Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12″ Big Game Hunting Boot

Any experienced hunter knows that you don’t want to lose your game because your boots are squeaky. You don’t want to lose your focus from the blisters caused by the new hunting boots, either. But these are only two of the many scenarios where the wrong pair of hunting boots can ruin your hunting experience.

The right hunting boots aren’t going to help you get your game, but they can have a better shot at it.

Why do Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker stand out from the crowd?

It’s only fair to mention that it’s not impossible to find functional hunting boots nowadays. However, when you want your boots to last and to take all the harsh conditions of hunting, you may want to look better into it. Ending up with a lemon isn’t an option, especially if you’re willing to pay an extra buck for your hunting boots.

The Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker is sturdy and durable, and their rugged appearance is the first thing to notice. They don’t just look tough, but they’re also everything (and more) that they seem to be. Designed and build for the harshest hunting conditions, the boots are ready to take a beat and help any hunter focus on just one thing: getting his game down.

Let’s check the build carefully!

The Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker is made with 100% leather. It’s waterproof full-grain leather that is going to get softer in time. Even if the leather feels a bit stiff at first, you’re going to be able to wear the boots right out of the box. Unlike other leather models, the boots don’t need break-in. The boots are reliable to wear in the snow or mud, without ever worrying about your feet getting wet inside.

They’re lace-up hunting boots with kiltie overlay at toebox, whereas the shaft presents logo plaques. Even though they’re rough, they also look beautiful. And finding sturdy hunting boots that also look appealing is less common than you think.

Waterproofness is one of the best qualities of the boots, and the waterproof Gore-Tex lining helps with that. The Gore-Tex membrane is going to block moisture get inside the boots but allows the moisture inside evaporate. Gore-Tex has more than 9 billion pores per square inch, which keep water away from your feet while letting sweat escape right through. All in all, your feet stay dry and don’t get toasty while hunting for hours through snow or mud.

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Another feature that recommends the boots for hunting is the Scent Ban technology. It’s a unique scent control process that is added to all sorts of materials (leather, lining, or footbeds) for eliminating bacteria that causes odors.

The boots also come with 3M Thinsulate, which is thin, warm and doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the boots. The insulation keeps the feet warm and increases your level of comfort when wearing the boots for many hours.

The footbed is made with comfortable Cork EVA with Memory foam. It’s easy to remove and helps with the comfort, reducing the risk for pressure points or blistering.

The boots provide right ankle and arch support, with the lacing system helping you get the perfect fit. The steel shank says a lot about the durability and construction of the boots too.

The carbon rubber outsole with aggressive tread pattern and sticky rubber broad head provide efficient traction for the boots. The boots have multi-directional traction lugs, so the boots ensure stability and traction on all sorts of terrains, especially in snow and rough terrain.

The 12in height of the boots is also essential, making the boots a perfect choice for deer and whitetail hunting.

What’s it like when wearing the boots?

Thanks to the lacing system (with leather kilty that doesn’t allow the brush to be caught in the laces), it’s not difficult to put the boots on/take them off.

Many may find not lacing the boots all the way up even more comfortable. It’s a wash, though. Once the laces are all tied up, they stay in place, making the boots provide dependable support for arch and ankle.

The heel-molded construction of the boots increases the level of comfort, helping one wear the boots for hours.

Thanks to the Gore-Tex fabric lining and the 1000g of insulation, the boots keep your feet dry and warm even when walking through snow or mud. The traction is impressive, and the boots don’t slip. It’s Bulls-Eye R  Air Bob Aggressive, which explains the efficiency.

Despite their build and looks, the boots are lighter than you may think. They run true to size and have just the right amount of padding for pleasant wear. They don’t cause blisters or pressure points.

What do we like the most about the boots?

Since the boots are loaded with good things, they make a great buy on any given day. A list of pros may help you a lot more when shopping, so here are our favs:

  • The boots are tough and pass the durability test
  • They present full-grain waterproof leather upper
  • The Gore-Tex fabric lining keeps your feet dry
  • The Scent Ban technology doesn’t led odor build up
  • The 1000g Thinsulate Ultra Insulation maintains your feet warm
  • No moisture gets inside the boots and sweat gets out from the boots
  • They provide excellent traction and stability in snow and muddy surfaces
  • The lacing system allows a snug fit
  • The arch and ankle support are efficient
  • They’re ready to wear right from the start
  • You can wear them on deer hunting
  • The looks are great

Should you change your mind after reading the downsides?

All boots have ups and downs, and these don’t make an exception. However, we don’t see the flaws as deal-breakers, but rather slight inconveniences that don’t undermine the value of the boots in any way:

  • The flexibility isn’t the best
  • The laces don’t have the same durability feel like the boots
  • Some think that they’re a bit narrow in the toe area

Do you want to buy them or not?

We didn’t mention anything about the price, since we think that the boots are an affordable choice, considering their value. The waterproof leather upper, the Gore-Tex lining, the 1000g Thinsulate Insulation, and even the lacing system are only some of the best parts to highlight about the boots. At the end of the day, the boots are worth every single penny, and you shouldn’t hesitate when buying!