Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot

No good pair of hunting boots is going to make you a better hunter. However, you don’t want to miss a shot because your boots slipped or didn’t protect you while hunting.

It’s fair to say that you should always make an effort when selecting your hunting boots. Not because they’re fundamental for your hunting experience, but because you want to be able to focus on your game and not some blisters or untied laces.

What’s the brief description of Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni?

When you’re hunting in the mountains, the risk of being surprised with 5 inches of snow isn’t null. Many hunters are going to have to head back home or to their tents, but that shouldn’t be the case of you when you have your Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni  on. They’re sturdy and robust, giving you support and traction while hunting at high altitudes. You need to scroll down to get the full picture.

What features make the Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni worth your attention?

The boots are made in Italy, which is already a tail teller about their build and durability. The Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni are made with 100% leather. They’re 10″ tall and have 2.8mm thick premium full-grain leather uppers, ready to take a beat. If there were just one thing to name about the boots, durability would be it.

The one-piece vamp construction with no seams down the tongue is one of the many features that sustain the toughness and durability of the boots. It’s why the boots present extreme abrasion resistance and waterproofness.

When you take a closer look at the boots, you’re going to notice the reinforced double and triple stitching, which turns the boots into quite the power-horse within the category of hunting boots.

The description continues with the 7mm nylon midsoles on the boots, which provide impressive support in rough terrain with heavily loaded backpacks. The boots manage to deliver efficient stability and comfort even when you’re hunting in harsh environments, wearing some heavyweight hunting gear.

Following the durability principle, the build continues with the reinforced rubber sole guard, which increases the abrasion resistance of the boots. If you’re determined to get hunting boots for a lifetime, these are a reliable contestant, nine times out of ten.

One may think that to be durable, and some things had to give. However, they couldn’t be farther than the truth. For instance, the boots are durable and robust, but still present efficient breathability. It’s because the boots feature wind-tex breathable and flexible membrane. Besides, the membrane is also waterproof, which makes the boots even more dependable than you’d think.

The boots aren’t insulated, but it’s not a downside. They’re a comfortable and great choice for warm temperatures, allowing you to add some wool socks for the chiller days.

Despite their rugged build, the boots are lightweight, with the light K-talon outsole ensuring efficient traction on challenging surfaces.

The deep lugs provide incredible traction over rocky and harsh terrain, whereas the reinforced toe guard ensures complete protection while hunting.

The lacing systems allow you to get a snug and perfect fit for the road. The laces are sturdy and look durable.

The appearance of the boots is appealing, with the black accents making them a pleasant present, among so many other things.

How is it when wearing the boots?

Thanks to the design and lacing system, the boots are rather comfortable to put on/take off. The tongue doesn’t bunch up nor cram up under the sturdy lacing. As a matter of fact, the tongue is going to fold up along the ankle and shins. The eyelets don’t dig into skin or shins. While you’re lacing the boots, you’re not going to have to put the tongue in place, or align it- it’s that easy!

The support on the sides is snug but in a right way. The foot feels glued to the sole, with minimal risk for sliding around. Many are going to find the toe room comfortable and spacious. Keep in mind that the boots are made of leather, so they’re going to get softer in time.

You’re not going to be disappointed about the arch support either, and the boots remain comfortable even if you wear them for many hours. They don’t cause blisters, and the majority can wear them right out of the box.

If you like wearing thick wool socks, you should look into the extensive options, for gaining a bit of extra wiggle room for your toes. However, keep in mind that the boots run true to size, so you don’t need to size up when placing your order.

From the moment you put them on, you’re going to notice the fantastic traction. The soles grip rocks, sand, dirt, grass, mud, gravel- every kind of terrain you may run into when hunting. They’re made for the outdoors, which is why they may feel a bit hard on a concrete surface.

When you’re done with the boots for the day, you’re going to be impressed about how easy it is to take them off. You unlace the speed laces down to the eyelets and let the boots slip off. You don’t need to pull, kick, nor yank the shoes off. It’s that easy! It’s not a selling point, but many are going to decide even easier by knowing this. We all know how annoying it is to put on/take off the sturdy and tall hunting boots.

At the end of it all, the boots are a solid choice for challenging hunting experiences. No matter if your game is deer or elk, the boots are always going to deliver.

What should we highlight about the boots?

Kenetrek Men's Mountain Extreme NI Waterproof

When you’re running into this type of boots, listing only the best parts isn’t a breeze. Here’s our list of pros, nevertheless:

  • They’re made with 100% leather
  • The build is robust and has a durability feel to it
  • They are comfortable and waterproof
  • The design lets you put the boots on/take them off effortlessly
  • The toe room is spacious
  • The boots ensure excellent support for ankle and arch
  • The traction and stability are impressive
  • Due to their build, the boots have high abrasion-resistance

Anything that we don’t like?

Bells and whistles aside, here are some minor issues to check:

  • Even though they allow a pair of wool socks, they’re not insulated
  • One may feel that the boots are loose in the heel area
  • The price is high

What’s our final word on the boots?

Even if the price may throw some off, the boots are always going to be a wise investment for the long run. They’re comfortable, dependable, supportive, well-made, waterproof, and tough. Isn’t this what you want in hunting boots?