Hunting Backpack Accessories

Any experienced hunter knows that carrying the right gear and essentials can make the difference for taking that shot. From the versatile and waterproof backpack you need when duck hunting to the pouches or bear-resistant food packs, there are only so many things you should think about when preparing for hunting.

If you already have a backpack for your hunting, now it’s a good time to decide which accessories you need for it. Some will serve you all the time, whereas others are only functional in certain situations. Keep reading to find which are the most common accessories that hunters use with their hunting backpacks:

Quick Draw Bino Harness

This type of harness will protect one of the essential hunting tools and ready too. It’s supposed to match your pack; two sizes are available.

The quick-draw bino harness has a comfortable and close-fitting design, magnetic buckle closure, and even a 3-dimensional top flap. It will protect the binos from the elements and keep them safe while you’re crawling. A security strap (detachable) will keep the binos in place and prevent dropping.

bino harness around neck

Reliable models also come with Molle webbing on the bottom, allowing you to attach other gear accessories (holster, bear spray, etc.). The harness should feature low-profile straps for best fit under your pack’s harness. The top access compartment should be zippered for the safest store. 500D Cordura is widely used for this type of accessory.

Quick Draw GPS Holster

It’s relatively easy to lose your bearings while you’re looking for your game; a quick-draw GPS holster will keep the GPS protected and ready at all times.

quick draw gps holster

The GPS holster has a small design, and you may affix it to the backpack’s shoulder straps or on the waist belt. It’s versatile and takes most standard GPS units; the side panels are stretch woven for secure storage and protected carry even when crawling. Look for a model with a detachable security strap, so you never lose the GPS while hunting.

Most reliable models are made with 500D Cordura.

Tech Holster

A tech holster will safely store your device to improve your hunting experience. The holster features a top zipper (weather-resistant) and comes with a sleeve pocket for storing the cable. It’s made with 500D Cordura and has one bungee-opening to a second external pocket. The holster also has MOLLE for versatility and easy attachment to a shoulder strap.

Its front pocket comes with subtle and adjustable elastic closure too.

Rangefinder Holster

The holster protects your Rangefinder and ensures one-handed operation. The holster performs in all weather conditions, and it’s made with deploy universal rangefinder unit size; it will stay in place on your pack’s shoulder strap or your waist belt.

rangefinder holster

Good holsters have padding on top and bottom and stretch woven sides for the range finder’s effortless operation. Elastic closure with grab pull tab is standard; the adjustable closure should make the holster take various range finders. You should be able to attach it to Molle, bino harness, shoulder strap, or waist belt.

500D Cordura for the outer materials and the poly spacer-mesh inner is used for the range finder’s best performance without compromising protection.

Hands-Free Rifle Sling

The rifle sling works as an independent sling or dependable backpack attachment system for left or right-hand shooters. The magnetic and ambidextrous sternum-strap allows safe carry and fast access to your rifle.

Hands-Free Rifle Sling

You may attach the rifle sling or grip it to your shoulder with the backing. The padded shoulder pad is typically made with anti-slip silicon, and the buckles are easy to swap for left or right carry. The buckle is magnetic for effortless and one-handed attachment. 500D Cordura, poly-spacer mesh, and Hypalon are used for durability and strength.

Quick Draw Rifle Sling

The quick draw rifle sling can be used as a functional backpack attachment system or independent sling. It should come with a magnetic sternum strap allowing you to attach the rifle stock docking station to the backpack’s waist belt.

The rifle sling should be padded and easy to use as a secure backpack attachment system. Along with 500D Cordura fabric, the sling should also present Hypalon or other high-tech material for impressive durability and strength.

Quick Draw Rifle Scabbard

While approaching, you may need to protect and secure your firearm, and the quick draw rifle scabbard makes a reliable accessory.

Quick Draw Rifle Scabbard

The padded rifle case has an ergonomic design with stout zippered closure. If you’re using light frames for quick draw or transport, the rifle scabbard should be easy to attach to it. A foldable Velcro in the stock area will maintain the case always ready and open, whereas an exterior pocket (zippered) is functional for storing your extra ammo and similar. YKK zippers, 500 D Cordura, or 610HP Cordura are common materials for the rifle scabbard.

Food/First Aid/ Box

The box should fit your waist belt through a Molle system to any waistbelt that comes with PALS webbing.

The accessory will provide fast access to your food, first aid kit, headlamp, phone, GPS, or anything else you may need within reach. You want to be able to attach the box to all Molle systems securely.

Ensure that the box is entirely padded, with a silent opening (elastic is commonly used) and sight-free closing and opening. A divider along the box would be perfect for electronics or phones.

Essentials pocket

Like the box, the essentials pocket will provide easy access to a first aid kit, food, headlamp, or GPS. You may attach it to the waist belt or on the hip, sliding it onto your belt. Some models allow safe attachment to the Molle system.

Essentials pocket for hunting

The essentials pocket commonly comes in two sizes and has metal snaps on Molle attach and pull loops for effortless use.

Roll Top hauler

The roll-top pack is a waterproof and modular carrying system that you may plug into the hunting backpack. You can use it for organizing and protecting the overloads from the elements.

roll top hauler

The hunting accessory will enhance your carry-quiver, and it’s waterproof in the best models. 210D TPU coated ripstop nylon, and buckle closure will protect the content in most inclement weather. An RF welding build is ideal for complete waterproof performance, and a D-ring built-in is essential for hanging the hauler if necessary.

Lightweight pack

This type of pack is made with delicate yet waterproof fabrics that protect your essentials from water. Good bags come with a built-in pocket for effortless storage when not in use. The pack is compact and light and stows away in its self-contained storage pouch.

G-hook fastener, elastic edges are some of their standard features. It’s a basic pack made with 70D nylon.

Independent  cell

While you’re hunting, you need to provide extra protection to some of your essentials. It’s a padded ditty bag for most delicate items. The accessory will protect a mirrorless camera or anything small and fragile.

The hunting backpack accessory is made with foam padding, comes with buckle-top closure, and even provides organization. An exterior pocket may store spare batteries, SD cards, or lens cloths. YKK zippers and nylon are used for making this durable yet protective and light accessory.

Independent Bag

If you’re traveling with a larger hunting backpack, you may not always be able to organize your gear and essentials efficiently. When you don’t want to waste time looking for an item on the bottom of your backpack, you can use a small independent bag.

The bag should ensure good storage space, so a trapezoidal build is standard; the bag should have a low profile too. A webbing grab loop will let you hang it from a carabiner. Lightweight yet durable fabric is typical, and YKK zippers are preferable. Various sizes are available.

Blaze Sticker

You can make your backpack more visible in low light with a blaze sticker; the best options will also expand your backpack’s capacity.

These blaze stickers are made with 500D Cordura and become another layer for your backpack. They should be compatible with your type of pack, and the build should fit more oversized volume items.

Buckle Conversion Kit

You may need a kit of buckles and Accessories straps to help a backpack work with a light backpack frame. It will be necessary to watch some tutorials for installing the kit.

A kit of this kind should include male auto-lock and female auto-lock buckles and attach accessory straps.

Removable Water Bottle Pocket

A removable bottle pocket allows the effortless mount to the waist belt, taking most water bottles. It should come with adjustable retention elastic for fitting any bottle. The bottom drain should come with a metal grommet, and an exterior zippered pocket will increase its functionality. The pouch may also come with a Molle attachment, YKK zippers made with 500D Cordura fabric.

Hydration reservoir

A hydration reservoir with a built-in dust cover and superior burst-strength is an excellent accessory to have. It should be CAL FIRE approved and rock a subtle profile. The best options are made with heavy-duty TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) for increased flexibility and durability and are 100% BPA PVC free, with a wide opening for easy filling. It should seal tightly and come with a high-flow bite valve and twist shut/off. A protective dust cover is recommended too.

Hydration reservoir for hunting equipment

The hydration reservoir should also ensure effortless attachment (clips are ordinary) and allow frozen and filling with hot water. Quick disconnect feature for straightforward tube removal is also found in the best models.

Attach Accessory Straps

These straps are highly versatile and functional, adding length or security to your overloads.

You can find packs with as many as 24 accessory straps that work with your backpack. They’re made with top-shelf nylon webbing and should have auto-lock features.

Web Keepers

These are basic strips of Velcro that maintain loose webbing ends tucked away until you need them for expansion. They will solve the dangling problem and remove any issues with loose straps. You slip the Velcro strips through the looped ends of webbing straps, rolling the extra length and containing the ends.

Backpack Straps

If you want to lighten and simplify your load, you may use backpack straps- they have to be compatible with your backpack. You will be able to separate the load-hauling sling and replace it with a pack bag. It’s a great option for backcountry hunts when you pack for several days, and it’s challenging to take your shot with a 5,000 cubic inches pack on your shoulders.

Reliable systems come with a double daisy chain for lashing, two points for Molle attachment, compression straps, and auto-lock buckles.

Bear Spray Holster

If you like big game hunting, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Use a bear spray holster, so secure the pepper spray on a belt or your backpack. You will be able to reach it in a blink of an eye.

bear spray holster hel horizontally

The holster should be secure, stable, and easy to adjust to variously sized sprays. Good models provide several lash-on solutions and are durable, made with 500D Cordura.

Bear resistant food sack

The sack is lightweight yet durable and reliable when hunting in bear’s territory. Best bear-resistant food bags are made with UHMWP fabric and conceived to stop bears from reaching your food. They should be certified as Bear Resistant and have a good capacity. You may find various sizes for the bear-resistant food sacks, so buy according to your needs.

Models can come with a high tensile strength cord and reflective tracer for better visibility at night. Also, look for models that are collapsible and effortless to carry and store.

In conclusion

Some hunters like to take all accessories that they find in shops; it takes years of experience to figure out which accessories work for your hunts the best. The market gives you numerous choices, so only trying them will you discover the best accessories for your hunting backpack.

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