How To Prepare Salmon While Hiking?

Salmon, an oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and filled with vitamins A, D, and E is a favorite on a hiking trip. It can be made into jerky where smoked salmon is used instead of fresh. It needs to be marinated overnight to produce the ultimate jerky taste. Smoked salmon scores high on a hiker’s menu. It is a very tasty and easy recipe.

filleting and washing salmon

The salmon fillets should be washed in cold, clean running water before cooking. Then, with the help of a paper towel, pat the fish dry. Fresh salmon fillets do not require a rinse, but those that are a little aged can do with a little bit of rinsing. Once cleaned your salmon is ready to be cooked. First, you need to prepare some salt water following which the fish needs to be treated for quite a few hours. This process removes the moisture from the interior of the fish while filling it with salt to help conserve the fish. Now, you are all set to smoke your fish.

A proper smoker should have a water tray for moisture. First, the barbecue or smoker needs to be preheated followed by placing the fillets on the interlock. It needs to be prepared for a specified period of time to get the best result and especially in case of smoking there are many options of cooking time to prepare this fish. A variety of ingredients like fresh herbs can be used while smoking the salmon to give it an authentic taste. Lemon is generally used, but it can always be replaced with limes. You need to be creative and use whatever fresh ingredients or constituents are at hand to produce your own smoked salmon.

smoking salmon without smoker

Smoking Salmon Without A Smoker

If you are an enthusiast hiker, you would sure like to ditch the weight of the smokers. That is exactly why you need to know how to smoke salmon without a smoker. A smoker undoubtedly makes work easy, but when you are hikimg, a smoker may not be something that you would want to carry. That is why, smoking salmon must be done in a natural way, like men used to do even thousands of years ago. Smoking salmon using pieces of wood and coal may be seem a bit weird in the modern days, but it has its own charm.

Not only does the smoke penetrates deep into the fatty layers of the fish, but the aroma that it spreads is enough to make you drool. The extra smoky flavor makes the fish extra delectable and is, undoubtedly, something that you would love to enjoy on a hiking mission. However, to ensure that the fish tastes good, make sure that you clean and brine the fish well. If you are planning to catch fresh salmon for your meal everyday, you needn’t bother about the brine. However, you must make sure that you know how long to smoke salmon so that the fish is perfectly cooked for your taste.