Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle Waterproof Insulated Rain and Winter Snow Boot

When you’re hunting, you know that every piece of gear that you have on you can help you make/not make that final shot. Even though they’re not fundamental, the hunting boots can become a problem you don’t want to deal with while you’re after your game.

Proper hunting boots are going to ensure traction, stability, keep your feet dry and warm throughout the whole hunting experience. They’re not uncomfortable and don’t give you any blisters. Having said that, keep reading about a reliable option for deer hunting or ice fishing.

Why do Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle are a logical choice for hunting?

If you’re a hunter, a pair of boots that are comfortable, warm, and ensure efficient traction is something to buy in a blink of an eye. The Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle perfectly fit the description and make it as a rugged choice that protects from rain, mud, dirt, or other outdoor challenges.

Build with 7mm NewTech insulation, the boots protect in cold weather and give fantastic traction. They are comfortable and warm, and you should have them ready for the cold season. As a matter of fact, this feature may also be the primary pet peeve for the boots, which tend to get a bit toasty on a warm day.

What are the details?

The boots strike as rugged and tough-looking boots at a glance. They’re built strong and have a durability feel since they’re made with long-lasting rubber. They’re waterproof and made for wet and muddy conditions.

The shaft is 14 in from the bottom of the sole to the top, which makes the boots tall enough for protecting one against mud, wet fields. You can safely wear the boots through some deep puddles without ever worrying about getting your feet wet. One may feel that the boots are a bit too wide on top, but you can keep everything snuggly fit with tucking your jeans well inside the boots.

Another great thing about the boots is their ability to keep your feet warm. They feature 7mm four-way stretch Neo-Tech insulation, which makes them an excellent choice for temperatures as low as -40F degrees. They’re tough enough to take the ice water test for five minutes.

Tip: Since the boots are highly insulated, it’s wiser that you put socks on that match the external temperature.

The Bogs Maxi-Wick liner of the boots wicks away moisture efficiently so that your feet don’t feel soggy or wet from the sweat in warmer temperatures. Anyways, the boots come with EVA footbed with DuraFresh bio-technology which is keeping the risk for developing odors low.

The non-marking and self-cleaning outsole of the boots eliminate your worries about the traction. It’s a slip-resistance outsole, which recommends it for use in mud, snow, snowy slopes, or snowy concrete. The form-fitting upper improve the comfort and the stability in wet conditions, along with the treaded outsole.

How is it when wearing the boots?

Since they only weigh 4pounds or so, the Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle feels rather lightweight for most. You can wear them all day long without feeling tired from them. They’re a great choice when you stand up for hours, but may not be the most comfortable option if you plan on walking for all day long.

When it comes to sizing, there may be some issues, with many noticing that the boots run small. Consider sizing up, especially if you plan to wear some socks as well.

The Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle is one of your best shots when it comes to comfort in wet and cold conditions. Thanks to the Aegis antimicrobial odor protection insole, the boots give enough padding for comfortable wear. The risk of developing an unpleasant odor is also slim.

The insole is thick and fits snuggly around the feet, which means a natural fit for all-day hunting. The shaft may knock against the shins at times, but it doesn’t lower the level of comfort much.

Many are also going to appreciate the traction of the boots, with the alternating round lugs and great bands across the bottom of the sole giving you stability and speed on slippery slopes or snow. You may find the boots stable on loose terrains due to the various lugs on the tread. The grooves are deep, allowing the sole to dig into the ground deeply. The boots are an excellent option for the middle ground between smooth and aggressive treads.

The versatility of the treads makes the boots a solid choice for the off-road surfaces, but also slick and hard surfaces in town. Cold season hunting is they’re the best period to shine, though.

As for the style, there’s not much to say. Some find the boots a tad cumbersome and not very subtle. They may not pass the style test, but they sure don’t disappoint in terms of durability or reliability during a cold winter hunt.

What do we like the most about the boots?

There are many positive things to highlight about the Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle, so here’s our list of pros:

  • They’re made with a sturdy rubber
  • They’re waterproof and keep your feet warm
  • The traction is fantastic on slippery surfaces
  • They also work on hard surfaces in town
  • They come with a moisture-wicking lining
  • They’re rugged and look durable
  • They make an excellent option for deer hunting and ice fishing
  • The soles don’t wear out easily
  • They’re great value for the money

Should you worry about the negative aspects?

There’s no such thing as perfect hunting boots, but the Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle doesn’t present any significant flaws. The downsides are minor issues that are easy to overcome:

  • They may get toasty on a warm weather
  • Some think that they’re loose around the cuff
  • They run small
  • You may need to break the boots in
  • They make a better choice for stationary activities rather than walking
  • The style isn’t that appealing

Are the boots a “yes” or a “no”?

When it comes to price, the boots sit in the middle of the price range- they’re not cheap nor pricey. All in all, the price is good for the performance and quality you get. And what you get is waterproof rubber boots that are comfortable and warm for the cold season. They ensure incredible traction on snow or concrete, making it a reliable choice for deer hunting or ice fishing.

In all fairness, the boots aren’t quite the looker, but when hunting in the winter looks isn’t what you’re looking for. Warmth, traction, comfort, and stability is what you want and need from your boots. And the Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle deliver any of that.