Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit

  • Keep your power hungry phone juiced and ready for you to use
  • Power up your tablet for 25 percent longer
  • Small and compact enough to carry with you always and power up anywhere
  • Handy built-in LED flashlight to help you search in your dark backpack or purse
  • AA rechargeable batteries included

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This is a nice compact solar panel with AA battery pack with attachment to charge AAA, plug in a USB, or 12v. Comes with four AA batteries. I have been charging on this for little over a month I have charged a kindle, a tablet, cell phone, a portable fan and supplied batteries as well as other brands of NiMH. I really like it because it’s small and can go anywhere. For maximum charging it must be angled with the sun, I usually prop it up anyway because I hide the things I am charging behind it to keep them from heating up. It  will still charge from other angles but direct facing is the best.

It charges up batteries in a few hours, great for hiking with GPS. Cell phones still don’t reach some areas, so GPS standalone is still important to me. Not having to carry lots of extra batteries is a relief. I backpack multiple days out and every pound counts sometimes. I like the fact that the notes about charging are written on the charger – you can’t get confused as to where your batteries are in the charging stage.

The mesh pocket on the back is perfect to hold cords and battery pack and this model keeps them out of the sun. I find I get a better stable charge through the battery pack then standalone charge. They put a small loop at every angle you could possibly need one, it’s easy to clip it to things to hang.

You can use the GoalZero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit as part of an emergency system or survival kit.

Comes with:
Guide 10 Battery Pack
Nomad 7 Solar Panel
Ultra Charge Solar Cord
12V cigarette adapter
AA rechargeable batteries (4 pack)

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Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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