Must haves for an overnight hike

If you are ready to conquer the great outdoors you may want to prepare a bit before you go.  The best thing about overnight hiking is that you can spend as much as you want and still have a great time.  There are a few essentials that you will need along the way.  Everything other than that is up to you.  When you are making your decisions, remember you will need to carry everything you are going to be taking.

Hiking should be taken in chunks with essentials.  The first essential is sleeping.  Pick out a solid sleeping bag and a backpack tent.  If you want to carry the extra weight, you can also invest in a pad or a hammock to help with the comfort level.  Of course, this brings up another essential item, the backpack.  You can spend upwards of hundreds of dollars on these items, so choose carefully and do your research before you buy.

The next bite to worry about is food.  The first question is how much food will you take?  Remember, if you are going overnight you will want supper, breakfast, maybe even lunch, and several snacks.  You will be burning a lot of calories so plan on high protein food.  You will also either need a backpack stove or pack dehydrated food.  Couple all of this with something to eat with like a mess kit, a small pan, and a canteen for drinking water.

Speaking of water, most people do not carry their entire water supply with them.  Water can get heavy, especially if you are packing it in with all the other equipment.  To this end, you can either boil water in your small pan over the fire or stove, or you can purchase a water filter.  While both are functionally sound, boiling water takes time and effort.  A purifier can do the work in a fraction of the time.  They normally come in either pill form or charcoal filters.

The last major step to cover is what you will wear.  A good pair of hiking books should be top of this list.  On top of that, you will want to make sure you are wearing clothing that is breathable but sturdy, not to tight or loose.  You may want to complement your outfit with a paracord bracelet, a headlamp, and a walking stick to complete the hiker look. Make sure to bring an extra set of clothing and two sets of socks just in case.

With this list, you are all set to go tame the wild outdoors.  Some other essential tools that are more optional than not consist of a first aid kit, a fire starter, and a GPS.  If you opt out of the high tech, at least take a compass and know how to use it.  Other fun items to take are sunglasses, a rain jacket, and a camera. Now get out there and have an adventure.

Must haves for an overnight hike