Hiking Articles

How to Choose the Best Sandals for Hiking

Sandals are perfect for hiking in hot weather because they are breathable and light in weight. When you know that you will hike on paved roads in town and in the state parks, tuck a pair of sandals in your backpack. But first, here are ten tips for how to choose the best sandals for hiking: The ...

How to Choose The Right Backpacking Pillow

Camping in the back country doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The first time I went backpacking I barely slept. Between the critters running around, the coyotes howling and the eerie silence, it was a totally new experience for me. To top it all off, I was SUPER uncomfortable. I had just bought ...

Must haves for an overnight hike

If you are ready to conquer the great outdoors you may want to prepare a bit before you go.  The best thing about overnight hiking is that you can spend as much as you want and still have a great time.  There are a few essentials that you will need along the way.  Everything other than that is up ...

The Best Hiking Equipment You Will Need

Seasoned hikers know the importance of having the right equipment unfortunately most newcomers struggle to get an idea of what they need. It can be difficult because different hiking trails require different equipment and many newbie’s don’t understand the need for so much equipment. However, ...

Importance of Choosing the Right Boots for Hiking

Walking through the woods and rocky mountainsides get more exciting the more you climb. However, are your feet as excited about the journey as you are? This depends on the type of footwear you chose to put on. Feet take most of the beating when walking, and take even more when hiking. ...