Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17″ 1200G Hunting Boot

When hunting is life, there is no such thing as too expensive hunting gear. If you’ve been out for your game more than once, you know that every little detail counts for success. From the steady hand to the hunting boots that don’t slip and give no blisters, everything that helps you hunt has to be chosen wisely.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to a newbie if selecting hunting boots is a complex process. Finding out that your hunting boots are easily punctured while hunting isn’t something ideal.

Why pay attention to the Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot?

If you’re big on everything new in hunting, you should check Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot. Not only that they’ve been recently released, but they’re also impressive within their build and features.

Made with hand-laid premium rubber and neoprene, Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot succeed to be tough, rough, and flexible at the same time. They’re waterproof and take the use for many years to come.

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Who is LaCrosse?

LaCrosse has been making rubber boots for over a century, which is why they’ve discovered the secret of long-lasting, robust, and sturdy rubber hunting boots.

The comfort was never compromised, which is one of the many reasons of LaCrosse boots reliability and popularity. No matter the terrain, LaCrosse boots take both hunting and working, allowing you to move comfortably and freely at all time.

What specifications do Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot present?

Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot are made with hand-laid premium rubber and 5mm neoprene core, which makes them both comfortable and waterproof.

You can wear the boots for many hours, right out of the box. They keep your feet dry and don’t let water get inside.

Not only that the boots don’t let water get inside, but they also help your feet stay dry. The polyester jersey liner inside is going to wick moisture and dry fast, so that your feet remain dry at all time.

The design is well thought out, and the boots present a multi-layer rubber construction which makes them both supportive and long-lasting. They include additional texture in high wear areas so that they take the use for a long time while protecting your feet.

We also need to notice the Active Fit feature which locks your heel in place, with no risk for foot shifting inside the boots. Even if the boots are made of rubber, they never feel uncomfortable, and the back gusset helps with that. It’s adjustable and ensures a secure and comfortable fit. We need to remind you that the adjustable gusset is Danner’s signature style. It’s why the boots fit snugly and securely no matter your calf size.

Another feature that matters for the level of comfort is the specially formulated LXA compound, which makes the boots agile while cushioning your feet throughout the day.

Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot have a 1200gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, so they’re going to keep your feet warm in the cold season. However, your feet will not get toasty thanks to the quick-drying liner mentioned earlier.

The traction is excellent as the sole comes with intricate (and beautiful, if you’re interested enough to check) pattern for the lugs. The boots bite into the ground, providing traction and stability on most challenging surfaces. The attention to details is one of the many things that make LaCrosse boots stand out from the crowd. The pattern of the lugs resembles a leaf, managing to be both functional and pretty.

If you’re concern about the effort of taking the boots off, rest assured that everything will go nice and smooth. Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot comes with kick-off heel plate which ensures hands-free removal.

As for the looks, the boots tick the box as well. The lower part is green and combines excellent with the upper Realtree Edge/Mossy oak design, helping any hunter blend easier into surroundings. They’re quiet and don’t catch smells, keeping you a low key for your game.

Is it comfortable to wear boots?

Unlike other rubber boots, Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot is rather comfortable to put on, with the kick-off plate eliminating efforts while taking them off.

The boots have a rugged and sturdy build but don’t feel heavyweight in any way. By contrary, the shoes are lightweight, and even the 1200g insulation doesn’t add weight.

The hand-laid rubber and the neoprene render the boots to be flexible and to allow a wide range of movements when wearing the boots. There is no need to break-in the boots, and you can take them hunting right out of the box. The LXA compound within the build explains the agility of the boots.

Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot has the right amount of cushioning and are useful in terms of shock absorbency too. The heel stays in place, and you don’t feel the foot sliding inside.

Thanks to the multi-layer rubber design and added texture in high wear areas, the boots feel comfortable and reduce strain for your feet and legs.

Let’s not forget that the back gusset is adjustable so that you can also find the perfect fit for the boots.

Which features do we like the most about the boots?

Truth be told, we like numerous parts about the boots. However, it’s easier for you to go shopping with a list of pros, so here’s ours:

  • They’re made with premium rubber and neoprene
  • They’re flexible and waterproof
  • The boots are supportive and durable
  • The high wear areas present added texture for better durability
  • The Active Fit keeps the heel in place
  • The LXA compound ensure flexibility and counts for shock absorbency
  • The back gusset ensures an adjustable and secure fit
  • They look beautiful and keep you subtle
  • They include 1200g Thinsulate Insulation
  • The comfort liner is moisture-wicking and dries fast
  • The boots are comfortable to take off thanks to the kick-off heel plate

Should you give it a second thought on the case of downsides?

There’s no such thing as perfect hunting boots, but Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17″ 1200G Hunting Boot isn’t far from it. Check the things we like less about the boots:

  • Some may find the price a bit high
  • Not everyone goes for the red accent on the upper part of the boots

What’s our final word on the boots?

Should you ever need rubber hunting boots, Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Agility 17” 1200G Hunting Boot is a solid choice and a wise buy. Rugged, waterproof, comfortable, supportive, and easy to take off, the boots are going to help many hunters get their game. Finally.