many ways to make coffee when camping and we recommend you try as many as possible until you discover the one you like most.

make coffee when camping

The cowboy method

We know that many cowboys sitting around an open fire and enjoying a black coffee are cliché. After all, we’ve seen it in most western movies! Cowboy coffee impresses with its thick dark texture.

What you’ll find interesting about this method is the egg which is essential for the grounds’ coagulation. If it’s too authentic for you, you can forget about the egg.

Should you try it or not?

  • You don’t need equipment
  • It’s great to use when there’s more than two people drinking coffee
  • The method eliminates the need for paper filters
  • When brewed too long, coffee will taste chalky and over-extracted
  • Coffee tends to have a vicious body and to be relatively thick
  • You may find it weird to use an egg for your coffee

What you need

  • Coldwater
  • One whole egg
  • Metal coffee pot. A general pot/pan can work too
  • Cheesecloth
  • Ground coffee (1 large scoop for every person)

How to brew

Pour 1 gallon of water into the pot, place it over the burner/open flame, and wait until it starts boiling.

  • With a cheesecloth
        • You need the cheesecloth to hold the ground coffee
        • Crack (not entirely) the egg and put it on the top of the grounds
        • Tie the cheesecloth and egg/coffee mixture together and put them in the boiling water
        • After removing the pot from the heat, let the coffee steep for 10  minutes or so.
        • Put the cheesecloth and coffee mixture aside
  • Without a cheesecloth
        • Put the grounds in the boiling water
        • Put the tin away from heat and wait 10 minutes while the coffee is steeping.
        • Crack the egg and don’t throw away the eggshell
        • Throw the eggshell into the coffee tin after steeping. The eggshell makes the grounds settle to the bottom of the pot.

The dripper/one cup filter

Manual drip coffee is the best choice when you want fast, easy, and tasty coffee. When you go camping, you always go for the light, easy, and cheap methods to make your coffee.

As with any other method, the dripper has both benefits and flaws.

Is it for you or not?

  • It gives you really clean coffee
  • The dripper will withstand many years of camping trips
  • It’s effortless to carry
  • Make sure you bring paper filters
  • It doesn’t pack flat, which makes storing a challenge
  • You do need to master the pouring method

Which one to buy?

Look for a one-cup dripper with a clean mouthfeel and no complex features. A simple design is ideal, as the dripper uses gravity to brew your coffee. Most models have a rugged plastic body to take the challenges of camping, hiking, and backpacking. If you don’t like drinking your coffee from a plastic container, we recommend looking for other materials. Ceramic, glass, and steel drippers are also available.

What you need

  • Paper filters
  • Individual coffee dripper
  • Finely ground coffee
  • Coffee mug/vessel to brew coffee into

How to do it

  • Boil 12-16ox of water
  • Insert the paper filters into the dripper
  • Put the dripper on your mug’s top
  • Wet the paper filter and throw away the water
  • Pour a quarter of the brewing water over the grounds to begin the blooming process. The dripper generates amazing flavors that most coffee lovers appreciate.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and keep on pouring water with a consistent and slow flow. Use a circular motion (start from the middle and move outwards) if you use a spouted kettle or pot.
  • Pour until you have the coffee amount you want.

Have you ever tried the Aeropress?

The Aeropress is effortless to use, which makes it a reliable method for camping. It gives one of the cleanest cups of coffee and coffee lovers use it frequently.

The positive and negative when using an Aeropress

  • The measuring units are easy to use and are built into the unit
  • The plastic is long-lasting and doesn’t scratch/break easily
  • Forced extraction will create a clean and robust coffee
  • It comes with tools you need for making coffee
  • It’s rather bulky, so make sure you have the space for it
  • If you lose any components (there are only 3), you won’t use them.

How is the build?

The Aeropress has a long-lasting and rugged plastic body and it comes with equipment you need: a stirring paddle, a measuring spoon, and a funnel to avoid spilling. It also comes with built-in measuring units to control the coffee-water ration without any other equipment.

If you like coffee, you should probably get an Aeropress to also use at home.

What you need

  • Medium fine ground coffee
  • Mug with largemouth to match the Aeropress
  • Paper filers or reusable metal filters

How to do it

  • You can use the Aeropress in several ways to make your coffee.
  • Boil water
  • Prepare the Aeropress and put the filter into the filter cap. Lock the lid onto the brewing chamber. Put the unit on top of the mug with the lid facing down.
  • You need to wet the filter and get rid of the paper taste, so run hot water through the chamber. This will also warm the mug.
  • Be generous when scooping the amount of coffee for your Aeropress. Use the measuring spoon in the chamber. Make sure that the scoop overflows a bit.
  • Pour water over the coffee grounds; two fingers will do. Experts call this the “blooming” process that helps with the aromas and flavors in the coffee.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and start stirring with the Aeropress paddle afterward.
  • Fill the water up to no. 4, creating a vacuum seal by placing the plunger on the top of the chamber
  • Wait another 45 seconds, take away the plunger, and continue stirring the grounds. You can pour water back up to no.4 and replace the plunger.
  • Use a continuous downward pressure and press the plunger down for 30 seconds.


Should you drink brewed coffee or instant?

Brewed coffee does contain more caffeine than instant coffee. Also, instant coffee tends to be more acrylamide than regular coffee. Surprisingly, it has most of the same antioxidants. We can say that instant coffee is a low-calorie and healthy beverage that provides us with the same health benefits as other kinds of coffee.

Do you have to wait many minutes until the coffee over the fire is made?

Once you notice the water starts boiling, you can take the pot and place it on the edge of the fire, turning the heat to low. Have patience and let the coffee percolate for at least 5-10 minutes. If you want the strongest coffee, you need to be patient and wait for the coffee to percolate for several minutes.

Some people prefer cold coffee to hot coffee. Which one is better?

The conclusion of a study in scientific reports was that hot-brewed coffee contains a higher level of antioxidants than cold-brewed one. The good part is that cold-brewed coffee is less acidic than the brewed coffee.  All in all, each type of beverages come with benefits for our health so it’s only a matter of taste when choosing one of the two.

What should you do with the coffee grounds when camping?

You know that the leave no trace principle is crucial to preserve nature if you’ve been camping before. Therefore, you should bring the coffee grounds and not spill them. Use them without making a mess and pack them after you’re done camping. Simply put them along with the other biodegradable materials. Bury or burn them.

Will the scent of coffee attract animals?

If you want to repel animals and insects, coffee is an efficient and environmentally way to do it. Its particular scent will repel slugs, ants, and snails. Cats are sensitive about the coffee smell (hate it), and wild animals such as rabbits and deer will avoid coming closer when you make coffee.

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