Badlands Mag Rangefinder Case Review

We have a new product to review.  We’ve been doing reviews for a year now and we have generally been very happy with the products that we have reviewed. This is a product that I’m very excited to show you.  I have been using range finders for years, and have found it very hard to get them out of pockets and holsters very fast.  Most times, I fumble around trying to get the range finder out of my pocket.  This extra movement would scare off any deer that may have been in the area.

I have tried many different options to have the range finder easily available when needed.  In most cases, they don’t work or they are very hard to use. A range finder is a very useful tool for hunting but you don’t want it hanging around your neck banging into your binoculars.   Having a range finder in a pocket or pouch makes it hard to dig it out when you need it.

BADLANDS-Mag-Rangefinder-Case-openWhat you need is a device that holds your range finder securely and still has it handy when you need it.  It must be out of the way as you move through the woods.  It must also be securely attached to you so it doesn’t get lost.  It is easier to use a range finder out of a tree stand.  You can range to trees or rocks before the animal gets to you.  This way you know how far away the deer is when the time comes to shoot.  It is also nice to have the range finder available when the animal comes in a different direction. When you are still hunting you need the range finder easily available when you are moving in on the deer.

We are talking about the Mag Rangefinder Case from Badlands.  This device hangs on to your belt, or binocular harness, or to your backpack.  This way you keep the rangefinder out of the way and still have it available when you need it.  Not only does it hold your rangefinder, it holds it in position so it is ready to use.  You simply reach down and pull it up and put it to your eye. Your finger will quickly be on the activator button of the rangefinder.

I wish that I had a device like this when I hunted earlier this season.  One time, I was hunting along a ridge when I saw a doe. The deer was standing broadside on the other side of this pond.  I had a great setup. The doe was moving along the shore of the pond to my shooting lane.  She had no idea that I was there.  When I tried to get my range finder out of my pocket, I couldn’t because of the way I was crouched on the ground.  I took my best guess at how far away the deer was. I guessed it was 32 yards away.  I drew and put my thirty yard pin on the deer chest. I slowly squeezed the trigger on my release and the arrow flew right under the deer.  The deer ran off. When I stood up and got my range finder out I realized the deer was 39 yards away.  The way I was crouched down and looking over water made judging the distance very hard.


Back View

I have had the Badlands Mag Rangefinder Case for most of November and December.  It keeps my rangefinder out of the way and also makes it easily available when I need it. I used to have to unzip my pack and dig around and find it, now all I have to do is reach to the case’s loop, pull it open, and take out the rangefinder. The closure is magnetic, so there is no zip noise to scare the deer away. And even though it’s magnetic, it shuts tight, and dust, dirt or moisture can’t get inside.

You can attach this pouch to a belt, or a strap, or some Molle webbing on a backpack.
The Badlands Mag Rangefinder Case also has a safety cord that attaches to your rangefinder so you won’t lose it.

This product meets all of our standards and more.  I was very impressed with the quality of this product and with how it works in the field. It keeps the rangefinder out of the way but still within an easy reach when it is needed. I have been taking this case into the woods long enough to test it in many situations, and I am happy with how it performed.

If you use a rangefinder, this is a very useful tool to have with you. It is not cheap, but will do a great job to allow you have your rangefinder readily available when the time comes. It attaches vertically or horizontally, so you can always find the best spot to keep it out of your way, but still have it handy when you need it. This will also keep the rangefinder safely attached to you so you will not lose it.

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