Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8″ 800G Hunting Boot

When you go hunting, it’s not only your gun or your bow that you need to take. Practicing your aiming is going to help, but you need to pay attention to every single detail related to your hunting.

From the weather to the gear and clothing you’re wearing,  many aspects count for your hunting. It’s what makes it so special and unique, after all, as hunting isn’t only about releasing at the perfect moment. It’s also about your boots not slipping when preparing to shoot.

Why take Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot into consideration?

You don’t need to be the most experienced hunter to know that comfortable, supportive, and dependable boots cat get you far throughout your hunting. They should provide fantastic traction and take the wear for a reasonable amount of time. Waterproofness is always a feature to look in hunting boots too.

Let’s start by highlighting that Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot is precisely that. The 100% waterproof lining, the rugged build, and all the other numerous features render them to be a wise investment of your money on any given day.

What can we say about the specifications?

Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot make a great first impression, and they seem to be both durable and ready for many years of hunting. The upper part is made with Nubuck leather and material, both of them being abrasion-resistant for more durability. Even though they’re rugged, the boots are lightweight, and they’re ready to wear right out of the box. The combination of leather and fabric reduces the need for breaking the shoes in.

Next thing to note is the PrimaLoft Gold Insulation, which takes constant compression and the long-time use. The boots don’t keep you warm just one late fall, but many years to come. The construction of the shoes recommends them for the rainy and chilly days, with the Dry-Core lining acting as a 100% waterproof barrier, letting moisture to escape and blocking water entering inside the boots. It makes a great team with the Prima Loft insulation, so your feet remain dry and moisture-free even wearing them throughout the entire day.

The design of the boots helps any hunter hunt without worrying about their feet sliding inside the shoes. The Durafit Heel Cup is going to maintain the heel in place, which contributes to the stability and secure fit.

The toe room is spacious, whereas the toe cap is made with molded rubber, which is abrasion-resistant. Once again, it’s another feature that helps with the ability of boots to take excess wear for a long time.

The rubberized EVA midsole is of high quality and provides enough cushioning and excellent shock absorption underfoot. No matter how rocky the terrain gets, the boots are going to protect your feet and increase your level of comfort.

All the details within the build render the boots to be sturdy, with the metal eyelet and open hook lace hardware only increasing the ruggedness.

Another essential feature that counts for one’s mobility when hunting is the InfiniTrac lug patterns which adapt to the surface. As a consequence, the boots provide reliable traction and stability on all kinds of terrains. It’s a specially formulated LXG outsole compound which ensures sufficient grip no matter the situation.

How does one feel when wearing the boots?

First thing first, putting the boots on isn’t going to be very difficult. The lacing system helps you open the boots wide, whereas the metal grommets ease out your efforts to obtain the snuggest fit. The laces sure look rugged and ready to take a beat.

Once you put the boots on, you’re going to notice how lightweight they feel, despite their rugged build. The combination of Nubuck leather and fabric shorten the break-in period, with minor risk for getting blisters or hot points.

The design gives you a great feeling in the heel area, and the heel doesn’t move any matter if you’re climbing up or down. The boots manage to provide excellent ankle support, without restricting the free movement in any way. All in all, they are flexible enough and feel supportive at all time.

With no water getting inside the boots and moisture escaping from inside, the shoes become useful for keeping your feet dry all day long. Whether it’s a warm day or a chilly morning, the shoes are going to feel comfortable. They’re impressively waterproof, breathable, and lightweight altogether.

As a hunter, you may walk somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 steps a day. The padded polyurethane footbed and the rubberized EVA midsole provide a cushioning fit. The rubberized EVA midsole ensures shock absorption and gives back your energy with every step you take. It’s why Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot make such a fantastic option for steep and rocky terrain.

It doesn’t matter if you hunt in the mountains or the backwoods. Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot is going to provide fantastic traction control either way. The LXG outsole is a sticky rubber compound that ensures efficient traction in both dry and wet conditions. The lugs have unique design and work with the surface you’re walking on so that you never worry about taking a fall.

How many things do we like on the boots?

Listing only the pros is a challenge, as the boots come with so many positive things. However, here’s what we like the most about Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot:

  • They’re made with Nubuck leather
  • They’re waterproof and long-lasting
  • They include waterproof and breathable insulation
  • The toe cap is made with rubber for more durability
  • The rubberized midsole offers a cushioning fit
  • The heel cap keeps the heel in place
  • The outsole is grippy and bites both dry and wet surfaces
  • The traction is impressive, and so it is the stability
  • The metal eyelets increase the lifespan of the boots
  • The boots are subtle and significant for all kinds of hunting

What is it that keeps us on the fence about the shoes?

You’d have to be the pickiest hunter not to want to try the boots. Far from being negatives, here are the minor issues that we found:

  • Some may find the style a bit busy
  • The lacing system isn’t the fastest one

Do we have a winner or not?

Beyond a doubt, Lacrosse Men’s 572112 Atlas 8” 800G Hunting Boot are an excellent option for any hunter at any time. They’re sturdy, durable, supportive, and so many other things. The good outweighs the bad, and you should never sit on the fence when buying.