Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes That Will Prepare You For Any Adventure

Subscription boxes are getting more and more popular nowadays. In the beginning, subscription boxes were very limited by their category, but today, you can find subscription boxes for any category.

The best part about subscription boxes is that they curate the items personalized to their customers and they deliver it straight to your door. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures, these boxes became more mainstream as people are finding online shopping an alternative to visit the local stores.

In today’s article, we will focus on subscription boxes that are specifically designed for the outdoors. These boxes will take care of your open-air needs, whether you are a survivalist or just a casual outdoor enthusiast.

So, if you love camping or exploring nature on the weekends these 7 subscription boxes are here to fuel your passion and make your time spend outdoors easier.

  1. Cairn + Cairn Obsidian

Most campers would agree that usually the biggest problems when you go camping come from the smallest gear. There is nothing more frustrating than going on a camping trip without the necessary gear.

Cairn is an outdoor subscription box that contains very useful small gear items and sometimes apparel or accessories that will help you explore nature.

This monthly subscription requires you to rank your top summer and winter outdoor activities, just to give them a better idea about the gear you would use.

It only costs around $29.95 per month and you’ll be surprised by the value for money you would receive.

  1. Crate Club

For all the men who enjoy having a toolbox with the right tools, Crate Club is the perfect pick. It’s a tactival survival box built by Navy SEALs & Special Ops Professionals. This is also the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys survival gear.

You can choose 3 different boxes, that vary in price and in quantity of items. The Lieutenant Box has the basics of survival tools, the Captain Box adds other outdoor essentials and medical packs and lastly the General Box includes items that are actually used by the SEALs. They say this is the 007 of boxes!

The Crate Club is delivered quarterly and the prices goes from $49.99 (Lieutenant Box) to $399.99 (General Box).

  1. Nomadik

This lifestyle subscription box is perfect for outdoor lovers. The best thing about Nomadik is that it offers great value for money compared to prices you find in retail stores.

Each box can contain from 3-6 items that are broken down into one main product, 1-3 smaller items, and 1-2 education or inspirational products about nature.

Another great thing about Nomadik is their creativity. They are sending out impressive and innovative products that cannot be found on the shelves in stores.

The cost for this subscription box is $32.95 every month with shipping.

  1. Fresh Clean Tees

Most people forget about the most important clothing piece when they go outdoors. Usually, people bring camouflage pants, special outdoor boots, hats, and etc. but they forget about the most worn clothing piece which is a t-shirt.

A basic t-shirt made from 100% cotton is crucial for your trip no matter if you go hunting, camping, or just exploring the outdoors.

Fresh Clean Tees is a subscription box that will keep your basic t-shirt stock updated every month. This is a man subscription box that will ship you crew neck or V neck basic color t-shirts.

The best thing is that the products are made from high-quality materials, which is very important since you’d spend most of your day hiking or hunting.

This monthly subscription box will cost you around $44 for a 3 pack t-shirt with shipping included or $75 for a 5 pack.

They have sizes ranging from small to 2XL and make sure you bring a couple of t-shirts when you go exploring the outdoors.

  1. Hikewize

This subscription box starts you off with a short survey just to give them a better idea about the color palette you like, your gender, sizing, food allergies, and more. Each box contains from five to seven items all with a nature theme in mind.

You can receive anything from gear, accessories, super-food snacks, socks, backpacks, and many other things.

Most people are surprised by the price of this box which will cost you $55 per quarter. This is a great price considering the number of products you’ll receive every month.

  1. Think Outside

Want to go camping but you are concerned about the little ones? – This subscription box will provide you with outdoor products that will help your kids get an education while enjoying the outdoors.

Every box contains an educational material with more than 24 pages, outdoor challenges, and 3-5 pieces of high-quality gear that your child can add to the backpack that he/she receives with the first box.

It is an interesting box that has a rather different approach than most other outdoor subscription boxes on the market.

  1. BattlBox

Similar to Crate Club, BattlBox is another box for outdoor survivalist enthusiasts. Each box includes a different theme or mission and it has 4 different packs adequate to your level and how much you are eager to spend.

The Pro pack includes a camping kit with a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack. The Pro Plus adds to these items premium stuff from brands such as Kershaw, Spyderco, etc.

You can get the BattlBox from $29.99/month. There are also items for firearms inside the BattlBox packs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 7 subscriptions boxes for enthusiasts of the outdoor life. If you love camping, walking outside, fishing, hunting and sports in general these boxes are ideal for you.

Even though we still have to follow the health recommendations and avoid mass gatherings, there is still place to enjoy the outdoor on our own. These boxes will prepare you for Summer time and, whether you are an amateur or a pro concerning the outdoors, there are choices for everyone.

What is an outdoor subscription box?

Outdoor subscription boxes are filled with items that typically address people who love outdoor activities and nature. According to your subscription, they are shipped to your address monthly or quarterly. These subscription boxes (Cairn Obsidian, Hikewize, Camp Life, etc.) can only be shipped quarterly. You don’t have to renew the subscription as most of them have an automatic subscription. However, make sure you pick a subscription that allows you to cancel at any time.

What is an outdoor subscription box

Are outdoor subscription boxes pricey?

The price for an outdoor subscription box depends significantly on the type you choose. Expect to pay around $20 per month for the cheapest monthly box. We find outdoor subscription boxes at the opposite end that cost you $130 per month. Remember that the most reputed companies will provide you with discounts for prepaid plans.

What are the benefits of outdoor subscription boxes?

If you feel the mountains are calling, you shouldn’t go unprepared! Having adequate equipment and tools can help you have an incredible adventure each and every time. You should never embark on an outdoor adventure without packing the proper accessories and gear. Whether you’re a new camper/hiker interested in collecting supplies or a seasoned outdoors person looking to diversify the equipment, an outdoor subscription box could precisely be what you need.

Here are some of the benefits of outdoor subscription boxes:


You can find outdoor subscription boxes created for men women. Such packages include the newest and most performant camping gear, nutritious hiking snacks, hydration technology, lightweight backpacking must-haves, and so on. Some of these boxes are even dedicated to survivalists.

Such boxes can include everything you need when you go to the woods. They make the best gifts for people who love the outdoors and are always interested in the most recent tools and gear for their adventures.

The outdoor gear is delivered to your door

Not all of us will have the energy and time to shop for outdoor gear every month. If you’re determined to spend time in the woods as often as possible, you might not have time to go to your local gear shop. Why spend time shopping when you can have your gear delivered right to your door. You will only have to unpack it, pack it in your backpack, and embark on a new hunting trip.

You get the chance to test new camping products

If you’ve been hunting, hiking, or camping before, you get us when we say that sometimes we don’t really know what gear we need until we see it under our nose. With an outdoor subscription box, you will be able to test new products from time to time. It’s also an efficient way to narrow down your gear list when shopping. For instance, you will discover what you truly need when you go turkey hunting. On top of everything else, you could get new ideas about the latest released gear that you’ve only seen in the hunting magazines!

You learn about new outdoor brands

Experienced campers, hikers, hunters, and all outdoor enthusiasts may have noticed that the outdoor gear industry has grown significantly, especially in the area of gear retailers. Even if this is not fresh news for the reputed brands, it’s nice to see new brands offering excellent products at the most competitive rates.

Many subscription boxes contain equipment from brands you don’t know much about. Many of these brands are actually incredible at providing you with a nice variety of new gear and expanding your options. It’s the most efficient method to hone in on a specific brand that you appreciate for some gear items.

How should you choose your outdoor subscription boxes?

Whether you like hiking, fishing, camping, etc., you might be interested in getting outdoor subscription boxes. With so many options out there, it makes perfect sense that you need some hints on selecting your subscription boxes.

How should you choose your outdoor subscription boxes

Select one with various goods

Whether you want the best endurance subscription box or one made for a specific outdoor activity, ensure that the package contains an excellent selection of goods. It’s how you

make sure you will have everything you need next time you go hunting.

Some boxes only include a limited selection of goods, whereas others impress with the variety of their goods. Whether you like to try new things every month or so, you should pick a box that ensures a broad selection. You will simply have a better shot at finding something you like.

A subscription box with a generous selection of goods also means that you will try various outdoor activities. Some packages include items that work for hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.

Do experts curate the subscription box?

You want experienced curators to create subscription boxes for your outdoor activities. You want experts handpicking the items that go inside the box—if they would use these items, so should you!

We recommend doing due diligence before signing up with a subscription box for an outdoor adventure. Find out as much as possible about their level of expertise. Read the reviews and look at the testimonials from people who already use the subscription boxes you’re interested in. Needless to say, positive reviews indicate that an expert has curated the subscription box.

Opt for flexibility

You don’t want a subscription box that doesn’t meet your needs and preferences. Some boxes include various packages to meet the diverse preferences of outdoorsy persons. The boxes category also has just one option for all users.

If you’re not sure which kind of outdoor activity you want in the future, we recommend you opt for a flexible package. You want to be able to modify your subscription if your interests shift. Most subscription boxes will let you pause and even cancel the subscription at any time. You don’t need to pay for something you no longer want or like.

How much is it?

You should always check out the price for your subscription box. Typically, boxes that include various and many items will cost you more than models with few and fewer multiple items. Before you choose your subscription boxes, you should examine some aspects like:

  • The quality of the items in the box
  • The shipping and handling fees
  • The frequency of the box (monthly, quarterly, or annually?)
  • Does the box meet your preferences and needs?

Check out your options

We encourage you to check out as many options as possible before picking one. Every box will have specific products, pricing, and availability. One-time purchases are excellent until you find the box you like the most. It can take some trial and error until you discover your perfect subscription box, but it will be worth the wait and the money.

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

To say that I am an outdoors enthusiast is probably an understatement. I am hyper passionate about everything outdoors: hiking, survival, hunting. On this website I am sharing my stories and experiences, and I hope you'll find inspiration to take up your own adventures!

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

To say that I am an outdoors enthusiast is probably an understatement. I am hyper passionate about everything outdoors: hiking, survival, hunting. On this website I am sharing my stories and experiences, and I hope you'll find inspiration to take up your own adventures!