Ultimate Home Defense Tactics – Survive a Home Invasion

Could you last through a home invasion or SHTF situation?

Most likely, not. Or not the best you could.

Tactical home defenseWhat do you do in a situation where you are home, alone or with members of your family, and your house becomes the target of a burglary? You’re probably thinking: “I’ll come up with something on the spot”, or “This won’t happen to me”, or in a better scenario,”I got a firearm handy”, or the classic, “I got my baseball bat”.

Now take a moment and be completely honest to yourself: aren’t you taking that situation a little too lightly? What you need to become aware of is two things: 1) it can happen to you, and 2) the really fast pace at which an invasion scenario can happen. Chances are, you will not even realize you’re being attacked until the thugs are inside. What do you do then, when you have literally a couple dozen seconds to a minute to take decisive action? Wasting them thinking what to do is just that, a waste of very precious time that’s running out real fast. Would you and your family be prepared to act in the best manner? Key here is the word “best”.

Because the more people are in the house, the more variables there are that can go wrong. With 4+ family members, of varying ages, a lot of things can go bad. When you start to think of it, you may come up with different ideas of what you’d do. But the hard truth is this:¬† your plan is worth little¬†without actually drilling to put it in action beforehand and be prepared. The reality is, 90% of the households are almost open prey to ill-intentioned invaders who want to come for them. Even if you go to the range regularly and have firearms in your home, that’s no guarantee things will turn out well. You may be up against a criminal mind that’s at peak excitement and potential, and that’s something to be taken into account extremely seriously.

Another aspect is: what is the likelihood that an invasion happens to any of us? Let’s crunch some pertinent numbers: according to a U.S. Department of Justice report from 2010, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries took place every year in average between 2003 and 2007, with that number on the rise. In about 28% of the cases, a member of the family was at home during the burglary. That means the chances of you or me being home during a burglary are greater than 1 in 4!

Another number to sink in is this: the police takes 10 minutes in average to show. That’s 10 minutes when the only person you can rely on to protect yourself is YOU. 10 minutes is heck of a long time in a life threatening situation, and it all comes down to how well you’re prepared.

So what is the solution to that? The solution is that you got to have a good strategy in place in advance, and practice (yes, drill) for it together with your entire family. That is, a good strategy that fits your particular situation, and, while I could give you a number of tips here, that would certainly not be enough, and may not even pertain to your circumstances. I would rather let an expert do the talking and cover all the angles, and that’s EJ Owens, former U.S. Army Infantry Officer, and currently a SWAT Team trainer. Have a look on his page here.