How Electric Bikes Help Hunters & Should You Get One?

Electric hunting bikes are becoming an essential tool for hunters in the wild. Thanks to advancements in technology and constant improvements, these bikes go a long way to make your day in the office easier and more successful.

Whether you’re hunting for big game like moose or hoping to leave the hunting zone with smaller trophies like a squirrel, investing in a hunting bike is a great way to add to your experience.

So, just how can an electric hunting bike benefit you, and is it even worth buying?

What are the Advantages of an Electric Hunting Bike?

There are various benefits of using an e-bike for hunting. This is what makes them such a convenient alternative to four-wheelers like trucks and ATVs. Some of the main advantages include:

You Can Charge the Bike on the Go

While the efficiency of the electric hunting bike is limited by the range offered by the battery, you don’t always have to cut short your trip when running low on battery life. Aside from being fitted with high-capacity battery packs, technological advancements have made it possible for you to charge the battery as you ride.

Rather than struggling to find a power socket in the middle of nowhere, some batteries can be charged via solar energy. This means as long as there is enough sunlight where you are hunting, your low battery can be recharged even as you continue with the hunting.

All you need to do is get a customized solar panel installed on your hunting bike with a ready adapter to go!

Easy to Maintain

Electric bikes are designed to be sturdy and durable, meaning you won’t have to do much as far as maintenance is concerned. Although you’ll be riding it on rough terrains with endless obstacles, you won’t have to worry about constant damage to parts and consequent fixtures.

This also means that you’ll save a lot in the long-term. Furthermore, you don’t need a professional to carry out the maintenance; you can do it all by yourself. Just make sure that the tires are adequately pumped, there is no rust or grime on the metallic parts of the bike, and the moving parts are well lubricated.

Not to mention that most manufacturers will provide you with a long-term warranty when you purchase the bike, ensuring that any premature defects and damages on the bike will be fixed without costing you a dime.

Enables you to Move Stealthily

Being able to move around unnoticed is one of the keys to a successful hunting expedition. You don’t want to startle the prey when scouting the grounds as this will give them a chance to get away before you get a chance to pull the trigger.

Unlike the motorcycles or ATVs used by some hunters, hunting e-bikes offer a quieter way of getting to your hunting stand. This makes them a great alternative as a vehicle in the wild for hunters who want to move in virtual silence.

Aside from being quiet, e-bikes are also scent-free- another thing that may alert the prey to your existence.

They are Easy to Handle

Compared to motorcycles, electric hunting bikes are much more lightweight and will give you an easier time handling them in the woods. You’ll not only be able to carry them over obstacles that you can’t ride around but also steer them through narrow trails and hard-to-reach areas.

If you are organizing a hunting trip abroad, it is possible to take your e-bike on a plane, as long as you leave behind the battery. Just have it checked when you board, and even though you’ll be required to pay an extra fee, it will all be worth it when you get to your destination.

This is the major reason why many hunters are abandoning their ATVs for specialized electric hunting bikes. They are much more convenient as far as ease of handling is concerned.

Electric Assistance

The powerful electric motor fitted on hunting bikes plays the crucial role of making sure you don’t exhaust yourself during the hunting expedition. There is enough juice in the engine to propel the bike for miles and drag carcasses with limited pedaling effort required from you.

In short. there will be no obstacle to keep you away from the prey. Whether you have to climb a steep hill or ride through inches of snow, an electric hunting bike makes light work of all kinds of impediments that you encounter in the wild.

Makes it Easy for you to Recover Game

Once you manage to bring down the prey, getting it out of the woods can be a great challenge. Imagine trying to carry a 300-pound deer carcass on your own; it is practically impossible, especially with the tricky terrain of the hunting grounds.

Rather than trying to do this by hand, a more convenient option would be to drag the dead weight using an electric hunting bike. These come equipped with a powerful motor that delivers a punchy torque of up to 160Nm.

As such, pulling heavy loads becomes a walk in the park. Moreover, you can attach cargo trailers on the bike to let you load your hunt and take it to the camp without messing up the hide. For something that would ordinarily require at least two people to accomplish, hunting bikes enable you to do this alone, and much faster.

So, if you’re planning a solo hunting trip for big games, bringing along a motorized hunting bike ensures that you don’t get stranded in the woods.

Allows you to Carry More Gear

Depending on the kind of hunt you’re planning, numerous tools will come in handy in your expedition. For instance, if you go hunting in a remote territory, you’ll require adequate supplies to last the duration of the adventure.

Some hunting trips can last between several days to several weeks, meaning you will have to carry enough water and food supplies on top of the needed hunting gear. Unfortunately, your carrying capacity is significantly hampered when you are doing this on foot.

That is where electric hunting bikes come in to play! They are fitted with saddlebags, handlebar bags, and racks to maximize your storage. Most of these bikes can haul up to 300 pounds of weight, and still offer a trailer attachment to carry extra weight.

With an electric hunting bike, you can bag that big game trophy you had planned for without difficulties when you have to carry it out of the wild.

They are Built for the Difficult Hunting Terrain

Generally, most hunting grounds are in remote areas and a distance away from civilization. As expected, the infrastructure is not the best you can find and may limit your hunting expedition. It gets much tougher as you try to venture deeper into the wilderness, so you’ll need something to help you navigate the rough terrain.

What makes an electric tick as an essential hunting gear is that it is specifically built to cope with the unforgiving terrain in the wild. From a robust frame and rugged tires to a powerful battery and motor, these bikes are designed to pound the rugged terrain into submission without slowing you down.

An electric hunting e-bike will allow you to access more remote trails that were initially impossible to get to, which should also take you closer to the prey you’re hunting.


So, Should You Get an Electric Hunting Bike? Definitely! There are so many benefits that come from owning an e-hunting bike. From increasing your gear capacity and accessing more remote hunting grounds to moving around more stealthily and saving yourself unnecessary costs, this is a sure way of making your hunting adventures more fulfilling.

The best part is that there are numerous designs of electric bikes for hunting that you can choose, as well as customize, to meet all your requirements. Electric bikes are not just the future of travel but also the future of hunting!

What aspects count the most when choosing an electric bike for hunting?

Even if general electric bikes and hunting eBikes share similarities, they also have many differences. Most electric bikes are quiet, but the electric bikes for hunting have to be as quiet as possible. When hunting, the last thing you want is to start your game with your bike.

You can use an electric bike for many activities aside from hunting. Cruising, racing, or cross-country are some of the many activities to have with an e-bike. Since more and more hunters are interested in electric bikes, some companies have already made ebikes for hunters.

If this is the first time you want to bike an electric bike, check out the elements when buying.

What aspects count the most when choosing an electric bike for hunting

A powerful yet quiet motor

Needless to say, electric bikes come with motors that help you go as fast as 20mph to 28mph. However, you need the engine to be as silent as possible when hunting. There aren’t many countries that limit the motor’s performance power.

When you look for a hunting eBike, you have to get a powerful motor to help you climb any hill you come across yet quiet enough not to spook your game animal.

Mid-drive and not gear-hub motors

Mid-drive motors are top-rated motors, especially when compared to rear-hub motors. They bring several benefits which recommend them for hunting use. For instance, mid-drive motors offer incredible power and acceleration consume less battery than other models. On top of everything else, they’re quieter than the gear-hub drive motor.

The main downsides with mid-drive motors are the high price tag and the tricky servicing after they wear out. As long as you take good care of the engine, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of mid-drive motors for many hunting adventures.

A sturdy and balanced frame

When navigating your options, you have to find a bike whose frame has good balance without being heavy. A heavyweight frame will be difficult to ride for many miles, but it will ensure the weight support you need to carry your gear and, hopefully, your game.

A lightweight frame brings the main advantage of traveling faster and farther without getting tired too quickly. The trade-off is that it won’t help you carry much hunting gear. Therefore, you should always pick the frame by considering the weight of your equipment and the game you will take back home.

Consistent drivetrains with guides and chain guards

If we talk about the drivetrain, we should highlight that having many gear possibilities isn’t mandatory when using the bike for hunting. You don’t want to shift gears too often when pursuing your game. Instead, you need a drivetrain that doesn’t require much shifting. You only need gears when pedaling up hills.

Another aspect to check out with the drivetrain is to have some type of derailleur guard/guide or chain. Guards are helpful because they lower the risk of the drivetrain getting damaged. Additionally, they ensure a tight drivetrain composition that lowers the risk of chain dropping when shifting your gears.

Medium to full suspension support

Where you go, hunting will impact the overall suspension coverage you need for the electric bike. When you hunt on well-maintained or flat trails, you can rely on a moderate suspension system. However, if you plan to go off-road, a full suspension system will be worth the extra buck, especially when you ride up and downhills. The more stable the bike is when hunting, the longer you will go out and bag a big game. If you lack proper suspension, the mere thought of having to take back a heavyweight game will tire you.

Fat, grippy tires

The rule of thumb when using an electric bike is to get wide, bulky tires. Oversized tires will offer excellent traction support and help you keep your gear efficiently when riding. Additionally, fat tires typically come with extensive puncture protection, which decreases the risk of flat or blowout miles away from a traveled road. Some eBikes have tires larger than most models, so make sure you do due diligence when buying.

Long-lasting battery

Even if the battery adds weight to your electric bike, we encourage you to use a large and long-lasting battery. When hunting, you might ride challenging trails and a weak battery will wear out quickly. Even if you use the pedals, you might only get 70 to 80% of the approximate travel range when hunting with an electric bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Both mechanical and hydraulic brakes have ups and downs, so picking one of the two is challenging. Hydraulic brakes present tremendous stopping power, are easy to maintain, and are more responsive. They are also longer lasting than their mechanical counterparts.

On the other hand, mechanical disc brakes are easy to customize and repair. They are also quieter than the hydraulic models. Some hunters choose hydraulic disc brakes over mechanical ones because they improve the bike’s overall performance.

Comfortable saddle, grips, pedals, and handlebars

No electric bike will be worth the investment if you don’t feel comfortable using it. Hunting is challenging, and you don’t need your bike to make it even more stressful. We know that having a fast eBike created for aggressive riding is tempting. However, it would help focus on having an ergonomic setup made for long-time use. Most hunts span over a day, so you need a bike that can withstand several hours of riding.

If necessary, you can modify the saddle, grips, and pedals to improve your riding comfort. When it comes to the handlebars, to each their own, what feels comfortable for you might not feel the same for a hunter friend.

A final word

Before creating or buying an electric bike for hunting, there are many aspects to examine. The drivetrain, the motor, and minor elements like brakes and grips will make the riding more or less pleasant and even impact the overall hunting experience.

Since several companies create and make electric bikes for hunting, it’s relatively easy to find a bike that suits your hunting needs, preferences, and riding skills.


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