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How to Pack for an East African Safari

I understand it’s a dream for many of you to go to a safari at least once in a lifetime. Seeing animals in the real world is ten times more interesting than looking at them from your monitor or TV. It’s also a grand adventure that you are not likely to forget. Seeing new places always feels ...

Everything You Need To Know About Drone Hunting

Believe it or not, drone hunting is not entirely a common sport, and there are various reasons why. For starters, fishing has been known to use hunting drone.  They are not only common but they are also permissible in several jurisdictions. The only catch, however, is that same cannot be said when ...

Our Land

My heart sank as I pulled into the parking spot at one of my favorite public land access points. I had just driven twenty-five miles to hunt the last few hours of the day, and I was greeted by what I dread most as a public land hunter; the tailgate of another pickup. Now I was in a dilemma. Where ...

Staying Sharp with Small Game

It was mid-January and snow blanketed the ground. The high temperature hovered around the low 20’s. Arctic air had pushed down into the lower 48 making for brutally cold conditions. Snow flurries blew throughout the morning and trees were popping from the winds and cold. I trudged through the ...

The Varmint Rifle

There’s a “perfect” rifle for every man; but it takes study, time and know-how to find it There are two broad, general schools of traditional varmint-hunting devotees. For this particular narrative we shall classify them in this manner, anyway, to spare you a belaboring of way-out aspects of the ...

Hunting Season For Crow Shooting

You don’t just run out there and gun down the wary crow. Take time setting up. He has his blind spots. Learn to use them. A pair of crows, their big mouths spieling out raucous threats, was tearing in from our right. “Take the front one,” I whispered to Gordie Pleiss, my hunting partner. Blamity ...

A House Divided

“It’s gotta be better than a 160 class buck for me to try a sneak. Five years ago I wouldn’t have said that, but today that’s where I’m at.” My good friend was explaining his hunting strategy to me over lunch one day. We both get fired up for our annual spot and stalk mule deer hunts in Nebraska’s ...

Smoke Through a Keyhole

Gusting wind violently whipped the barren branches of the cottonwood trees overhead. At eye level the waist high grass of the river bottom frantically whirled from the invisible torrent of air coursing through our region. With wind gushing around me, my gasping breaths of the frigid air failed to ...