Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ 400 Gram Hunting Boots

Finding reliable hunting boots is never easy, but you shouldn’t make a drama out of it either. The number of models is impressive, and the variety satisfies even the pickiest customer. As long as you have the time and patience for figuring out what you need and how to obtain it, you should find the perfect hunting boots even faster than expected. We made it all more comfortable for you so keep on reading.

What’s to say about the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ in a nutshell?

From a distance, the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ 400 Gram Hunting Boots impress with their appearance, with the camo pattern recommending them for hunting use.

They seem to be very well made, with durability feel for the craftsmanship, materials, and everything else. The laces combine great with the brown camo pattern, and everything about the boots has durability written all over it.

They are synthetic boots that go great for hunting, and they feel lightweight, despite the 400g of insulation.

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Let’s check the details!

If you’re looking for reliable hunting boots that are tough, despite their build, the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ are one of the best choices to try.

Lightweight, but nowhere near being unreliable, the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ are 40% lighter than most hunting boots out there. They’re more responsive than other opponents, giving you better mobility while hunting. They’re an athletic model that many hunters looking for agility are going to appreciate.

The camouflage design is both functional and attractive, sustaining the boots as an excellent choice for hunting. Not only that the boots are lightweight or great looking, but they’re also waterproof, keeping your feet nice and dry all day long. The secret behind their waterproofness is the UltraDry technology that maintains the feet dry while ensuring breathability.

We have to mention that, unlike other waterproof boots out there, the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ manage to be also highly breathable. Your feet aren’t going to sweat throughout the day, even when hunting in sunny Florida.

Apart from the UltraDRy technology that makes the boots waterproof and breathable for a long time, we also need to mention the Scent Ban control technology. Having your feet still dry after a long hunting experience is one thing. Having your feet dry and odor-free as well is, for sure, a performance.

It’s the Scent Ban technology that makes the odors remain inside the boots so that they don’t give you away to your game. The Scent Ban is an Irish Setter exclusive, and it’s added to all sorts of materials, leathers, linings, and even foot beds. It kills bacteria that give the bad odors.

The Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ also present RPM technology, which is an innovative composite material that lowers the weight of the boots, without compromising on the comfort or durability. As we said in the beginning, the boots are lightweight but still sturdy and durable. They’re made to take the heavy-duty use, without adding too much weight to your equipment.

When it comes to the built, the hunting boots don’t disappoint at all. They have 8″ lace-up design with PrimaLoft insulation, Realtree Xtra Camouflage, and full-grain waterproof leather. The Armatec heel creates efficient protection over the top of the feel, whereas the Lace-up system includes a memory foam collar for increased comfort. It gives stability to the boot shaft, fitting the ankle just fine.

The boots come with 400g insulation, keeping you warm in the colder days, without getting your feet soaking wet, though.

Side note: If you’ve been hunting for some time now, you must now that more insulation means higher weight for your boots. The heavier the boots, the more difficult for you to move and to hunt. So it’s up to you to decide which counts most when hunting!

The laces are rugged and durable, allowing easy use. They’re long enough to help you find the right fit for the boots and don’t get untied easily. The colors match the boots, for a good appearance.

The rubber sole is well made, providing reliable traction and stability on many types of surfaces.

What does it feel like when wearing the boots?

Since they’re lightweight, the boots feel comfortable even when worn for many hours. They’re ready to wear right out of the box, requiring no break-in period.

The laces are easy to use for getting the snug fit, and the boots don’t cause blisters. The solid build gives one confidence, and the arch support is reliable too.

Thanks to their build, the boots ensure a good fit, even some argue that they run on the narrow side.

What are the best parts?

With so many good things about their build or materials, sticking only to a list of pros doesn’t come easy. However, here’s what we like the most about the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″:

  • They’re made with full-grain waterproof leather and Realtree Xtra Camouflage
  • They are waterproof and tough
  • They feature insulation but feel lightweight
  • They provide excellent arch support and comfort
  • The laces are tough, and the traction is good

Extra tip: As they’re made with leather, you should know how to dry the boots the right way (which makes them last longer). Don’t ever let your boots wet, as they may develop mold. Don’t place them right next to a heater or in direct sunlight either- leather cracks if so. Look for a Boot Dryer so that you keep your hunting boots in tip-top shape.

Is there something we like less?

Even if the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ boots aren’t all roses and rainbows, we still don’t see the inherent flaws as deal-breakers. It’s good to have the complete picture, nevertheless:

  • Some think that they run on the narrow side
  • The traction on wet surfaces may be improved
  • One may not feel comfortable when wearing the boots all day long

What’s our final take on the boots?

Despite the minor issues, we still think that the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ make an excellent choice for hunting. Not only that they’re lightweight, waterproof, and durable, but they also keep your feet moisture and odor-free, which counts so much when hunting. The high-quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, and the overall build turn the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ in one option not to skip when getting ready for the next hunting season.


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