5 Of The World’s Best Shooting Events You Need To Attend

Whether you are new to the sport or you are an experienced member of your local shooting club, 2020 brings a new wave of outstanding events taking place both abroad and up and down the country for you to attend or even watch on television. With a number of the greatest athletes in the world competing at the 2020 Olympics and a number of the regions best competing in local competitions, this is the year that you can enjoy shooting in all of its glory, regardless of the event that you are attending throughout the year.

Olympics 2020

One of the biggest sporting events taking place next year that are definitely worth visiting is the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Though this is a bit of a way to travel, you can enjoy some of the major shooting events as well as a number of your other favorite sports to make the trip worth it, however, it is import to book tickets in advance as you may not be able to attend your chosen event.

British Shooting Show – Birmingham

In addition to the Olympics in Tokyo, there are a number of other events taking place around the world, one of which is the British Shooting Show in Birmingham. With a large hall filled to the brim with all the latest equipment on the market, this is the place to head to help build your arsenal ahead of hunting season in 2020. In addition to this, if you see something you like, you can then head to a number of locations to purchase your own items to help build up your equipment.

Though prices may vary depending on where you are purchasing your items from, it is important to research the items you are looking to buy both online and in-store to make sure that you are getting the best possible price every time. This is important when purchasing shooting equipment of any kind as you not only want the best quality, but you want to make sure that there are no faults as this can affect your ability to shoot correctly. This is a problem if you are hunting as you will not get a second chance when it comes to shooting a deer or a rabbit as they will be scared away. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all equipment is in working order before heading out on a hunt as this can affect your chances at success. In addition to this, you can also purchase a number of optics and balancers to help increase the accuracy and ensure the best results every time you head out, regardless of the size of the group.

The British Shooting And Countryman Show – Manchester

In addition to the British Shooting Show, there is also another event taking place in Manchester. This show is an addition to the British Shooting Show as well as the countryman show in Manchester. With rifles, shotguns, optics and more, this is the place to be when looking for some of the world’s leading hunting equipment. In addition to this, there is also a demo arena allowing you to see some of the new equipment in action. Whether you are looking to see the training of a number of Gundogs, or you are looking to learn more about the art of Wildfowling, Pigeon shooting and rabbit catching, there are a number of opportunities to do so with a number of trained professionals.

Much like a number of other conventions, this is the perfect place to see upcoming technologies as well as meeting like-minded people. Whether you are an exhibitor, or you are a visitor looking for the latest in hunting technology, an event such as this is a great place to start. Additionally, there is also more information on a wide range of shooting clubs as well as upcoming events to promote your interest in the sport and get you along to a number of events up and down the country, regardless of whether you are a fan of clay pigeon shooting or actually hunting.

Firearms Awareness Training – Kent

If you are new to the sport, there are also a number of training programs taking place up and down the UK throughout the year that are well worth visiting. Whether you are attending the annual meeting of a club you have just joined, or you are looking to attend a firearms awareness course in Kent in the early half of 2020, this will help you to get into the sport with the utmost knowledge.

It is essential for those that are new to the sport as firearms safety is of paramount importance. Though a course such as this may seem boring to attend, this is one that should be on your calendar for 2020 as you can then begin to enjoy clay pigeon shoots and other events on the calendar with firearms safety begin of paramount importance.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

The final event that you should attend is a clay pigeon shoot. This competitive sport provides a unique experience that you will not receive from a traditional hunt. This not only allows you to compete against friends and other members of your club, but you can then begin to test your reaction times and enjoy some time out in the open air.

With a number of events taking place within a number of different shooting clubs up and down the country, you can begin to enjoy the thrill of the hunt much more with friends and even your family members allowing you all to enjoy the social element that comes along with this marvelous sport. Whether 2020 is your year to start enjoying the sport much more or you are looking to try your hand at your first official hunt, we are sure that you will love every second of it, making these events that you must attend. Which of these will you be going to first?

Planning practice at your shooting range? Here’s how to make the most of it!

You cannot participate in competitions unless you practice—you probably know that already! Keep reading if you’re new to shooting and don’t know how to get the best out of your shooting range time. Our recommendations will come in handy.

Have a plan

Even if you have plenty of time to spend at the range, the ammunition is relatively scarce. Therefore, we recommend you go to the shooting range ready to learn something each time. Have a plan and maximize your rounds.

Decide if you want to improve your grip or the trigger squeeze, for instance. Don’t waste valuable rounds with poor practices and lousing shooting stances. We strongly recommend you have a specific purpose for every session and not shift away from it.

Do you know your dominant eye?

Only if you have been shooting before do you know how difficult it is to hit a bullseye. You can improve your precision if you know which is the dominant eye. If you don’t know it by now, here’s how to find out:

  • Find a particular object in the distance; it should be at least 10 ft away.
  • Use your hands to make a circle around that objects.
  • Move your hand closer to your face. The dominant eye will naturally reveal itself.
  • If you’re unsure, you should keep both hands in the circle position. Close your eyes one at a time; your dominant eye will help you see the objects.

We recommend you shoot with your dominant eye. If you’re not happy with your accuracy, try shooting with both eyes open. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure it’s the one with results.

Do you know your dominant eye

Put on the adequate gear

Wear eye protective gear every time you are at the shooting range. It will help if you protect your eyes from brass. Wear the glasses also when you clean your firearm. Some revolvers “split” lead and the glasses will protect your eyes from them.

When cleaning your gun, wear glasses because the chemicals you use might harm your eyes. Some glasses can improve your aiming skills and help you target quickly.

Don’t forget about protecting your ears; shooting without ear protection may cause permanent hearing damage. Use ear protection gear to reduce the noise level.

As for clothing, you should put on high-necked shirts closed-toed shoes so that any falling hot brass doesn’t burn your skin.

Have your gun ready before you get to the range

Prepare your firearm once you put on the proper clothing and footwear and pack your protective gear. Seek that it’s ready to shoot before you go to the range. You don’t want to get there and deal with a jam or erratic cycling. Lubricate and clean the gun to reduce the risk of such effects.

Use high-quality gun grease to lubricate the slides and gun oil for the other parts. Place the dabs of grease along with the slide and cycle it back and forth for efficient spreading. Don’t forget to eliminate the excess grease before leaving.

Practice dry firing

You can shoot 20 times and work your grips, breathing, sight picture, and trigger squeeze. You don’t need to worry about the noise, cleaning the gun, or anything similar. You can practice dry firing before you get at the range.

Maintain the sights darkened

If you’ve been shooting before, you’re aware of the effect of bright lights and the sun’s reflection on your sight picture. You should keep the sights as dark as possible to avoid dealing with a false sense of the sight position and missing the targets. Use a spray sight blackener or a carbide lamp for such a purpose. To have the most precise shooting practice, you want to cover any shiny surfaces on the sights.

Have a steady grip

An excellent steady grip is crucial with target shooting. Use a firm grip to control the recoil and keep the gun steady in place when squeezing the trigger. Gun grips have various sizes and settings. Even if a firearm may be great for reliability and precision, it might not provide you with the best fit in your hand.

Expert shooters highlight that the more skin you have on the grip, the more control you have. If your fingers don’t fit on the hold or stick outwards will ensure poor control and support. When you look for the perfect fit, take some time and observe how the gun feels in your hand. Having an excellent grip is crucial to becoming an excellent shooter.

Have a steady grip

Properly use your sights

Correctly set the sights when you are at the range. The manufacturer installs most range sights and the sight picture has to be consistent to strike the same point repeatedly. When you set your gun, seek to align the eyes horizontally and are even on every side.

Your gun won’t lock on when aiming for a spot on sight, just like a missile. Many beginners cannot maintain the sights aligned through the trigger squeeze. It would help if you had the positioning steady when you squeezed the trigger. Give yourself time until you learn how to use the sights properly.

Use the correct trigger positioning

Many entry-level shooters don’t use the appropriate trigger positioning. Some of them place the first pad of the finger on the trigger—it can give some results. However, it would help if you learned to put the finger on the crease between your finger trigger’s first and second pad.

The correct trigger position will help the trigger come right back when you squeeze. Remember that if you put the pad of any finger on the trigger, your gun will move towards one side or another while pressing. As a result, left-handed shooters will push the gun to the right, whereas right-handed shooters might push it to the left.

Focus on using the proper trigger positioning when you practice. While navigating your options, don’t forget to examine the trigger positioning. Firearm frames can have various sizes and the best for you is the one with a perfect feel in your hand. See that all your fingers fit on the grip. If your hands are smaller than the average, we recommend you consider buying a 1911 pistol.

A target shooting range or combat shooting?

The main goal with target shooting is to form small groups at the precise point of aim on sight. You must focus on the front and rear sight when the target is blurred. The tighter the groups are, the better control and precision you have on your gun. You will have to improve your technique if the groups are wide apart.

The target will be in focus with combat shooting, whereas the front and rear sights will be out of focus. The small groups no longer make for the purpose. Instead, you have to hit the target as fast as possible with many hits, spreading them around the torso. The main thing is to shoot first and quickly. If you do so, you will shoot better than the target. You will also reduce the risk of instability and shaking and the time to hit.

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